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Almost two years ago, I published my first Ask Me Anything here on Making Sense of Cents. That went super well, so I decided to make it more of a regular thing! Ask Me Anything is literally that – you can ask me anything. If you’re struggling to figure out what to ask, here are…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: June 5, 2023

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Almost two years ago, I published my first Ask Me Anything here on Making Sense of Cents. That went super well, so I decided to make it more of a regular thing!

Ask Me Anything is literally that – you can ask me anything. If you’re struggling to figure out what to ask, here are a few of the topics you may want to know more about:

  • Personal finance
  • Blogging
  • My life
  • Travel
  • RVing
  • Sailing
  • Being location independent
  • Business
  • Making extra money
  • Questions about my dogs

And so on, and so on.

Seriously, ask me anything in the comments below, and I will take the time to answer every single one. Of course, please nothing inappropriate or creepy. I’ll let you be the judge of what is creepy, I guess, haha!

All right, go for it, ask away!


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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Author: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Hey! I’m Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and I am the founder of Making Sense of Cents. I’m passionate about all things personal finance, side hustles, making extra money, and online businesses. I have been featured in major publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Time, and Business Insider. Learn more here.

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    I applaud you for staying focused in your side hustle blogging journey. I know it was tough, but you set a great example for others that they too can achieve great results if they stay focused. How did you feel after you earned your 1st million in $ gUaP $ from blogging? What did you do to celebrate? πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think I did anything to celebrate, haha! I love what I do so everyday feels pretty great πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Michelle, I just wanted to know that do have any plans on starting a Youtube vlog channel/video making for your life or your blog?

    1. I’ve thought about it in the past, but realistically I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  3. You’ve mentioned how much time people spend (on average) per week watching TV and using social media. How difficult was it, at first, to develop the self-discipline to get away from all that when you were building your business…and do you have pointers for those of us who are easily distracted now?

    Ooh, look, something shiny!

    1. For us, simply getting rid of cable and Netflix helped us to cut down. We now have Netflix again but don’t watch it a ton. I also have deleted most social media apps from my phone, so that helps me from the endless scrolling that I used to do.

    2. Thanks for doing this Michelle! You’re so generous with sharing your knowledge. πŸ₯°

      My question: Do you have advice for how to produce good content more quickly?

      I want all my content to be well-written, properly-researched, and high-quality. Problem is, that takes a lot of time!

      How I do achieve the quality goals without each post taking forever to write?!

      1. My top tip is to hire an editor πŸ™‚

  4. If you are to start all over again, how would you do it?

    What would you focus on and what would you avoid doing?

    1. I started completely as a hobby, so it’s hard to say what I would do differently because I didn’t have any goals with my blog for around the first year.

      One thing, though, is that I would start on WordPress right away, instead of Blogspot. That was my main error!

  5. Ana

    Hi, Michelle. Some people say that it’s too late to start a blogging business. What is your opinion on that? Thanks!

  6. Michelle I would really love to know how you got like your first 500 pageviews? I struggle getting traffic and I read all these income and traffic reports but everyone somehow seems to start out at 2,000 pageview (or more) a month. I get like 1 page view a day… But I love your blog and read all you post and can not wait till I actually start getting traffic so I can purchase your affiliate marketing course!

  7. Megan

    I just want to first say that I think you are the inspiration for a lot of people to become bloggers, save money, learn about affiliate marketing and so much more. You have definitely impacted me and i have been following you for a while. Ultimately I think being able to travel full time and photograph the world would be the goal for me and my husband. When you first started traveling full time how did you plan and organize how you would travel? Did you have an itinerary or checklist on where you would be in certain times? Did you set a budget, if so how did you set your budget? What were the first few things to account for to be able to travel full time? I would love to know!

    1. Thank you so much!

      One thing we’ve learned from traveling full-time for so many years is that it’s hard to plan everything really strictly, as things can change easily (something may break, a road may be closed, plans change naturally, etc.). So, we usually never planned anything more than a few weeks out. Most of the time, we planned things as we were driving to the next destination.

  8. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I recently started my blog and am really struggling with putting up my email marketing and traffic, well cause they are so pricey…how can I make my blog succeed and start earning money?

    Lydiah from Kenya

  9. How to make an extra immediate side income ( for people with chronic illness ) while working on my blog? Other than selling on ebay or craigslist. Thanks in advanced!

