$975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

Happy Monday everyone! Start of the workweek yet again. To the left is a Pinterest FAIL that I did of my dog. Does not look good at all and she looks so depressed and mad at me for making her do it haha. I’m also looking for guest posters for when I’m out of town…

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Last Updated: May 25, 2023

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Happy Monday everyone! Start of the workweek yet again. To the left is a Pinterest FAIL that I did of my dog. Does not look good at all and she looks so depressed and mad at me for making her do it haha.

I’m also looking for guest posters for when I’m out of town next week. I know this is extremely short notice, and while I do have posts scheduled for next week, I just thought that if I could get a couple of guest posts then I would rather have those scheduled to be posted.

I would prefer the posts to revolve around money of course, but maybe about how you save on vacations, what side jobs you have, and/or what your long-term goals are. Is anyone interested?

I am super excited for our vacation next week. Even though it will be very short, it will be a lot of fun. We won’t be spending too much either, around $1,500 total with spending and food included.

I’m not sure if you all remember my post, He makes less money than me, so what?, but W officially makes more money than me right now. It is interesting to see him as the bread winner, especially since I have two bachelor degrees and my Finance MBA. It just proves that determination is key and can help you greatly with your income goals. The role reversal is interesting and I plan on doing a post on this soon.

Have any of you have experienced this role reversal? Who is the bread winner in your family? Tell me anything that somewhat relates to this and I’ll attempt to include you in this post.

The winners for my Aldi giveaway from my Weekly Roundup were announced and you can check the Rafflecopter widget to see who it was on that post. Congrats to Amber and Young Adult Money as the winners! It is nice to see people win who I know 🙂 Also, don’t forget my $75 Novica Giveaway. It ends in a couple of days and not many people have entered it yet, so the chance of you winning is pretty big!

There is also another giveaway today for an iPad 3, come back later today to my blog to check it out!

My updates:


My spending this week was similar to my Life Update from last week. I don’t think I spent any money (at least none that I can think of) except for my OTHER dog this time. He is sick now, and it’s even worse. Since he is a French Bulldog runt, his nose is extremely closed (they have recommended laser nose surgery to open it up) and whenever he coughed he would go into a fit where he couldn’t breath for a little bit.

I took him to the vet immediately and he’s now on mediation also. Thankfully he is so tiny so the total vet bill with the checkup and medication included was only around $75.

Both dogs are thankfully getting better now. They were (about to be TMI posted) throwing up nonstop (they even threw up poop) and were super sick, so thankfully they are better. There’s only so much that a dog momma can take!

Extra Income (this is on top of my salary from my job):

This was a good week, but definitely not as good as weeks in the past. I have been told that December is usually exceedingly slow for any type of extra income because of the holidays though, so I am not too worried.

I made around $975 last week from my extra income efforts. I am still awaiting on a significant amount of payments, and next week’s extra income update will most likely reflect that.

I have cut down on a lot of my staff writing assignments and this is partially do to that. I am continuing with the remaining because I enjoy the blogs that I write on now.

I also started making more money from my affiliate links. I haven’t really seen to much from this yet, but thanks to you guys, I made around $75 from my affiliate links from my Extra Income tab above last week! Thank you to you all who have signed up under my links. I really appreciate it.


We have been doing well with this. We went out to eat on Saturday and it was expensive, but that was only because W’s little brother and sister were at our house (we were babysitting. They are 9 and 12, big age gap in the family) and we all went to Applebees. It’s crazy how expensive food is when you have a family to feed!

I did make a meal plan this week, check out my Sunday Meal Plan.

Being healthy:

I am still doing well with this. Haven’t done full workouts as much as I’d like, but I try and do something small in the mornings and a little more after work. Everything adds up right?

I am also buying healthy food items and cooking healthy meals more often as well. It’s all super tasty and I’m loving how well I am doing this this.

Last week I lost 0.5 pounds, but that is expected as I’m trying to build muscle and not really lose weight (only body fat). WOOHOO for me!

