6 Best Ways To Get Paid to Advertise On Your Car

Did you know that there is an easy way to earn money while driving your car? Yes – you can get paid to advertise on your car! Car advertising is becoming more and more popular as companies are trying to find ways to reach new customers. Think of it like billboards – the companies are…

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Last Updated: November 1, 2023

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Did you know that there is an easy way to earn money while driving your car? Yes – you can get paid to advertise on your car!

Car advertising is becoming more and more popular as companies are trying to find ways to reach new customers.

Think of it like billboards – the companies are simply putting more ads on the road to hopefully sell more of their products.

If you’re interested in this idea, there are many companies that will pay you to put an advertisement on your car. This can be an easy way to make extra money in your spare time with little effort needed from you.

Quick Summary On How To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

  • Car wrap advertising is a way to earn extra money while driving like you normally do.
  • You may be able to earn around $100 to $400 a month with a car wrap.
  • Car wrap companies such as Nickelytics, Wrapify, and Carvertise are popular with this side hustle.

What Is Car Wrap Advertising?

Car advertising is when companies pay you money to put ads on your car. This makes your car like a moving advertisement while you drive around doing your normal everyday tasks (like driving to work or going to the grocery store).

This type of advertising is good for businesses because it lets their ad reach lots of people no matter where the car goes.

Many car advertisement companies use a form of car advertising known as car wrapping. The ads can cover either a part or the whole of your car, depending on what the advertiser wants.

Here are two examples of the types of car wraps:

  • Full car wraps – This is when full wraps are put on cars, covering the entire outside of the car with a vinyl graphic. These wraps can feature colorful designs, logos, and advertising messages related to the client’s brand or product.
  • Partial car wraps – Partial wraps cover sections of the car (such as doors, the back window, or specific panels). These typically pay a little less because it does not cover your entire car.

How much can you get paid to advertise on your car?

The amount you can earn from car advertising depends on things like the company you work with, the specific campaign, and the distance you drive. It’s a fairly passive income stream too, which is nice.

On average, drivers can earn around $100 to $400 per month. Also, some companies might give signup bonuses ranging from $100 to $300.

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6 Ways To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Below, I will be talking about 6 legitimate companies that pay you to put ads on your car.

get paid to advertise on your car with wrapify

1. Wrapify

Wrapify is a popular car wrap advertising company that pays you to advertise on your car. Companies that use Wrapify for advertisements include Petco, Cricket Wireless, Alaska Airlines, Uber, Coca-Cola, and more.

They have different levels of coverage, like full wrap, partial wrap, or panel wrap. The more coverage you choose, the more money you can earn. To get started, you need to download their app, register, and wait for an advertising campaign to join.

Wrapify pays its drivers based on the miles covered and the area they drive in. There is no minimum amount of miles that you must drive each day. Drivers in more populated urban areas can usually expect to earn more money than those in rural regions (this is because they want the most people to see the ads!).

You can earn around $264 to $452 per month for a full wrap and around $181 to $280 for a partial wrap. The full wrap will pay you the most amount of money.

Get paid to advertise on your car online with carvertise

2. Carvertise

Carvertise has been around since 2012, and they connect drivers with advertisers, turning your car into a mobile advertising platform. It is known for having hassle-free car wrapping with professional installation and removal of the advertising material.

Some of the brands that partner with them include Netflix, Planet Fitness, NASCAR, Wawa, Buffalo Wild Wings, Huggies diapers, and more.

Ads placed by Carvertise typically start at around $100 per month and go up to $500 per month.

To get started with Carvertise, you will submit a driver application that asks questions like where you normally drive. Then, you’ll be matched to a brand that is looking for your driving habits. After that, you get your car wraps and Carvertise will pay you each month through direct deposit.

Once your campaign is over, Carvertise then removes the wrap for you (you don’t pay for this, they do), and they will then look for another advertising partnership for your car.

car advertising app with nickelytics

3. Nickelytics

Nickelytics is looking for gig economy drivers who want to make extra money by wrapping their cars (such as people who drive for DoorDash, Lyft, and even rideshare drivers).

