Around-The-World Cruise With A Kid (25+ Countries In 4 Months!)

We went on an epic 4 month around the world cruise to over 25 countries. Here’s what you need to know about this way of travel.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: January 28, 2024

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We recently went on an around-the-world cruise, which was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m so glad we took.

The cruise started in Florida, went through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific Ocean, hopped along numerous ports in New Zealand and Australia, up and across several Asian islands and cities, across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal, explored the Mediterranean, and across the Atlantic Ocean.

We traveled through nearly 30 countries, 6 continents, crossing multiple oceans, and we did it all from the same room and ship.

I am so grateful we were able to go on this trip, and I understand that it’s not something everyone can or wants to do. However, I wanted to share my experience in case you are interested in learning more.

We made so many memories along the trip, and writing them all down reminds me of how lucky I am to have this experience.

Now, why did we choose to go on an around-the-world cruise?

After having our daughter, we heard about world cruises and were immediately interested. We figured while she is still young, we should slow down and travel with less responsibilities. Like most cruises, all of your meals are made for you, and you get to focus on enjoying your time and making memories.

We were also excited about the fact that we only had to unpack once while visiting 30 countries. I know that you only get a taste of each place with a cruise, but it was a lot of fun exploring each country.

Plus, we have so much more time to be able to enjoy every little moment with our daughter, which was wonderful. We are extremely lucky to be able to do this, and we are so grateful for the life we get to live.

Note: I have posted a daily recap of our world cruise filled with photos which you can find on my Instagram here.

I have been asked many questions about the around-the-world cruise we went on, so I wanted to turn this into a blog post for everyone to read. I know that a world cruise isn’t something that everyone can do, as they can be quite expensive. But there are somewhat more affordable ways to go on a world cruise as well, which I will be talking about towards the end in this article.

World cruises aren’t a super common way to travel, and surprisingly most people have never even heard of an around-the-world cruise before.

Going on an around-the-world cruise is a dream for many travelers, and it’s no surprise why. Exploring multiple continents, diverse cultures, and beautiful destinations in a single journey is an experience few can resist. With so much to see and a multitude of cruise lines that have world cruises, you may be wondering what the perfect voyage looks like.

You’re in luck! Today, I will dive into the fascinating world of global cruises and what makes them a truly unforgettable adventure.

Imagine waking up to a new view every day, with lots of time for exploration right at your door. An around-the-world cruise provides just that: a journey through various countries and regions, allowing you to explore a new place and try new cuisine. From busy cities to small remote islands, these cruises give you a taste of the world.

Cruises like the 270-day Ultimate World Cruise from Royal Caribbean and the 111-day cruise from Princess Cruises are just a couple of examples that go around the globe. With various accommodations (from interior to huge suites!) and dining, you’ll feel so pampered as you travel between ports. The amazing itineraries and beautiful destinations aren’t all that’s included, though – around-the-world cruises also have onboard entertainment, pools, a fitness center, library, and more, giving you a one-of-a-kind voyage you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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What is an around-the-world cruise?

An around-the-world cruise is a cruise that goes around the world. They are typically around four months long, although there are some that take years.

A world cruise visits multiple continents, many countries, and numerous destinations all in one voyage. You’ll be able to experience new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes while creating memories to last you forever.

These cruises are designed with travelers seeking the trip of a lifetime in mind (these are bucket list trips after all!) and visit many popular ports around the globe.

They usually start in January and last until April or May, providing you with time to explore the world at your leisure. Some start in the summer in Australia as well, and go on for around four months as well.

A world cruise typically starts in Florida or California in the U.S, and there are some that start in various ports across the world. So there are many starting points that you can choose from.

Keep in mind that these epic journeys come with a hefty price tag, and world cruises can be quite expensive.

To go on an around-the-world cruise, it’s important to plan ahead and book far in advance due to their limited availability.

There are a few ways to book a world cruise:

  • Cruise Critic is a popular cruise site that lists available world cruises
  • Cruise Direct is another popular cruise site that lists world cruises from many different cruise lines
  • Heading to the specific world cruise line’s website you are interested in and booking right on their site
  • Going through a travel agent

around the world cruise stop in Moorea, French Polynesia
Swimming in Moorea

My experience on a world cruise

I will start this by saying that we’ve only been on one other cruise before this, and that was 10 years ago. People thought we were crazy to jump into a 4-month long cruise.