    1. I list a ton of options here –

      You could create your own product to sell online, take part in market research studies, freelance online (such as by writing), and more.

  10. Dorcas

    What traffic generation techniques do you feel have helped you generate the traffic you get? seo, Pinterest, google ads?

    1. My traffic is diversified, so I get traffic from SEO, Pinterest, Facebook, email, and direct.

      I don’t think I’ve ever done Google ads, so no traffic has ever come from that.

      1. Dorcas

        Thanks Michelle!

  11. Eddie

    Is it more expensive to live on a boat than an RV?

  12. My husband and I live in an apartment near my work. I sold my car and walk to work now. Our lease is going up and almost not worth living in. We are trying to find a house to rent nearby but nothing is available. We are wondering if it is more worthwhile to pay more in rent or pay less further away and buy a cheap car to commute. We live in Kansas City and public transportation is a joke. Plus, living on state border of Kansas and Missouri makes bus systems, etc difficult. Infastructure not set up like other cities. Any advice on houseing cost vs car ownership? Thanks!

    1. I think you’ll want to make a spreadsheet and compare the costs, including everything listed here –

      Then, compare the differences until you come to a happy conclusion.

  13. I have an active parenting blog but because I work full time, I feel that I never have enough time to do all of the things that are necessary to give my audience what they are looking for. Can you give me some tips as to what I should focus on to grow my business with my time constraints?

    1. I think the key to making it work better for you is to 1) outsource and 2) automate.

      You should think about outsourcing tasks that take up a lot of your time but may not necessarily need you in order to get them done. And, also automate as much as you can, such as canned emails and social media.

    2. Amanda lynn

      I just went through a divorce Rachel and my ex has put me in jail kept my kid for me for year and taking my childhood home for me and is now actively alienating my child from me. I was hoping I could find some publications that would want to hear my story about parent alienation working for the FBI and the cops in until getting myself into so much trouble just trying to dig myself out from under a divorce. I would love a chance to write if you have any time please contact me I would be happy to contribute

  14. Patti

    I have struggled with building traffic for years and I am almost ready to give up. I think my weakness is learning the ins and outs of SEO. What is your best advice for learning SEO? What is the most important and impactful part of SEO that I must get a handle on? I’m so frustrated at this point, but I don’t want to be a failure.

  15. In your experience does a course convert or sell better than a book from a website?

    1. I have never sold a book, just a course. Due to that, I can’t really answer this question. Possibly a book simply because it would be more affordable?

  16. Gail

    I have tried several sites you suggested to only find out they were scams. Giving me the run around and taking my money while I did not earn one cent!!!!
    I am still looking for work from home. I am a senior citizen on limited income.
    Any that are true and work?


    1. What sites were scams? I don’t share anything that is a scam so I am confused.

  17. I have worked the past year online – getting a website up, starting a blog, and starting to make headway into earning extra money with your super helpful tips from your great blog. Over the last year though, I have noticed increased back pain, reduced eyesight (no joke! went to the eye doctor and needed contacts two perscriptions higher!), and the dreaded tech-neck (totally a thing, it turns out). I know you work long hours on your computer as well, how do you prevent your body turning into the consistancy of Jello – as mine rapidly is! Standing desk? Mandatory computer breaks? Thanks Michelle – your blog is great and you’ve been a great help to me πŸ™‚

    1. I actually haven’t noticed a big difference, but I also don’t sit at my laptop for long periods of time since I live in a van and a boat (I am constantly being interrupted since I don’t have a dedicated office, haha!). So, that may be what is helping me.

  18. JB

    Hi Michelle!

    Do you have a favorite program for handling/sorting all your incoming emails? Do you have strategies for managing/arching/deleting all your different incoming emails like filters/labels/rules/etc? Thanks!

    1. My VA handles all of my “support” emails, and I answer all of the ad-related emails and emails from readers. Other than that, no real major strategies other than “canned” emails, since most of the emails I received are very similar.

  19. Stephanie

    When you first started blogging did you build your website by yourself or pay a company to do it? I’m getting quotes of $2000 to build and $100-200 to maintain per month. That seems really high to me. Also, the long hours on the computer, how do you deal with that so you don’t have neck and back pain? Thank you. I love your blog and emails.

