9 Best Ways To Find Free Gas Cards

Are you interested in finding free gas cards and saving money on fuel? Your monthly gas spending is probably one of your biggest expenses each month. And if the increasing price of gas is getting you down, there are ways to save money on gas and find free gas cards! Gas prices are higher than…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: January 19, 2024

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Are you interested in finding free gas cards and saving money on fuel?

Your monthly gas spending is probably one of your biggest expenses each month. And if the increasing price of gas is getting you down, there are ways to save money on gas and find free gas cards!

Gas prices are higher than normal these days, so you are probably paying more than usual.

Despite rising prices, gas is something most people need to get to work, school, run errands, socialize with others, and more. It’s not a luxury that you can completely cut out of your life. 

There are ways to save on gas, like bulking your errands together or carpooling, but as I said, buying gas is essential for most people. 

Fortunately, even though filling up your car’s gas tank can get pretty expensive, there are plenty of ways to save money.

Learning how to save money on gas and knowing how to get free gas cards online can help low-income families and those who need financial assistance. This can help you and your family get to work, school, medical appointments, and to live life.

In today’s article, I have put together a list of resources for you that includes places and websites where you can find free gas cards, apply for free gas vouchers, and sign up for assistance programs for gas expenses.

There are a surprising number of ways to find free gas cards, and I look forward to sharing them with you today!

I’ve also included simple ideas for saving money on gas. You may have tried some of them before, but I hope you find even more tips to try.

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How to get free gas cards


Use Swagbucks to get free gas cards

Swagbucks is an online rewards platform that you can use to earn cash back and free gift cards.

By using the Swagbucks platform, you can get free gas cards to Chevron gas stations. On the Swagbucks website, it says you can get a $50 free gas gift card for just 5,000 points.

I started using Swagbucks years ago, and it has helped me easily earn extra cash on the side. It’s free to join Swagbucks, and all you need is an internet connection. I have actually earned over 100 gift cards on Swagbucks over the years.

There are many ways you can earn money on Swagbucks, such as:

  • Watching videos on their website
  • Playing free games online
  • Scanning your receipts
  • Installing the Swagbutton
  • Printing coupons
  • Answering daily polls
  • Searching the web while using their search engine

And much more.

Here’s how Swagbucks works:

  1. You can join Swagbucks through my referral link, and receive a $10 bonus.
  2. You can then earn points by taking online surveys, searching the web like you normally do, watching videos on Swagbucks, and shopping online.
  3. Then, you can redeem your points for PayPal cash, gift cards (such as to Amazon or Walmart), or free gas cards.

As you can see, Swagbucks is very easy to use!

You can also learn more in Swagbucks Review – How Much Can You Earn On Swagbucks?


Use Fetch Rewards to get free gas cards

I’ve been using Fetch Rewards for over a year now, and it is so easy to save on groceries and other daily purchases.

Fetch Rewards is a cash back and gift card app that rewards you for purchases that you’ve already made.

With Fetch Rewards, you can earn points by submitting your receipts to the Fetch Rewards app from any grocery store, clothing store, restaurant, gas station, and more.

Then, you can redeem the points that you have earned for gift cards (such as to Walmart, Uber, Target, and more) and other rewards.

All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with your cell phone, and you can easily earn points. I scan all of my receipts into my Fetch Rewards app to earn rewards.

Here’s how Fetch Rewards works:

  1. Shop like you normally would
  2. Scan your receipt after you’re done
  3. Earn points on Fetch Rewards

You can sign up for Fetch Rewards here.


Use Upside to save at gas stations

Upside does not give you free gas cards, but it is an easy way to save money when you have to buy gas.

Upside (formerly known as GetUpside) has an easy-to-use app that helps you find gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants where you can earn cash back on your purchases. You simply sign up for a free account, and then look at the Upside app to find places near you.

You can earn up to $0.25/gallon cash back at gas stations, up to 30% back on grocery purchases, and up to 45% back at restaurants. This app can help you offset the cost of inflation by helping you save money on everyday purchases.

