Common RV Questions – Yes, I Even Talk About What We Do With #2

We’ve been asked some interesting questions, ever since we started RVing. While they seem funny to us now, I know that we have had some of these same questions before we started RVing as well. Due to that, I knew I had to answer some of the most common RV questions we have received in a blog…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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Common RV Questions - Yes, I Even Talk About What We Do With #2We’ve been asked some interesting questions, ever since we started RVing.

While they seem funny to us now, I know that we have had some of these same questions before we started RVing as well. Due to that, I knew I had to answer some of the most common RV questions we have received in a blog post.

Some of the questions we are asked are from those who think we are crazy for living in an RV. Whereas, others are from people who are interested in RVing, but are unsure about certain things. Either way, I hope to clear up a lot of the common RV questions we receive.

You will never know: maybe, I’ll convert some of you. 🙂

Below are questions that I’ve been asked by friends, family, readers, and even strangers. It’s always an interesting time, trying to explain RVing to strangers who stop me at the store after they’ve seen me get out of our RV.

It’s a lot of fun, though. I love answering RV questions and getting others hooked on this lifestyle!


1. Do you shower?

Yes, we shower. We have a shower in our RV. I use soap, shampoo, and everything else. I shower just like how I would at home.

The water is hot, too. We have a tankless water heater, and while it’s not always perfect, I am still able to shower.


2. Who dumps the gross stuff?

Wes, my husband, of course.

I have never dumped either of the tanks, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. That was actually the number one rule when we decided to get an RV – that I would never dump the tanks.



3. What do you do when you have to use the bathroom?

We use it.

Haha! For real, we have a flushing toilet in our RV, so we use the bathroom, just like if we were in a “real” home.


4. How/what do you eat?

We make food in our kitchen. We have a table, fridge, microwave, stove, convection oven, and a slow cooker. We are able to cook, just as if we were at home.


5. What do you do for internet?

I have a Verizon MiFi that I use for internet. With this device, I can access the internet from almost anywhere.

RV park internet is notoriously bad. If you plan on working online while traveling full-time, I highly recommend having an internet device.


6. Why are you RVing? Do you like it?

We love RVing for many reasons:

  • We love to travel. RVing allows us to visit so many more places than if we lived in one spot.
  • We love being able to take our home to fun destinations and not having to pack up every single time.
  • It’s a relatively affordable way to travel and live.
  • It’s much more comfortable and easy to bring our home with us to all of the places that we want to visit.


7. Is RVing safe?

Yes, I believe that RVing is safe. We’ve never felt unsafe, while traveling in our RV.


8. Do you ever do laundry? 

Interestingly, this is one of the top questions I hear.

Yes, we do laundry!

Most RV parks have laundromats, so we are able to do laundry as often as we need to.


9. What do your dogs do all day?

Sadly, there are some who don’t think we’re treating our dogs well, due to the fact that they live in an RV. I’m not sure how this is any different from someone, who keeps their dog in a house or an apartment, as our dogs still have multiple sleeping spots. They can stretch their legs, eat and drink, and more.

They are actually more active now, because I take them for hikes every single day. Our bigger dog walks around 5-10 miles a day and sleeps the entire rest of the day. Our smaller dog, on the other hand, hates going outside, so he is definitely perfect for RV life.

Our dogs go on fun hikes all the time. They also enjoy paddle boarding (yes, they LOVE it), and lots of lovin’ while in the RV.


10. Do you hate each other yet?

Nope! Living in an RV has actually brought us closer together.


11. What do you do for a living, so that you can RV full-time?

This isn’t a common RV question that I receive from readers. However, I hear this all the time when I’m on the road or when I bump into someone in person.

This is a question that is always funny to answer, because many don’t think you can make money while traveling. However, you can!

I make my living entirely online through my blog. I earned over $300,000 in 2015 through my blog, and I am hoping to double that in 2016.

Related: How To Make Money While Traveling


12. How do you receive mail?

We belong to a mail forwarding company, called My Dakota Address. All of our mail gets sent there, and then this company forwards our mail to wherever we are.


13. Where do you like to stay?

I’ll be honest and say that we are not usually huge fans of RV parks. There are some nice ones out there (we’re at an awesome one right now in Tucson that we love), but we don’t like to be packed in the middle of a bunch of RVs, which is how most RV parks are.