But we had a really good feeling that we would love it.

And we did!

We absolutely loved going on a world cruise.

While we usually travel by our own boat or RV, we were looking for something much easier so we could enjoy it as a family. It was nice not having to catch any flights, only unpacking once, and having plenty of time to do whatever we wanted.

It was a trip that we will remember forever (well, me and my husband, not so much the baby haha).

Some of our favorite stops included:

  • Huatulco, Mexico
  • Moorea, French Polynesia
  • Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Cairns, Australia
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Kusadasi, Turkey (for Ephesus)
  • Gythion, Greece
  • Kotor, Montenegro
  • Rome, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Canary Islands

And so many others. We loved every stop we visited!

Here’s a quick map of our itinerary:

around the world cruise map for Princess Cruises

We did the trip from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale. We were able to drive to the cruise port, which was very nice.

There were not many families onboard. There was only one other family on the whole world cruise. There was another toddler family onboard for about two months, which was really nice for playdates.

We found that traveling with Marlowe on the world cruise was a very enjoyable time. She learned how to walk while in French Polynesia, swam in multiple oceans around the world, and played at a playground in nearly 30 countries.

I did still work on the cruise, so picking a cruise ship that had good internet was important for us. I did research and learned that Princess had the best Wi-Fi at sea, and that is the cruise we went on. I found the internet to be surprisingly good. Of course, it wasn’t as great as the Wi-Fi you have at home, but I was still able to work. I have heard that many cruise lines are upgrading to Starlink for their Wi-Fi, so I’m assuming in the next couple of years the Wi-Fi service will be pretty similar across many world cruise ships.

Here are some of my best tips for taking a world cruise:

  • Because we drove to the port, we packed as much as we could. This meant we packed all of the diapers and wipes we needed – yes, over 800 diapers. This way we didn’t have to waste any time looking for diapers when we were out exploring a port. Many other people on the ship packed everything they needed too – some people even drove UHauls to the starting port!
  • For us, we really splurged on having a view from our room. We liked being able to step outside whenever we wanted, and it gave our daughter more room to run around from the comfort of our own room. However, you can save a lot of money by having an interior room.
  • Think about private excursions instead of group ones. For us, we preferred private trips instead of the ones with lots of people. We were able to see more because there weren’t so many people having to get on and off a bus, go to the bathroom, etc. We also rented a car in many ports so that we could explore at our own pace. It usually ended up being about the same amount of money as a cruise ship excursion.
  • For water tender ports, book the cruise ship’s excursion. The only time I really recommend booking the cruise ship excursion is for days when the ship is anchored. This is because the people who have ship excursions get priority for getting off the ship. Sometimes, the wait could be hours!
  • There is probably a Facebook group for your specific world cruise, so join it! For example, ours was World Cruise 2023 Island Princess. This was a very active group with over 1,000 passengers in it. We talked about all kinds of things such as things going on on the ship, best things to do in each port, tips and tricks for the world cruise, and more.

Okay, enough about me. I’m sure you want to learn more about the different world cruise lines, as well as answers to some common questions, such as cost, destinations, etc.


Itinerary and destinations on an around-the-world cruise

The places you visit on an around-the-world cruise vary depending on the specific cruise that you choose to go on. Some places may include:

  • Asia – On your around-the-world cruise, you can take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Asia. You can go to UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Taj Mahal in India, and experience the bustling city life of Tokyo, Japan. During your visit to Asia, enjoy ports in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Great Wall of China, and the Philippines. Some notable stops in this region include Bali, Phuket, Hong Kong, and Vietnam as well.
  • Australia and New Zealand – Explore the beautiful landscapes of Australia and New Zealand during your cruise. Spend time admiring places like the Great Barrier Reef or visiting the city of Sydney. Don’t forget to enjoy the wildlife and beautiful beaches that make these destinations so special, such as spotting kangaroos!
  • Central America – When going through Central America, your world cruise may go through the Panama Canal. One great thing about a world cruise is that usually the ships are on the smaller side, so they can fit through the Panama Canal. You may visit countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Your cruise might also include stops in some of the beautiful Caribbean islands.
  • Europe – Europe has a vast array of culturally and historically rich destinations such as the Colosseum. Visit ports in Rome, Italy or Barcelona, Spain. Your itinerary may take you through the Mediterranean with stops in France, Greece, Portugal, and more. Some world cruises may go to Northern Europe as well.
  • South America – Your around-the-world cruise will undoubtedly include stunning ports and unforgettable experiences in South America. Marvel at ancient ruins, like Machu Picchu in Peru and traverse the fascinating Amazon River in Brazil. Some world cruises may even go to Argentina and Antarctica!
  • South Pacific Cross the South Pacific to explore the pristine beauty of islands such as Fiji, Tahiti, and Bora Bora. Visit French Polynesia for a taste of diverse cultures, and explore the breathtaking landscapes that make this region a truly unique travel destination.
  • Africa – Some of the world cruises head to Africa and visit amazing destinations such as Morocco, Cape Town, South Africa, the Pyramids of Giza, and more.

