How Susie Grew Her Email List By 29,000+ In 9 Months

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Susie Moore. I had the pleasure of meeting Susie last summer and we had a great weekend in New Hampshire hiking, rock climbing, doing yoga, and more! She is so much fun to be around- seriously one of the most upbeat and positive people I have ever met…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: December 29, 2020

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Susie Moore.

I had the pleasure of meeting Susie last summer and we had a great weekend in New Hampshire hiking, rock climbing, doing yoga, and more! She is so much fun to be around- seriously one of the most upbeat and positive people I have ever met in my whole life.

Her work has been featured on The Today Show, Oprah, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time Inc, Marie Claire, and more.

Susie’s work and insights have been shared by celebrities and thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho, Kris Jenner, and Sara Blakely.

Recently, I shared in a blog post that I am currently taking a course on how to get more media mentions so that I can grow my page views.

This is something that I have always been a big believer in.

I’ve been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, and more.

Nearly every day I am asked how I have so many features….

Well, today, you will learn how you can make this a reality for yourself too!

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How she grew her email list by 29,000 subscribers in just 9 months.
  • How guest posting has changed her life.
  • The steps to take to find high-quality media mentions.
  • What a sample pitch looks like.
  • Her best two tips for others who are looking to see success.

And more! This interview is packed full of valuable information.

I asked you, my readers, what questions I should ask her, so below are your questions (and some of mine) about Susie’s story and how she has accomplished so much. Make sure you’re following me on Facebook so you have the opportunity to submit your own questions for the next interview.


Tell me your story. Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m a life coach who helps women become confidently more visible in their business and life.

My background is in the corporate world, where I used to be a Silicon Valley sales director working in ad tech. My job wasn’t awful and I was well compensated, but it had always been my goal to do more meaningful work.

Also, I really wanted to be independent and work for myself.

So, I started my side hustle as a life coach in 2013. I knew I was passionate about helping people solve their problems in simple, repeatable ways. As soon as I started gaining more and more clients, I knew I had made the right decision!

I was ambitious to grow my business quickly to become a full-time entrepreneur, and one afternoon when bored at my cubicle, I read a MindBodyGreen article about general life advice for happiness.

I thought, “Well, I know a thing or two about happiness and how to achieve it!” and I could put together 500 words and submitted them.

Two weeks later the article went live and was shared nearly 4,000 times. That’s when I knew that this was the key to growing my business. 


How did you grow your email list by 29,000 subscribers in just 9 months? What did you do to really grow your business?

I used this one simple strategy – guest posting.

By submitting my life advice hacks to large media outlets like MindBodyGreen, Marie Claire, Business Insider and Huffington Post, the number of people who can see my content has not stopped growing.

Once you put your message out there in a big way, it becomes almost impossible for people not to discover you. 

It’s like giving your voice and your message a huge microphone. Because these massive media companies need content.

When you consider the volume of readers these places have spent decades and millions of dollars building, the best move is to add yourself to their mix. Not only does it lend you their massive, curated audience, but it gives you significant credibility and authority.

It seemed crazy not to do it once I saw how effective it was. Especially once I saw how many people aren’t doing it (and still aren’t!). 


How can media help to grow a business, such as a blog?

Guest posting is a blogger’s perfect match!

Bloggers are already content creators, and many of them are sitting on gold mines without even knowing it. If you’re a blogger, being in the media is the next natural step.

Editors and producers love bloggers.

Think of your content like lemonade, and your blog as a lemonade stand. You’ve got the best lemonade, and a popular stand loved by locals. But you want to sell more. How about doing a pop up at the city-center’s bustling market one warm and sunny weekend where people are super thirsty? Boom. More people know about your amazing lemonade and your foot traffic is through the roof.

Now that more people know about you, they’re likely to come to your original stand, too (your blog). 

And it’s not just organic traffic that I love guest posting to get.

Firstly, lots of guest posts means lots of logos that you can put on your website. Once your ‘Featured In’ page has a dozen logos of leading publications in your field, you’re going to look like an authority in the field.

Because you are!

And secondly, two of my favorite words – domain. authority.

Domain authority means if a well known media outlet like Forbes or Martha Stewart hyperlinks back to your blog, Google is much more likely to trust your blog and move it up in the search rankings.

So there are a few, amazing reasons that blogging and guest posting are a match made in heaven. And the best part? A lot of the time you can repurpose already written blog posts for a guest posts.

So if you’ve got a blog you’re already halfway to winning at guest posting.


Susie guest posts on high-quality websites all the time, such as this screenshot shows from Oprah!

Are we only talking video here? Or, what kind of media?

Guest posting is the root of all of the best publicity and it’s 99% in written form.

Whether the media is an article, blogs, podcasts, television shows or radio interviews,  editors and producers are just like us. When they’re looking for expert sources, they google around.

You want to make yourself as easy to find as possible. Therefore guest posting will boost your celebrity advantage for any media platform and can certainly get you on camera.

It got me on the Today show!


Can you go over the steps it takes to get high-quality media mentions?

Absolutely – it’s very simple. Most people over complicate it. You need to know three key things:

  1. What it is you want to say
  2. Where your ideal audience are
  3. The decision maker who can allow you to access that audience – this is what an editor does. 

When you marry those three ingredients together, you have the perfect recipe for a successful, viral guest post.

The best thing you can do is start researching topics you want to write about and see where they are already appearing, and let this encourage you!

Editors need content, and fresh content from people just like you and me is what makes the media world go round. 


Can you go over what a sample pitch would look like? Who do you send it to?

Many media outlets will have subsections – health, career, relationships, fashion. You need to get your pitch in front of the right person.

For example, you don’t want to be pitching a fashion editor your amazing dating advice, nor would you want to be sending pics of your amazing Thanksgiving side dishes to the career editor.

This type of research is essential, in fact five minutes of it can save hours of wasted time. Your pitch has to include a couple of things – who you are, why you, why your idea is relevant (useful to their readers), what it is that you’re going to share, for example ‘7 interview tips that will get you hired’.

To be clear, you don’t have to have the article written yet, in fact you shouldn’t.

Because once you’ve successfully pitched your piece to the editor, they can help shape the piece to give it the best chance to succeed.

For instance, regarding the article on interview tips they might want five tips instead of seven, and one to have a focus on social media presence. Editors are the audience experts, which is why it’s so great to have their guidance. (I always consider editor feedback to be free writing coaching!). 


Do you have to live in a place like NYC or LA to get good media mentions?

Heck no!

I live in Miami, Florida.

Students in my group have had success in Denmark, Italy, Australia, China, where you live makes no difference.

All you need is an internet connection (and some chutzpah!)


Curious, what else do you do to grow your reach? SEO? Social media? Guest posting?

Guest posting is my favorite form of business growth, because it has a whole host of other benefits – discovery, credibility, authority, influencer deals, book deals, and speaking engagements to name a few.

However, I am also a fan of Facebook ads and creating Youtube content. Those work in tandem really well with guest posting.


What is your very best tip (or two) that you have for someone who wants to reach the same success as you?

Firstly, you have to be an action taker to really succeed at guest posting.

Overthinking is the killer of all dreams, and perfection the enemy of progress!

Second, find role models that have achieved what you want to achieve and imitate them! 

Please head on over to to check out my website.

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  6. Wow Sussie! Wow! I honestly didn’t think guest posting can still deliver such amazing results when it comes to list building.

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