Easy Ways I’m Currently Saving $1,200 Each Month

Lately, we’ve been trying to save as much money as we realistically can. We’re not doing anything too crazy, but we are trying to make a few lifestyle changes so we are not frivolously wasting money that doesn’t need to be spent. We are mainly trying to save money so that we can put a large…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: March 18, 2022

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How much money are you saving each month? Check out this blog post that will help you find SO MANY ways to save over $1,000 a month!Lately, we’ve been trying to save as much money as we realistically can.

We’re not doing anything too crazy, but we are trying to make a few lifestyle changes so we are not frivolously wasting money that doesn’t need to be spent.

We are mainly trying to save money so that we can put a large down payment on our next home. We also want to start investing more heavily and start taking more trips.

We’re saving money in many other different ways besides just the ones below. However, the ones below are areas we are primarily trying to work on and they equal a total savings of around $1,200 a month right now.

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Continue reading the money saving tips below! Hopefully you will learn a few valuable ways that teach you how to save money:


We’re eating out less.

I’ve talked about this in the past, but I’ve never really dived into this topic too deep because I’ve been ashamed. While we are spending no where near the ridiculous amounts of money that we used to spend on going out to eat, just a few months ago we were still not doing very well.

I estimate we are currently saving around $500 a month by not eating out as much over just a few months ago.

We have been able to cut down on eating out less by eating at home as much as we can. Of course that would be the case, but it’s really been meal planning and less food waste that has really helped us cut down on our food spending.

We now shop with a grocery list and stick to the grocery list as much as we can. We have no where near the amount of food waste we used to have. I believe I once read a statistic that said the average family throws away around 40% of the food they buy.

That’s a TON of food waste!

If you are wanting to learn how to save more money, this easy actionable money saving tip can be it. There are many ways to save money on groceries.

EDIT: I recently joined $5 Meal Plan in order to help me eat at home more and cut my food spending. It’s only $5 a month (the first four weeks are free too) and you get meal plans sent straight to you along with the exact shopping list you need in order to create the meals. Each meal costs around $2 per person or less. This allows you to save time because you won’t have to meal plan anymore, and it will save you money as well! If you are interested in joining for free, click here.


We’re cleaning out our pantry.

One of the ways that you may be able to save money on groceries this month is by cleaning out your pantry.

Our pantry and cabinets are nearly bare because of this one. We have been making meals out of the food products we already had in our pantry. I was sick of our pantry continually building up more and more. We had cans and boxes of food filled in our cabinets, so I made it our mission to finally start eating everything.

I’m sure some of you are laughing at this, but I know there are a LOT of you out there who are guilty of this as well.

At one point I believe we had around 5 different packages of spaghetti noodles in our pantry. That didn’t include the other 10 different kinds of pasta noodles we had in there as well. We also had cans of vegetables and everything else in there. It was ridiculous and it seemed like it was never ending.

Now though, I believe we only have a few cans left and we actually have NO pasta left. It’s like a whole new world here!

I believe we have probably saved around $100 by doing cleaning out our pantry. Seems like a lot but we had a lot of food in there, and I’m sure you do as well. This can be a very easy way to learn how to save money.


We have a fuel efficient car and right now this is our best way to save money.

Last month, we got rid of our Camaro and traded it in for a 2015 Subaru Legacy. The Legacy was more affordable and it gets twice as good gas mileage, which is amazing.

We were tired of having two cars that only got 15 miles to the gallon (our other car is a Jeep Wrangler), so we decided to trade in the Camaro.

This switch has been saving us around $350 per month already.

We are about to go on another road trip, and driving the Subaru will save us around $400 on this trip alone. That is a GREAT amount in savings.


We’re thinking about cutting out our cable completely. This might be your best way to save money.

This is one we haven’t fully done yet, but we did recently lower our cable package. We cut some channels out and were able to save $20 each month. If we were to cut it further, we could save around an extra $40 a month.

The reason why we are thinking about cutting our cable is because we hardly ever watch it now that we have Netflix. We signed up for Netflix around two months ago and haven’t really watched anything else.

This means a potential overall savings of around $50 a month from cutting our cable and adding Netflix to our lives. A GREAT way to save money!

Cable is something that many people do not need. Actually no one needs it. If you are looking for a money saving tip, then this may be your best way to save money.

