20 Best Places to Sell Shoes Online And Near You

Looking for the best place to sell shoes? Selling shoes can be a great way to make extra money. Online marketplaces for shoes are more popular than ever, and there’s never been a better time to declutter your closet and turn your shoes into extra money. I have personally sold many pairs of shoes myself,…

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Looking for the best place to sell shoes?

Selling shoes can be a great way to make extra money. Online marketplaces for shoes are more popular than ever, and there’s never been a better time to declutter your closet and turn your shoes into extra money.

I have personally sold many pairs of shoes myself, both online and in-person over the years. I have also bought used shoes for resale (I used to work at a thrift store as an inventory buyer!), so I know a little about what goes into selling shoes for profit.

There are many sites and stores that exist to help you sell your shoes online and in person, making it easier than ever to connect with buyers and make the most money by selling your stuff.

Helpful points on the best place to sell shoes

  • Selling shoes online and in person can be a profitable way to make extra money, with the right platform.
  • Local consignment and thrift stores can give you cash the same day, and they make it easy to sell (you don’t have to create a listing or take any pictures). But, you’ll typically make less money.
  • To be successful, you will want to understand your target market and price competitively.
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Best Places To Sell Shoes

How profitable is selling shoes?

Selling shoes can be quite profitable. Some people even turn this into a full-time business!

The sneaker resale market is a surprisingly lucrative side hustle, and many people make money by selling shoes.

As a newbie to this, you may not even realize that you can make money selling used shoes.

To start with, though, it is important to note that brand and demand play a big role in how much money you can earn by selling shoes. For instance, limited edition or high demand sneakers have the potential to sell for much higher prices than their original retail value. But, not all shoes are in high demand.

And, understanding where to sell your shoes is also very important. Some platforms are known to have a large market for shoes, which means more potential customers and higher chances of making a sale. But, they may not cater to luxury shoes specifically.

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Top Places To Sell Shoes Online

Before we begin, I want to give you a quick list of steps on how to sell shoes online. Many of these websites will have the same general process to sell shoes, such as:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Research the shoes you want to sell – Before listing your shoes, you will want to research their market value to get an idea of what they are worth. You can check listings and sold items to see what similar shoes have sold for in the past.
  3. Take high-quality photos – Take clear and well-lit photos from different angles of the shoes you want to sell. You will want to make sure to note any unique features or details, and use a plain background so that the shoes can easily be seen.
  4. Write a description – If you are creating a listing yourself, you will want to write a detailed and accurate description of the shoes. You can include information such as brand, size, condition, color, style, and more. Be sure to mention any flaws or wear and tear.
  5. Set a price – Based on your research, set a competitive price for your shoes. You may be able to list them as an auction-style listing or set a fixed price, or offer both options, depending on the website.
  6. Set your terms – Decide on your shipping method, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx, and figure out the cost to ship shoes. You can also decide on your refund and return policy.
  7. Answer questions from potential buyers – Keep an eye on your listing and answer any questions from potential buyers.
  8. Complete the sale and ship the item – Once your item sells, you will be notified and be given the buyer’s shipping address. You may also want to use tracking and insurance.
  9. Get paid – You may get paid via direct deposit, to your PayPal account, with bank transfer, or with site credit.

If you are looking for the best places to sell shoes online, here are some websites to start with.

1. eBay

eBay is a popular selling site where you can sell your shoes to customers around the world. Not just shoes too – you can sell pretty much everything and anything on eBay.

I have personally sold shoes on eBay in the past, along with many other types of items.

It was started in 1995, and I’m sure everyone has heard of this website.

To start, simply create a listing with a detailed description and quality photos of the shoes you want to sell. Keep in mind that there are fees associated with selling on eBay, such as listing fees.

You can determine the Buy It Now sale price, or start an auction.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is another popular platform for selling shoes, especially for fashion enthusiasts.

Creating a listing is easy – just upload photos, add descriptions, and set your price.