    1. I built it myself. It didn’t look good at all, though, haha.

  20. Chrissy

    Hi Michelle!

    This is great, asking you a question. What’s the best advice you can give a new blogger like me, who wants to earn a six figure + income (by helping others with their money matters) and be financially free as one of my big goal? Thank you, Michelle! I’m so inspired by your real life story & dreams come true!

    1. My very top tip would be to focus on high-quality content!

  21. Thanks so much for doing this! I look up to you so much as a blogger – you are an inspiration! I’ve had my blog almost two years, and been serious about it for about a year. As others have mentioned, I cant seem to get more than a handful of views per day, no matter what I do – manual pinning, recreating pins, scheduling pins, etc. I’ve read your post on how you built the $1,000,000 blog, but are there any more specific tips you can give on how you got that traffic, or your viral pins? I know it is not the case, but sometimes it just seems to be luck of the draw on which blogs are blessed with a ton of traffic! You’re the best!

    1. Aww thanks Sam!

      My traffic is pretty well diversified, so that would be my top tip. Have you taken any blogging traffic courses? That would probably be super helpful for you.

  22. Jelle

    When doing email marketing, how many times do people have to see an offer before they convert in your experience?

    1. I honestly do very little tracking. I’m a bad blogger when it comes to that, haha.

  23. Danielle

    Hi Michelle,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and really want to start my own blog in the hopes of it becoming my full time job. I just had a couple questions before I get started though! I read a lot about how you don’t own your blog unless you are self hosted through wordpress. Could you maybe expand a bit on what all that means? I seem to get lost in a lot of the technical talk. Also, how do you drive traffic to your site and what is your primary source of income from your blog? I worry about the possibility of not making any money from it and want to give myself the best chance I can.

    Thanks so much,

    1. It is hard to explain, so I simply just recommend that you do it and then it is just over with. You only have to set it up once πŸ™‚

      Your other two questions are answered here in detail πŸ™‚ –

  24. Cristen

    Hey Michelle! I’m curious as to who you’ve hired as contractors or “staff.” In other words, what have you chosen to outsource in your business vs what you’ve continued to be the primary on. We juggle several different things and I’m at a point that I’m wondering if a personal assistant or outsourcing certain parts of our set-up will serve us better/more efficiently. Thank you!

    1. I have an editor, a virtual assistant, and someone who handles the technical side of the website. I also outsource different tasks such as graphic design.

      1. Cristen

        Nice! Thank you. Is there a virtual assistant website/app/company you recommend? (If you haven’t blogged about that yet, I’d be interested :).

        1. I have never used a website so I don’t really know what is good out there. Sorry!

  25. ephraim

    Hi, my name is Ephraim and I am in South Africa. You are one of my greatest inspirations in starting blogging. I am not tech-savvy but I managed to set my blog with the help of my son. Would you kindly look at my blog and advise me on how I can improve. I am learning from your experience. my URL is, advise if I can be your affiliate marketer. THANKS.

    1. Are you a student in the course? Students can become affiliates πŸ™‚

  26. Paulette

    Can you tell me how you have reliable internet while travelling?

    1. We currently have AT&T for our phones and internet. We used to have both Verizon and AT&T, but we switched to just AT&T and have been really happy with it.

      Even with that being said, sometimes our internet connection is not that great. This means I always try to work ahead as much as I can so that internet does not create any stress.

      When in the Bahamas, I’ve found that the internet is MUCH much better than here in the US. I used MyIslandWifi while there – $75 for unlimited internet.

  27. Hi Michelle,

    I want to say that you are an inspiration to me as I work to start my own blog. I was wondering how much you invested in your blog at the beginning. For such things as hosting, website design, SEO, security, all the sites that require Premium access to get better features. I’ve heard you need to spend money to make money; I’m just not sure how much to budget for.

    Thank you!

    1. I invested $0 in the beginning πŸ™‚

  28. Hi Michelle,

    If you had to choose one thing, (a post, pin, category, product, etc.) what would you consider was your #1 breaking point of success? In other words, what made you sit back and think, wow, this is really going to work.

    PS. I am VERY Impressed with your business and success rate. You are a huge inspiration and while its only behind screen, your online presence is truly admirable.

    You have set the bar for online businesses everywhere. Keep it up!

