Staff Writing is the Perfect Side Hustle

Growing up, I always had a job. In the beginning, it was making manuals at my father’s manufacturing company for a measly $4 per hour. Then, as I got older and was able to accept more responsibility, I boarded horses at our family farm and did some training. Then came the gas station, then the drug store,…


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Last Updated: June 5, 2023

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Growing up, I always had a job. In the beginning, it was making manuals at my father’s manufacturing company for a measly $4 per hour.

Then, as I got older and was able to accept more responsibility, I boarded horses at our family farm and did some training. Then came the gas station, then the drug store, and then several jobs throughout University. I’ve always maintained some kind of extra employment throughout my life.

They’ve all come with their own perks. At the drug store I was able buy anything I wanted at cost, one job in university allowed me to work from home, but the best side job I’ve ever come across is staff writing.

Michelle has written about how she makes extra income on this blog before, she’s a whiz at it. While I’m not a prodigy like her, I have managed to secure a staff writing job, and I love it.

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Staff Writing is The Best Part Time Job

When I think back to all of the part time jobs I’ve had over the years, this one is hands down the best. I get to pick my own hours. If I work best in the morning, I’ll write in the morning, if I want to write my posts a month in advance, I can do that too. I get to earn money while sitting next to my fiance on the couch, and since I’m always trying to find ways to spend more time with him, staff writing satisfies this like no other part time job could.

I also can work as much or as little as I want. Right now I’m satisfied with my work load, but if I decided I wanted to take on more down the road, or less, I can adjust how many writing jobs I take without too much difficulty. This type of side job has a flexible income in ways that a regular part time job might not have.

Being able to staff write for a blog that has a slightly different focus than my own is also a big plus. There are some things I wouldn’t discuss on my own blog, so but those avenues are open for exploration on different blogs. It keeps me interested in what I’m writing and helps me stay out of a rut.

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I Can Indulge My Inner People Pleaser

Staff writing for a blog means that I’m here to make the blog owner’s life easier. When I make that my main priority, it can be very rewarding to help make that a reality for the blog owner.

Whether it’s writing about certain topics or making sure to respond to comments quickly, staff writing brings satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that I didn’t have when working the till at the drug store.

Knowing What You’re Worth

The only downside of staff writing is setting rates. Unlike waitressing or other part time jobs, the staff writers can set their own rates. Knowing what to charge can be difficult. Personally, I try to focus less on what everyone else is charging, and more on what makes it worth it for me.

Still, negotiating fees or raises rates can be a tough sell. In those situations, I follow the same rules I’d follow when asking for a raise at work: I outline the value I provide, I explain what skills I’ve added that justify the increased wages, and I make sure to be firm and reasonable.

At the end of the day, when I get home from work, and I’m tired, the last thing I want to do is to head out to a part time job. I want to be home with my dog, my cat and my fiance. Staff writing allows me to do that, and earn money too. That fact alone makes this side hustle priceless.

What’s your side hustle? Do you staff write?

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Author: Jordann

Jordann is a part time runner, yogi, local foodie and personal finance aficionado. She’s also a full time marketing professional living and working in Atlantic Canada. She writes about her life at her blog, My Alternate Life.

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  1. John S @ Frugal Rules

    I staff write for one site and looking to pick up a couple more. I agree that it is a pretty nice gig to have, especially if you're a fast writer. Like you said though, setting rates can be a tricky thing and not always the most fun. It's important to know your market value and have a range to be willing to work with.

  2. DC@Young Adult Money

    Great points Jordann! I've considered staff writing, but haven't pursued it that much. I did do some side spreadsheet consulting but I've taken a break from that and will focus on my blog and writing for now.

    The best point you made was that the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is head off to a part-time job. Finding a side hustle you enjoy and that you can do from home is definitely ideal.
    My recent post Weekly Friday Giveaway Post – 23 Giveaways – Leaving on a Jet Plane Edition

  3. Happy_Homeowner

    I staff write for three other blogs right now, and I've picked up some other side gigs that are blogging/writing related. I'm looking to add 1-2 more as I begin to venture out on my own.

    I absolutely LOVE staff writing. I love most everything about writing and blogging, but I've found that the real appeal for me is to help others grow/maintain their blog while having a creative outlet that brings in some extra money. It's really a win-win for everyone!