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?

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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

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  1. Tabitha

    Congrats on losing .5 pounds, thats always a plus. I also hope your vacation is fun.

    I’m not really money conscious but I could guest post if you like. Let me know.

    Have a great week!


    1. Hey Tabitha! I would love a guest post from you. Email me at senseofcents@gmail
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  2. Tabitha

    By money conscious I mean I budget but I’m not that thrifty.

  3. Nice job as usual on the weekly income. With everything you bring in from your full time and side hustles, it's amazing that he can actually top that now :0) Is his work somewhat commission based? Even though the tables have turned, it's probably not going to change the dynamics of your relationship eh. But some couples like to review once in awhile how to split their bills to keep earnings/spending balanced. I haven't spent too much money this holiday. Just trying to hit the gym more. I'm plan to have a body like Bradly Cooper's in 2 months ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Sorry, I meant to say that he makes more than I do at my job (not including extra income). And yes his job is commission based almost entirely.
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

      1. Ah I see. My mistake for misinterpreting :0) I guess this means in a way you're still the main bread winner ๐Ÿ˜‰ so to speak.

  4. So pumped about that Aldi gift card! I entered probably 100+ giveaways over the weekend so we'll see how I fare in those…rafflecopter makes it so easy to enter. As usual, congrats on the consistent side income and I hope you continue to see more from your affiliate links!
    My recent post Kill your debt faster: How to make extra money while working a full-time job

    1. Haha I enter TONS of giveaways also. Congrats on winning!
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  5. plantingourpennies

    We've been on all ends of the spectrum in terms of income earning roles. I've earned WAAY more than Mr. PoP, then we were pretty equal, but there's a decent chance he'll start blowing me out of the water pretty soon. (and I am totally okay with that).

    Now that we're married I like to joke, "What's his is mine, and what's mine is mine…" =)

  6. John S @ Frugal Rules

    My wife made more than I did for a while and it was just fine as we have it all going into one pot anyway and just view it as what we're bringing in total. Now that we're running our own business it's much more rewarding as we're working together to bring in the income.

    1. MoneyMasterMom

      I`d love to run a business with my hubby in theory, in reality I think we`d bicker a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
      My recent post Are your Finances an Amazing Race?

      1. I would love to as well, but I KNOW we would fight! Him and I have such different personalities. He is very "AHHH" and strict about everything, whereas I am very relaxed.
        My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  7. Ok, I am so waiting for the extra income post. I need to get some side hustle going on. Great job girl.
    My recent post Friday confessions

    1. Haha I will get on that! You can always email me with questions and I will answer them right away.
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  8. the egg

    i'm currently traveling on a BUUUUUDGET if you'd like a guest post in that regards.
    it kind of helps me lose weight too….cutting back on many of meals!

    xo the egg out west.

  9. gregjohnson975182420

    So jealous of your upcoming vacation! We are going to see my inlaws this week for a few days….not quite the same thing as going to St. Thomas!

    1. Thanks! And haha not quite the same, unless you have a beach close by ๐Ÿ™‚
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  10. Yes I definitely think it was worth it. It only took around a year and I worked full-time the whole time, so I didn't lose out on too much money.
    My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  11. You are so motivating…I know I've said that before but I'm happy I found your blog. Right now in my life my boyfriend & I are pretty much equal in our bread winning category. We do differ in college tho. I have a bachelor's degree in mathematics but he only has an associates. But what's great is he is going back to school, which leaves me less guilt about getting a second job. I was starting to feel guilty because I was going to lose relationship time but if he's studying then there is no reason why not for me to get a job tutoring…I'm excited because that lil boost of extra income will be just what I need to really start saving.

    I have a jar of change that I've been putting in my bottle money & all my lil change after breaking a dollar. I don't know what I'm going to use it for..a wedding dress maybe, or a vacation or something…I could write a guest post about that & my hopeful extra job if you'd like… let me know… chloemoonergo@gmail.com

    Have fun on your vacation!!

