Jerry Insurance Review: How To Save Up To $800 A Year On Insurance

Have you heard about Jerry Insurance? Jerry compares quotes to get you the best car insurance rates fast, and my Jerry Insurance review is going to explain how it all works. When was the last time you shopped around for car insurance? What about when you last shopped around for homeowner’s insurance? One of the…

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Last Updated: November 3, 2022

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Have you heard about Jerry Insurance? Jerry compares quotes to get you the best car insurance rates fast, and my Jerry Insurance review is going to explain how it all works.

When was the last time you shopped around for car insurance? What about when you last shopped around for homeowner’s insurance?jerry insurance review

One of the smartest money moves that you can make is by spending a few minutes looking at different insurance rates because you can often save money and find a better plan.

Even though it’s very easy, shopping around for insurance is something that most people do not do. And, not shopping around can cost you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.

By simply comparing insurance rates, you may be able to save over $800 yearly.

You’d be surprised by how many people never compare insurance rates, and how much money it can cost you.

In fact, a family member of mine has been paying around $2,200 a year for car insurance for quite some time. I was absolutely shocked when I found out!

I easily helped them find car insurance with better coverage for just $600 a year. Yes, they were able to save around $1,600 in literally less than 30 minutes.

And that is why I wanted to do a Jerry Insurance review to introduce you to Jerry. Jerry is an insurance comparison company that will help you get the best value insurance by helping you shop around for auto insurance quotes.

They have over 200,000 happy users and they are quickly growing.

With Jerry:

  • You can sign up in just 45 seconds
  • Compare quotes from over 45 companies
  • Save an average of $879 per year

You can shop car insurance rates through Get Jerry here.

If you find a comparison you like, Jerry makes it easy to switch — you simply click a button and save money.

Here’s my Jerry insurance review.


What is Jerry Insurance? 

Jerry was launched back in 2019 as, but it now goes by Jerry. It’s an insurance comparison platform that can help you save money on car, home, renters, and umbrella insurance, and it is completely free.

Jerry comparison shops with 45 insurance companies such as Progressive, Nationwide, Travelers, National General, Geico, AAA, and others. These are all legitimate insurance companies that you’re getting rates from.

The problem with insurance is that most people do not compare their rates. They find a company and stick with it for years and years. Many people don’t realize that there are other companies out there with competitive rates that can help them save money.

That’s where Jerry comes in.

Jerry allows you to check with up to 45 different insurance companies in as little as 45 seconds. This is the fastest way to save money on car insurance, as you can shop around on just one easy to use platform – Jerry! 

Whether you are shopping around for your current car or you’ve bought a new car, Jerry makes it easy.

You simply answer a few easy questions, and Jerry will show you different insurance policies so that you can save money on insurance.

In fact, their average member saves over $800 each year.

One other major positive is that Jerry allows for a hassle free cancellation of your old insurance policy. Once you switch to a new policy, Jerry cancels your old one for you. 

They even have a mobile app so that you can do everything right from your phone with just the tap of a button. You can download it on the Apple App Store ios or on the Google Play Store if you have an Android.


Is Jerry AI real?

Like I said, Jerry started as or Jerry AI insurance. They recently switched to Jerry, and I will refer to them as both in my Jerry Insurance review because they’re the same thing.

The AI part of their original name is because the Jerry app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly find and compare car insurance rates for you. Using technology helps to remove money-saving barriers.


How does Jerry AI work?

Jerry’s insurance comparison service is completely free, and the whole process is really simple and quick. Jerry does all of the hard work for you so that you can have the best rate on your insurance premiums as well as the best coverage options. There are no fees now or ever.

Here’s how Jerry works:

  1. Click here to sign up for free in just 45 seconds
  2. Jerry collects and analyzes your current coverage. They contact your current company to get coverage details, and they use that information to pull up new plans for you.
  3. You will then receive insurance quotes and see how much money you can save. Jerry compares quotes from up to 45 different companies. 
  4. If you decide to switch to something more affordable, Jerry does all of the paperwork for you, so it is as easy as possible to save money. They will even cancel your old policy for you and take care of the rest.

Whenever your policy is up for renewal, Jerry will compare prices again and give you their top 3 options to pick from before renewal. This means Jerry keeps looking for ways that you can save money on insurance.


Is the Jerry Insurance App legit?

What are the cheapest car insurance companies? Which is the best car insurance?

By using Jerry, you can see what the most affordable car insurance policy for you would be.

You can compare insurance companies, their policy coverage, and more so that you can get the best insurance for you and your household.

It’s important to understand that the cheapest car insurance might not be the best, so you will want to read through all of the details of the policy to make sure it’s a good fit.

You can find the best car insurance for you by looking at:

  • Affordable premiums
  • If they have multi-policy discounts
  • Mostly good reviews (I say mostly, because a few bad reviews shouldn’t scare you off — all bad reviews should be a red flag, though)

And, all of the experts will tell you to shop around because there is a wide variety of coverage, and that’s why Jerry is so useful. They save you time comparing policies, and that helps you find good and more affordable insurance.


Is it hard to switch your car insurance policy after you find a more affordable rate?

If Jerry finds you a more affordable insurance rate, they make it easy to switch to the new company. Jerry actually does all of the paperwork for you, so it is extremely easy.

And, you do not have to wait until your current insurance policy is up for renewal before you can switch. You can switch your insurance policy at any time, and by law, insurance companies must return any unused months you have already paid for your policy.

Some insurance companies may charge a small cancellation fee if you leave during your current policy, but Jerry will let you know ahead of time so that you can determine if the savings are worthwhile.


Is safe? Is Jerry Insurance legit?

Yes, Jerry is safe and legitimate. The company uses extensive bank-level security measures to keep your information safe.

Jerry is also a licensed insurance agent registered in California.

And, they’re not going to sell or share your contact information with third-party companies.


Is the Jerry app free?

Yes, it is free for you to use the Jerry mobile app. Below, I talk about how Jerry makes money, as I’m sure that’s a question that you have.


How does make money?

I wanted to answer this question in my Jerry Insurance review because it might seem too good to be true. Jerry is providing a free service, so how do they make money?

Like I said, Jerry is a licensed insurance agency, and they earn commissions from the insurance companies that they work with. Jerry does not make money selling your information, and there are no markups or hidden fees.


Is Jerry worth it? Jerry Insurance Review

Yes, I think that trying Jerry is worth it. It is free and doesn’t take long to answer their quick and simple questions. You aren’t obligated to buy insurance through them if you don’t find something you like. 

To me, it’s a no-brainer to try so that you can see if you can save any money on insurance.

If you are tired of endless phone calls, you can use their simple app and answer a few simple questions to save money on your auto insurance.

If you have any questions about Jerry, you can leave a comment below or call their customer service at their phone number. They can help you with car insurance quotes, insurance coverage, finding the best insurance carrier, and more. You can email them at or call their phone number at 1-833-445-3779.

Most likely, you’ll be able to see where you are spending too much money! This is what happens when most people shop around for insurance — they find that they have been spending too much and can start saving money.

You can click here to compare car insurance rates now.

How much do you pay for car insurance each month? When was the last time you shopped around? Is there anything else you wish this Jerry Insurance review covered?

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  1. I think it’s such a great service to compare insurance rates across different companies and platforms. I don’t really think insurance prices their products fairly and well for customers. Even if you don’t drive a lot, you’re still paying the same amount of money (just about, really) as someone who drives 5x as you do.

    Price transparency and comparison is necessary.