Survey Junkie Review – Learn How To Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time

Welcome to my Survey Junkie review! If you are searching for paid online surveys, then I have an easy site for you to learn more about today. My Survey Junkie review is going to explain what this site is, how it works, and how you can earn extra money with surveys – which is exactly…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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Welcome to my Survey Junkie review!

If you are searching for paid online surveys, then I have an easy site for you to learn more about today.

My Survey Junkie review is going to explain what this site is, how it works, and how you can earn extra money with surveys – which is exactly what I used to do.

Back when I was paying off my student loans, I did a lot of things to make extra money – I sold items on eBay, managed social media for companies, mystery shopped, and took paid online surveys.

The online surveys didn’t make me rich, but they helped me have a little bit of extra money so that I could pay my bills. And, taking online surveys was flexible too – I could do them from home, on my lunch break, on the weekends, whenever.

All I needed was an internet connection. 

I am so grateful for the surveys I was able to take years ago, and now there are even more survey companies so even more people can make money online with surveys.

Being able to make extra money in my spare time helped me a lot.

See, I was so busy back then – between going to school full-time and working full-time, I didn’t have time to work a part-time job. Instead, I found several smaller flexible jobs, such as taking surveys. These allowed me to make extra money in my spare time, and I didn’t have to commute somewhere and have a strict work schedule. 

I was able to make extra money on my time. So, while online surveys don’t pay a ton, they fit in with any kind of lifestyle and do allow you to earn a little bit of money.

In today’s Survey Junkie review, I am going to tell you about one of the most popular survey companies – Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie is one of several free online survey companies that I highly recommend (I have more suggestions further down in this article), and Survey Junkie pays you for each survey you complete.

Survey Junkie pays over $55,000 to their members each day, with over $76,000,000 paid out to date.

Here’s my quick summary of my Survey Junkie Review: Survey Junkie is easy to use. You start off by signing up and building a profile that matches you to their surveys. You then answer questions anytime and from anywhere – all you need is an internet connection. You earn points for each survey and profile you complete, which can then be redeemed for cash through PayPal or online gift cards. It’s all very quick and easy.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a survey site that pays you around $1-3 for a survey that may take around 1-20 minutes to answer (the longer the survey, the higher the pay)

You can click here to sign up for Survey Junkie.

It’s free to sign up and only takes a few minutes.

If you’ve never taken online surveys before, you might have some questions. Such as:

  • How legit is Survey Junkie?
  • How do you get paid on Survey Junkie?
  • How much does Survey Junkie pay per hour?
  • Can anyone sign up for Survey Junkie?
  • Why do companies have paid online surveys?
  • How long does it take to get paid from Survey Junkie?
  • What are some Survey Junkie hacks to make more money?
  • Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

This Survey Junkie review is going to cover some common questions about this specific survey company, as well as questions about paid online surveys in general.

If you have any other questions about Survey Junkie or paid online surveys, please leave your question in the comments below, and I will get to them as soon as possible.

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How legit is Survey Junkie? Is Survey Junkie a legitimate site?

“Is Survey Junkie safe and legit?”

Yes, Survey Junkie is a legitimate company.

It is a good way to make extra money. You won’t get rich, but it can earn you some side income so that you are able to save more money, make more money to pay off debt, etc.

As I said above, surveys helped me greatly when I was living paycheck to paycheck. I signed up for as many survey sites as I could, and while I never made a ton of money at any one time, (it was around $50-$100 a month usually, sometimes more) it helped me pay my bills.

And, it was all done with just an internet connection and on my own time. I primarily took surveys on my laptop, but Survey Junkie also has an app you can use to take surveys. That means you can make money with their surveys from virtually anywhere.

It was an incredibly flexible way for me to earn extra money while I worked full-time and went to school because I could answer surveys and make money whenever I had extra time, and there was no commute. It couldn’t have been easier. Oh yeah, and the questions are easy to answer too!

Survey Junkie has over 10,000,000 members. I have been working with them for years now, and I know many people who have used them to take paid online surveys.

Here’s how Survey Junkie works:

  1. You sign up for Survey Junkie online.
  2. You complete profiles so that you can qualify for surveys.
  3. You then take online surveys when you have free time.
  4. After you complete a survey, you earn points.
  5. You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal or online gift cards (such as through Amazon, Target, and more).

It’s super easy, and Survey Junkie makes it effortless.

You can click here to sign up for Survey Junkie.


How do you get paid on Survey Junkie? How much does Survey Junkie pay per hour?

As I said earlier, you won’t be making a full-time income from taking surveys. It is simply for making side income.

