7 Best Places To Sell Gift Cards For Cash

Do you have unwanted gift cards? Here are 7 ways to sell gift cards online instantly for cash and make extra money. Approximately $3 billion in gift cards go unused in the U.S. every year. If you’re one of those people who have gift cards and don’t plan to use them, consider selling the gift…

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Do you have unwanted gift cards? Here are 7 ways to sell gift cards online instantly for cash and make extra money.

Approximately $3 billion in gift cards go unused in the U.S. every year. If you’re one of those people who have gift cards and don’t plan to use them, consider selling the gift card for cash.

There are many reasons gift cards go unused, including you don’t shop at the retailer, you need money to pay the bills, or you simply rather have cash instead of a gift card. This can be an easy way to get free money now.

The most popular gift cards people buy come from retailers like Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, Visa, and Walmart. You’ll generally receive about 90% of the total gift card amount if you decide to sell the gift card, so keep that in mind.

Best Ways To Sell Gift Cards

Today, I’m going over the best places to sell gift cards.

1. Raise

Raise is a gift card site that lets you buy or sell used gift cards.

To sell a gift card on Raise, you need to:

  1. Go to the “Sell” link at the top of the Raise home page.
  2. Enter the store name of the gift card.
  3. Enter the gift card information such as serial number, PIN, current balance, and your selling price.

Payout options: pay by check, PayPal, or ACH direct deposit. Anytime you sell a used gift card on Raise, Raise takes a 15% cut from the selling price.

2. CardCash

CardCash is a platform that buys used gift cards.

To sell your gift card to CardCash, do the following:

  1. Enter the store name of the gift card you have.
  2. Enter the amount on the gift card.
  3. CardCash will offer you an amount to buy the card.

For example, I pretended I had a Target gift card to sell with a $50 balance. CardCash offered me $39.50 cash or $40.09 for a prepaid Mastercard. Seeing their instant offer with their quote tool was quick and easy!

Then I have the option to get paid either by mailed check, ACH direct deposit, or PayPal.

sell gift cards for cash

3. CardSell

CardSell is an app that helps you trade unwanted gift cards for cash. The mobile app works for both iOS and Android users.

To get started, download the app and enter your gift card number and PIN. CardSell will verify your card and check the balance. Once verified, CardSell will pay you within 48 hours via PayPal. 

4. ClipKard 

ClipKard is another popular website that buys used gift cards. The process is similar to other gift card websites.

To get started here’s what to do:

  1. Enter the info for the gift card store and the amount on the gift card.
  2. Receive an offer from ClipKard for your gift card.
  3. You’ll need to ship your gift card via USPS  to ClipKard. 
  4. Once the gift card is accepted, you’ll get paid either via PayPal or you can choose to have a check sent to your address. 

You can also earn rewards on ClipKard for doing things like buying and selling gift cards. Reward points can be used to give you discounts on future purchases on the website.

5. Gameflip 

Gameflip is a website for gamers that helps you sell unused gift cards from places like Steam, PSN, Xbox, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

To sell a gift card on Gameflip, you need to create an account and click “Start Selling”. This is where you can list your gift card in the marketplace. Once someone buys your gift card, you’ll be notified.

When the transaction goes through, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Wallet. You can then withdraw the cash into your bank account, Skrill, Bitcoin, or crypto account, and more.

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6. GiftCash

GiftCash is a platform that buys gift cards. Selling a gift card on GiftCash is easy.

All you have to do is enter the brand’s name of the gift card into GiftCash, enter the gift card balance, and GiftCash will tell you the total payout offer instantly.

Then, you can accept payment from options like ACH direct deposit or Cryptocurrency.

7. Check Into Cash

If you rather go in person to sell your used gift card, find a local Check Into Cash store near you. There are over 300 locations in the U.S., which makes it easy to get cash immediately for your gift cards.

Bring any gift cards you haven’t used into your local Check Into Cash store and they will exchange the gift cards for cash.

Sell gift cards online instantly for cash

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common questions about how to sell gift cards.

Why do people buy used gift cards?

People buy used gift cards because it’s a way to save money. For example, someone can buy a gift card that has a $50 balance on it and only pays $40 for the gift card (depending on the site they are buying it from). This allows people to get the same value of goods or services at a discounted rate.

What’s the best site to sell gift cards?

The best site to sell gift cards depends on what kind of gift card you’re selling. If you’re selling a gift card to a place like Target or Starbucks, Raise and CardCash are great spots to sell gift cards. They make the process easy and convenient to sell unused gift cards and get the most money for your gift card.

If you’re selling a gaming-related gift card, Gameflip is the best website to sell your used gift card. 

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Does Gift Card Granny buy gift cards?

Gift Card Granny no longer buys gift cards from people. The website is a gift card marketplace and cash back website. For example, you can build and customize a gift card and send it to people, but you can’t buy discounted cards.

Gift Card Granny does have a “discounted” gift card section, but it is really just a cash back section that gives you a bonus for getting a certain gift card. For example, if I buy a Subway gift card, I may be able to get $2.50 in cash back, but I have to buy a $250 gift card to even receive that amount. 

How can I sell gift cards for cash immediately? Can I sell gift cards online instantly?

You can sell gift cards online instantly and the best website to get paid immediately for your gift cards is CardCash. CardCash pays up to 92% of the gift card value and pays out within 1-2 days of gift card approval. You may need to send in the gift card to CardCash, but typically the gift card can be transferred by entering the gift card number and pin to the website. 

Where can I sell gift cards for PayPal cash?

Raise and CardCash buy gift cards and both payout via PayPal. 

Can I sell my gift cards anywhere in person?

Check Into Cash is a brick-and-mortar with over 300 locations. To find a store near you, go to their website and find a local store. Bring in your gift card and get a free quote. Make sure to bring your government-issued ID so they can verify your identity and process payment. If your gift card is accepted, you’ll walk out with cash immediately and have no waiting period, unlike online gift card marketplaces. 

You can also sell your gift cards locally, such as on Facebook Marketplace.

Can I sell my gift card on eBay?

Another great option for selling gift cards is via eBay. You can list all kinds of gift cards on the platform and even send the gift card info to the buyer via messenger, so there’s no need to ship anything. eBay does take a portion of the sale so you also need to keep that in mind. 

What if I don’t want to sell my gift card and don’t want to use it either?

If you don’t want to go through the process of selling your gift card, you have several other options. You can regift the gift card or donate the gift card to a place in need like an animal shelter or local charity. Some retailers might even take gift card returns as long as the gift card isn’t used. However, you’ll need the original receipt to do that. 

Best Places To Sell Gift Cards Online – Summary

The best places to sell your gift cards are Raise, CardCash, CardSell, ClipKard, GameFlip, GiftCash, and Check Into Cash. To get the most money for your gift card, check around multiple sites and get quotes for how much you can receive.

These gift card exchange sites buy gift cards because they resell them. People then buy these used gift cards because they are sold at a discount. For example, you may be able to buy a $100 gift card but only actually pay $90 for it.

Remember, you can sell both digital and physical gift cards! If you have a physical gift card, you may have to mail it in.

Some of the gift card exchange sites do have a minimum balance (such as $10) as well as a maximum value (such as $2,000) that they will accept.

Selling gift cards is easy and a great way to make extra cash. I recommend gathering the different unused gift cards you have lying around and checking the gift card balance to see how much extra money you can make.

Did you know that you can sell your old gift cards that you don’t want?

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