If we do stay at an RV park for a long period of time, we like to make sure that we have a view, where at least one side of us backs up to something awesome, such as the ocean, desert, mountain, etc. The RV park that we are at right now is amazing. It is affordable, and our spot backs up to 40,000 acres of beautiful state park and national park land. This is the best RV park we have stayed at yet.

Usually, though, this is why we prefer campgrounds at state parks, national parks, and so on, because you get a much better view and a little more space.


14. What kind of gas mileage do you get in your RV?

We actually get somewhat good gas mileage in our RV. We get around 14-15 miles per gallon!

Our RV is not the norm, though. I believe the average RV gets less than 10 miles per gallon.


15. Why would you want to explore the U.S.?

This is my least favorite question and it honestly makes me want to scream.


The U.S. is full of awesome landscapes and there are so many beautiful and fun things to see here. Just take a look at some of my Instagram photos below for proof.

Big Sur

Bike Tour



Grand Teton


RV Living - Travel and Work On The Road

RV Living - Travel and Work On The Road 4

RV Living - Travel and Work On The Road 5

Cannondale Synapse Review 2

Common RV Questions

Common RV Questions


16. Are you happy in your RV?

I honestly don’t think we’ve ever been happier. We love everything about our new lifestyle.

The only thing I would change is that I wish we would have known that we were going to be RVing full-time, because now we want to tow a car. With our current RV, we are unable to tow anything more than 2,000 pounds.

Other than that, though, everything is perfect! We are extremely excited to see what the next year (or more!) brings us. Our plans for the next year after Tucson include Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Moab, numerous places in Colorado, and then slowly making our way to the Florida Keys.

It will be an amazing year!

Side note: My friend Heath also just wrote a similar post about interesting questions him and his wife are asked all the time as well. Check out 21 Questions Everyone Asks Us About Living In An RV! If you’re seriously interested about living in an RV, I recommend you check out Heath’s blog. Heath and his wife are amazing.

What other questions do you have for me? Do you think you could do RV life?


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  1. Dee @ Color Me Frugal

    I bet strangers ask you all the time how you make money- especially since you probably run into lots of older people at RV parks. Do they give you crazy looks when you tell them you’re a blogger?? I bet there are plenty of older people who haven’t even heard of that. Too funny!! πŸ™‚

    1. Haha surprisingly it seems like a lot of RVers blog!

      1. Malvy

        Exactly, just because we live and travel in RVs doesn’t mean we don’t know how the internet works lol, now that’s funny!

    2. John

      Just started to RV and wondering if you can have propane on while driving for the fridge

  2. Katrina

    Hi Dee. What do you and your husband do about healthcare? Also, do you find it difficult to make reservations for the Parks? My husband and I like to go camping, but find it difficult to get spots sometimes! Thank you for posting!

    1. Is this question aimed at me or Dee?

      If it’s at me, then we actually belong to Liberty Health Share. We just started with them in January of 2016.

      For reservations, I recommend making yours ahead of time. We learned that the hard way!

    2. Katrina

      Sorry Michelle and Dee! Michelle! Wonderful post! Thank you!

  3. Christopher

    These is great questions. I love the pictures of your travels in the RV. Brings me back 26 years ago when my folks and siblings went on trips around the U.S. in a Winnebago. Not much of internet access back in those days. My father was retired military so he had discounts such as the PX, commissary, and access to the military campgrounds. Unfortunately, it was a few trips and there the RV stayed on the driveway till it was donated. My folks are older now and are still working full time jobs. Now that I have a family of my own, traveling is something we want to do in the future. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  4. Jeri

    I’m so happy for you – it looks like you’re having a blast!! Do you ever stay in hotels or spend time in a home? Have you ever been to New Mexico? New Mexico has some of the most beautiful skies, in my opinion, of course! What has been your favorite place to visit so far? Do you stay in the US, have you ventured, or thought of venturing to Mexico or Canada in your RV? This is truly fascinating! Thanks for sharing your journey; it really helps me to get a different perspective. One doesn’t have to have an office to make a living online. The open road and beautiful landscapes are your office! High five!!!!!