EDIT: We no longer have cable and just have a digital antenna. These are super affordable and I highly recommend doing the same! You can read more about how we cut cable here.


I’m on an unexpected clothing fast as another great way to save money.

I haven’t been trying to lower my clothing spending, it just happened. I honestly can’t even remember the last time I bought any clothing for myself. I’m going to guess that it’s been around 5 months.

I’ve been to the mall a few times, but nothing ever seems to work so I just haven’t bought anything. Also, working from home means I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to finding fun outfits to wear.

I’m going to guess that this unplanned clothing fast has saved me around $200 each month.

Oh yeah, and I also sold some clothing the other day and made $40. I plan on also donating around 6 bags full of clothing as well. WOOHOO! This is a another one of the great ways to save money!


Here are tons of other ways to save money as well:

Negotiate your car and home insurance bills.

Many have too much insurance. Yes, I said too much! I know someone who has full coverage with a deductible on a car that is worth $500, I know someone who pays for towing even though their new car comes with free towing, and more.

By shopping around, evaluating whether or not you should change your deductible, changing some of your coverage amounts, understanding insurance terms better, possibly taking a driving class, and more, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on your car insurance bill.

I also recommend simply calling your insurance agent and asking for a discount, many times they will offer a discount that will allow you to save money just for asking!

Many of these same tactics can be applied to your home insurance bill as well.


Find a more affordable cell phone plan.

Most people overpay for their cell phone plan.

If you are looking for a cheap cell phone service, check out Republic Wireless. They have monthly cell phone plans as low as $15 per month. Read Saving Over $2,000 A Year With Republic Wireless Review for more information.


Take surveys online.

Okay, so this isn’t really a way to cut back your budget, but you may be able to earn money without doing much. If you sign up for them all, you may be able to earn anywhere from $25-$100+ a month by taking surveys online.

Survey companies I recommend include Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, Opinion OutpostPrize Rebel, and Harris Poll Online. They’re free to join and free to use! You get paid to answer surveys and to test products. It’s best to sign up for as many as you can as that way you can receive the most surveys and make the most money.


Use Ebates when shopping for cash back.

Sign up for a website like Ebates where you can earn CASH BACK for just spending like how you normally would online. The service is free too! Plus, when you sign up through my link, you also receive a free $10 gift card bonus to Macys, Walmart, Target, or Kohls!


Start using Digit.

With the Digit savings app, you link up your bank account to Digit and every few days Digit looks at your income and spending habits to see how much you could possibly save. Digit then automatically moves money from your checking account to a Digit savings account.

Each transfer averages around $18, but it could be higher or lower depending on your individual situation. You can read my Digit review here for more information.


Refinance your student loans.

I highly recommend Credible for student loan refinancing (they are the top student loan refinancing company and have great customer service!). You can lower the interest rate on your student loans significantly by using Credible which may help you shave thousands off your student loan bill over time.


Miscellaneous tips:

  • Start a blog. Blogging is how I make a living and just a few years ago I never thought it would be possible. I earn over $100,000 a month online through my blog and you can read more about this in my monthly online income reports. You can create your own blog here with my easy-to-use tutorial. You can start your blog for as low as $3.49 per month plus you get a free domain if you sign-up through my tutorial.
  • Look for coupon codes. I search for coupon codes for everything. Today, I have two for you. I have a $20 Airbnb coupon code and a free taxi ride with Uber. Both are great services that I have personally used.
  • Use Swagbucks for your online searches. Swagbucks allows me to occasionally earn Amazon gift cards with very little work. Swagbucks is just like using Google to do your online searches, except you get rewarded “points called SB” for the things you do through their website. Then, when you have enough Swagbucks, you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, and more. You’ll receive a free $5 bonus just for signing up today!
  • Try InboxDollars. InboxDollars is an online rewards website I recommend. You can earn cash by taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching the web, redeeming grocery coupons, and more. Also, by signing up through my link, you will receive $5.00 for free just for signing up!
  • Find a part-time job. There are many part-time jobs that you may be able to find. You can find a job on sites such as Snagajob, Craigslist (yes, I’ve found a legitimate job through there before), Monster, and so on.

How are you currently trying to save money? How much money do you think you save each month?

