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Welcome to my American Consumer Opinion review! If you are searching for paid online surveys, then I have one for you to check out today. Back when I was paying off my student loans, I did a lot of things to make extra money – I sold items on eBay, managed social media for companies,…

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Last Updated: April 2, 2024

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Welcome to my American Consumer Opinion review!

If you are searching for paid online surveys, then I have one for you to check out today.

Back when I was paying off my student loans, I did a lot of things to make extra money – I sold items on eBay, managed social media for companies, mystery shopped, and took paid online surveys.

The online surveys didn’t make me rich, but they helped me have a little bit of extra money so that I could pay my bills. And, taking online surveys was flexible too – I could do them from home, on my lunch break, on the weekends, whenever. All I needed was an internet connection.

Being able to make extra money in my spare time helped me a lot.

In today’s article, I am going to go over one of the most popular survey companies – American Consumer Opinion.

American Consumer Opinion is a free online survey company I recommend, and they pay you for each survey you complete.

You can usually earn anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey taken through American Consumer Opinion. It all depends on the length of the survey.

They also give you the opportunity to test products for free (who doesn’t love free stuff!?).

They have already paid out over $30,146,855 to survey takers and have had over 20 million surveys taken. 

And, they accept survey takers from all over the world.

You can click here for the American Consumer Opinion sign up.

It’s free to sign up and only takes a few minutes.

If you’ve never taken online surveys before, you might have some questions. Like, is American Consumer Opinion legit? Or, what is a consumer panel?

Below, I am going to go over some common questions about this survey company, as well as questions about paid online surveys in general.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion is a paid online survey site that allows you to express your opinions on products and services through surveys, polls, and product testing. You can earn anywhere from $1 to $50 per survey taken through American Consumer Opinion, but $50 for surveys is pretty rare. It all depends on the length of the survey.

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American Consumer Opinion Review


What is American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Opinion is a company that will pay you to take surveys from home.

How did American Consumer Opinion panel get started?

American Consumer Opinion panel was created in 1986. At first they sent out surveys through the mail and by telephone, and then they started running paid online surveys in 1996.

There are currently over 8,000,000 men, women, and children throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and Asia who are active members with them.


American Consumer Opinion review

Is ACOP legit? 

American Consumer Opinion is legit. I’ve looked into this company, and I wouldn’t recommend it to you if I didn’t trust them.

American Consumer Opinion runs surveys to seek opinions on a variety of topics. Here are a few of the recent surveys they’ve asked consumer panel members:

  • To evaluate a retailer’s new advertising strategy
  • How and why people purchase gift cards
  • What your thoughts are about tanning products and how often tanning products are used
  • To review an idea for a new fuel additive product for an automotive company
  • To taste test a new snack food for a food company
  • How happy people were with customer service from their local utility companies

The questions are easy to answer – they simply need to hear REAL opinions from the average person.

How do I get paid for taking online surveys?

With American Consumer Opinion panel, you can get paid with cash, PayPal funds, or through Hyperwallet. Or, you can donate your earnings to charity.

You can receive points by taking screeners (which are short surveys) or through taking full surveys.

For each survey you take, you are rewarded points. One point is equal to one U.S. cent. Therefore, for every 100 points, the value is equal to one US dollar. These points are placed in your member account, and you can cash out your account when you’re ready.

To redeem your points, you simply log in to your account and choose the “Cash-Out” option.


How do I find paid opinion surveys with ACOP?

After you have signed up for a free account with American Consumer Opinion, they will start sending you emails that link to surveys you can take. Another way to find surveys is to log in to your account, and you can find a list of surveys there as well.

You can click here for the American Consumer Opinion sign up.


Is American Consumer Opinion safe?

The information you share is stored in ACOP’s private, encrypted, and secure databases. Furthermore, the information they collect is not shared with the public. It is only used by the company that has set up the survey.

American Consumer Opinion’s BBB rating is an A+.


Why do companies have paid online surveys? What is a consumer panel?

The reason why you can make money taking online surveys is because companies and advertisers want to learn more about their products. They pay companies to find out what people think of their products, and those companies pay you.

Companies need to know what current and potential customers think of their products and brand. This way, they get valuable opinions on how to improve, as well as how to advertise for their product better.

A consumer panel is simply a group of people who are asked to provide their opinion on a product.

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How do I get paid to take online surveys? Can I do this from home?

In order to take online surveys, you really only need an internet connection and either a laptop, computer, or a tablet. Just something so that you can answer your survey questions.

So, yes, you can do this from home. It is meant to be done from home!

What is American Consumer Panel?

I don’t have any experience with American Consumer Panel. But, American Consumer Panel is another survey company that people get confused with American Consumer Opinion. 

American Consumer Panel is a completely different company, and you will find much better American Consumer Opinion reviews online if you’re thinking about looking into both companies.


Are you looking for more paid survey companies to sign up for?

To increase how much money you can earn from surveys, you will want to sign up for multiple survey companies.

This is because each survey company will only send you a few surveys every so often, so the more companies you sign up with, then the more money you may be able to make.

Here are a few more survey companies I recommend signing up for:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Swagbucks
  3. InboxDollars
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. OneOpinion
  6. Pinecone Research
  7. Prize Rebel
  8. Survey Club

When I was making extra money from surveys, I made it work for me by signing up for as many online survey sites as I could. Due to that, I was able to complete at least a few surveys each week.

There were many times when I would receive an easy $100 cash out from completing surveys in a one-month period. The work is really easy. It can all be done from home, on your own schedule and timeline, so it’s a win-win!

If you start signing up for lots of survey sites, your email inbox can start to get very cluttered. A way to lessen the clutter is to start a separate email address simply dedicated to the paid online survey companies that you have signed up for. This can help keep you more organized, but make sure you check it on a regular basis.

Which online survey company is your favorite? Are you signed up for American Consumer Opinion?

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    Based on the statistics you provided, it breaks down to about $1.50 per survey. Right? Have you done any analysis to see how much it breaks down per hour of your time invested? I’m always skeptical of websites offering to pay people to take surveys because the payout seems so minimal for time invested.