How Blogging Saved My Life

Today, I have a post from Chantal. Blogging completely changed my life by allowing me to pay off my student loans, travel extensively, be happier, and make a great income. Check out my post How I Made $320,888 In 2015 to read further. It might sound absurd to say that blogging saved my life—but hear me out….

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: December 12, 2020

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How Blogging Saved My LifeToday, I have a post from Chantal. Blogging completely changed my life by allowing me to pay off my student loans, travel extensively, be happier, and make a great income. Check out my post How I Made $320,888 In 2015 to read further.

It might sound absurd to say that blogging saved my life—but hear me out.

In the fall of 2014, I was trying to gather up the gumption to go back to work after having my daughter earlier in the year. Being a new mom was a struggle but I still wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.

When my little girl turned one, I just couldn’t go back to work.

It had always been my plan to go back after the first year of her life. But I felt conflicted, and even worse, I battled postpartum depression, which later turned to major depression. I didn’t have a solid career path lined up, and everything I tried felt wrong.

Before I had my daughter, I didn’t have a job I enjoyed, and it was barely helping financially. Once I got through my daughter’s first year, I started applying for jobs and scheduling interviews, only to turn around and cancel them after thinking about my daughter again.

The traditional woman in me felt like being a homemaker, but the modern woman felt the desire to be my own success. As time went on, I felt like I was burning bridges, ruining my chances of ever having a job again, and spiraling down further and further into depression.

It was tough because I wanted to help my family financially, but I also wanted to be with my daughter. Yet, I had my own struggles. The idea of not supporting my family left me deeper in a depressed state, making me feel useless. I knew that my little girl needed me.

Still, I felt insignificant.

I had this nagging feeling that my purpose had not yet been found. How could I support my family financially but be a present parent, too? How could I give my own life purpose? Being a parent didn’t feel like enough.


The Modern Mom Conflict

The struggle of being a woman in 2016 is much different than it was even a few decades ago.

Women have the power and resources to do and be anything they want.

While this is wonderful, it only adds to the notion that women must do everything—get an education, have children, manage a household, travel, and look like a million bucks while doing it. While I am grateful to be able to follow my own aspirations, I let the pressure of having to raise a family and have a career leave me feeling anxious and worthless.

I didn’t ever feel like I was doing enough for my family. Feeling like I had to choose between raising my daughter and having a career wasn’t something that sat well with me.

It wasn’t until, on a rainy October day in 2014, when I came across a blog income report on Pinterest, that things finally started to click.

Blogging immediately appealed to me because I already loved to write, but also because of the unlimited potential involved. It was exciting to know that I could potentially stay home and still make a decent living. I started to do more research about blogging, and I realized that I wasn’t the only woman out there that wanted to make a difference for her family financially… and they were doing it by blogging!


Jazzed About Blogging

So I got started blogging with this huge amount of motivation and excitement. I was enthralled. The idea that I could be my own boss and travel when I wanted to was enticing. Not only this, but my husband and I had discussed homeschooling my daughter, which would only be possible if I stayed home to raise her. Blogging could be the perfect solution to all of my personal and financial worries…and to this day, it has definitely helped.

But in truth, my first few months blogging were a mix of excitement, confusion, disappointment, and defeat. Granted, I had a lot of other things going on. I have to tell you that I did seek help for my depression, and it has helped me in many of my personal battles. Picking up blogging was helping me have purpose and goals, but it wasn’t all fun and games like Pinterest had made it seem. Blogging was much harder than I ever could have imagined, and I contemplated giving up several times. I got frustrated, felt worthless all over again, and started over from scratch several times.

If you’re a blogger, you’ll quickly learn (if you haven’t already!) that blogging is something that you have to truly enjoy to continue doing. Believing everything I saw on Pinterest is among one of my many blogging mistakes. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not going to make you thousands as soon as you hit the “publish” button for the first time. It might not even make you any money for years. Blogging is truly a job, and it’s one that requires passion and perseverance.

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Finding Purpose and Direction

Today I am grateful that I didn’t give up on blogging.

While I haven’t made a fortune blogging, it has helped me fulfill that desire to be my own boss and it has quenched my entrepreneurial thirst. But as someone who has a history of depression, I can’t tell you how important it is to have purpose, and that’s what I have now that I’m writing a blog.

  • I still have the same excitement I did as when I got started any time I think of a new post idea or see a new comment on my WordPress dashboard.
  • I still love to write, and I love to interact with others in the blogging community.
  • I love to talk to other moms and help others whenever possible.

I feel like I have found some direction in my own life and found an appropriate “work-life balance.” I still feel limitless. I love to sit down with a notebook and cup of coffee and brainstorm, set goals, and write to my heart’s content. If anything, blogging has helped me feel important again in my own little world.

As you can see, I think that blogging can totally change your life. Blogging has changed my life for the better by offering me hope and the ability to pursue my passion.

I want to encourage you to use your passions and talents to their fullest and not ignore your needs as a human being. If you are passionate about anything—be it cooking, technology, human rights—whatever it is—invest in your passion! Don’t let society and outsiders tell you how to feel like I did. ☺

Author bio: Chantal Steele is the creator of Ironwild Fitness, a blog focused on helping women realize their potential through blogging. She is a firm believer that women shouldn’t have to choose between family and a career. Chantal is a mom and freelance writer. When not blogging, Chantal can be found with her nose in a book or getting her hands dirty in the garden.

