Make Thousands – While Recording Your Voice From a Closet

The following is a sponsored post. In May, I had the chance to interview Carrie who is a voice-over actor in How To Become A Voice Over Actor And Work From Anywhere. I never once thought about this career before, but now I just can’t stop thinking about it. It is such an awesome choice…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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Make Thousands - While Recording Your Voice From a ClosetThe following is a sponsored post.

In May, I had the chance to interview Carrie who is a voice-over actor in How To Become A Voice Over Actor And Work From Anywhere. I never once thought about this career before, but now I just can’t stop thinking about it. It is such an awesome choice for so many people!

Just think about all the times you hear a recorded voice: TV commercials, animations, radio commercials, video games, phone systems, audiobooks, and more. There is definitely a lot of voice acting in the world that is needed.

If you are looking for a new job or even just a side hustle, voice acting may be something that you want to look into.

This is a great job for anyone, especially if you have a family or are expecting to start a family, as you can do this from home and still have a flexible work schedule.

You won’t have to spend money on things like commuting or childcare if you don’t want to, as you can work from home!

I love working from home, not having a commute, making my own schedule, and more, so these are all great positives of voice acting 🙂

Here are some awesome success stories from

In 2013, I decided to take some time away from my voice-over work to be a stay-at-home mom. When the tot started school, I was looking forward to getting back into the industry! I was nervous, though, since it had been some time since my last voice job. After careful consideration, I decided to renew my Premium subscription with Within the first week I had been hired by a client for a role in a Belgian animated film. How exciting! The following week, I was chosen for another project advertising childrens’ toiletries. I’m so glad I re-joined and I can’t wait to expand my client base. – Paige Williams

My decision to join came after feeling like my Music Theatre career wasn’t right for me anymore. At the time, I had just had a baby and was looking for new work that still used my performing skills while keeping me at home with flexible hours. Every professional I talked to about the voice-over industry said that it was very difficult to break into. I was prepared to be patient. My first audition on was early June and, to my shock, I booked my first job just over a month later. I have been depositing money into my account almost every Friday ever since. I never expected this job to happen so quickly or be so right for me. One of my big goals was to be a character in a video game which ended up being my second booking and I now have three game characters under my belt. – Janna Polzin

My childhood dream was to become a radio DJ. When I got my first radio job in high school I was thrilled. By 2010 I had established a successful radio career – I loved being live on air every morning! However, it didn’t take long for me to realize I wanted to do more. I set up a home studio and began auditioning for all types of voice-over work at I loved getting jobs, getting feedback, and getting paid. After my children were born I took some time off from radio and my voice-over work got put on hold as well. Time flew by and when I came back to it had been a five-year hiatus. I wondered what I had missed. Did I still have the talent? Would the website be completely different? And where did I put my microphones?! The first time I logged on to again, all my demos, feedback, bio, and even my emails to and from clients were still there from five years ago. It was like I never left! Everything is still so easy to use and the updates to the site are great. It’s better than ever. I started auditioning right away and I got two jobs the very first day. is the perfect platform for anyone looking to make a career out of Voice Acting. They offer the tools, opportunity, and support to be successful. Now I work from home doing what I love and I am still part of an amazing team of professionals. – Carly Diamond

As you can see, voice acting can lead to promising results. also has great reviews. It was founded by a husband and wife team who are passionate about voice acting, so they created this super helpful voice-over acting marketplace to help find, hire, and pay voice talent. There are over 250,000 registered from around the world in this network!

Plus, there are over 4,000 jobs posted a month on, with an average time to complete a job of just 48 hours.


How do I get started?

You are probably wondering this right now, right?

There are many affordable ways to get started with voice acting. You can soundproof a space to record, such as closets with hanging clothes makes for a quiet place where the clothing absorbs excess noise.

Heavy curtains, blankets, or even yoga mats hung in a tiny office or shed also works. A laptop and a good microphone help get you started – quality microphones are easy to come by as well. The editing software is also often free or inexpensive, such as with Audacity or GarageBand.

You don’t have to only record at home either. You can record while you are traveling, in an RV, a hotel room, or anywhere else. The schedule is up to you as well, and you can work around whatever is going on in your day. Auditioning for a voice-over spot only takes a couple of minutes, so it’s really easy to make it work with your busy schedule! Editing for a project then only takes an hour or two, depending on what is needed. You audition online, deliver files online, and get paid online.

Sounds great, right?

Are you interested in voice acting?

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  1. This is so cool! I haven’t considered this as a side gig at all. I bet my readers would love it!

  2. Lindsey

    My boyfriend has wanted to do voice acting for some time now actually. At first I thought it was a dumb idea, and I must admit I was a little bit of a dream crusher. After reading some of your articles on your blog regarding voice acting, I’m starting to realize my closemindedness. Besides, if he wants to bring in some extra money, who am I to complain ;).

  3. Man, if only I had known about this in graduate school…my tiny room was practically a closet, haha! I did though, pick up some interesting gigs!

  4. Amanda-LivingFullyandFree

    I am so excited about this idea! I am going to be checking it out for sure!


  5. This is so interesting!! I really don’t love the sound of my own voice but the possibility of making money from it does seem intriguing!