Not all cruises will go to all of these places. I recommend looking at the different itineraries that an around-the-world cruise line may offer and see which one interests you the most.

One thing to keep in mind is that on an around-the-world cruise, you will most likely have some ports that are water tender access only (it may be called water shuttle also). This means that your cruise ship will anchor out and you will take the lifeboats into shore. If the weather is rough, then they may skip or delay getting off at the port. Those with difficulty walking may not be allowed to get off on these types of ports at all, due to risk of getting hurt. Cruise lines sometimes have these types of ports so that they can still visit beautiful places that don’t have cruise ship docks.


around the world cruise stop in Muscat, Oman
Muscat, Oman

Sailing duration and segment options

If you’re considering a world cruise for your next vacation, it’s important to understand the different durations and segment options available to you. World cruises are typically around four months long, providing an opportunity to explore multiple continents in one unforgettable trip.

However, not everyone has the time or budget for such a long vacation, and that’s where segment options come into play.

A popular alternative to a full world cruise is booking a segment of the voyage, which allows you to experience a specific portion of the trip without committing to the entire world cruise. These segments can span from two weeks to over 60+ nights. By choosing a segment, you still get to enjoy the luxurious amenities onboard and visit stunning destinations without the extensive time commitment.

To help you decide on the perfect world cruise segment for your vacation, consider the following tips:

  • Research which destinations are covered in each segment to find the one that aligns with your travel bucket list.
  • Determine the ideal duration of your sailing based on your availability and budget constraints.
  • Compare the amenities and onboard offerings of the various cruise lines to ensure you’re getting the most value for your investment.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to planning your dream world cruise. By carefully considering the various sailing durations and segment options, you can create a memorable vacation tailored to your unique interests and preferences.


Our cabin on our world cruise aboard the Island Princess
Our room

Accommodation and onboard amenities

Some things to think about when choosing a world cruise and a specific cruise line for you may include:

  • Staterooms and Suites – On your around-the-world cruise, you will find a variety of cozy staterooms and luxurious suites to choose from. Double occupancy rooms are standard on ships. Some cabins may have beds for a third and fourth person too. For an even more luxury experience, the Oceania Insignia and Regent Seven Seas Mariner feature elegantly appointed suites with added amenities and services to enhance your voyage.
  • Dining Options – Different world cruises have different food options available. Some may only include the buffet in your world cruise ticket, whereas others may include room service, the main dining room, ice cream, and everything else.
  • Entertainment and Leisure – There’s never a dull moment during your around-the-world cruise as each ship offers many different entertainment and leisure activities. Watch a show in the theater or partake in dance classes or even ukulele lessons (our world cruise had ukulele lessons while we were in the Pacific Ocean, for example). If you’re looking for relaxation, treat yourself to a relaxing spa session offered on most ships.
  • Number of guests onboard Generally, world cruises don’t have as many passengers as the large cruise ships today. But some world cruises may have around 500 passengers and others may have 2,000. This may be something to think about when booking if you are wanting something smaller.


Cost and inclusions of an around-the-world cruise

Okay, the part you probably have been waiting for. How much does an around-the-world cruise cost?

Pricing and inclusions of a world cruise

When planning an around-the-world cruise, pricing is an important factor to consider. Prices for world cruises can vary widely, depending on factors like the cruise line, cabin type, and itinerary.

On average, a world cruise 2024 price will be anywhere from around $12,000 to over $100,000 per person.