Poshmark offers a social aspect, allowing you to follow users and share your items in virtual parties.

For sales under $15, Poshmark charges a single flat rate of $2.95, and you keep the rest. For sales of $15 or more, Poshmark charges 20% of the listing price and you keep 80%. In return, they cover the credit card fees, provide you with a prepaid pre-addressed shipping label (yes, they handle that for you!), and more.

3. Grailed

For high-end sneakers and clothing, Grailed is a popular site.

Catering to a niche market, Grailed helps you connect with buyers who are interested in premium and limited-edition clothing such as shoes.

To sell on Grailed, list your shoes with quality images (3 photos minimum is required) and accurate descriptions. They have a Price Comparison feature where you can see what similar listings have sold for, which is very helpful.

You can post any item for free. If an item sells, Grailed charges a commission fee of 9%.

4. Mercari

Mercari is a user-friendly platform started in 2013 where you can easily sell secondhand shoes.

There are over 350,000 listings posted every day on Mercari, making it a very popular choice!

Listing your shoes is simple – upload photos, choose a category, set your price, and you’re good to go. Mercari charges a 10% commission fee, but they don’t charge for listings, making it a budget-friendly option to get started.

5. Depop

Depop is a website started in 2011 where you can buy and sell clothing items such as shoes. It is popular in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Italy.

It is a mobile app that is available on iOS and Android.

This platform sort of looks like Instagram, and many of the clothing items are modeled by the sellers.

This is a very popular website for people under the age of 26, with many young adults and teenagers saying that it is their favorite resale platform.

When listing on Depop, include high-quality images showcasing your shoes, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Depop charges a 10% commission on each sale.


For selling sneakers, Goat is an excellent platform that focuses on authenticity.

You do need to apply in order to become a seller on GOAT. They will review your application and send you an email if you are approved.

To sell on GOAT, you first search for the SKU of the item that you want to sell. This can be found on the box or on the item you are wanting to sell. You will also state the condition, price, and take photos. Once your listing is approved and you’ve made a sale, GOAT verifies the sneakers’ authenticity before your payment is released.

The commission fee is 9.5% plus a seller fee for a seller in good standing. The commission fee on GOAT can increase to 15% plus seller fee up to a max of 25% plus seller fee, if you have a lot of seller cancellations or verification issues.

7. StockX

StockX is another popular platform for selling sneakers, providing a stock market-like experience.

To list your shoes, you simply search for the specific model and set an asking price. Once your sneakers sell, StockX authenticates them before the sale is completed. This platform charges a transaction fee of around 9% plus a payment processing fee.

You can set an asking price and a Sell Now price. Once the shoe has sold, you ship StockX the item so that they can verify your shoes are authentic. Once they are proven to be real, you get paid.

8. The RealReal

The RealReal is a luxury secondhand website that started in 2011 where you can sell your shoes and other items.

You can earn up to 85% of the selling price for your items.

The RealReal has a team of experts who authenticate luxury items to check their quality and authenticity. Once your shoes are approved for consignment, they will be inspected and verified by the team.

After authentication, The RealReal determines the selling price based on the market value and condition of your shoes. They will list the shoes on their website, and potential buyers can purchase them directly from there.

9. ThredUP

ThredUP was started in 2009 and is a secondhand clothing website where you can list your shoes and other items.

Here’s how ThredUP works:

  1. Create an account: If you don’t already have an account on thredUP, you’ll need to sign up.
  2. Order a Clean Out Kit: thredUP offers a Clean Out Kit service where they send you a bag to fill with your gently used clothing and shoes. You can request a kit on their website, and it will be delivered to your address.
  3. Mail your shoes: Pack your shoes, along with any other clothing items you want to sell, in the provided bag.
  4. Get paid: Thredup does the rest – including pricing your items. When your items sell, you can choose to cash out or get trade credit from Thredup.