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  1. Wow, some good figures there! Including pension account savings I’m saving about the same each month but I have a waaaay cheaper transport (getting 100 miles to the gallon!) and admit I’m currently guilty of an over-stocked kitchen. Time to start running down the current food stash before purchasing new.

    1. 100 miles a gallon is amazing! What do you have?

      1. A little 125 manually geared motorcycle πŸ™‚

    2. Magda

      I’m a momma with 30 thousand in student debt! How do I get started working from home? This debt is a constant worry, and would love to get rid of it as well! Thanks!

  2. Maria Carla Perez

    Wow, nice ideas you have there and great tips too!

  3. Nice work cutting that much out of your spending. It’s amazing what ends up lurking in pantries versus what gets turned over all the time. Some of our stuff we go through like mad, Lord knows how long some other things have been in there.

    1. Yeah that was our main problem. Some items are eaten very quickly whereas others were sitting there for way too long. We would also buy things accidentally because we weren’t sure if we had any (such as spaghetti noodles) when of fact we had a ton.

    2. I am guilty of an overstocked pantry, I try to buy items on sale and rotate them.

  4. Alexandra

    Awesome job on saving money! N and I saved a ridiculous amount when we stopped eating out. I’d say we were around your $500 estimate, at least. One benefit of eating at home is that we are also eating healthier!

    1. Yes, eating healthier is a huge plus!

  5. Gas makes such a huge difference. I’m currently trying to talk my brother into selling his Expedition for….well, anything! He only gets 13 mpg!

  6. Cut the Cable! Especially if you have Netflix, you won’t miss it!
    I need to eat through my pantry, I’ve got so much that just lines the back of my cupboards. I also need to get better about eating out. It’s so easy give in to easy. Hopefully now that fall is approaching, I’ll lose the excuse of ‘I don’t want to heat up the kitchen”

    1. Haha I use that excuse as well. I hate how hot it gets when I cook at home sometimes.

  7. Sometimes I challenge myself to play “iron chef” in the kitchen. I force myself to use whatever random stuff is in the pantry to make a yummy meal.

    1. Love that! That’s what we’ve been trying to do and it’s worked out well so far.

  8. We’ve been lax about our frugality over this summer because we’ve been so busy at work. I’ll have to come up with a plan for the fall, though, since we need to cut our expenses. I think I’ll start with the grocery bill – tighter meal planning to avoid waste, like you said, and keeping an eye on sales.

    1. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. Food spending is an area we are always trying to work on.

  9. Amy

    Great strategies! I have become much better at repurposing leftovers and using what we have on hand. I shudder to think of how much food (and money) we’ve wasted over the years!

    We’ve also begun seriously discussing cutting the cable cord. The thing that would be hardest for me to give up is news coverage, but I don’t get to watch much of it anymore, because my daughter is very interested and I can’t watch most of it in front of her.

    Congrats on your Legacy! We had one a few years ago, and were very happy with it. When it finally died, we replaced it with a Camry, which has a little more room for a car seat and kid gear.

    1. Yeah it would stink to give up CNN and channels like that.

  10. Some really solid tips in here πŸ™‚ Crazy to hear how much more fuel efficient your new car is! I am spending about 1/3 of what I was back in New Zealand here in Asia, so that’s a saving of around $2,500 a month! πŸ˜€ I am very happy with that.

  11. I say get rid of cable. I cut mine over a year ago and don’t miss it one bit. There’s just so much stuff to watch on netflix and hulu. We also have Amazon Prime and you can watch a lot of free movies and documentaries as well. Downton Abby in on Amazon Prime and not on Netflix.

    1. Thank you! We are definitely thinking about it.

  12. Maria

    Cut the cable! I don’t even have Netflix anymore either. I watch ALL my shows/movies from solarmovie or cucirca! Solarmovie has movies that are currently out on theatres as well (quality is a tad questionable BUT a few weeks/updates later, dvd quality!).

    1. I’ll look into that!

  13. These are basically all just my “ways of life” right now because I am in debt repayment mode. I drive a hatchback to and from work, and just for errands. Costs me about $120 in gas per month (2 fillups). I have a bare-looking fridge, but it’s to minimize waste. I am going through the pantry right now to try to rotate through some of the staples. I am trying to avoid eating out as much as possible. I don’t have cable. Hmm, looks like I’m doing okay!