    – Cassandra

    1. High-quality content is what helped me the most, I believe.

  29. Hi Michelle,

    I really admire your blog and the success that you have from it. I am considering creating a course for my audience but I’m only in my second month and my pageviews are really low. Do you think a course would be helpful or a complete waste of time? Also, do you have any tips on how I can increase my traffic?



    1. It all simply depends on how you market it, and the quality of it πŸ™‚

  30. Stephanie

    I’ve had an online business for over 8 years now. My earnings lie between $1000-$2000 per month. I’m really interested in helping other people who want to set up a business similar to mine however I’m concerned that although I have 8 years of experience in my industry, I may be viewed as unqualified to teach/help others wishing to pursue a similar journey because of my relatively small earnings. What would you advise?

    1. Maybe that should be your target, though? People who want to earn between $1,000-$2,000 a month from their online business?

  31. Roxanne

    Hi Michelle,

    Let me first start by saying, thank you so much for what you are doing. By the look of things you have helped a lot of people to financial freedom. I have thought about starting a blog, I love to write, short stories, poetry. I want it to be inspirational but as I see myself now, I have one foot on the banana peel and one foot on sixty. Is it too late to start and if I start should I get my writing copyrighted first before posting anything? Thank you and continued blessings.

  32. Laura Brose

    Do you know when or if the stock market will go back up?

    1. Of course, I do not know when the stock market will go back up. No one knows that πŸ™‚

      I am not worried about the stock market. It always goes back up.

  33. Vivian Otoo

    Hey Michelle,
    When you were new, were you scared to start selling products or services on your blog? If so how did you get over it?

    1. Of course! I think most people are scared. It’s a natural feeling before you do something new.

      I simply just got over it. I kept working on it until it was ready and at that point there was no turning around πŸ™‚

  34. Bill

    Hi Michelle
    Been following you for quite a while now. I had some websites a few years ago but never was able to get traffic. In your post How I Successfully Built A $1,000,000+ Blog you say “By the summer of 2012, just one year after I started my blog, I was earning around $1,000 a month, and I was making around $10,000 monthly by the following summer.”

    How did you make your first $1000/mo and what happened to make it jump to $10,000?

    1. I talk all about this in the blog post that you mentioned –

      The first $1,000 was mainly through sponsored ads. The jump, if I remember correctly, was mainly due to me taking my blog more seriously, finding more and news to monetize, growing traffic, and more.

  35. How do you go from a memoir-type blog to a memoir-type book deal?


    Hello Michelle,

    I am beginning to write my thoughts and full articles for my blog and I see you recommend WordPress. Do they have a free version or like wise format that I use on my Kindle?

    A Kindle is considered an Android device.

    Thank you

    1. I do not have a Kindle, but I thought they were just for reading? I had no idea that you could write on them too.

  37. Jenny

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for allowing us to ask questions again. I’ve heard that it’s best to join a mastermind or some type of group of like-minded individuals who you can build relationships with and help you be successful with online business.
    Do you know how to find these types of groups? How do you connect with people in this space?
    I’ve always joined the FB groups that go along with the online courses I’m taking, but it’s not really the ongoing connection I’d like to have.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    1. Masterminds are great! One way is to attend a blogging conference, as attendees usually form masterminds. You may also have luck in Facebook groups (asking others in there), asking other bloggers, and so on.

  38. Hey Michelle,

    Thank you for making this blog. It has inspired me to create my own blog ( which is a blog on education and coaching to help parents and kids. I just recently started it so I’m excited for this new journey. The question that I have is what did you use to create your product such as your sponsored post. Also, any suggestions for a new blogger? I have read most of your start up blogs. Just need some more insight. =)



  39. Tom

    Will you have kids?

  40. Thank you! πŸ™‚

    1) My must list is here –

    2) Creating your own product, building an email list, differentiating yourself from other blogs, and creating high-quality content.

    3) Attend a blog conference!

  41. Vincent

    Dear Michelle,
    I keep receiving your emails and reading your blog, which is very well done if I may say. I have no doubt that you are an honest person, I just have a feeling for these things. Your business model seems solid but something in my mind keeps clicking and tells me “you can never gain financial independence”. We all need money and want it for some reason, for me its security for my family and to help needy animals. So, rather than take action I sit there confused.
    Question: can a nobody like me gain the freedom and security you have? I always thins that others can do it but not me.

