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Today’s post about earning extra money offline with offline side hustles is by my awesome staff writer Jordann. Enjoy! As we all know, Michelle is the queen of the side hustle. She has pretty much turned it into an art at this point. If you need evidence of this, just take a read through her…


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Last Updated: March 18, 2022

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Make Extra Money - Offline Side HustlesToday’s post about earning extra money offline with offline side hustles is by my awesome staff writer Jordann. Enjoy!

As we all know, Michelle is the queen of the side hustle. She has pretty much turned it into an art at this point.

If you need evidence of this, just take a read through her most recent extra income posts. It’s inspiring and impressive what she’s been able to achieve while still maintaining a full-time job.

While most blog posts about side hustles seem to focus on ways to make money online, I’d like to shine the spotlight on excellent side hustles that have nothing to do with the online world.

Finding ways to make money on the side has been around since the beginning of time, and although the digital world has opened up a million new possibilities for generating income, there are still several tried and true methods for earning a little extra cash that have nothing to do with the internet.

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Babysitting to make side income offline.

I have a large family, and they all have kids. I don’t charge them when I babysit for them, but if I did, I would probably make a fair amount of cash with this gig. Babysitting is a very easy, fun and relaxing way to make a little extra money, especially if it’s in the evening. Typically kids go to bed early, and then the babysitter can just hang out and watch TV – and get paid for it!

House cleaning to earn extra money offline.

Most of the people around here who clean houses do it on a part-time, freelance basis. It can be a great way to make some extra cash. Usually there is a fair amount of freedom with this side job idea, and if you can’t find time to do homes during the day (when most home owners prefer their homes to be cleaned) many businesses prefer that office cleaners work in the evening, which would be perfect for the average full-time job holder.

Personally, I hate cleaning and find it disgusting, so it wouldn’t be the best side hustle for me, but I know several people who do it and find it very rewarding.

Gardening to make extra money offline.

Many of you probably knew an entrepreneurial kid who would mow lawns and rake leaves every summer and fall? Well, there’s no reason an adult couldn’t get in on the action!

Offering gardening, lawn mowing, and lawn clean up services is a great, seasonal way to earn some extra cash. If you charge by the hour, you’ll have no problem beating the cost estimates of full-time landscaping companies, since they have a lot of overhead to factor into their prices.

Most home owners will even provide the equipment necessary, so there’s no need for an initial capital investment.

I’ve been working on my side hustle since last August, and it’s coming along fairly well. I make most of my side hustle money through my blog and staff writing. My husband, on the other hand, is king of the offline side hustle. He does it all, painting, gardening, babysitting, whatever needs done, he’s your man. There’s definitely money to be made through side hustling offline, so if blogging isn’t your thing, give some of these options a try!

Do you have a side job so that you can make extra money? What is it? Is it online or offline?

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Author: Jordann

Jordann is a part time runner, yogi, local foodie and personal finance aficionado. She’s also a full time marketing professional living and working in Atlantic Canada. She writes about her life at her blog, My Alternate Life.

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  1. Michelle is certainly one of the queens online! I do have a few side hustles offline as well and agree that for those who don’t or are currently not making money online side hustles can be done in the offline world. For me flipping cars, selling things on ebay, and sell shoes work. I just got a flyer on my door yesterday with a 16 old girl is trying to get baby and dog sitting clients. Already got her hustle on at and early age.

    1. We are getting into flipping cars. Can’t wait until that takes off!

  2. I would say some of my spreadsheet work is “offline” work because it technically can be done without an internet connection, but it seems any work done on the computer these days is becoming more and more tied to the internet. One of our friend’s Dads used to cut down and clean up trees for a living but now does it as a side hustle in addition to a full-time job. I think that’s a pretty awesome side hustle!

    1. Good job on having an offline side hustle!

  3. I used to babysit when I was in middle and high school. I’ve always loved kids so it was pretty enjoyable and the families in my town paid well. There are a TON of parents who will pay a lot of money for a good babysitter or part/full-time nanny.

    1. I babysat when I was younger too. Made $10 an hour and did it full-time!

  4. My side hustle right now is rental real estate. Definitely can be a good deal of work and is not for everyone. I enjoy it though (and the money it brings in of course!).

    1. That’s great Brian!

  5. I agree. There are just as many ways to make side income offline as their are online. I know people who babysit and clean houses and make a pretty good bit of money. My brother will actually drive around to local businesses and pick up any of the wooden skids they are going to throw away. He takes them up to a place that pays $1-$2 per skid. So, if he really wants to he can make a godd $300-$400 every other week. It’s good to think outside the box sometimes.