App users can earn cash back at more than 50,000 locations nationwide, such as Shell gas stations, Phillips 66, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Piggly Wiggly, and so much more.

One of my favorite Upside features is the map that tells you how much each gas station in your area is charging for a tank of gas. This helps you find the lowest price possible, while also giving you cash back.

You can check out Upside here to learn more.

You can learn more in my review: Upside Review: Is This App Worth The Cash Back At The Gas Pump?


Contact a local charity organization

If you’re a low-income individual wondering “How can I get free gas gift cards?,” then you may want to contact a charity organization.

Some organizations offer free gas vouchers for low-income families, so it’s worth contacting local churches, government organizations, non-profit organizations, and more.

Here are some ideas for the types of government and charity organizations near you that may help with free gas cards:

  • One place to ask would be your local Salvation Army. There are Salvation Army free gas vouchers that are occasionally given out to families who need gas for emergency assistance (such as for health care, to get to a new job interview, etc.).
  • Local churches, United Way (through the 2-1-1 program), Catholic Charities, local food pantries, etc. — Sometimes they provide financial help, transportation assistance, and offer free gas cards to those who need them. Additionally, these organizations may also help you attend medical appointments, help you to search for a job if you’re unemployed, and offer other types of support for you and your family.
  • If you are on a government assistance program (such as Medicaid), then you may be able to get free gas vouchers through a reimbursement program that’s designed to help you attend medical appointments. There should be a phone number on the back of your Medicaid card that you can call and ask about the non-emergency transportation program.
  • Free Gas USA – This is a grant program to help households afford gas with gas money.

Many of these same non-profit organizations can help with job counseling, emergency and non-emergency transportation, paying for utilities, toys for your children for the holidays, veteran support services, addiction services, re-entry programs for ex-convicts, and more. While they can help you learn how to get a gas card in some instances, they are great resources for families and people who need them.

If you are low-income and need financial assistance, then this may be an option for you. Free emergency gas vouchers are offered by nonprofits, but they are limited in supply due to funding.

Due to the low supply of free gas cards, this isn’t an option that will be available to you monthly. They are designed more specifically to help you get to a much-needed medical appointment, your first week at a new job, or a job interview.

You will most likely have to fill out an application, and you may even have to do an in-person interview to determine your need. In the interview or application, you may have to show proof of why you need gas expense assistance and give them copies of your pay stubs.

I recommend Googling “free gas vouchers near me for low-income families” to see places located near you that you can contact.


how to find free gas cards

Get credit card rewards

By simply using a credit card, you may be able to earn rewards that can be put toward your gas budget each month.

I’ve been using rewards credit cards for years, and they are pretty much all that I use now. 

The way they work is that every time you use your card, you earn points for spending in different categories. There are cards designed to give you more points for buying gas, while others offer more points for groceries or travel spending. 

You earn points and rewards simply for using your credit card, but you need to make sure you’re paying your balance in full each month for the rewards to be worth it!

You can earn airline tickets, gift cards, hotel stays, cash, etc., all by using a rewards credit card.

Two cards I like include:

Some credit cards will even give you a higher rewards percentage, such as 5%, during certain times of the year, as a way to persuade you to use that specific card. You could even apply specifically for a gas credit card to take advantage of this as well.

You can redeem gift cards through your credit card rewards, or you can transfer the points that you have earned to your credit card as cash back, and then earmark this cash back for gas.

Note: Using credit cards for their rewards is only a good idea if you are able to use credit cards responsibly. Taking on debt to earn rewards isn’t wise.


Sign up for your grocery store’s loyalty card rewards program

Many grocery stores have a loyalty card that you can sign up for and earn fuel rewards. Not only are they usually free, they often lower the prices on certain items at that store.

Plus, you may be able to earn points to put toward filling up your gas tank.

Many nationwide gas stations that participate in grocery store fuel rewards programs such as Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, QuickTrip, and more.