    1. We definitely want to go to New Mexico soon. The campgrounds there are beautiful and I’ve heard that they are SUPER cheap πŸ™‚

      My favorite place… That’s hard. We’ve honestly loved everywhere!

      We haven’t ventured out of the country yet, but we definitely want to go to Mexico and Canada one day. I think we need more RV experience before we go to Mexico, though.

  5. Tiffany

    We also live in an RV and get a lot of funny questions too. We love living in an RV and I agree that it makes you closer. Living in a small space tells you a lot about your relationship. We also have a 1 year old so that makes things extra interesting. So glad ya’ll are living your dreams. I actually wrote a post recently called the Side Effects of Chasing Your Dreams. Good luck on your journey. Hope you have an awesome year.

  6. Tara

    Camping in general is fun for me so I can see how even greater RVing is. Since you would want to tow a vehicle, could you sell your current RV towards getting one that can tow? Keep up the fun! Also, if you haven’t been to Banff National Park in Alberta yet in the summer, it’s definitely worth the drive! I went with friends once, after experiencing Stampede in Calgary and I completely fell in love with the Canadian Rockies.

    1. We have thought about selling, but man, RVs really depreciate after just a few months of owning it haha. We plan on waiting until it’s a little older so that we don’t take as big of a hit.

  7. I am so curious about the RV life. I’m not sure if we’ll ever do it, but it’s so interesting to me. You should stop by Bryce Canyon. It’s not too far from Zion and it’s awesome! I worked at the national park there after college. So much fun hiking in the area.

    1. Yes, we definitely want to go to Bryce this year!

  8. Heather

    Hi There, Your blog is a lot of fun, and your lifestyle looks amazing. But I gotta ask, just because it occurred to me: If you are making a lot of money blogging and you live in an RV, why do you not trade up your RV to get one that can tow a car, and then get a car to tow? I don’t mean to pry, but since you mentioned regretting not getting a bigger RV, I just wondered…

    1. Depreciation on an RV is HUGE and we would lose about $40,000 by trading it in after just a few months. While my income is high, I just can’t lose that much money haha.

      1. Heather

        Fair enough! All the best!

  9. Kevin Coppa

    Great Post! I am an avid RVer, just not full time yet.
    A couple of our little RV quirks are: We (almost) never use the RV toilet for Number 2. Emergencies excluded, we find walking the few steps to the campground facilities adds to the adventure of everything, and also keeps the tanks that much fresher and emptier. Same thing with showers, we put on our flip flops, grab our ditty bag and towel, and go use the campgrounds facilities. We are quite nimble at it. And our gray/black tanks don’t need to be emptied as often.
    We also have been subscribers to Dish network and take all of our channels and dvr on the road with us. I know tv is a plague, but I need to keep everyone in our family (wife) happy. My tv bill is $90/month which includes HBO.
    Thanks again for a great blog!

    1. Yeah, we really need to start using public facilities more. It seems like everyone else does!

  10. This is awesome, Michelle! How wonderful that you guys are doing exactly what you want to do. I love the photos, especially the kayaking ones and the one of you looking out over the cliff.

  11. Hi Michelle,
    We love your blog and I share it with my post-college “kids” as an example of how to pay off their college debt.
    We also love to promote the “RV Lifestyle”, and rent out 4 RV’s here in beautiful West Michigan, along Michigan’s “Gold Coast”. Please come check it out sometime, especially Sleeping Bear Dunes!
    For your readers who want to “Try Before You Buy”, check out our rental RVs at:

    Dave The RV Guy.

  12. Fervent Finance

    I worked at an RV campground for 5 years and loved it. Pump outs were great because it was me and a buddy driving the truck around all day, would get some tips, and were free from the normal nonsense at work.

  13. Rather than getting a bigger RV with a larger tow capacity you could consider buying a Smart Car that spec’s shows weighs in @ 1,984 lbs. Or you could go the fun route and find a NICE older VW bug. The spec on a Pre-1970 stock bug is around 1807 pounds. Since you like to stay in parks you maybe could find one converted to a Baja Bug that would also be fun on dirt roads. It should come in lighter with all the fiberglass front, rear, and fenders. We had one for many years and took it everywhere. A Smart Car would have current safety features but in CO a pre-1975 car can be licensed as a Vintage Auto with a plate having a 5 year expiration and after the initial licensing doesn’t require a new emissions test to renew every five years. You do have to meet whatever CO residency requirements to license though. Just some ideas… Keep enjoying your RV lifestyle.