    1. Wow that’s easy side money!

  6. I used to do some things with cars, but quickly learned that there was too much liability to keep it going. Even if I am good at it, there will always be someone that wants to take you to the cleaners. I just wasn’t comfortable with it. I find online money much easier to deal with and I don’t have to buy any crazy equipment.

    1. Very true Grayson! Online money is much easier to deal with.

  7. This is why I’m afraid to get an offline side hustle at a place such as a store. I want flexibility!

  8. Alexandra @Real Simple Finances

    I have a yearly house sitting job for a family I know; before I was married, I made about $300.00 for a week staying over and caring for the family’s four cats and a dog. Now that I have my own household responsibilities I don’t stay overnight. The family puts their dog in the kennel, but I still make $15.00 per day to go feed the cats and water the garden. It’s a great side gig, because it’s completely flexible. I can still go to my day job or work on any online projects I may have.

  9. I don’t have any offline side hustles but I’ve often considered doing some extra welding work for people who need it but the problem with it is that I usually don’t have the time to pursue these opportunities.

    1. Hmm interesting! That seems like a very good skill to have.

  10. Lindsey @ Cents & Sensibility

    I used to have a bird training business when I was twelve. My mom used to work for a bird breeder and since I was good with animals, I would train his birds so he could turn around and sell them to the pet stores for more money. He gave me ten bucks a bird! It was a pretty good side-hustle for a 12 years old!

    1. Alexandra @ Real Simple Finances

      Lindsey, that sounds like a great business! Did you ever work with other animals, or just birds?

    2. Wow that’s awesome!

  11. Tutoring is a favorite of mine. You can make better money than baby sitting just doing an hour or two.

    1. Very true! I feel like I wouldn’t be a very good tutor though, I don’t have patience.

  12. Peter

    Michelle is my role model and I’m trying to follow her footsteps. I could really use some side income.

    1. Thanks Peter ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I work a second, part time job 8 months out of the year, but that’s it. I really want to diversify my income a lot more, with side hustles. I may look into babysitting, especially the over-night gigs for shift workers since I’m an adult with a car (my boyfriend works with tons of them and could hook me up). I really want to get back in tutoring too, but I might do that on a volunteer basis.

    1. Sounds like great ideas!

  14. If anyone wants to freelance clean my house I’m all about it!

    1. Hahaa ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Zach

    One of my favorite “side hustles” ( I love that term by the way) is special fx make-up and design. I do this at haunted houses, short films, and a couple of feature films. Its fun do do, and can be lucrative!

    1. Wow that’s awesome!

  16. I babysit, but I know there are a whole bunch of other ways I could make money offline. Great post!

  17. I used to pet sit and mow lawns when I was younger. It made a little money but nothing major. You can make some good money if you’re serious and turn it into a business, but then it’ll take up almost all of your non-working time!

    1. Mowing lawns is definitely a good side hustle.

  18. Alex @ Searching for Happy

    There’s an amazing side hustle florist in my city. She works with people’s gardens and gets money for that, and then gets to source local in-season flowers from the gardens for her wedding floral work (that’s part of her deal for the rates she charges).

    It really is amazing the side hustles you can get going when you exercise your imagination!

    1. Wow that’s a great idea for a side hustle!

  19. Kayla @ Drowning My Debt

    I have a couple of side hustles, mostly online. They don’t bring in much, but every little bit helps! Babysitting would be a great avenue for me since it’s related to my career, but I haven’t had a lot of success in finding families since I do not know many people around here. I’ve been meaning to give more effort to sites like Sittercity or to find a few families to work for.


    1. Most of my side hustles are online too. I need to branch out and have some offline ones as well though.

  20. Keren

    The Mr. has the offline side hustles in my household. He does mowing, landscaping, general yard cleanup, fence repair, wood splitting, etc. Between that and going to the gym, he’s lost more than 30 pounds! Double bonus. Most of my side income is made online.

  21. christie

    I tried to convince my kids that they should have a business cleaning out bunny cages …. then they could sell the bunny poop to gardeners. They didn’t want to do it ??????
    ~ Christie

  22. christie

    Michelle : how do you get from, ” that might be a good idea” to actually Doing it ? Why is taking action so much harder then just doing it ?
    Congrats on helping bloggers get 750k ….. you should be proud. That has helped a lot of people. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Christie

  23. thepotatohead

    I’ve been trying to make extra money by buying collectible items at thrift stores and then reselling them on craigslist to make some extra dough. I haven’t made lots of extra money but every bit is just extra gravy :p

  24. I really don’t have anything YET. I sell some things on Amazon right now. But, am in the process of doing some homemade things and selling them on Etsy not to mention around the local area. I’m a work in progress…yes, I know i said I’m :).