    1. You’re doing well!

  14. Very good suggestions. When looking to save money, I try to focus on ongoing expenses. I have saved money by eating out so much but I have worked harder at things that are monthly expenses like lowering my cell phone bill. Recently I did a major overhaul there and my updated service is actually around $100 a month less.

    Over the years (I have a lot more of them then most!) I have adopted many of these ideas. The one lesson I learned above all others is that it is essential to have controls in place to keep the spending you save in one place from being swallowed up by increases somewhere else. Adopting a good way of budgeting or managing expenditures is the key to that.

  15. Sarah

    Cutting cable is great! We cut ours entirely three years ago and haven’t looked back since. We have Netflix and Hulu, both of which stream through our X-boxes. We also have an extensive DVD collection. Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe or Project 333? Both are wardrobe projects full of ideas about intentionally keeping your wardrobe small (and affordable). I recently gut my closet and am putting together a capsule wardrobe and I LOVE it.

    1. I’ll have to look into the capsule wardrobe. Great idea!

  16. Another benefit of cutting cable is that it will lower your electric bill. I guess cable boxes are the second largest energy drain besides the refrigerator, at least that’s what I read. Our electric bill has been $5-$10 lower per month since we cut ours. Not sure if it’s all the cable box, but something is causing it to be lower.

    1. Wow I didn’t know that!

  17. Do it! Get rid of cable! We got rid of it two years ago in favor of Netflix and HuluPlus and never looked back! We’re saving about $60/month doing that, and once in awhile we will get a season pass on iTunes for a show we can’t get through there, but we are still saving a TON of money even when we do that.

    Not gonna lie, the SAVING $500 on eating out is boggling my mind. We spend less than that total on groceries for the entire month, and that includes 1 or 2 Blue Apron deliveries. We usually only go out to eat once or twice a month, so it’s not like that reduces our grocery cost by much. AND we live in a HCOL area (NJ). But we do some serious meal planning – our schedules are so hectic, and now that we have a little one to take care of, it’s important to be organized when it comes to food. My crockpot is now my best friend. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I should add that the thought of not having at least 5 boxes of pasta in my pantry makes me feel a little panicky. Pasta + veggies + cheese/oil/herbs is one of my go-to quick and easy (and cheap!) dinners. πŸ˜‰

    1. I know, we used to spend way too much on going out to eat. We still have a long way to go too!

  18. Has eating out less tied in with you working from home now? I worked from home for one summer and loved it because i could actually cook a lunch (like grilled cheese) and prepare for dinner (crock pot, marinade, etc) throughout the day. That pretty much covered all of the eating out I was doing.

    1. Yeah, working from home has definitely helped with this. It’s easier now to just eat at home than go drive to a place and wait for them to cook it. It just seems so wasteful now.

  19. Great stuff Michelle! We were shocked at how much we started saving when we shifted more meals out to meals at home. We estimated that it was close to $800 a month, which is crazy. We also just cut cable completely this year and I don’t miss it at all. Plus I love that we are only paying $15 a month for Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

    1. Wow good job Shannon! That’s a lot of money saved.

  20. C @ The Entrepreneur Guidebook

    I don’t have cable and I’ve been cleaning out my pantry lately. I can’t stop eating out for whatever reason. My husband routinely works 12 hours and I don’t like cooking so we eat out a lot. This week we’ve already eaten out twice and last week we ate out 5 times. I’m not sure how to start cutting back.

    1. I used to hate cooking but I like it now. Hopefully one day you will enjoy it πŸ™‚

  21. That’s a good list! I’m also on a clothing fast for all of 2014 actually! We did the “eat everything in the pantry” trick earlier this year–I was amazed at how much food we’d stockpiled. And, you’re so right on the not eating out, that saves us an absolute ton. We were at an 82% savings rate last month, we’ll see how it goes in the fall!

    1. Wow 82% is awesome. Good job!

  22. Its great if you have savings each month, and we should have; its a must nowadays. We should always have something for emergencies. Anyways, isn’t $1200 a less amount?? πŸ˜€

  23. Ben Luthi

    We’ve got way too much food in our kitchen, but we still buy more stuff because we don’t want to eat the old stuff. Not okay!

    1. Start eating the old stuff Ben! πŸ™‚

    2. Colleen

      If you really can’t bring yourself to eat it, then donate it! The local food pantry always has someone in need! Then start following the idea of getting just what you need and will eat. The real question for me is why is it so hard to stick to these good ideas. I’ve cleaned out my pantry (both by eating only from it and donating some) every one of our last three moves. Somehow it always tends to stockpile again! Good luck to you all!