Many around-the-world cruises include the following:

  • Accommodation in your chosen cabin type
  • Meals and some beverages (such as water and tea) onboard
  • Entertainment and onboard activities

Some may even include shore excursions, guided tours, a deluxe beverage package, or even first or business class airfare.

It’s important to look at the inclusions carefully when comparing different cruise options, as some lines may offer more value than others.

Taxes and fees

In addition to the base fare, world cruise travelers should also budget for taxes and fees. These can include:

  • Nontaxable cruise fees like port charges, regulatory fees, and service charges
  • Government-imposed taxes like VAT, GST, or sales tax

These taxes and fees may be itemized separately from the cruise fare, and they can vary depending on the cruise line, itinerary, and countries visited. It’s a good idea to confirm the total cost, inclusive of taxes and fees, before booking your cruise.


Gratuities, or tips, are a part of cruise etiquette. They help ensure that the hard-working crew receives appropriate recognition for their efforts.

Some cruise lines may include gratuities in the base fare, while others may add them automatically to your onboard account. Typically, you could expect to pay around $13 to $17 per person, per day in gratuities.


around the world cruise stop in Rome Italy. Picture of Trevi Fountain
Rome, Italy

Tips for booking an around-the-world cruise

Here are my tips for booking an around-the-world cruise:

  • The best time to book an around-the-world cruiseWhen planning your around-the world cruise, it’s important to know the best time to book. In general, around-the-world cruises tend to sell out quickly (one recent world cruise sold out completely within 3 hours!), so it’s a good idea to book as early as possible. This will not only increase your chances of finding availability but also get the cabin you want as well as the itinerary.
  • Availability and early bird discountsWhen it comes to availability, around-the-world cruises often have limited options, especially for popular itineraries and cabin types. To increase your chances of finding your dream cruise, it can be helpful to plan and book well in advance of the departure date. This also allows you to take advantage of early bird discounts offered by some cruise lines. These deals can often include:
    • Discounted cabins
    • Onboard credit, such as to an onboard specialty restaurant
    • Free upgrades to a better room
    • Free airfare to and from the cruise port

To take advantage of world cruise offers, make sure to check cruise line websites or sign up for their newsletters to stay informed on their latest promotions.


around the world cruise stop in Phuket, Thailand
James Bond Island in Phuket, Thailand

Around-the-world cruise lines

There are several around-the-world cruise lines. Below, I will be diving in-depth on each of the best world cruises.

Note: While I listed some of the stops for each world cruise, please know that there are usually different itineraries for each year on a cruise line’s world cruise. So while one year a ship may visit a specific port, they may not visit the same exact list of ports the following year. Please look at the specific year’s itinerary when deciding which world cruise to go on.


Princess World Cruise

For our world cruise, we went with Princess Cruises. Their 111-day world cruise departs from Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles, offering you the chance to visit 51 destinations across 27 countries and six continents.

We had a wonderful time on our world cruise. We loved the ship, all of the stops, the crew was amazing (we made so many friends!), and everyone was so friendly.

The Princess World Cruise is a very popular world cruise. We met many people on this cruise who were repeat Princess World Cruisers, in fact.

The itinerary varies from year to year, but the Princess World Cruise generally includes ports of call in multiple continents, such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The cruise visits a wide range of destinations, from major cities to exotic and off-the-beaten-path locales.

Some of my favorite stops included French Polynesia, New Zealand, Thailand, Dubai, Turkey, Montenegro, and the Canary Islands.

Some of the things I enjoyed about our world cruise included:

  • The amazing destinations we stopped at.
  • The Wi-Fi – Princess has the best Wi-Fi at sea and is a big reason why I chose the Princess World Cruise. I still have to work so this was very important for me.
  • The kid’s playroom was great for Marlowe.
  • The variety of food options – You could get room service, food in the main dining room, the buffet, as many fresh baked bakery goods as you wanted, ice cream, and more, and it was all included in your fare.
  • There was live music around the ship pretty much any time of the day.
  • The friendly crew and workers.
  • Having a laundry room on every floor – This meant that we could do our own laundry instead of having to send it out. We also chose a room right across from the laundry room so that we could come and go as we pleased instead of walking from one end of the ship to get to it.

The Princess World Cruise 2024 price starts at $16,399 per person for an interior room and goes all the way to over $62,449 per person for a suite.