10. Flyp

Flyp is a little different from everything else on this list, but it is still a popular option for selling shoes online. Flyp is a platform that connects you with an expert seller.

On Flyp, you can sell designer and name brand shoes, along with other items. They require that all shoes are in very good condition, from a smoke- and smell-free home, and have no stains or rips. They do not accept non-name brand shoes.

For example, some of the name brands they accept include Adidas, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Gucci, Prada, and more.

The top types of shoes they sell include athletic shoes, heels, boots, and sneakers.

red heels with skirt. best places to sell heels online - buymyheels

11. buyMYheels

BuyMYheels is a website where you can sell designer shoes. They do have a listing fee of £5 and it is nonrefundable.

This website is available to those around the world. You can simply list your heels on this website and buyers will submit offers. There may be some negotiation involved.

12. Vestiaire Collective (formerly known as Tradesy)

Vestiaire Collective is a website started in 2009 where you can sell your shoes and other clothing items.

You can simply make an account and list your items with some photos. When your item sells, the site will give you a prepaid label for free, and you will get paid up to 85% of your sale.

13. Kixify

Kixify is a very popular buy-and-sell sneaker marketplace. In fact, it is in the top 50 shopping apps in the U.S. as ranked by the Apple Store.

It was founded in 2013 and they have had over 300,000 shoes for sale.

You can set up a store on this site for free, and when something sells they take a 10% transaction fee. There are no listing fees, no setup fees, and no monthly fees. You can upload as many shoes to sell as you want.

Some examples of shoes that you can sell on Kixify include Air Jordan, Nike, Adidas, Asics, Converse, New Balance, Puma, and more.

Best Places To Sell Your Shoes Near You

If you’re looking to sell your shoes locally online, two of the best options to look into are Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. These platforms are user-friendly, anyone can use them, and they make it easy to find potential buyers near you.

With these two options, you would be exchanging cash and shoes in person, most likely not through the mail.

14. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great choice to sell your shoes, as it allows you to list your items directly through your Facebook account. Using Facebook Marketplace to sell shoes online can be a great way to reach a local audience of potential buyers.

To sell your shoes on Facebook Marketplace, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the “Marketplace” icon in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on “Create New Listing.”
  4. Choose “Items” and fill out the required information about your shoes, such as brand, size, and condition.
  5. Upload clear photos showing different angles of the shoes.
  6. Set your desired price, and select your preferred location for the exchange.
  7. Publish your listing, and interested buyers will contact you through Facebook Messenger.

Keep in mind to always arrange a meeting with potential buyers in a safe, public location to complete the transaction.

15. Craigslist

Another option for selling your shoes near you is Craigslist.

This site can be a great spot to list shoes online for sale in your local area. To list your shoes on Craigslist, here are the steps:

  1. Visit the Craigslist website and select your location.
  2. Click on “create a posting” in the top left corner.
  3. Choose “for sale by owner” and select the appropriate category for your shoes (e.g., clothing & accessories).
  4. Enter the details of your shoes, such as brand, size, condition, and price.
  5. Upload clear, appealing photos of the shoes.
  6. Fill in your contact information (Craigslist keeps your email address anonymous) and publish your listing.

When potential buyers contact you, be sure to arrange a safe, public meeting spot to complete the transaction.

Best Consignment and Thrift Stores To Sell Shoes

Selling your shoes at consignment and thrift stores can be a great option to earn some cash while decluttering your closet. In this section, we will cover some of the popular consignment and thrift stores that you can consider.

16. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a secondhand chain store that buys and sells used clothing, accessories, and shoes. They have around 40 stores in the U.S., so there may be a store near you.

At Buffalo Exchange, you can sell your shoes for cash, or trade them for store credit. They pay 25% of their selling price in cash, or 50% in store credit.

They are known for their selection of unique and trendy items, making it an excellent place to sell your shoes.

Simply bring your items to their store, and their buyers will evaluate them based on style, condition, and demand. You’ll receive a cash or trade offer on the spot. You are also required to bring your ID with you.

17. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet focuses on buying and selling gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories for teens and young adults. There are over 400 Plato’s Closet stores in the U.S., so there is probably a store near you.

Their buying process is straightforward – bring your items to their store, let their staff look over the items, and get cash for the accepted ones.

They offer around 30% of what they will sell the items for. Generally, they do not price shoes very high, so you may not be getting very much for the item. But, it is very easy to bring your items to Plato’s Closet to sell.

I personally worked at a Plato’s Closet store for around 5 years when I was younger, and I was a buyer. Shoes were an item that we bought all the time, and quality shoes were usually in demand.

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18. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading is another option for consigning your shoes and this is a popular chain with over 30 locations.

They accept a variety of brands and styles that are in clean and gently used condition. If your items are accepted, you can choose from two selling options: 30% in cash of what they price your items to sell for in the store or 50% of the selling price in store credit. Crossroads Trading also has a consignment option, with payouts anywhere from 50% to 70% in cash after the item has sold.

They also have a mail-in service. You can request a bag from them and they will send you a postage bag plus a prepaid return shipping label to sell your clothes to them through the mail. Processing time is around 4 weeks for this mail service. For the items they can accept, they will send you a mobile payment through Zelle for 30% of what they price your items for, or they will give you 50% in store credit. For a $15 fee, they will send back any items that they do not accept.

19. Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate is a retail and resale store that buys gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories, and there are around 100 locations.

Just like other secondhand stores, you can bring your items to their store and receive instant cash or trade for store credit. Their process is simple, and they accept a wide range of styles and brands.

20. Consignment shops

Besides these well-known chains, you can also check out your local consignment stores and secondhand shops. You most likely have several near you.

These independently owned stores can often provide a more personalized experience and accept a diverse selection of items.

You can simply do a Google search for something like “secondhand stores in (your city name).”

colorful shoes for sale. best places to sell shoes online and near you

Tips and Best Practices for Selling Shoes

When selling shoes online or locally, there are some things that you will want to think about so that you can make the most money and increase your earnings. Here are some of my tips:

Inspect the condition

Before listing your shoes for sale, make sure that you inspect their condition. You will want to make sure that they are as clean as you can get them.

This means that if the shoes are used, you should take the time to clean off any dirt or scuffs to improve the way that they look. A few minutes of your time can mean that you may be able to make more money, plus the shoes may sell faster because they look nicer in pictures.

You should also be honest about the condition of the shoes in your listing, and provide clear, high-quality photos that show any wear or flaws.

Know your shoe size and brands

If you plan on selling a lot of shoes (such as turning this into a major side hustle), it’s important to be knowledgeable about the sizes and the brands that you are selling. You may want to do some research with the sizing systems used by different brands, as they may vary from country to country too.

It’s also important to know the brands you are selling, as some are more popular and in more high demand than others. This may include trying to stay up-to-date about current trends and popular styles, as this can influence how much money you can make from your shoes.

Consider the platform’s commission fees

When choosing a platform to sell shoes online, look at the platform’s commission fees. These fees can impact how much profit you can make.

I talked a little bit about the different commission fees above, and that is a good start. You may also want to think about how much the shoes can sell for too, as different platforms may have different demand for the exact same pair of shoes. Also, some platforms may pay for the shipping cost for you (for example, Poshmark gives you a prepaid shipping label). With others, you may be on the hook for that as well, and that can lower your profit margin.

Market your shoes smartly

To increase your chances of successful shoe sales, you will want to market your shoes in the best way possible. This means writing helpful listings with engaging titles and descriptions.

On many platforms, this also means using keywords related to the shoe’s brand, size, and style to improve search visibility. For example, when a person is on a platform, they can search for the exact pair of shoes that they want – you can use keywords so that your shoe will pop up. This is helpful so that a buyer doesn’t have to search through thousands of listings to find the pair of shoes that they want. This is why you don’t want your listing to just say “shoes” or something unhelpful like that. You want to be as descriptive as possible and write out the brand, size, style, and more.