It takes anywhere from around 5 to 20 minutes to complete a survey, and each survey usually pays around $1 to $3. Typically, the longer the survey, the higher the payout. Survey Junkie tells you how long it will take to complete each survey, but I have found that the time frame is usually much lower than what they say. I was almost always able to complete surveys faster than the expected time.

For each survey you take, you are rewarded points. One point is equal to one US cent. Therefore, for every 100 points, the value is equal to one US dollar. These points are placed in your member account, and you can cash out your account when you’re ready.

Survey Junkie posts new surveys daily on their website at They also may send invitations to surveys through email as well. These are ones they match you with based on the information you’ve entered on their site.

Usually, you can answer a few surveys an hour, and the typical person can earn around $5 to $15 an hour. You may only be answering surveys a few hours a week or a few hours a month. Remember, this is not a full-time job, but it is a way to make a little bit of extra money.


Can anyone sign up for Survey Junkie?

To sign up for Survey Junkie, you will need to be at least 16 or older and reside in the United States, Canada, or Australia.

You can click here to sign up for Survey Junkie.

If you are from elsewhere, you may want to try signing up for Prize Rebel as they accept users from almost everywhere in the world.

survey junkie review 

What’s wrong with Survey Junkie? Do they really pay you to take online surveys?

There is nothing wrong with Survey Junkie. And, yes, you actually do get paid by Survey Junkie. But, you may be wondering why they pay people to take surveys.

Survey Junkie is able to pay people for taking surveys because companies are paying them to conduct the surveys.

The reason why you can make money taking online surveys is because companies and advertisers want to learn more about their products. They pay market research companies, like Survey Junkie, to find out what people think of their products, and those companies pay you.

Companies need to know what current and potential customers think of their products and brand. This way, they get valuable opinions on how to improve, as well as how to better advertise their products and services.

And, this is why Survey Junkie pays for surveys. They need your valuable opinions and feedback!

Do you want to learn more about Survey Junkie?

  • Survey Junkie is a legitimate company and they are accredited with the BBB.
  • The Survey Junkie phone number, in case you need it, is (818) 459-4330.
  • You can find the Survey Junkie Facebook page here to learn more.


How do I get paid to take online surveys? Can I do this from home?

In order to take online surveys, you really only need an internet connection and either a laptop, computer, a tablet, or even just a cell phone. You don’t need any special software – just something so that you can answer your survey questions.

And, yes, you can do this from home. Or, you can do this while you travel, while you are on lunch break, and so on. This makes taking surveys a very flexible way to make extra money, and it can fit in with many different lifestyles – people who work full-time jobs, parents, people who work from home, students, travelers, and more.


How do I earn points on Survey Junkie?

To earn points on Survey Junkie, you can answer surveys, fill out profile questionnaires, and more.

Below is what a profile looks like:

How do I earn points on Survey Junkie?

Basically, you are answering questions so Survey Junkie can get to know you and see what surveys you qualify for. These questionnaires are how they decide which surveys to send you.

These are extremely easy to take and you do receive points, which can be converted to cash. I was able to answer a 30 question questionnaire in less than 5 minutes, and I received points for it too.

After you fill out a profile, you simply navigate to your dashboard where you’ll find surveys. You can start taking surveys pretty much right after you sign up, and they simply ask for your honest opinions so that companies can create better products and market them better.

Before you take a survey, you’ll also be able to know how many points you’ll earn for each one and how long it will take to answer. Right after you complete a survey, the points will be added to your account – so there is no delay!


What kind of topics do Survey Junkies surveys typically cover?

If you’re wondering what kind of topics you’ll be asked about, Survey Junkie surveys cover all sorts of subjects. Here are some of the topics you may be asked questions about:

  • Cars
  • Beverages
  • Books
  • Cosmetics
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Health
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Home improvement
  • Toys

And much more.

The questions aren’t hard AT ALL. Survey Junkie simply wants to know your opinion for most of the questions. They are looking for honest answers, and there are no wrong answers.


How long does it take to get paid from Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie pays very quickly.

After you sign up and confirm your email address, you will start gaining access to surveys. After you complete a survey or a profile, you will be credited points right away (immediately!). Once you’ve reached 1,000 points (which is equal to $10), you can redeem your points, or wait until you have saved up more points. It’s up to you.

If you signed up in 2021, then you only need 500 points to redeem, so just $5, which is even better.

How do you cash out on Survey Junkie?

You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal or online gift cards (such as through Amazon, Target, and more).


What are some Survey Junkie hacks to make more money?

Looking to make even more money through Survey Junkie?

