7 Best Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

Do you want to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix? Yes, you can actually get paid to do something that you probably do all the time. Netflix is one of the most popular ways to watch TV, and there’s an estimated 232.5 million subscribers worldwide.  It’s no surprise that Netflix is so popular…

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Last Updated: March 10, 2024

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Do you want to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix?

Yes, you can actually get paid to do something that you probably do all the time.

Netflix is one of the most popular ways to watch TV, and there’s an estimated 232.5 million subscribers worldwide. 

It’s no surprise that Netflix is so popular – there are countless TV shows, movies, and documentaries to watch. But what if you could not only enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, but also get paid to watch Netflix?

There are many benefits to making extra money by doing something you enjoy, such as watching Netflix. One big benefit is that you may watch a lot of TV each week, so why not turn that into a way to make money?

Secondly, making extra money can help you reach your goals. Whether you are looking to pay off your student loans, save for a trip, or just have some extra money, finding ways to get paid to watch Netflix can be a great way to supplement your income.

Below, I will also be talking about the very popular Netflix tagger position, as this recently went viral and is something you may be interested in.

You are also going to learn about more than how to make money watching Netflix. I’m going to explain which sites pay for watching videos and how you can monetize your love for films.

So if you’ve been sitting in front of the TV thinking “I wish someone would pay me for this,” then you are going to love today’s post. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about the different ways that you can get paid to watch Netflix. Some may be a full-time job, and others may simply be a small side hustle.

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How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix


1. Closed captioning for movies and TV shows

Netflix is available globally, which means that people all over the world want to watch Netflix movies and TV shows, but they may not be available in their language.

Not only does closed captioning help non-native speakers watch TV and movies, closed captioning also assists people who have trouble listening to the audio and need to read the words instead.

Closed captioning is an extremely important need for this streaming service, and due to that, they need closed captioners.

Netflix uses freelancers for a lot of their closed captioning work. You may be able to find jobs by looking at Netflix’s preferred vendor list, heading to their website, and seeing if any of these companies have an opening for a closed captioner. You can find Netflix’s list here.

Transcriptionists are paid to listen to audio content and type what they hear. You must have a quiet place to work and be very detail oriented.

You can learn more at How to Become a Transcriptionist From Home And Earn $15+ An Hour.


2. Build a movie review blog

If you love watching shows and movies, then you may be able to turn your passion into a way to make money by starting your own blog or YouTube channel.

With a movie review site, you can share your thoughts on the latest movies and TV shows, your recommended hidden gems, and more.

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop, to start watching Netflix content, and strong opinions about the shows and movies you’ll be reviewing.

With a blog, you could make money in a variety of ways, including placing affiliate links to movies you’re watching. You can use your blog to share your thoughts about movies you’ve watched and host online discussions on your website platform.

Another way to make affiliate income with a movie review blog is to share links to products related to the movie. When movies come out, there are usually a lot of different products that are for sale as well, such as T-shirts, books, toys, and more.

Below is how affiliate marketing works on a blog:

  1. Affiliates are people or businesses who are paid to promote a product or service.
  2. When you become an affiliate, you are given referral links to use when you promote something for a company. These referral links allow companies to track where the sale comes from.
  3. Then, you place those links on your website, social media accounts, etc. in the hopes that someone will buy something through your link.
  4. When someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link, the company knows where the customer came from and pays you a commission.

Another way to make money with a movie review blog is through display ads and sponsorships. These are ads that are typically placed in your blog posts that a reader would see as they are reading your blog post. Display advertising is very easy to get started with, but you will need page views in order to make a good income with them.

You can learn how to start a movie blog with my free How To Start a Blog Course. In this free email course, you will learn how to start a blog and make money from it. Over the course of seven days, you will learn how to decide what to blog about, how to create your blog using WordPress, how to make money blogging, how to get page views, and more.

Also related to this – you could get paid to watch movies on Netflix by starting a podcast or a Youtube channel on movie reviews as well, and many podcasters and YouTubers make money through affiliate links in the same way as bloggers do.


3. Start a career in the movie industry

There are many jobs in the movie industry if you want to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix. Careers in the movie industry include:

  • Makeup artist
  • Animator
  • Production Assistant
  • Casting Assistant
  • Screenwriter
  • Creative Analyst
  • Actor
  • Camera person
  • Costume designer
  • Video editor
  • Technician

And so much more.

Some of these jobs may require a degree or training program, and while it can take a lot of work to find the job of your dreams, it’s worth going for it if it’s what you really want to do. Plus, you will most likely need a resume and/or portfolio to get your foot through the door.

If you are interested, you can start working on a smaller scale with online video editing. You can work for vloggers, influencers, small companies, and anyone who’s putting out video content. 

They have many of the same needs as large-scale movies, like lighting, sound, post-production, pre-production, scripting, and more.

Many people think that they have to move to California to work in the movie industry, but Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX, Albuquerque, NM, and Chicago, IL are all growing film towns. If you are set on large-scale films, you might consider moving to one of those cities to establish your career. 

4. Voice over actor

You can get paid as a voice over actor and help make movies and TV shows on Netflix.

A voice over actor is the voice you hear in animated movies, TV shows, Youtube videos, narration for documentaries, and more.

TV shows and movies on Netflix use voice over actors all the time for the reasons above, but it’s also for dubbing. Because of its global audience, Netflix dubs movies in different languages so they can be watched by people all over the world.

You can learn more about becoming a voice over actor in How To Become A Voice Over Actor. Here, I chat with a voice over actor, who explains how she got into the field and she gives advice to beginners. The interview covers topics such as how much money a beginner can make, how to find your first voice over actor job, and more.