    All the best to you and your,


    1. Of course you can do it! You won’t know unless you try either way πŸ™‚

  42. Thabi

    Hi Michelle,

    How do you allocate your savings long term and short term.
    E.g where you save for retirement, maybe plans to buy another boat?
    Can you include your short term savings as well like emergency movey etc.

    1. We have no plans to buy another boat at the moment, haha.

      Most of our funds are in our Vanguard account for investing and saving. We also have personal and business bank accounts.

  43. Hi Michelle,

    As someone who has to create a blog strategy around ‘getting things done’, I’m really interested in how you structure your day and your content planβ€”do you know well in advance what you’re going to write about when you sit down every day and how do you deal with having ‘too many ideas’?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Anna – Stemspo

      Hi Michelle! I’ve been following you since last year and I think you’re super inspiring. πŸ™‚

      I have the same question @Seamus Breslin above. How do you structure your day and content planning? Do you have a calendar that you set up deadlines with for content?

      How many visitors/impressions approximately did you have when you started affiliate markerting?

      When you started your affiliate marketing how many months did it take before it started generating revenue?

      Love your blog and have considered taking your course! πŸ™‚

      Keep up the good work!

      1. I don’t have a whole ton of structure in my day. Traveling full-time means that every day is pretty different, so I just try to go with the flow.

        I talk about my beginning more here –

  44. Patricia LaCroix

    Hi, Michelle! Thanks for all your helpful information. You mention having a VA. Exactly what tasks have you delegated to her?

    1. My VA does a ton of different things such as:

      1) Manages my “support” email.
      2) Makes graphics and pins.
      3) Schedules on social media.
      4) Gathers permissions for roundup blog posts.

      And more!

  45. Imani

    Hi Michelle,

    Your blog is amazing and very useful in it’s information. I am enrolled in both of your courses, which are very helpful. I can’t wait to utilize the information. I would like your advice on my blogging topic. My blog name is called Crushing Milestones. I have not launched yet. My blog will be centered around accomplishing goals and staying motivated. I am pursing playing the harp on a serious level and I’ve been documenting my progression and I would like to share that journey on my blog.

    Every Wednesdays I will share a sort of compilations of inspiring videos,quotes and stories to help encourage people to continue with there goals.

    I’m trying to be an encouraging blog to help others and myself keep moving forward on our goals to eventually crush them!

    I’m running into the problem of effectively encouraging people. I don’t want it to just be just about me. I could use some advice can you help me?

    1. Hello!

      I’m not sure if I understand your question. Can you clarify?

      1. Imani

        Hi Michelle,

        I guess I’m really trying to find out if my blog topic make sense. If it is a clear enough idea that an audience will understand what I am trying to convey. Which is a blog that is centered around help others stay encourage with their goals, because sometimes goals are hard to complete.
        Your blog seems as if it has a clear voice and topic that I am trying to see if my blog can have the same clear message in it’s topic. .
        So from what I have said thus far Do you think I have a clear message or should I clarify it some more.

        Thank You for your reply back!

        1. Sounds clear to me! Now, it’s all about your articles πŸ™‚

  46. Jaimee Grante

    I am trying to build an email list but I need a physical address and I am trying to blog anonymously – any tips on going around that hurdle?

  47. Lisa

    How do I go about “finding” my target audience for my blog niche? Is this the same as SEO, Pinterest, etc…? I keep reading on multiple sites to ‘find and write to your target audience’.

    Thank you for this opportunity to ‘ask anything’!

    1. I think it’s more about who you want your target audience to be?

  48. Vickyy Rose

    OK, is there any way you can start a blog or email list for free?
    Show quoted

    1. I think Mailchimp offers a free service when you are below a certain number of subscribers.

  49. Jessie

    Hi! My husband and I would love to see the country from our RV. However, he takes a strong pain medicine every day. How do you manage daily medications/prescriptions and health care outside of your home state?

  50. Michelle,

    Ask you anything. goes: I could use your help with kicking off my blogs and building traffic.Β 

    I have been following you for a year and thought who better to ask than you. I’m in the process of having my website developed, I’ve read your blogging training course, I’ve utilized your affliated marketing training course and have been received approved links to apply to my site when it’s up and running.

    I need assistance with getting traffic to my blog. I’ve kind of become discouraged and have not been as active as I should be.

