Travelpayouts Review: How To Make Money As A Travel Blogger

The following Travelpayouts Review is a sponsored partnership. If you love to travel and enjoy writing, chances are that you’ve thought about turning your adventures into a way to make money. The world of travel blogging is an exciting one, having not only the opportunity to talk about your experiences but also the possibility to…

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Last Updated: January 12, 2024

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you decide to make a purchase via my links, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. See my disclosure for more info.

The following Travelpayouts Review is a sponsored partnership.

If you love to travel and enjoy writing, chances are that you’ve thought about turning your adventures into a way to make money. The world of travel blogging is an exciting one, having not only the opportunity to talk about your experiences but also the possibility to earn a living from it.

And, if you’re a travel blogger or content creator, then you should check out Travelpayouts.

Travelpayouts is an affiliate network for travel partnerships that helps you make money online. It has over 100 popular travel affiliate programs (such as hotel bookings, guided tours, rail tickets, rental cars, and so much more) giving you many different ways to earn income.

In fact, Travelpayouts paid out $12 million to their creators in just 2022 alone.

Whether you’re a travel blogger or create content about travel in some other way, Travelpayouts is something that you will want to use.

In this Travelpayouts Review, I will be talking about the largest travel affiliate network for travel bloggers and travel content creators – Travelpayouts.

Please click here to learn more about Travelpayouts.

Travelpayouts Review

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of advertising where a company pays a content creator when they help bring people to the company’s website and those people make a purchase.

This happens through a tool with a referral marker (link, widget or banner) given to the content creator. When someone clicks on that tool and buys something from the company’s site, the content creator gets a percentage of the sale. It’s like a reward for helping the company get more customers.

For example, a travel blogger might share a link to a guided tour that they did while in Asia, a hotel that they loved in Europe, or a flight deal that they found. If a reader of theirs signs up through their referral link, banner, or widget, then the travel content creator will receive income for referring their reader to the travel company.

Affiliate marketing is liked in travel content because it helps companies like tour operators, flight booking sites, and hotel booking sites get their message and ads out to more people. They only have to pay when they actually get more business from it, so it’s a way for them to make sure their money is being well spent.

What is Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts is an affiliate network for travel bloggers and content creators. They connect popular travel affiliate programs with content creators.

For example, you can promote activity package tours such as on Viator, hotel booking sites such as, and more.

This site helps creators make money and grow their blog without spending too much time on it. With Travelpayouts, creators can turn their hobby into a successful business that they love. It’s trusted by around 500,000 top creators and well-known travel companies.

Travelpayouts has paid out over $59,000,000 since it began 11 years ago.

This site is trusted by 100+ major travel companies, such as Bооking, Viator, Expedia, Trivago, and GetYourGuide.

Other benefits of Travelpayouts include:

  • Transparent reward rates. With Travelpayouts, you’ll have clear information about where your earnings are coming from and you’ll also know what rewards to expect. This transparency helps you stay informed and make the most out of what you choose to work on.
  • Easier to meet the threshold. The money you make from different affiliates gets combined, so it’s easier to make the minimum payment amount and collect payouts.
  • Responsive and helpful support. The Travelpayouts’ support team is really helpful and they’re available every day, even on weekends, and they respond within 24 hours. They take the time to understand and fix any problems or worries you might have. They always aim to make your experience with them positive and enjoyable.
  • Helpful tools and dashboard. Travelpayouts has nine tools for affiliates, and they’re more than just links. They include things like easy-to-use templates for making your own travel apps without needing to know how to code. There are also interactive widgets to make your content more engaging. It’s a whole set of resources to help you succeed!

How does Travelpayouts work?

Travelpayouts is easy!

Here’s how Travelpayouts works:

  1. Content creators share the travel brands they like with their followers and get paid for it. For example, a travel blogger might talk about a fun GetYourGuide adventure and include an affiliate link for their followers to book it.
  2. Travelers book perfect trips at the best price and explore fascinating places, both near and far.
  3. Travel companies work with travel bloggers and content creators to reach more people and sell more of their services. It’s a way for them to connect with a wider audience and boost their sales.

How much can content creators earn with Travelpayouts?

The amount of money that you can make as a content creator depends on many different things.

I know many bloggers who earn a full-time income with their blog, and a travel blog has many options for what they can promote.

The amount of money that you can make depends on how many people on your website are interested in booking things like flights, hotels, and car rentals. So, the more people who book, the more money that you can earn!

For example, partners with Travelpayouts usually make around $15 for each hotel booking, around $6 for each flight booked through WayAway, and about $23 for each car rental booked with Discover Cars, and so on. This means your earnings are directly linked to the number of sales you generate. The more you sell, the more you can possibly make!

Plus, your cookie lifetime is 30 days long, so as long as someone clicks and books through your link within 30 days, you will receive an affiliate commission.

As a Travelpayouts affiliate, you can also get your earnings through a bank transfer or PayPal. The smallest amount you can withdraw depends on how you choose to receive the payment, starting at $10 (this is your payout threshold). The good news is, Travelpayouts takes care of all the fees associated with the payment transfer too.