Here’s how they typically work:

  1. You sign up for the card the next time you are in the grocery store. It takes five minutes or less to sign up, and you can immediately start using the rewards program.
  2. When you are checking out, enter your phone number or swipe your membership card.
  3. After you finish shopping, you can see the number of points you earned from your last purchase and possibly the total points you’ve earned that month/year. This is usually printed somewhere on your receipt.
  4. Then, you can go to the in-network gas station and use your points. At the gas pump, you simply swipe your member card or enter your phone number to redeem your points.

By using my grocery points, I have been able to get up to $1.00 off each gallon at the pump. It is super easy, and many grocery stores take part in a rewards program like this.

Here are some groceries that offer loyalty programs:

  • Kroger – With Kroger, you can save on fuel each time you shop at Kroger stores. You can earn 1 fuel point for every $1 that you spend.
  • City Market – With City Market, you can save on fuel each time you shop at City Market stores. You can earn 1 fuel point for every $1 that you spend.
  • Safeway – With Safeway, you earn 1 fuel point for each $1 that you spend in their store.
  • Albertsons – With Albertsons, you can save on fuel each time you shop at Albertsons stores. You can earn 1 fuel point for every $1 that you spend.
  • Piggly Wiggly – With Piggly Wiggly, you can save on fuel each time you shop at Piggly Wiggly stores. You can earn 1 fuel point for every $1 that you spend.
  • Harris Teeter – With Harris Teeter, you can earn 1 fuel point for each $1 that you spend. You can use your points at Harris Teeter Fuel, BP gas stations, and Amoco.
  • Stop & Shop – With Stop & Shop, you earn 1 point for each $1 spent in their store. Every 100 points can be redeemed for a discount of 10 cents per gallon, for a maximum of $1.50 off per gallon up to 20 gallons. You can use your points at Stop & Shop gas stations as well as at Shell gas stations.

And, there are many other grocery stores as well. Plus, for many of the grocery stores above, you can even earn fuel points when you buy gas gift cards from their store, so you can stack your savings that way as well. Stacking them means you buy a gas gift card from them and earn points when you purchase the card, and then you use those points and the gas gift card you’ve purchased.

I also recommend signing up for grocery store loyalty programs when you’re out of town. Even though you may not use it very often, the store discounts they offer are worth the few minutes it takes to sign up!

Answer surveys for free gas cards

Many online survey companies pay you in gift cards or cash for answering market research surveys on their sites.

Companies use surveys all the time to learn what their current and potential customers think of their products, services, and company. It’s valuable market research, which is why they pay you in points that convert to cash and gift cards.

With the surveys you take, companies get valuable opinions on how to improve their products, and that’s what they are paying you for.

Here is a list of legitimate online survey companies:

  1. American Consumer Opinion
  2. Survey Junkie
  3. InboxDollars
  4. Branded Surveys
  5. Pinecone Research
  6. Prize Rebel
  7. User Interviews
  8. MyPoints
  9. BizKnowledge
  10. Product Review Jobs
  11. Rakuten Insight

I recommend signing up for more than one site because that’s how you’ll have the most survey opportunities. 

Find gas gift card promotions

Occasionally, grocery stores and pharmacies, such as Publix and CVS Pharmacy, offer deals on gas gift cards.

For example, the store may offer a $10 discount on $50 gas gift cards. That means you pay $40 for a gas card that’s worth $50.  Another example is if the store gives out $10 gas cards when you spend $50 or more in their store.

The best way to find these promotions is to browse the store’s weekly flyers to see when they have gas card offers.

Buy discounted gas cards online

Did you know that you can buy deeply discounted gift cards online? There are many gift card resale sites where people sell unused or partially used gift cards. 

The way these sites work is that the person selling the gift card no longer wants it for some reason, so they list it on a gift card marketplace rather than letting the gift card go to waste. The person selling the gift card can make some extra money, and you can save money on everyday things.

Raise is one site that occasionally has discounted gas gift cards. These may be gift cards to Speedway, BP, and Citgo to name a few. 

Because gas prices are high, you may not find the biggest discounts right now, and they may be temporarily sold out, but it can be worth checking.

Raise is just one platform for finding discounted gas gift cards – CardCash is another popular site.  