Are you interested in blogging? If you’re already a blogger, has it changed your life?

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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Author: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

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  1. It’s so awesome when you find a passion for something and you get to live it every day. I work as a product manager in a digital marketing innovation team during the day and it’s such a thrilling job with exposure to every aspect of the business. I miss being self employed however and enjoying the fruits of my labour. I’ve enjoyed the read Chantelle and visited your site. Would love to connect, we’re both a similar journey, it’d be great to share tips, successes, failures and advice.

  2. nina

    It’s like reading my own story! I can relate to every word (up to the point of actually making money with blogging :). I’ve struggled with depression after having my first child, followed by all possible conflicts within and outside of me. Thank you for sharing. Your story is an inspiration to me and an affirmation of all my previous and current baby steps.

  3. I wouldnt say it has saved my life, but it sure has enriched it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s amazing how doing something you’re passionate about can turn things around. I’m been blogging for a few months, and it’s been so much fun. My day job is just for paying the bills until my husband finished school this summer and I can have some freedom to move on to something else. Blogging has given me something creative to do after work and it really has made a difference in my attitude.

  5. Great story. Blogging has definitely opened my life up to more opportunity. I’ve also had the chance to meet and mingle with a lot of great bloggers.

  6. Surprisingly, after seven and a half years, I still enjoy blogging. It’s surprising because I expected to get bored or distracted within three months.But I’m still having fun. Well, when I’m not grousing about figuring out what the hell to write for my next post. But by and large, it’s good.

    I’m a depressive, so having a place to vent is huge. My readers have been a huge support system in tough times, depression and otherwise. And I like to think that my some of my money saving suggestions and my frank talk about struggles with depression has helped at least a small number of people.

    I don’t know that blogging has saved my life — I still make next to nothing on it because I don’t have enough time to really focus on that aspect — but it’s been a huge help. My readers’ ideas have helped us save money. Their support has meant the world to me in some very grim times.

  7. Hung Thai

    That’s awesome, congrats to you and hope you continue striving to make even more! As for me, the DJ saved my life. 🙂

  8. Danielle

    I am an excellent writer and would be a good blogger but my conflict is what do I blog about? Seems like everything is already out there so how do you come up with what you are going to blog about?

  9. The internet has created a new frontier for everyone but especially women.

    I first looked at the internet as a way to build a business 20 years ago – we were still on ‘dial up’ back then so it wasn’t really a practical option but, being an opinionated introvert an internet business had real appeal as a way to make a living. I started selling online over a decade ago and a year ago I began blogging.

    Blogging has been a huge revelation for me on lots of levels. It’s the job I always knew I wanted but didn’t know how to find. Now that I have, there’s no turning back.

    The traditional and the entrepreneurial can find their happy place in blogging. I know I have. 🙂

  10. I just started blogging last year, and while it’s still just a hobby for me, I do really enjoy it! I haven’t made any money off it and don’t really care if I do. It’s just a place for me to write down what’s been going on in my life and keep me on track financially.

    However, my job is getting more stressful and I’m realizing that instead of going to work somewhere else, under a different boss, I would rather work for myself. I just need to figure out how…

  11. Amy @ DebtGal

    Blogging has helped me find a supportive community, as I work toward paying off a lot of debt. Also, the accountability of posting my debt totals and goal updates is very motivating. 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing your story! While I’m not where I want to be yet with blogging, it really has served a good purpose for me because I feel like I’m not wasting my passion.

  13. Daundra Becker

    I can so relate. I just started my blog three weeks ago and it’s the most thrilling, terrifying, exciting adventure ever. And I know adventures! I had my one year old at home in a bathtub with only my hubby there to catch her. 🙂

    I’ve struggled with depression since I can remember, and writing is the best outlet. Blog on! And thanks for the encouraging post!

  14. Ella

    It’s always so nice to hear\read a story about someone finding their purpose and joy and how that helps them through difficult times, I’m very happy for you! I can definitely relate in my own way, about finding a passion and purpose that not only helps or saves you but also excites you too. Not necessarily with blogging specifically, but even with blogging I’m receiving so much more than I expected. When I started, I had no idea why I was really doing it and my strong impulsive urge was confusing to me. I thought I’d probably quit soon after but it ended up giving me so much joy and fulfilling me so much, that I’m still at it!
    Great post! 🙂

  15. I am so happy to read this. Blogging has changed my career too. I am making more than what I could have made through my day job. Of course, I am yet to reach at your level, but I am still happy that I took a right decision at a right time.

  16. Betsy Barnes

    I have been considering to start a blog. I think at this point in my life, I am closer to doing it. I would love to give it a shot, just need to make up my mind and start. I will never know until I try 🙂

  17. margaux retrophiliac

    tried but never got motivated enough

  18. What a wonderful story! I think blogging has changed my life, or at minimum had a big impact. It got me my first book deal and I am excited to see where it takes me.

  19. Christine Holliday

    It has crossed my mind a few times. Reading this has given me encouragement ….

  20. Greeta

    Thanks for sharing your story Laura.

  21. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and have been really amazed at the opportunities that have presented. I still have so much to learn. Every time I think I have a handle on things I discover something new that I wasn’t aware of. It’s a process and takes time but I’m looking forward to thriving in this business. I will be using your resources!