Watching Netflix while you house sit or pet sit

5. Watching Netflix while you house sit or pet sit

If you want to earn money while you are watching Netflix, one way would be to find paid house sitting or petting jobs.

House sitters are paid to take care of someone’s home while they are away. You may need to water plants, take mail in, do some light cleaning, take care of pets, and so on.

You have a lot of downtime as a house sitter, and you can spend that time watching movies and TV, and house sitters make anywhere from $25 to $50 per day.

Pet sitters make anywhere from $25 to over $100 per day. I have personally paid $100 per night to a pet sitter for a pet sitter to watch our dogs in her home.

If you are looking for a company to get started with, I recommend Rover. This is the website I have used many times in the past to find dog sitters, and I have family members and friends who list their pet sitting services on this website as well.


6. Netflix Tagger

Is Netflix tagger a real job?

There are several different ways you can get paid to watch Netflix shows and movies, and the most popular one right now is a Netflix tagger (also known as Metadata Analyst or Editorial Analyst).

Netflix Taggers work directly for the Netflix streaming platform.

So, what is a Netflix Tagger? A Netflix Tagger is a person who watches Netflix and adds the tags and categories to them in order to categorize the different movies and TV shows. The tags that you add may be the genre, mood, cast members, and more. These tags are so that people like you and me can find what we are looking for easier.

As a Netflix Tagger, you would be watching a lot of movies and TV shows in order to best complete the duties for this job.

Netflix is a very large company with over 12,000 employees. Due to that, they are often hiring. You can find the Netflix careers on their job board here to see if they are hiring for this position, as well as see other Netflix careers.

This position isn’t always open, and I know a lot of people want it whenever Netflix is hiring for it. Due to that, you want to make sure you have a deep understanding of what you are watching, as it can be a great opportunity for a person who wants to get paid to watch Netflix.

7. Sell Netflix merchandise

There are so many popular shows and movies on Netflix, and there are fans of these shows all over the world. That’s why one way to get paid to watch Netflix is to make and sell merchandise related to Netflix shows and movies.

You can make and sell coffee mugs, cards, stickers, calendars, t-shirts, and much more. 

I’ve seen so many creative designs related to some of the Netflix shows and movies I love, and one of the best places to find them is Etsy.

That’s why I recommend checking out How I Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy. In this article, you will learn how to start creating and selling digital printables on Etsy to make passive income. 

Digital printables are a great way to make money because you only need to create the file once,  and it can be sold over and over again for somewhat passive income.

If you want to learn how to get paid with streaming services, printables and merch would work with any of them because they all have shows with popular characters and sayings that people go wild for.


Can I get rewarded with Viggle still?

I’ve heard a lot about Viggle, but I think the program is currently paused because the site has been down for quite a while. I still wanted to share information about Viggle because I know I will receive questions about it, if you’re searching “how to make money by searching movies?” 

But as I said, Viggle is paused so I do not recommend signing up or spending too much time on it.

Below is what you need to know about Viggle.

The Viggle app was started in 2012, and it’s a way for you to watch TV shows and get rewarded with digital downloads, electronics, trips, gift cards, and more.

You get a point per minute for any songs you listen to or TV shows you watch.

They have over 7,000,000 registered users who have redeemed over $19,000,000 in rewards. Plus, Viggle is available across 170 TV channels.

You can get rewarded for watching TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. The points you earn can then be redeemed for gift cards to places such as PayPal, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and more.


What apps will pay me to watch movies?

Some apps and websites will pay you to watch movies, but it won’t be on Netflix.

If you are looking for other options, you may want to look into downloading the money making apps or signing up for the websites below:

  • Swagbucks – You can get paid to watch videos and movie trailers on Swagbucks, as well as give your feedback. So, how much does Swagbucks pay for watching videos? They say you can earn around $5 a day. The reason Swagbucks pays people to watch videos is because they want to introduce new brands and shows to consumers, and they also want valuable market research about what people think about different TV shows, networks, and movies. You won’t make a full-time income watching movies and videos on Swagbucks, but it’s an easy thing to have on in the background.
  • PrizeRebel – With PrizeRebel, you can watch short videos and earn Amazon gift cards. You just head to the Offer Walls tab on the website, and there are usually videos that you can watch to earn points.
  • InboxDollars – InboxDollars Videos pays you cash to watch free content from their partners and it is an app that you can download. These are usually short video clips about health, beauty, and sports. You can earn $0.01 to 0.04 per playlist. There is currently a $5 sign-up bonus as well.

With these apps and websites, you may be able to win cash prizes or get free gift cards right from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


How To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post on how to get paid to watch Netflix. Streaming services are very popular, and nearly everyone has binge-watched a Netflix show.

Some of the different ways you can get paid on this streaming platform include:

  • Closed captioning for movies and TV shows
  • Build a movie review blog
  • Start a career in the movie industry, such as an animator, video editor, technician, screenwriter, and so on
  • Voice over actor
  • Get paid to watch movies while you house sit or pet sit
  • Netflix Tagger
  • Sell Netflix merch

Getting paid to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix can be a fun way to make money. There are several different things you can do to make this a reality for you.

While not every option is a full-time job, there are many ways to make watching Netflix a side hustle as well. Plus, if you’re already watching a lot of Netflix, there are other benefits of this, such as monetizing your hobbies, getting a little closer to achieving your financial goals, and finding a flexible way to make extra money.

While everyone right now wants one of the popular Netflix tagger jobs, there are many other options that may interest you as well, such as closed captioning or voice over acting.

So, grab some popcorn (or your other favorite movie snack!), try out something from the list above, and start earning money for something you probably already spend a lot of time doing.

Do you want to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix? How much Netflix do you watch each week?

*Netflix Statistic

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