MSC World Cruise

MSC Cruises invite you to discover the world on an unforgettable adventure. With various itineraries and durations to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to explore multiple continents and iconic destinations during your journey.

The MSC World Cruise is around 120 days on the ship MSC Poesia. Some of the places that this world cruise visits include Egypt, Kenya, Seychelles, South Africa, Greenland, Iceland, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, and more.

This world cruise starts in Europe, and you can choose from a starting port of Italy, France, or Spain.

The MSC World Cruise does come with 15 free shore excursions (these are all already chosen by MSC).

It is important to note that the MSC World Cruise isn’t always a true around-the world cruise. For example, in 2024, it does not actually go around the world. Instead, it focuses on a loop around the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. You can still have an amazing time with beautiful destinations, but this is just something to know.

An MSC World Cruise starts at $12,999 per person for an interior room.


Royal Caribbean World Cruise

Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise is a 274-night journey on the Serenade of the Seas that starts in December and ends in September. It starts and ends in Miami, Florida, and visits all 7 continents and 65 countries.

Experience the ultimate adventure with Royal Caribbean as you sail to exciting ports around the globe. Their world cruises offer an array of itinerary options, allowing you to tailor your journey to your interests.

Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise looks absolutely amazing. Some of the ports that this cruise visits include Brazil, Antarctica, Chile, French Polynesia, Australia, Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, and more.

This world cruise is able to visit more places, especially ones that are outside of the normal world cruise path. This is because this cruise is over double the normal timeframe of a world cruise. It’s also a lot more expensive.

This world cruise starts at $53,999 per person for an interior stateroom and goes up to $105,839 per person for a junior suite. They do sell this trip in segments as well, staring at $213 per person per day.


Cunard Full World Voyage

The Cunard World Cruise is aboard the ship the Queen Mary 2. This world cruise is around 120 days long and goes to ports such as South Africa, Australia, China, Singapore, Oman, Jordan, and more.

You can start in either Southampton, England or in New York City.

It is important to note that this cruise isn’t a true around-the-world cruise. It crosses the Atlantic from New York and goes across to Europe, around Africa, to Australia, hops along Asian ports, back to Europe. It does not go across the Pacific Ocean.

A Cunard World Cruise starts at $16,699 per person for an interior room and goes all the way to over $73,499 per person for their huge suite.


Holland America World Cruise

With a focus on cultural immersion and unique experiences, Holland America world cruises expose you to the beauty and history of each destination they visit. Their diverse itineraries span multiple continents and offer a wealth of activities to suit your preferences.

Holland America has some amazing itineraries for their Grand Voyages and their World Cruises.

Holland America Grand World Voyage is over 120 days long and visits places such as Japan, China, India, Petra, Israel, Italy, Brazil, and more.

The Holland America Grand World Voyage starts at $23,599 per person for an inside room.


Oceania Around-the-World Cruise

Indulge in unrivaled luxury and personalized service with Oceania Cruises. Their world cruise itineraries are designed to showcase the most fascinating destinations while providing an unparalleled travel experience.

The Oceania World Cruise is a luxury world cruise that lasts 180 days. It starts in Los Angeles, California and ends in New York City.

This around-the-world cruise visits places such as Fiji, French Polynesia, Australia, South Korea, Iceland, and more.

This world cruise tends to sell out very quickly. Prices start at $47,599 per person.


Regent Seven Seas World Cruise

Discover the world in all-inclusive luxury with Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Their exceptional world cruise itineraries offer immersive experiences, allowing you to connect with the cultures and traditions of the destinations you visit.

The Regent Seven Seas World Cruise is a true luxury around-the-world cruise and is around 150 days long.

This world cruise visits amazing destinations such as Easter Island, Hawaii, Indonesia, Madagascar, Namibia, Azores, and more.

This world cruise also includes several amenities such as first class air fare, shoreside excursions, laundry, and more.

This world cruise tends to sell out within hours and typically has a waitlist.


around the world cruise stop in Honolulu Hawaii. This is a picture of the Diamond Head hike
Diamond Head in Hawaii

How to go on an around-the-world cruise affordably

Going on an around-the-world cruise can be an incredible adventure, but it is generally considered a luxury travel experience and can be expensive.

One strategy that some people do is that they pair shorter cruises together and make their own world cruise.