To get started, you simply download the Nickelytics app on your phone. They will ask you questions about yourself and the car you have. Then, they will ask you to turn on the app while you’re driving so that they can see where you drive and the mileage you are driving. This is so that they can better match you with companies. Once you are matched with a company, you will then get the wrap installed.

They pay around $175 to $250 each month that you drive around in a wrapped vehicle.

car advertising app with stickerride

4. StickerRide

StickerRide is a company that lets you turn your car into a mobile billboard and wrap your car for money. The site is app-based, and you can choose the campaign offers that interest you.

This StickerRide app gives you points for each driven mile, and you can earn more depending on the location and time of day. StickerRide also has other ways to increase your earnings, such as by taking part in quests and flash mobs where you drive to a specific location so that the car advertising can be seen by more people.

You receive around one point for each mile driven, and each point is worth around $0.01 in the U.S. (and £0.1 for the UK).

advertising car wraps get paid with stickr

5. Stickr

Stickr is a little different from the other sites above that pay you to place sticker ads on your car. This is because they don’t wrap your whole car or even panels on your car. Instead, they do rear window advertising.

The company provides drivers with an opportunity to make a passive income by simply placing an advertisement on a car’s back window.

To join this site, you simply sign up online, choose a campaign and car advertising decal, and then it will be shipped to you with simple instructions for applying the decal to your car.

Stickr says you can earn up to $2,300 in cash and gift card compensation each year.

get paid for car advertising stickers with freecarmedia

6. Free Car Media

Free Car Media is another company where you can get paid to wrap your car. It can take anywhere from 3 days to several months in order to be matched with a company that wants to place an ad on your car.

This site does both full wraps and rear window wraps, and their campaigns can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months (or sometimes even longer).

Free Car Media claims that you could make up to $400 per month, depending on the advertiser and campaign.

Getting Started With Car Advertisements

Here’s how to get started with getting paid to put an advertisement on your car.

Eligibility criteria

Before you can get paid to advertise on your car, you’ll want to see what the car advertising companies require from you. Most companies require their drivers to have a clean driving record and pass a background check.

Also, you should have a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and be at least 18 years old. Some companies may also want your car to be a specific make, model, or year and be in good condition visually and mechanically. Many will ask for pictures of your car from different angles too.

Application process

Once you meet the eligibility requirements, the application process is pretty easy. First, research and choose a real company like Wrapify, Carvertise, or Nickelytics. Then, register with the company by submitting your personal information, your driving record, vehicle details, and some photographs of your car. Many of the car advertising companies above have a mobile app to download, available on Google Play or the App Store, which will make this all very easy.

After that, the company may perform a background check to make sure that you’re a reliable driver (after all, you would be representing the company that you are advertising for). Once you’re approved, you’ll then be matched with an advertising campaign, and your car will be wrapped with the advertisements.

How to get started with car advertisements

Here are the typical steps when it comes to getting paid for car ads with the different car advertising companies:

  • Register – Join the car advertising site of your choice by filling out an application online through your laptop or cell phone app (Android or Apple). This usually includes answering basic information about yourself, your driving habits (such as the number of miles you drive a day and your commute route), and details of your car such as make, model, and year.
  • Understand the contract – Carefully read the contract provided by the advertising company. Look for the length of the advertising campaign, expected driving routes, how and when you get paid, and any potential penalties for early termination of the contract or not meeting the driving requirements.
  • Get your car wrapped – Once you are matched with a company, the advertising company will wrap your car with the advertiser’s brand. The wrap is usually professionally installed and removed without damaging your car’s paint.
  • Start driving – After the wrap is installed, all you need to do is drive as you normally would. Your earnings will be calculated based on the agreed contract.

Remember, every company has different terms and procedures, so always thoroughly research each company before signing up.

Pros and cons of car advertising

There are pros and cons of car advertising. These include:


  • Extra income – Car advertising can be a great way to earn some additional money without significantly changing your daily routine.
  • Flexible way to make extra money – You can choose the car advertising campaigns you participate in and how much you want to advertise on your car.
  • Low effort – After the initial setup of applying the ad to your car, there’s little additional effort required. All you need to do is drive so that people can see the ad.