    1. We really don’t feel comfortable being that close to the tow capacity because we know of people who have done the same and horrible things happening. We did think about it for a second but we don’t want to put us or other people at risk.

  14. That question asking you why you’d want to visit the US is infuriating. It’s as if people think nothing here is worth seeing and you have to go overseas. So untrue! But I’d get the same flack from people especially if I chose a vacation destination that wasn’t California or Florida. Like why in the world would I want to visit Ohio? Because it’s not Illinois and I’m curious!

    Oh and those questions about showering and using the bathroom. Too funny. Have these people never seen an RV before? πŸ™‚

  15. I hadn’t thought about the logistics of living in an RV – I guess I just assumed it was fine, which it sounds like it is. This was very interesting! You are really living in a tiny house that happens to be mobile.

    My additional question for you: How much time do you like to spend in one place vs. traveling from place to place (i.e., do you stay somewhere a week and then drive half a day to the next spot? a month and then a few days of driving?)?

    1. Before just a month ago, we were actually moving every day or two and we thought that was fun. But, at the end of December we went to Tucson and actually haven’t left this same RV park haha! I think we really like staying put. Driving the RV, even though it is small, is a headache.

  16. I like that the question about #2 is listed accordingly as #2. I don’t think I could do it either. Eeew! You didn’t specify where you dump. Are there specific locations designated for that? My other thing is I don’t think I could drive the damn thing and I don’t think it would be fair to make one person do it. Sounds totally awesome though. There are so many places in the US that I have not explored and would love to.

    1. Haha I have only driven about 1,000 or 2,000 miles on the RV. I don’t think Wes trusts me enough – I have horrible eyes to be driving something so long!

    2. Jennifer wagner

      We have an Rv and I was wondering if you can hang things on the walls and what do you use

      1. Have you tried command strips?

  17. Renee

    I love your blog and think it’s great that you are so successful. I would like to follow your path and start a profession that I can do from anywhere. Instead of the RV/land based route you have chosen, we are boaters and plan to move aboard full time one day. Currently, we just live aboard on the weekends in the FL Keys. If and when you make it there with your RV, I hope you love it as much as I do. Be sure to book your reservations early and don’t miss Bahia Honda State Park. The RV sites are just steps from the ocean on probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the Keys or all of Florida. Safe travels.

    1. We have dreams of living on a sailboat one day. Hopefully you do that before me, start a blog, and allow me to follow your footsteps πŸ™‚

  18. Barb

    My sister and her husband are just beginning their RV lifestyle here in British Columbia. They sold most of their things, rented their home to her daughter and struck out in the RV. They haven’t gone too far yet, they are still in an RV park close to their home, but as soon as the weather warms up they will be up and off to explore all of BC before they begin to make their way across Canada. I envy them and you for the ability to just pick and go wherever you want whenever you want. I hope it continues to be the lifestyle you love for a long time to come.

  19. This is an excellent post. I can’t believe someone asked why would you want to explore the US? That was the weirdest question out of all of them to me. I would have asked the reader, why not?

  20. Ree Klein

    Hi Michelle,

    This was an excellent post (although all of yours are in that category!). I would love to full-time RV, but it is a little scary to “give up” living in a house. We bought a 34 ft used RV in 2015 and have enjoyed traveling in it. We live in So Cal and have been up to Oregon and all the way out to Michigan to visit family. We’ve camped in RV parks (yuck) and dry camped for seven days out in the desert (LOVED IT)!

    I sell products on Amazon and have even fulfilled orders from the road! I have a portable printer and I use the Karma Go for my wifi. It works like a prepaid calling card and has been awesome w/r/t connection strength.

    This was so fun to read, thanks for sharing your answers and beautiful pics!