You can take a bunch of repositioning cruises or simply just 1-4 week shorter cruises. It may take some time for them to line up to where you last left off and some more planning, but repositioning cruises are typically much more affordable because the cruise ship is trying to move a boat from one location to another and they are selling cabins cheap.

By pairing multiple repositioning cruises together, you can create a DIY “segmented” world cruise. For example, you could take a repositioning cruise from Europe to Asia, then another from Asia to Australia, and so on, eventually completing a circumnavigation of the globe.

Here are some more strategies you can use to make it more affordable:

  • Go on a segment of a world cruiseInstead of booking the entire around-the-world cruise, consider taking shorter segments of the journey. This allows you to choose specific regions or destinations you are most interested in and might be more budget friendly.
  • Work on the cruise ship – We met a few workers who wanted to go around the world and found a job on the cruise ship we were on. Many times, they were given a few hours in each port to explore. Keep in mind, though, that cruise ship workers are very hard workers, and they typically work all day long with no days off for the duration of their contract.
  • Plan in advance – Start researching and planning your trip well ahead of time. Many cruise lines offer early booking discounts and special promotions for those who plan early.
  • Consider budget cruise lines – While luxury cruise lines are known for their around-the-world cruises, some budget-friendly cruise lines may also offer similar journeys at more affordable prices.
  • Book a smaller cabin – Opt for an inside cabin or a smaller stateroom if you are primarily interested in experiencing the destinations rather than spending much time in your room.


Frequently asked questions about world cruises

If you have any questions about around-the-world cruises, I recommend reading the below:

What is the average cost of a world cruise? How much does it cost to go around the world on a cruise ship?

The average cost of a world cruise varies widely based on factors like how long the world cruise is, the cruise line (a cruise line such as Regent will definitely cost more than MSC, for example), and the type of room you choose (a no window interior room will be more affordable than a balcony, for example). Typically, prices start around $12,000 per person and can go up to $100,000 or more for luxury experiences.

What are the best cruise lines for an around-the-world journey?

Some of the top cruise lines for around-the-world journeys include Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, MSC, Holland America, Oceania, and Regent. These lines offer diverse itineraries, excellent service, and unique onboard experiences.

How long does an around-the-world cruise take?

A typical around-the-world cruise can last anywhere from 100 to 180 days or even longer, depending on the cruise line and itinerary chosen. Some cruise lines offer shorter cruise segments that can be combined to create a longer journey.

What is the itinerary for a Royal Caribbean world cruise?

The itinerary for a Royal Caribbean world cruise is to visit all seven continents, covering over 60 countries and featuring at least 11 world wonders. Some stops include The Bahamas, Mexico, Bonaire, Falkland Islands, Antarctica, Chile, Peru, Hawaii, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Petra, Cyprus, Romania, Croatia, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and so many more.

Is food included on a world cruise?

Yes, food is typically included in the cost of a world cruise. The cruise fare covers most meals and some beverages, but specialty restaurants and premium beverages may be available for an additional charge.

For us, we skipped the drink package to save money. There was still water, juice at breakfast, tea, and coffee included on the Princess World Cruise.

Is there Wi-Fi on a cruise ship?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi on a cruise ship. We paid around $10 a day for 111 days for ours (so over $1,000). Some cruise lines have better Wi-Fi than others. We specifically chose the Princess around-the-world cruise because I read that they have the best Wi-Fi on a cruise ship.

How do you do laundry on an around-the-world cruise?

One of the reasons we chose Princess is because there’s a laundry room on each floor. We chose a room right next door to the laundry as well, so that we didn’t have to waste time walking from one end of the ship to the other to do laundry. We knew we would be doing a lot of laundry with a baby, so this was important.

Other cruise lines have laundry as well. You may have to pay them to do it by the bag or by the article of clothing, though.

Can you live permanently on a cruise ship?

While it’s not common, some people do choose to live permanently on cruise ships. Companies like Storylines offer residential cabins for purchase, allowing passengers to live and travel the world full-time aboard a luxurious vessel.

How can I find a budget-friendly world cruise? How can I do a cheap around-the-world cruise?

To find a budget-friendly world cruise, consider booking well in advance to secure the best rates, bundling several repositioning cruises, and comparing prices across various cruise lines and itineraries.