There are some additional things you can do such as:

  • Add the Survey Junkie Extension – This is called Survey Junkie Pulse, and by adding it, you’ll earn $1.50. You’ll also unlock more surveys by having the Survey Junkie Pulse extension installed.
  • Complete as many Survey Junkie Profiles as you can – I logged out, and when I logged back in later in the day to Survey Junkie, I noticed that I had four more profiles waiting for me to complete. The more profiles I have answered and ready, the more surveys I will qualify for.

You can click here to sign up for Survey Junkie.

Can you really make money with Survey Junkie?


You can definitely make money with Survey Junkie and it is a popular paid online survey company to sign up for.

How long does it take for Survey Junkie to pay you?

The amount of time it takes Survey Junkie to pay you depends on how many surveys you are able to take.

It may take a month or so of taking surveys in order to reach the payout threshold.

How many surveys can you take a day on Survey Junkie?

You can take as many surveys a day on Survey Junkie as you are offered. Survey Junkie tends to have many, many surveys for a person to sign up for.


Is Survey Junkie worth it?

My Survey Junkie review wouldn’t be complete without answering this important question. 

For me, I found taking surveys to be well worth it, as it helped me to have extra spending and saving money when I was living paycheck to paycheck.

I did some research to see what other Survey Junkie reviews said online.

Here are some recent survey Junkie reviews that I found through the Better Business Bureau:

  • Someone recently shared that they were able to earn $80 a month through Survey Junkie.
  • A retired person who was looking to stay mentally active was using the site.
  • Many people who were laid off and successfully started using Survey Junkie to earn some extra income while they looked for a new job.
  • 2 weeks in, one member said they have already earned $50.
  • Numerous Survey Junkie reviews about how easy the site is to use.

And more. You can read even more Survey Junkie reviews here.

There are over 700 reviews on the BBB for Survey Junkie, with the majority of them giving a perfect rating of 5 stars.

Which is better Swagbucks or Survey Junkie?

Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are a little different, so I recommend signing up for both. I have been a member of Swagbucks for years, and it’s always been easy to earn points.

Survey Junkie is more focused on taking paid online surveys, whereas on Swagbucks, there are many different ways to earn rewards.

You can sign up for Swagbucks here.

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Which paid survey sites are legitimate?

One thing I learned when I was making extra income with survey sites is that you need to sign up for as many survey companies as you can to increase the amount of money you can make from online surveys.

This is because each survey company will only send you a few surveys at a time, so the more companies you sign up with, the more money you may be able to make.

Here are more legitimate survey companies I recommend signing up for:

  1. American Consumer Opinion
  2. Swagbucks
  3. InboxDollars
  4. OneOpinion
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. Prize Rebel

When I was making extra money from surveys, I made it work for me by signing up for as many online survey sites as I could. Due to that, I was able to complete at least a few surveys each week.

There were many times when I would receive an easy $100 cash out from completing surveys in a one-month period. The work is really easy. It can all be done from home, on your own schedule and timeline, so it’s a win-win!

If you start signing up for lots of survey sites, your email inbox can start to get very cluttered. A way to get rid of the email clutter is to start a separate email address simply dedicated to the paid online survey companies that you have signed up for. This can help keep you more organized, but make sure you check this email address on a regular basis so that you do not miss any survey opportunities. 

Having a separate email address for survey companies is also helpful because you then are able to know exactly when a new survey is sent to your email address.

Have you signed up for Survey Junkie? I hope you enjoyed my Survey Junkie review! Are there any other questions I should have covered in my Survey Junkie review? Share them below!

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

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  2. I have some experience with Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. I generally find more ways to earn money on Swagbucks but Survey Junkie seems to be a lot more straightforward, less blingy, and the site itself has a more legit feel (Swagbucks has a lot of bright colors and flashy images that might turn some folks off)

    Either way, I recommend both sides, and more, to people I know – they are great ways to earn some extra cash, especially if you’re stuck at home.

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  5. Fred Dixon

    Can somebody out there help me. I was a very frequent utilizer of Survey Junkie and earned quite a bit of cash from taking surveys. Then in September, they redesigned their page and since then I have been unable to redeem cash rewards by a direct deposit to my bank account on file. The only thing I have been able to do is redeem for an Visa online gift card which is not convenient for me. I have tried to figure out the process for redemption to my bank account, but have not been successful doing so. I have gone to Survey Junkie multiple times, but their responses have been no help whatsoever and are never the same each time I contact them. Do they still permit an online redemption to my bank account on file and what is the process and/or steps I must do to facilitate this? I am obviously doing something wrong. I do not want to leave Survey Junkie as they do not often reject me from the surveys I try to take. Any help would be appreciated.