    I have mentioned my site before:

    Any input would be great. I could use a mentor????.


    1. Have you tried all of the methods listed here – ?

      Creating pins for Pinterest, SEO, Facebook, Instagram, guest posting, taking part in interviews, and so on are all key.

      1. Pinterest is definitely a place bloggers and affiliate marketers want to concentrate their efforts at getting reciprocal traffic and referral traffic for years to come by placing their links with fresh pin content descriptions. Pinterest is still seen by many people as a social network but actually, a search engine just like Bing, Google and YaHoO!

  51. Marie

    Hi Michelle,

    I am growing my email list, but I am not seeing the revenue yet I would like. I am debating using more ad money to help grow my list as I keep reading that this is so important. Was there a minimum email list size or range that you feel is necessary to make an online business viable? I know this is extremely subjective as quality is more important than quantity, but wondering how far I might need to go! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t think there’s a minimum, it’s all about quality. 100,000 emails that were bought from a list seller is going to prove much worse than someone who gained 1,000 subscribers the right way.

  52. Hey Michelle,

    Here is my question for you,

    Do you pay yourself a monthly/bi-weekly/weekly salary (like, a set amount) or just manage all your income as yours, instead of business income? It is obviously all yours haha, but I was curious if you have a set amount, kind of like an employee getting paid, and why you’d choose one option over the other.

    Thank you in advance!

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Jess!

      I’m an LLC with S Corp election, so I have a salary for some of my income.

  53. Michelle,

    Do you mind sharing your marketing strategy a little? I’ve seen your income reports and they’re very impressive, but how much are you spending in ads to achieve that? Or is your traffic all organic from SEO?


    1. I don’t spend much in ads. I am hoping to start doing that more very soon, though!

      Almost all of my traffic is free – SEO, Facebook, Pinterest, email, direct.

    2. You can convert free traffic faster because your content drives traffic from all corner of the internets. The key to success is write longer pages to increase your online profit potential. 1,500 words or more published daily Monday thru Friday. Hope this helps.

  54. Nina

    I have a question about seasonal posts – if I have a “fall decor” post, should I pin to Pinterest when autumn starts? or a few weeks before? When do you post (& more importantly, pin to Pinterest) your seasonal posts, as the season is happening, or before it starts?
    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Usually pinning ahead of time is better.

      I don’t have many seasonal posts, but when I do, I usually try to publish them 1-2 months ahead.

  55. Mila

    Hi Michelle,

    This is Mila, first I have to thank you again for your kind advice. I’m so glad I read your blog and have chance to learn from you!
    After 2 months struggling and thinking, I came up with plan and contents, now I’m working on the building part! It’s a new start! There are so many new blog hosting, is WordPress still your top pick?

    1. Hello!

      WordPress is not hosting. But, yes, WordPress is still preferred for me over the other platforms (if that’s what you’re asking).

      1. Hi Michelle,

        For a beginner would you recommend starting off with one of the easier to navigate options, Wix for example, or just starting straight with WordPress and learning as you go?

        1. I definitely recommend WordPress.

  56. pany

    Hi Michelle!

    So glad to know you wanna receive questions cause I have a good one.

    I would like to know if you recommend amy investing website/ books?

    You are a great saver and your business has profits so,may I know where are you investin in?

    Where can I start learning where to invest my money?

    I am still in the process of making β€œenough money to invest” but wanna be there soon so I wanna be prepares for the mext step.

    Many thanks and all the best,

  57. Most bloggers quit at the 6 month mark because of exactly what you just said.

    You just have to keep going – that is if you want to πŸ™‚

  58. Hasan

    Hi Michelle,
    I want to kindly find out if you designed your website yourself because I intend to start mine and don’t know how to go about it. What advice would be most beneficial to that end?Also, what platforms do you use to professionally edit and organize your blogposts?

    1. For my first few designs, they were done by me. The current one was done by someone else πŸ™‚

      For the platform, I recommend WordPress.

  59. Joi Campbell

    Hey Michelle! I would love to start a blog about my journey taking care of my son who has adhd/mild autism. I need an outlet, and I would like to help others by sharing my experience. Could I also make money with this topic?

    1. I’ve never done research on the topic. There are many, many topics so it would be impossible for me to be an expert on them all and know exactly how they make money πŸ™‚