What is the visa process for around-the-world cruises? If I go on a world cruise do I need to get a visa for every country I’m visiting?

The visa requirements for a world cruise vary based on your citizenship and the countries you’re visiting. Some countries require a visa for entry, while others have visa-on-arrival or no visa requirements. It’s important to research and obtain any necessary visas before embarking on your cruise.

For our world cruise, Princess handled most of the visas for us. We only had to get a few on our own. Princess told us exactly what to do for those so it was very easy.

What to pack for an around-the-world cruise?

When packing for an around-the-world cruise, consider the destinations and climates you’ll be visiting. Bring clothing for different weather conditions, as well as formal wear for special events on board. Don’t forget essentials like toiletries, medications, and travel documents.

What are the best items to bring on a world cruise?

This is a common question I have received. Since the cruise is 4 months long, we wanted to bring things that would make our lives easier, such as:

  • Laundry detergent strips – I don’t know how I haven’t heard of these before, but they’re a great space saver! I bought these laundry detergent strips and packed enough for the whole world cruise. They take up just a tiny bit of space, which makes them perfect for a small cruise ship room.
  • Water bottles – We didn’t opt for a drink package (to save money), which meant we only got drinks when dining at the ship’s restaurants. Instead of having to visit a restaurant whenever we were thirsty, we would hygienically fill our water bottles a few times a day (by using cups to fill them with water).
  • Magnetic hooks – These hooks were excellent for hanging items like hats or pinning papers to the wall. During an around-the-world cruise, you accumulate many papers, such as the daily ‘what’s going on’ schedule and updates from the captain. The walls in a ship cabin are magnetic, allowing us to save space by placing everything on the wall.
  • Selfie stick – Since it was just the three of us, I decided to get a selfie stick to capture family photos.
  • Foldable suitcase – We got a Rollink collapsible suitcase before the trip. This allowed us to conveniently store it under the bed and save space.

What is the longest world cruise?

The longest world cruises can last up to 274 nights or more on Royal Caribbean.

There are some world cruises that are multiple years long as well.

What is the best world cruise?

The best world cruise will depend on your personal preferences, interests, and budget. Top options include the cruises mentioned above – Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, MSC, Holland America, Oceania, and Regent.


around the world cruise stop in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain
Canary Islands

Are around-the-world cruises worth it?

Going on an around-the-world cruise can be an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It allows you to explore multiple countries and cultures in a single trip, with it being as easy as possible aboard a cruise ship. You only have to unpack once, and get to wake up in a new destination each day!

But is an around-the-world cruise worth it?

On the plus side, these cruises offer all of the convenience in the world. You don’t have to worry about figuring out transportation, logistics, accommodations, or even food, as everything is taken care of on the ship. Also, there are plenty of onboard amenities to make sure you are not bored while out at sea – such as entertainment, dining options, and recreational activities.

Another appealing aspect of around-the-world cruises is their comprehensive itineraries. You’ll have the chance to visit numerous destinations around the world, such as island-hopping in French Polynesia, exploring Africa’s incredible countries, and cruising through Asia.

However, it’s important to think about the financial aspect of this kind of bucket list trip.

World cruises can be expensive, and while they do offer an all-in-one package for your travels, you should think about whether it fits within your budget. Furthermore, the long time periods of these cruises may not work for everyone, as life and work could prevent you from being away for months at a time.

It’s also important to set realistic expectations regarding the onshore experiences during an around-the-world cruise. Your day in each port is usually limited in time, meaning you may not be able to fully explore and dive deep into a specific place. If you’re someone who prefers to immerse yourself into a new place when traveling, this might be a potential negative of a world cruise.

An around-the-world cruise can be a great way to explore various destinations and cultures with the convenience and luxury of the cruise ship’s amenities. If it works with your budget, time availability, and travel preferences, then this may be a great way to see the world.

Would we do it again?


For us, we had an amazing time, and it was one of the best trips we’ve ever been on. I have dreams to go on another world cruise one day, perhaps after we save up again.

Are you interested in going on an around-the-world cruise?

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    1. She slept in the bed with us. I found the crib to take up too much room in the small cabin. She now sleeps with us every night because of that, haha! Yes, we had to be more quiet, but there were two TVs in the room. So, we would just turn on the white noise and watch the other TV that was a little further away.

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