    1. I’ve been looking at the Karma! I just don’t like how anyone can connect to it. Does that scare you at all?

      1. Ree Klein

        Hi Michelle, at first I was nervous about that but now I’m fine. Here’s why…
        anyone who tries to connect through your Karma device must have their own separate account with Karma and they can’t access the internet unless they log into their account. I tested this by having my Mr. try to get on my Karma Go with his laptop. Unless he created his own Karma account, no dice, can’t get on.

        people jumping on your Karma Go are pulling from their own “data” account, not yours. They supposedly don’t aren’t able to “see” what you are doing and if you are using secure websites, then you should be as good as if you’re on any other wireless device. I must admit that I don’t do banking transactions while on the Karma Go because I’m waiting to hear if anyone starts having problems.

        I’ve been using it since August and we’ve been to round trip CA to MI and back (gone over two weeks). We’ve had several other trips dry camping in the desert (each a week long). I do still have my Verizon account tied to my phone. On the very rare occasions where we’re somewhere that the Karma isn’t so great, I switch over to that.

        My favorite thing about the Karma is how easy it is to use and that you never lose the data you buy. Use it up and buy some more when you need it. Twice since I put in my order, Karma has offered a 2 for 1 deal. I bought in once with 10 gigs for $100 and they gave me 10. That’s a sweet deal!

        How does that compare with your Verizon MiFi?

        1. All great to know! That is good to know that they have to have their own Karma account, I did not know that! I’ll have to look into getting this πŸ™‚

          For Verizon, I believe it’s $80 for 10 gigs and the more gigs you buy then the cheaper it is. I just wish they still offered unlimited!

  21. My dogs are my furkids and I always tend to VaCa with them in mind. That’s so great yours are with you all the time. What do you do if they have to go to the vet?

    1. Yes, our dogs are definitely our furkids. I am a crazy dog person πŸ™‚

      If they have to go to the vet, we just plan on taking them to one wherever we are.

  22. RV’ing sounds pretty fun. How often do you do this yearly, Michelle?

  23. Chad @ Internet Business for You

    Great post, you living a life of my dreams. I would recommend to anyone to try this. Five years ago, me and my wife rented RV and went from Alabama to California and to Washington and back to Alabama. It was incredible. Best vacation ever. Maybe this year in September we could make same trip again.

  24. Shelley

    can you publish some images inside your RV, I am interested in buying similar, I have 35000$ budget, so I am going to buy used one. What should I look for is there any bad thing on which I should pay attention. Thanks

    1. I have to do this soon. I keep forgetting!

  25. Zascha

    I’m really admiring what you guys are doing, I think it’s awesome. I’m also a bit jealous of course! πŸ™‚
    The first couple of questions made me laugh! πŸ˜€

  26. The title of this post alone was enough to make me read it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh. I’ve actually wondered some of these things when I heard that you were living in your RV full time.

    1. Haha, I tried to create a catchy title. I think I did! πŸ™‚

  27. Lillian Schaeffer

    Thanks for sharing the answers to all of these questions about using a RV! I didn’t realize that you could actually have a working shower in a recreational vehicle, but that would definitely make things more convenient! My husband and I have been considering buying a RV, so we’ll definitely look into finding one that can have a shower. Thanks for the great post!

    1. The majority of RVs have a shower, so you shouldn’t have any problem.

  28. The Saving Nerd

    Great post Michelle, I love the clear answers you provided. the pictures make me want to go

    I am jealous because I love to travel as well. I have heard of MIFI, is it any good?

    1. The Verizon Mifi is good, but it’s expensive.

  29. Amy @ DebtGal

    Very interesting! I don’t think the RV life is for me – I’ma homebody through and through – but you certainly make is seem appealing. And I would make the same stipulation before agreeing to live on an RV. πŸ™‚

  30. Lindsay VanSomeren

    Sooo……what happens when you both eat too much chili for dinner? πŸ˜€

    Also, have you seen any of those crazy German RVs that look like mobile battle command vehicles? In Alaska, they always looked like they could get to the best off-road places and away from all the crowds.

    1. Haha luckily that hasn’t been a problem yet πŸ™‚

  31. Ray @ Squirrelers

    That’s interesting that you’d be questioned on why you want to explore the U.S. Can’t imagine asking that question, as I’ve seen 47 of 50 states (though admittedly can’t travel much at all now with kids and work). Great that you guys seem to have a “Growth” mindset!