Also, you should include good photos from multiple angles to show how the shoe looks. Pictures go a long way and are very helpful for people who are shopping online. Low quality pictures may mean that people skip over your listing or they may not offer as much money.

You can also think about promoting your shoe listings on social media or online shoe communities to reach more potential buyers.

By following these tips and best practices above, you can increase your chances of selling your shoes at a good price and make the most money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Shoes

Here are commonly asked questions about selling your shoes for profit and where to sell used shoes.

Where is the best place to sell old shoes? What is the best platform to resell shoes on?

eBay is a popular marketplace to sell old shoes, with customers all around the world. Other options include Poshmark, which has a massive market for shoes, and local selling apps like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

There are many other specialty websites mentioned above as well, which can be a great place to look at if you have unique and expensive shoes that you are wanting to sell.

Where can I get cash for my shoes nearby?

For local sales, try Facebook Marketplace. This platform lets you connect with buyers in your area, which means in-person transactions and quick cash payments the same day as you sell the shoes.

You could even host a garage sale to sell your items quickly. But, with a garage sale, this will most likely be the lowest price you can sell your shoes for, as garage sales typically have very cheap pricing.

What online platforms can I sell my shoes on?

Some of the best online platforms to sell shoes include:

  • eBay
  • Poshmark
  • Grailed
  • Mercari
  • Depop
  • GOAT
  • StockX
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist

These websites cater to a range of shoe niches, from affordable to designer.

Where can I sell my shoes the fastest?

Poshmark and eBay are known for their quick sales times, but the speed of a sale also depends on the shoes’ demand, condition, and price. For the best results, take time to list your shoes with good photographs and detailed descriptions.

If you are wanting to sell shoes the same day, then you may want to look into a secondhand store such as Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange, or list the shoes on Facebook Marketplace. These ways will give you cash the same day, if you can find a buyer, because no shipping is required.

How much money can I make selling shoes?

The amount of money you can make selling shoes depends on many things, such as the brand, condition, and rarity of the shoes. For some shoes, you may only make a few dollars, and others you may earn hundreds of dollars or more.

If you’re focused on shoe flipping, some people make a very high income reselling limited edition sneakers or designer pairs of shoes.

Which websites specialize in used shoes?

For used shoes, you may want to look at sites like Poshmark and Grailed.

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How can I sell designer shoes for cash?

To sell designer shoes, try sites like StockX, The RealReal, or Grailed. These sites have a luxury customer base, so that your shoes reach potential buyers who know their higher value.

Is it worth it to sell shoes?

Selling shoes can be worth it if you’re looking to declutter, make some extra cash, or start a shoe-flipping business. You’ll need to put in the time and effort to research, clean, and list your shoes, but it can be a rewarding side hustle or even a full-time job.

So, yes, it can be worth it to sell shoes.

Best Places To Sell Shoes – Summary

I hope you enjoyed today’s article on the best places to sell shoes. As you can see, there are many different platforms and marketplaces where you can sell your sneakers, heels, and other new and used shoes.

Selling shoes can be a great way to make extra money, or even turn it into a business.

When it comes to selling your shoes, there are many different options that you can use to increase your profits or to sell your shoes easily.

There are online platforms such as eBay which have customers from around the world. There are also specialized marketplaces such as StockX that cater to sneaker collectors, and you may receive more money due to potential customers understanding and knowing their worth better. Whether you are looking for the best place to sell sneakers or heels, there are many options.

If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your shoes, then secondhand and consignment stores may be an easier way to sell your shoes.

In the end, the best place to sell your shoes depends on your specific goals, the type of shoes you’re selling, and how much time you want to spend. By looking at all of your different options, you can find the perfect fit for selling your shoes and make money.

Are you interested in selling shoes online and locally?

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