How to save money on gas

You’ve learned how to get a free gas card, but there are other ways to save money on gas. Below are some of my top tips for saving money on gas:

  • Use Gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas station near you.
  • Combine your errands and drive the most direct path so that you are not going back and forth and wasting fuel.
  • Properly inflate your tires for the best miles per gallon.
  • Complete required maintenance on your vehicle, such as oil changes, so that your car runs at its best.
  • Get rid of unneeded weight from your car. If you have a lot of stuff in your trunk or your backseat, you may be able to get better fuel mileage by cleaning up your car.
  • Use public transportation when it makes sense.
  • Drive at a steady speed, and don’t drive too fast or brake erratically. 
  • Ride your bike more instead of driving.
  • Partner with a company and place a display ad on your car to earn extra money.

Save money in other areas

If you are struggling to find ways to save money on gas or find free gas cards, consider looking at other ways to save money. It may be possible to put that saved money toward your gas purchases. 

Here’s a list of articles I’ve written that may be able to help you find other ways to save or make money:

How can I get free gas?

I hope you enjoyed today’s article on how to get free gas cards. You’ve learned about several different ways to save money on gas and find free gas cards.

If the price of gas and diesel is impacting your budget, there are ways to save money and cut your gas expenses by at least a little bit.

Some of the options on this list may be better than others, and some may be more temporary than long-term. While a free gas voucher from a government agency or local charity may be helpful in the short term , it’s not a permanent solution. However, it’s something that can help you during an emergency.

Other ideas in this article require more work, such as filling out surveys. 

Some options can help you save up to $1 a gallon (or even more), and you may even be able to stack these savings to get the best bang for your buck.

How is the price of filling up your gas tank impacting you? How would getting free gas cards help you and your family?

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  1. With all the problems going on in the world today, it’s good to know there’s still opportunity to save money on rising gas prices.

  2. tracy k

    I live in a rural area and don’t have many options when it comes to gas purchasing. However, these are the tricks I employ for the choices I have. I always try to use a credit card that offers a 5% cash back for fuel purchases. If you have a card that offers quarterly rewards and gas is not an option for that quarter, purchase a gas station gift card at grocery or drug stores that the credit card is offering 5% back or purchase gas cards with your Target card that offers a 5% discount (in store or online). You may also stock up on gas gift cards at the gas station during the cc promo period to ensure the additonal 5% for the time when the discount is not available. Shell has the Fuel Rewards program that is free to join. I get a $0.05 per gallon discount up to 20 gallons with every fill-up. I also have T-Mobile internet which offers TMobile Tuesday. TMobile rewards offer a weekly code for Shell that is typically a $0.05 per gallon discount (many people offer up their codes on blogs/websites if you know where to look). This weekly discount stacks with the standard $0.05 Fuel Rewards program. Additionally, if you pay through the Shell app, you will receive another discount (typically $0.05/gal) with every 4 fill-ups. Fuel Rewards also offers additonal discounts for purchases within their store as well as links to online shopping, link up with Dunkin Donuts, etc. I get a minimum of $0.10 per gallon every week but have received up to $0.75/gallon. If the weekly Shell discount has been used by my husband or we are in an area where Shell is not available, I will fill up using Casey’s rewards. The UPSIDE app almost always offers a Casey’s discount. The FETCH app quite frequently offers money back for Casey’s purchases and Casey’s has a reward program to accumulate points for discounted gas or products. These can all be stacked for the best deal. These are the days you have to get creative with saving ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So….I like all of these ideas. I’ve used Upside myself a few times.

    The only trouble is none of the ideas are “free” per say. They all require a good deal of effort.

    I guess then, I’d say the only way to really get free gas, is simply to live someplace where you don’t need to drive at all.

  4. I completely understand your perspective. While the ideas mentioned require effort, it’s important to note that there is no truly “free” option when it comes to gas. However, living in a place where you can minimize or eliminate the need for driving can certainly reduce expenses associated with fuel. It’s all about finding the right balance and exploring different strategies to manage costs effectively. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!