  32. I love this post. And I can’t believe someone asked you why you wanted to travel in the US? I’m not American but each time I visit the US I love it a little more. There is such diversity – from the Rockies to Moab, food from every culture in the world and super friendly people. I think the US would be perfect for living in an RV. You’d never get bored.

  33. Brittney

    I don’t know if I could ever do it, but after seeing your pictures, I definitely want to. Kudos to you for living life on your own terms!

  34. Sue

    Where do your dogs go when the entire family is out exploring?

    1. They usually come with us and explore as well. If we go to a place where they can’t come (most national parks), then we just take them out for a long walk beforehand and wear them out. In general, though, we try to only do hikes that they can go on.

  35. Lynn

    I live in a camper parked on family land. It was a big change for me but it’s like living in a small apartment, just me and my cat. It’s also a lot cheaper paying the monthly payment on the camper than for an actual apartment and it will be paid off in a few years. I’m also looking into solar panels to be more energy efficient. Unfortunately since I live by myself the dumping duties are mine.

  36. Karen Schindel

    Great post and website. Our big family has been slow traveling Canada/USA/Mexico much of the time since 2007 via sailboats, rooftop tents, and now converting a school bus. Its totally doable and a great way to build relationships, get a practical education and keep out of the rat race. Like somebody else mentioned, its basically a tiny home on wheels…we get to change our living room view whenever we feel like it!

  37. Angie Hernandez

    How do you compair an RV to a trailer that you haul? I was thinking with a trailer you would still have a vehicle to use. With an RV, if you take a car, you have 2 vehicles to maintain. We’re not people who can repair our own auto.

    1. There are lots of different positives and negatives to each. For us, we like a motorhome because they are usually more liveable when you are stopping without having to take the slides out, it’s easier to just stop on the road and go to the back to use the bathroom, eat, etc. We also like being able to tow our Jeep and others like being able to tow a smaller car, instead of a huge truck that is usually needed to tow a trailer.

  38. Marcus

    You only get away from home for a total of 7 days a year? That’s sad

  39. Hi Michelle without going into like our whole life story which would take forever we’re in a situation where we are moving out of an apartment in Baltimore City and we have thought about you know buying an RV and and driving across the country my question is what is dry camping and we were headed for Oregon and we read up on a beach you know RV and we’re wondering if staying there for you know like a year or you know nine months a year or whatever if that is possible my daughter our daughter would be going with us she is a server and a bartender and you know would work my husband and I my husband filed for his retirement early and I live on SSI and I’m afraid that when that salary we may not be able to make it we just want to like kind of be nomads you know there’s nothing keeping us in Baltimore anymore and you know it sounds like a great idea but is it possible you know to stay at one place for maybe year round you know I don’t know please you know I need some answers I’m kind of lost and I don’t you know I don’t we we did rent in RV some years back and we drove as far as Colorado to visit some family and it was wonderful you know we camped out and it was great you know but you know it was for it was for 3 weeks actually and and it was wonderful we loved it but I don’t know for sure if it’s feasible my husband has an internet business where he sells rock and roll memorabilia which you know he could continue to do on the road you know I think we could make money along the way but what about some kind of stability and and money I don’t know yet can you just help me out you know I’m not sure if this is the right move and also the thing is we want to you know a time crunch you know it’s February 17th I believe and we are leaving our apartment March 31st so it’s kind of a quick decision you know we thought of moving to Salisbury Maryland near the ocean yeah maybe this is you know this is a good thing to do you know I can’t see really any you know any problems with that I just want to know if it’s feasible you know due to cost and you know making money we would be taking a car with us or you know she’ll be sell the car for you know it’s a brand new car it’s my daughter’s you know I don’t know they’re sending me on the answer questions because we would like to stay put you know you don’t want in Oregon maybe you don’t want to beach for 9 months to a year can you help me thanks Teri

  40. Josie

    Thank you for your blog! I am beginning this journey, the start of a five year plan, to get out of my line of work. I have started a podcast, Thru the Wringer with Mike and Jo, and now am going to work on starting a blog. We have other ideas brewing and are working towards being free, traveling, working together, and living in an RV! It is going to be a lot of work, organization, planning . . . but I am determined to make it happen. Thanks for your example!