  4. Joanna@OFB

    It's cool to learn about staff writing. I love hearing how other people make a side income. I'm not doing anything for side income right now (my side hustle is taking care of a newborn for now!), but I used to do freelance copy editing. I agree that one of the hardest aspects is setting your own rates. And, like you said, one of the best aspects is getting to do it from home! 🙂

  5. therandompath

    I'd actually like to get into staff writing as well. I'm looking to bring in some extra income and this would be a good fit. Like you said, you get to spend more time with loved ones by doing this, instead of working an outside part-time job.
    My recent post Life, Updates, and Some Link Love

  6. Desi

    I really want to staff write – I'm hoping to establish my blog in the next six months to a point where I'll have secured at least one (paying) staff writing gig.
    My recent post I’m moving 🙂

  7. Great post! I don't do any staff writing but it might be something I'd look into in the future. I am curious how you all set your rates? What do you base it on?
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    1. 1stmillionhardest

      I second this. I'd like to know more about how you set your rates and what goes into getting hired for a staff writing gig.

  8. Pauline @ Reach Financial Independence

    I write for a few travel sites but they have no comments so it is just about publishing. Recently I saw my posts had had millions of pageviews, it was pretty impressive, I hope my blog reaches that point some day! writing elsewhere is great for exposure.
    My recent post Save money with online shopping and a $500 giveaway!

  9. Nick @

    I have a question, how did you get your first staff writing job. I recently started a blog so I haven't had the opportunity to do any guest posts or staff writing yet. I would love to hear a post on the topic of how those opportunities come in for bloggers. Thanks!
    My recent post The Last Semester (Getting Ready to Enter the Workforce)

  10. LivingDFRocks!

    I have also thought about it as another way to bring in income doing something I would enjoy. I do plan on working on LDFR! to the point where I will feel comfortable to upkeep my own blog and also take on that additional workload.
    My recent post My Weekly T.G.I.F. Trinidad Edition

  11. Great points jordann! I would love to get into staff writing as a side hustle. Something you can do from home on your own schedule is great.

  12. @danilee_13

    I am so interested in staff writing, but I just don't know how to go about looking for those jobs. Any suggestions from either of you? 🙂
    My recent post I Accidentally Disappeared

  13. TeacHer

    I just picked up a staff writing job and I LOVE it! I'd like to get a few more in the near future. Michelle….are you listening….? 🙂
    My recent post Best Investment Agencies Going Into 2013

  14. christineslittleblog

    Great post! I completely agree! I JUST got my first staff writing job thanks to someone finding me in the comments here! Eventually I'd like to add a little more but I want to make sure my blog and the one I've got now are getting quality pieces before I take on too much!
    My recent post February Goals

  15. myfijourney

    Other than for my own blog, I don't do any staff writing.

    I've thought about it, but never made the leap. If I was going to get paid for writing I would probably do technical writing within my field. The pay rates are much better, but the requirements and standards are far stricter.

  16. My side hustle is my blog. I don't staff write but I do have to write for my blog. It is more demanding that staff writing for just a gig or two but I imagine the staff writers who have tons of clients might find staff writing more demanding.

  17. I'm not a staff writer and I don't really every plan to be. I think it's a pretty cool gig but I just don't have time for it for the most part because it does take some pretty good dedication. I would have to say my blog is my side hustle, I makes me some fairly good extra money each money and has helped me get ahead in life a bit more.

  18. studentdebtsurvivor

    I just picked up one staff writing gig and would love to do a few more. Writing is the part of blogging that I love (the part that's not fun to me is the technical side of things).

  19. Keren

    Staff writing is definitely something I would be up for in the future. Great post!
    My recent post Overspending

  20. Adam @ Debts & Dollars

    I’ve considered staff writing before but never really fully approached it. I do make money through hubpages from my articles there every other month so that’s usually a nice $50 or $80 dollars for pretty much work I did in the past. I more or less like to write about general topics I find interesting instead of being assigned topics which is why I think I enjoy creating websites instead of full blown writing. One of my biggest downfalls though is punctuation even though I’ve taken classes in both APA and MLA format I can never seem to fine that perfect form.

    Who knows though. Maybe I should give it a more in depth look again and see where it takes me.

  21. Julie

    I would love to get into staff writing but have no idea where to start with rates. Any ideas?