  24. Jocelyn Michel

    My husband and I have been saving money by shopping at Aldi, eating out of the pantry and going grocery shopping less often and lastly we cut off cable! We currently just have Netflix and we love it! We are thinking of maybe adding Hulu to the mix!

    1. We have to look into Hulu. I think that may be want we end up adding so that we can get rid of cable.

  25. Cami

    Great ideas! We started saving about $300/month by going out to eat less. We only have Netflix and I find that I waste less time watching TV now, too.

  26. Didn’t know you guys got rid of the Camaro…I’m not a big car guy, but I know some who are. Was it a tough decision? It definitely is a great financial decision. We’re cleaning out our pantry too…but mainly because we’re moving soon and want to get rid of stuff. We need to do it more often!

    1. Yes, it was a very tough decision. We still LOVE the Camaro, but it just wasn’t practical because it was a “race” car and couldn’t be driven in rain, cold weather (the tires couldn’t be driven in less than 50 degrees), snow, or anything else. So we would often go months without driving it and it was just making us mad.

  27. Prudence Debtfree

    I can relate to your cluttered pantry adventure. I cleaned out our pantry in the spring, and I’m sure we saved a week’s worth of groceries as a result. In my case, I kept buying things that we already had simply because I couldn’t see that we already had them. Our pantry was so cluttered, items were hiding behind other items, and I didn’t know what was in there. Things are different now : )

  28. We’re still adjusting after the baby was born, so we do tend to get overboard sometimes, especially when it comes to her. Not purchasing clothing for ourselves (we have enough anyway) and keeping an eye on the money we spend allows us to save a bit, though. I hope the following months my business will pick up more speed (it was a tad slow, especially since I can work about 2-3 hours max./day) and we’ll get back to a more aggressive saving.

    1. I hope it starts to pick up speed. I’m sure it will!

  29. Money Pincher

    I am trying to save $1000 a month by doing the majority of the things you’ve listed: clean out pantry, save on eating out and no spending on clothes. Another thing that I might try is to start up my side job again and earn some extra $$$. Though I enjoy my time after work, I think it’s about time to buckle down and save some $$$.

    1. Good luck. You can do it! πŸ™‚

  30. That is awesome! I’ve been on maternity leave so we have unexpectedly be saving on eating out also. I’d like to continue to save on eating out once I return to work; however, it might be hard with less time, but we definitely would rather use that money to travel then to eat out! Great job on the savings though!

    1. Yes, that is a big reason we are trying to save money. We’d rather spend that money in other areas!

  31. Andrew @ Budgetopolis


    Great job on trimming the budget! I’m debating on getting rid of a vehicle also, or maybe two, and getting one to replace them (we have three at the moment).

    One thing I would recommend is not cutting too far back on your pantry. When we were young DINKs (Dual Income, No Kids), we didn’t have a pantry either. However, we now keep food on hand.

    Most grocery stores only have three days inventory at the most. If something happened which prevented them from being restocked… severe regional flooding, train derailment, or rioting and looting … you might go hungry, or have to travel a long way to get food. People panic shop when there is an emergency, and clean out the stores in a matter of hours. When that happens, it takes time for the stores to be restocked.

    We used to live near the Gulf Coast, and experienced hurricanes. Sometimes the power would be out for days or weeks. Even if the stores were open, you could not buy anything because the trucks could not deliver.

    Now we live an hour from Atlanta in a rural-ish area. We stock our pantry so that we can live off “our own grocery store” for at least two weeks. Like the store, we rotate our stock, so that things don’t go bad.

    R also shops with a grocery list, so she doesn’t end up with too much of one thing. When we are down to one of an item, we add it to the list. Having a pantry and list also allows her to stock up on staples when the stores have sales, so that when items are full price, we are still using the cheaper inventory. Sales seem to run in six week cycles in our area. We stock up on stuff we use a lot of, like pasta… 10-15 boxes of spaghetti is not uncommon for us. πŸ™‚ lol

    Anyway, just a thought, based on personal experience.