How can content creators track their sales?

To make sure a travel company knows which partner is responsible for a sale and can pay them correctly, affiliate marketing uses different tools.

Travelpayouts uses a range of tools for partners with various levels of programming skills and for different types of projects like social media pages, websites, blogs, and more. This way, partners have the right tools to track their success and get their well-deserved rewards.

For example, they provide no-code tools, such as deep links (with a built-in link shortener), banners, and widgets. There are also tools for those who are better at coding, like White Labels, API, Travel App (a template for creating mobile travel apps), and many others.

How to get started with Travelpayouts

Here’s how you can get started with Travelpayouts:

  1. Sign upYou can join Travelpayouts for free by clicking here.
  2. Decide where will you use affiliate tools and add the description of your project
  3. Choose your niche – No matter if you’re into budget-friendly trips, luxurious getaways, family vacations, or adventurous journeys, there’s a referral link for every kind of traveler.
  4. Integrate Travelpayouts’ tools into your blog to easily share travel services with your readers.
  5. Write content – Create content that’s both interesting and helpful for your readers so that you can encourage them to travel to new places and make travel plans.
  6. Make money – As your followers start booking travel through your affiliate links, your earnings will grow.

Travelpayouts Academy

One great feature that I love about Travelpayouts is that you get access to their affiliate marketing courses when you are an affiliate for them.

Bloggers and content creators can all benefit from these courses.

Some of their free courses include:

  • Boost Travel Affiliate Revenue Using SEO
  • How to Make Money as a Content Creator
  • Monetize Your Content With WayAway

The courses mentioned above have anywhere from 6 to 18 lessons each, so they are very thorough as well.

This is all free if you are an affiliate within the Travelpayouts affiliate network.

Frequently Asked Questions About Travelpayouts

Below are answers to common questions about Travelpayouts.

How long does it take to make money from a travel blog?

The time it takes to make money from a travel blog varies from person to person. Due to this, it’s important to be realistic as it can take anywhere from several months to years to start making a consistent income from a travel blog.

And, there is no guarantee that you will make money blogging either. But, I do know many blogs who earn a full-time income, such as myself!

In the beginning stages of your travel blog, you will want to focus on writing high-quality content, building an engaged audience, and finding ways to get your content out there to new readers.

Is it really possible to make money with Travelpayouts?

Yes! There are plenty of success stories from Travelpayouts’ partners to back this up:

Travelpayouts shares the success stories of different travel bloggers and many of their partners on their blog if you’d like to read more.

Is Travelpayouts worth it? Should you join the Travelpayouts affiliate network?

Yes, Travelpayouts can be worth it for travel bloggers and affiliates. This affiliate network has a lot of different affiliate programs and tools to help you make money with your travel-related content.

What affiliate programs are on Travelpayouts?

Travelpayouts has a lot of different travel affiliate programs and some of the most popular ones include:

  1. A popular site for booking hotels.
  2. Viator: Site for booking excursions, tours, and activities.
  3. GetYourGuide: Another site selling tours, activities, and experiences.
  4. HostelWorld: This is a hostel-focused booking site with 36,000 properties in over 178 countries.
  5. Rentalcars: Several options for car rentals from different providers.
  6. An online travel agency known for its unique booking options and flexible travel plans.
  7. Hotellook: A site for comparing hotel prices around the world (250,000 properties in 205 countries).
  8. AirHelp: Helps passengers receive compensation for delayed or canceled flights
  9. CheapOair: A provider of flight tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and vacation packages
  10. Tripadvisor: This is the world’s largest travel site giving users access to 1.4 million places to stay and 795 million reviews
  11. BikesBooking: Booking site for motorcycles, scooters, quads, and bicycles around the world
  12. Busbud: A bus-booking platform with the world’s largest selection of bus tickets
  13. Cruise Critic: The leading authority and market leader for cruise information
  14. Economybookings: A rental car booking site
  15. Rail Europe: Helps travelers travel by train in Europe
  16. Loveholidays: Package tours site for flights + hotels

These are just some of the more popular affiliate programs that you can find on Travelpayouts and as you can see, there are many different options!

Each affiliate program has different commissions and opportunities, allowing affiliates to find the best affiliate programs for their audience. Remember, you will want to choose affiliate programs that are what your readers want to see, and Travelpayouts can definitely help you with this.

Travelpayouts Review – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this Travelpayouts Review.

Travelpayouts can be a great help for new travel bloggers as you can see.

This affiliate network is easy to use, has many ways to make money, and provides lots of support (they even have free courses to help you make more money online!). There are many different travel companies that you can partner with, such as hotel booking platforms, cruises, sim cards, excursions, tours, rental cars, airline tickets, and more.

If you want to promote something related to the travel niche, then the Travelpayouts affiliate network probably has the affiliate links.

With Travelpayouts, you’re all set to turn your love for travel into a successful online venture.

Please click here to learn more about Travelpayouts.

Do you have any questions that you’d like me to answer in this Travelpayouts Review?

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