    Ergo – Blog
    My recent post How to Save a LiL Extra Money at Victoria Secret…

  12. therandompath

    So glad your dogs are doing better! It's so hard when our pets get sick ๐Ÿ™
    My recent post Caramel Apple Cookies

  13. SavvyFinancialLatina

    I'm glad W is doing better! I'm the primary bread winner right now in our relationship. I don't know if this will always be like this.
    If my husband started earning more it would be great because our income would increase ๐Ÿ™‚ Always nice to have more money in the bank.

  14. Christopher @ This that and the MBA

    That is awesome. Way to go on losing weight as well. Glad to hear the dogs are better as well, thanks for the TMI.

  15. Mandy @MoneyMasterMom

    My hubby has a big of a sour workplace too. Its hard that he spends so much time in a negative environment. He really wants to work for himself so he`s starting to build a side hustle now. How much time do you spend on your side hustle every week?

    1. I agree. I hate that he spends over 60 hours a week in an environment where the other salesmen curse and yell at him for doing well. One of the guys actually thinks it's unfair because the other salesmen have kids and therefore W should be making less money because he has no kids. WHATT??!

      A LOT! It is almost like a full-time job. But I love it, so the time passes quickly. Maybe 4 hours a day?
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  16. LOVE your holiday doggy picture fail. Oh the things our pets put up all in the name of a cute picture… but it's totally worth it when it turns out right!

    My husband and I both work full time, and he makes a good bit more than I do. Luckily, he doesn't hold it against me, haha… I hope I would be the same way if it were reversed.

    1. Haha luckily neither of us has ever held it against each other. Works out well for us.
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  17. Nice job on the updates. It seems you are having a good time so far. Enjoy your vacation and remember to step away from the technology!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I'm still debating on whether or not I should leave the laptop at home.
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  18. Living Debt Free Rocks!

    Glad to know your dogs are doing better…vomiting poop…gotta love when that stops ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My husband and I are both self-employed so it's always a back and forth situation of who makes more. I believe this year I would be coming out on top as the official breadwinner but he definitely has the capacity to out earn me given what his daily rate is!
    My recent post Sunday High Fives! And The Winner Is…

    1. I spoke too soon. My dog (the one pictured above) threw up poop again this morning. AHHH! I'm going to run away from her haha
      My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  19. That sounds great. Just shoot me an email if you are still interested in guest posting.

    And I love that he is making more than me also. It is interesting because we always thought that I would always be making more. And I agree, you definitely do not need a college degree to make money. W's dad is proof of that, he only has his GED. He makes a lot of money and has a great job at a big company.
    My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  20. I hope they are 100% better soon! And I hope you reach your goal ๐Ÿ™‚
    My recent post $975 in Weekly Extra Income and Life Updates

  21. Veronica Hill

    Workplace bullying? What kind of place is that? heh. Congrats on losing weight!
    My recent post Pros and Cons of Making Money With an Online Store

  22. Kim@Eyesonthedollar

    I've always made more money, but I am going to work less starting next year and my husband is trying to get a job in administration instead of teaching in the classroom, so we could even out. I don't think either one of us cares much either way. Congrats again on the extra income.

  23. Is that your dog wearing the lights? That's cute. We put light-up antlers on our dog. He hated them!

    For a few years my wife made more than me. She was my Sugar Momma. It was no big deal. All in all, the money went to both of us. So we had no complaints. Plus it drove us to have a little friendly competition.
    My recent post Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early or Look for a Better Return?

  24. eemusings

    Argh, sounds like W is seriously the target of some group bullying. That's awful. But like you say, the key thing is the bosses like him (which is what I tell T when he moans about the slackers on the floor who don't like him).

    I would love for T to make more money, full stop. The more the better I say!
    My recent post 2012 in review

  25. Frugal Portland

    Love the pinterest fail, hate that W has to spend time with people who don't like him! Enjoy your vacation!