    1. Oh yes I know. We plan on restocking our pantry again. We mainly just wanted to get rid of our old food and items that we don’t really eat anymore (for example, we have switched to primarily gluten free pasta instead of “normal” pasta).

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

  32. Andrew @ Budgetopolis

    Oh, regarding clothing… thrift stores for the win! We do most of our shopping in thrift stores or consignment sales. We use Goodwill, Salvation Army, and sometimes, a factory outlet store, or a super clearance sale at Kohl’s.

    When the children were smaller, R would buy in the spring and fall from a consignment sale, the kids would wear the clothes that season, then by next spring or fall, they had outgrown the clothes. R would choose clothes in the best condition, clean them up, price them, and sell them in the consignment sale. Some of the local churches offer consignment sales.

    Often, she made a profit, so the kids clothing was essentially free that year! πŸ™‚

    1. Wow that’s awesome!

  33. Brad @ How To Save Money

    Cutting cable is such a good idea. Apart from CNN, as far as I can tell, cable is a money-sucking wasteland. It also wastes a lot of valuable time. And you can get your CNN fix online. Cut the cable cord I say!

    1. Thanks! I think we are going to. We talked about it some more and I think we are ready.

  34. Sirena C

    I too have saved a lot of money by eating at home. This includes trips to the barista and the convenience store. I however, find that stocking the pantry during sale/coupons saves me money overall (also have kids). We also do a 3 month “shrink” assessment and look over our accounts to see were we are spending. Sometimes we need to leave the thermostat alone, and others we need to cut back on travel costs. Great read. We also love thrift stores and garage sales for clothing and decorating.

    1. Thanks Sirena! Sounds like you are doing well.

  35. Nice work! I’ve also been on an unexpected clothing fast. Working from home really does help with that, as I throw on whatever feels comfortable. I’ve been trying to get away from pajama’s =). We emptied out our pantry before we moved because it was driving me crazy, too.

    1. Haha it’s just so hard to get away from pajamas!

  36. Athena

    I decided to cut cable last month and I’m only now starting to miss it because of the Saved By the Bell lifetime movie, lol. But I don’t really miss it and I rarely have watched Netflix although I have been using my gay husband’s HBO Go account.

    1. Haha good job cutting your cable!

  37. Kasia

    Great job on cutting down and saving. $1200 a month is a significant amount and can make such a huge difference for the bank balance and investment portfolio.
    We’re saving on groceries each week by only going to the shop to do one big shop, plus once we started avoiding the middle aisles of the supermarket our grocery bill reduced by more than 20%. When I cook it’s always in larger portions so the other half can take lunch to work the next day which also saves money. We don’t have pay tv as we hardly ever watch tv, I generally watch an hour or so a day when I’m feeding my four month old and that’s to catch up on the news.
    I’m on maternity leave at the moment so we have less money coming in but are still managing to save a little bit. I love going to cafes regularly and we do that often but we save by only indulging in a cup of coffee rather than lunch or dinner and if we want to eat out we often have a bbq in the park next to the beach which gives us great views, fresh air, and delicious food at the fraction of the cost.

    1. Sounds like you have a good plan to save money. Good job!

  38. M.Clark

    These are all great tips, I’m sure everyone would love to save $1200 every month. Thank you for sharing this post. I save money by not purchasing items that I don’t absolutely need.

  39. Melissa

    Hey, congrats on the new Subaru!! That’s amazing that it gets such great gas mileage, and you’re saving a bunch of money with it too! I bet the dogs will like the roomier interior too πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Melissa! We all love it πŸ™‚

  40. Haha yeah we were sad to get rid of it. St. Louis just doesn’t have the weather for us to keep it. Living in the desert or somewhere similar would have made it much more easier!

  41. It sounds like we need to cut our cable. I don’t think a single person who commented on this post has it!

  42. Drats. I am doing all of these things (Cut out the take out/never was much of a fan of eating out, drive a hybrid and no cable since 2003 or so) and am still having trouble making ends meet. But I am also working toward supplementing my income with other work and then moving to being my own boss.

    1. I’m sorry Nia. I hope things get better for you soon.

  43. I advice you go for cutting out cable completely. Mine has been for 6 months. It is hard that limited channels are available. But, internet is there and we are kinda busy people so we just download tv series or any shows we want..

    1. Thanks! I think we are πŸ™‚

  44. MomCents

    Hubby and I just talked about this! We are about to really buckle down on the eating out…that can easily save us $300/mo (held is held in shame).