  • Limited control over ads – You may have limited control over the choice of advertisements displayed on your vehicle.
  • Potential wear and tear – If you do this a lot, then the frequent application and removal of ads could cause wear and tear on your car’s paint and finish over time.
  • Privacy concerns – With an advertisement on your car, you may experience a reduced sense of privacy while driving. For example, some people may come up to you while you’re parked to ask you questions, or they may assume that you have free stuff to give away inside.

Car advertising allows you to earn money while driving, but you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons first.

How To Recognize Car Advertising Scams

While there are legitimate car advertising sites, it’s important to be aware of the risks and know that car wrapping scams exist. There are MANY scams out there in the car-wraps-for-money industry.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid car advertising scams.

  • Real car advertising companies never ask for money up front – You should be suspicious of any company that requires payment or investment from you to get started. None of the companies above will ask you for money. There should also be no fees for decal installation or removal from a car wrapping company.
  • Too-good-to-be-true offers – If a site is saying that you’ll receive thousands of dollars a week for car advertising, it is most likely a scam. Real companies typically pay just a couple hundred dollars each month – this is not a full-time job.
  • Unsolicited offers and contacts – Scammers may send you a random email, cold phone calls, or social media messages with offers to get your car wrapped. But, I recommend sticking only with the reputable companies that you have done your own research on.
  • Poorly designed websites or communication – Scam companies may have unprofessional websites, use poor grammar, or have broken links. You should ignore these companies unless you are 1000% positive that it is real.

FAQs About Getting Paid To Advertise On Your Car

Below are answers to common questions about how to get paid to advertise on your car.

Do companies really pay to advertise on your car?

Yes, many companies will pay to advertise on your car, and this is a real way to make extra income. These are usually marketing agencies and brands that are looking for unconventional and cost-effective ways to reach new customers. They take advantage of everyday commuters to display their ads, making car advertising a win-win situation for both drivers and advertisers.

How much can you earn with car advertising? How much can I get paid to put an advertisement on my car?

You can earn between $100 to $500 per month, depending on the coverage of advertisement on your car. Smaller wraps, which may cover your doors or rear window, can earn you between $100 to $250. Full wraps that cover your whole car can make you around $250 to $500 each month. A car ad campaign typically lasts for several months.

What companies pay you to put their logo on your car?

There are many real companies that pay for advertising on your car, such as Wrapify, Carvertise, and Nickelytics. Before signing up, you should always research the company and make sure it is legitimate and trustworthy.

How much do you get paid to Carvertise?

Earnings through Carvertise can vary based on factors like the duration of the campaign, your location, and coverage of the advertisement. Ads placed by Carvertise can usually earn you around $100 to $500 each month.

How much does Wrapify pay?

With Wrapify, you can earn around $264 to $452 per month for a full wrap and around $181 to $280 for a partial wrap. The full wrap is the highest way to get paid to wrap your car.

Will Red Bull pay you to advertise on your car?

Red Bull does not pay for car advertisements. This is a common scam and you will not get paid to wrap your car for Red Bull. You can read more about this on Red Bull’s website here.

Can I choose which advertisements go on my car?

Typically, the advertising company matches drivers with advertising campaigns based on the information you answer when you register. Some companies may give you the option to reject campaigns that you’re not comfortable with, while others may assign campaigns automatically.

What types of ads are used for car advertising?

Car advertising usually involves using vinyl wraps or decals applied to your car’s exterior. There are three main types: small wraps, which cover only your doors and rear window; partial wraps, which also include side panels and the back of your car; and full wraps, which cover the entire surface of your car. The material is designed to protect your car’s paint job and can be removed without damage when the advertising campaign is over.

How To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car – Summary

Car advertising is a real method of earning extra cash by allowing companies to display their advertisements on your car.

Companies such as Wrapify, Carvertise, Nickelytics, and others are real paid car advertising opportunities.

You can potentially earn a significant amount from car advertising each year, depending on factors like the advertising company, your location, the type of car you have, and the amount of driving you do. Plus, it also depends on whether you choose to do a full car wrap or a small decal.

If you want to start making money advertising on your car, then check out the sites above!

Are you interested in learning how to get paid to advertise on your car?

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