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The following is a sponsored partnership with All opinions are 100% my own. On our 10 day sailing trip in June, we had a blast. We got to see many beautiful islands, snorkeled beautiful areas, and more. However, one sad thing happened – one of us lost our favorite pair of glasses that we’ve…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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The following is a sponsored partnership with All opinions are 100% my own.

On our 10 day sailing trip in June, we had a blast. We got to see many beautiful islands, snorkeled beautiful areas, and more. However, one sad thing happened – one of us lost our favorite pair of glasses that we’ve had for years.

So, I searched for a new pair, and came across I found a great new pair of glasses that I’ve been using for over one week now and I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality, great value, and low price of them when compared to other sunglasses similar to these.

I then got to look at their prescription glasses side of their business, and I ordered two of those as well. They are both high quality, look great, and their online shopping system made it very easy to order.

If you are looking for new glasses, I definitely recommend They offer quality prescription glasses online at affordable prices that save the customer up to 70% off retail prices.

Now, some people may think that getting new eye glasses or even sunglasses need to be purchased in person.

That is not true at all!

I’ve purchased my last few pairs of eye glasses and even sunglasses online, and it has saved me a TON of money over purchasing them at the eye doctor. Plus, the selection is usually much better. And, well to get back to price – the price seriously cannot be beat. There have been many times when I’ve seen eye glasses at the eye doctors for a few hundred dollars more than what I’ve found online.

I definitely recommend reading this article – 7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Glasses Online for more information on why you should start purchasing your eyewear online. Some of the reasons you’ll find in this article include:

  • You can save up to 70% off retail on prescription glasses online by shopping online
  • There are many selections for your favorite brand, shape, or style when shopping for eyewear online
  • You can try on glasses using an online “Virtual Mirror” (this is discussed further below)


How much does cost? has very affordable prices.

From designer frames and private brands to prescription sunglasses and sports eyewear, there is practically a perfect pair for anyone at any age, and a complete pair starts at only $48 including Rx. lenses (before discounts). I saw quite a few pairs on their website for just $38 too!

Yes, a complete pair of glasses (frames + lenses) starts at $48, and it looks like they often have deals and discounts to make the pricing even cheaper.

Plus, free prescription lenses are included with every frame.

Yes, so the prescription glasses on this website are actually that affordable!


What kind of selection have? has a very wide selection with over 2,500 styles. They have in-house brands such as Muse (all three that I ordered were from the Muse brand) and Amelia E.. They also have designer brands such as Ray-ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, Adidas, and more.

When it comes to the style of the glasses, also has quite a wide variety of glasses frame styles such as full rim, half-rim, rimless, sports glasses, safety glasses, glasses for children, prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, and more.

The lenses that sells on their website are high quality as well.

You can even try on any pair by uploading your photo or importing from Facebook and seeing it through our virtual mirror on the site. To use this feature. You just need to find a pair of glasses that you like, and then click the “Try It On” button. Below is an example that I took from their website.


If it turns out that you don’t like what you purchased, provides free shipping and free returns, along with a 100% money back guarantee with a full refund within 14 days of delivery (no questions asked), and 365 day product warranty on a pair of glasses that you buy.

Would you ever buy eye glasses online, specifically prescription glasses? Why or why not?


Have you ever thought about ordering eyeglases or sunglasses online? Here's my review and tips for how you can save money on eyewear.

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  1. Mao

    This is a great alternative for someone like me who has been wearing glasses my whole life. When I first moved to the US, I was shocked on how expensive glasses can get. It’s about time someone do something to change that rather than buying from the eye doctor.

  2. Yes I sure would and have. I’ve ordered prescription glasses from before a few years back. They are still in great shape. And probably can still be worn since my prescription has not changed in over 6 years.

  3. FIbythecommonguy

    Interesting and have never thought about. I will be taking a look at this site to see what they have. I have been wearing glasses for years now and always get mine from a local optical shop. It appears that I have an alternative now. Thanks for sharing.

  4. When it comes to not just buying glasses but buying anything online, doing most of their shopping from the comfort of their home computer can be liberating. Why? Simply because the discounts that are offered online in which you can use coupons from sites like coupon cabin and retail me not to get further discounts online versus the discounts you would get in the store would encourage you to stay at home and shop in your underwear. When it comes to myself, I like online shopping more for glasses or shoes or even clothes, because it costs more money nowadays to buy the same things when you drive to the store and burn unnecessary gas.