    Cleaning out the pantry is a GREAT idea….like you we have TONS of cans and boxes…..we need to sit down and do some thorough meal planning with what we have on hand.

    1. Eating out too much seems like a lot of people’s problems. I wish it wasn’t mine!

  45. DealForALiving

    Saving $1200/month is impressive no matter how you cut it! Congrats!

  46. Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore

    Wow Michelle! That’s some major savings. Great job πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kayla! πŸ™‚

  47. Kristina

    I have been working on the cleaning out the pantry piece to save money. It’s amazing how much food I have, but I feel i don’t have. Also have thought about cutting out cable, but it’s tied to my internet so not sure that will help costs!
    hope I can continue to find ways to save, as I am paying off student loans! I enjoy your tips!

    1. Thanks Kristina. I hope you can find some ways to save πŸ™‚

  48. jackie

    i’ve been trying to shop our pantry more too since food costs seem to be the easiest thing to cut down on right now! i haven’t been shopping too much lately for myself but have been buying some clothes for the honeymoon. hoping to cut back on the shopping after the wedding!

    1. I hope you find some cute honeymoon clothing! πŸ™‚

  49. Laura

    I started shopping at thrift stores. This changed my live.

    1. Yes, thrift stores are great. Love them!

  50. Welcome Tyler πŸ™‚

  51. Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans

    Eating out is such a huge money-suck in my budget! I think cutting this down in half would save me so much money!

    Also, where do you sell your clothes? eBay? I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do the same for my extra clothes…

    1. I sold my clothes to Plato’s Closet. They don’t pay much but it’s really easy to sell clothes there.

  52. Carly @ Zauberbear

    I would love love LOVE to trade in cable for Netflix. The price difference alone is a treat, and then you have the ability to watch whatever you want whenever you want? Who needs cable?! πŸ™‚

    1. Do you have cable currently? You should make the trade!

  53. We love eating out and probably always will, but we are making a huge effort to eat out less for the sake of our budget and savings goals. I wish my husband would agree to downsizing the truck. He wants to always have a truck which costs a lot in gas.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I could ever completely cut out eating out. We still do it a few times a week, but we have come a long way from eating out multiple times a day.

  54. Dan Marshall

    Nice tactics to save money. Great job! From now I will apply this in my practical life to save per month…:). I have tried several times but not able to save a single penny til yet though I am a bachelor but have the tendency to spent money with two hands which is not so good habit. But this tips will help me to save money in future. Thanks a lot Michelle for sharing this post.

    1. Welcome Dan πŸ™‚

  55. Brandy@bustedbudget

    I am totally guilty of letting our freezer and pantry pile up with food! I was actually thinking yesterday that it was time to do something about it. I threw out a bunch of stuff from the freezer that were long past freezer-burnt. And I plan to start eating from the pantry!

    1. Good job Brandy! We just went to the grocery store and it was nice starting fresh again. We no longer have super ancient food items in our cabinets that no longer interest us.

  56. Karen Chayne Sanchez

    Wow! this are great and helpful tips! We are actually doing some of the tips that you’ve mentioned here. Its really a good idea to save money by not eating out or buying clothes and things that we just want.

  57. Joy

    I stopped my cable about three months ago and I’ve never looked back. I am a huge watcher of tv so this was a very hard decision for me. I couldn’t be happier. I have both netflix online and huluplus. These two combined are just as good as watching tv, and I can watch on my schedule!

  58. When we moved from an apartment to our house, we never got cable. We get most of our TV over our antenna on the house and we can watch others on the iPad through free apps. We love saving money and it makes us get up and doing all the things on our to do list instead of watching TV. We also cut out going out to eat and use it as a special treat once a month. Eating out of the pantry is a challenge but super important to do because you need to use up stuff before it goes bad so that you don’t waste the money you spent on it. We eat out of the pantry every month and then restock the items that we use for the next month. There are often things that go more often and things that sit forever so congratulations on getting yours cleaned up!! I am working on it now and have been able to cut my grocery spending to $160 for all our household goods by using up what we already have and buying at the lowest possible price to restock the items.

  59. Amy

    $100,000 a month from blogging. I don’t think I’d be concerned about saving $40 a month on the cable bill. And I’d definitely continue going out to eat!