How To Start An Online Business

How To Start An Online BusinessThis past week, I have received many e-mails asking for steps that a person should take if they are interested in starting their own online business. This is normal though, especially since I published my latest income report, $12,100 in March Business Income, on Wednesday.

I started my business very slowly and I definitely didn’t follow any steps. I made many mistakes and I had to learned things the hard and slow way.

However, hopefully with this post I can help others start an online business. Of course, reading blog posts will not mean that your business will be successful. Even if you have a plan, how you approach your business and the amount of time and effort you put into it is important.

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$12,100 in March Business Income

How I Make Money OnlineHappy April everyone. I can’t believe it’s April already, and this means it’s now a brand new month to improve my business and beat a new income goal.

March seemed like a busy month, but it didn’t live up to February even though there were three more days in March.

In March of 2014, I made $13,119 in business income, before expenses. This is still a great amount, do not get me wrong, however, I thought it would be a little bit higher.

It is still motivating to read my past income reports.

In May of 2012, I made $672 in extra income. $672 is still a great amount of extra income to be making, but my progress over the past 2 years is something that I am very proud of. This August will mark three years of blogging for me, and when I started I never thought this is where I would be.

Like I say every month, when I first started blogging, I didn’t think this level of income was possible. I read (and still read) income reports from bloggers such as Pat at Smart Passive Income, and it always gives me crazy motivation to do better.


I still can’t believe I’m self-employed.

When I first started side hustling, I used it as a way to earn extra spending money and so that I could also put extra money towards my student loans. I never thought that I would leave my day job and pursue full-time freelancing.

I am so glad that I am self-employed. I was terrified back in September of 2013 when I told my employer that I would be leaving. I debated what I should do every single day, and there were many restless nights because I was afraid about what would happen if I made the wrong decision.


$12,100 in March Business Income

This is for the month of March and before fees and expenses (expenses that lower the amount above are approximately $1,020, which includes VAs and writers for my other websites, PayPal fees, etc.) being taken out.

After all expenses and fees, I made approximately $12,100. In the amount above, I do not include the amount that I bring in to blogs that I help run, I only include the amounts that are my actual earnings from my services. So, if a website that I manage makes $2,000, I only include my payment – not the full $2,000.

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March Update and April Goals

March Update and April Goals

Our first green smoothie ever… YUM!

Hello everyone! I know it’s still March, but it’s the last day so I figured it was fine for me to post an update on my March goals. I don’t see much changing on the very last day of the month.

March was another great month. It wasn’t my greatest month for business income, but I do think that I was a little bit more relaxed with work than I usually am.

The weather finally got nicer, which meant I started to spend a lot more time outside. More time outside equals less time for work.

I will say one thing – it was NOT a good month for clothing spending.

We went a little crazy and we both bought a lot of warmer clothing and a lot of workout clothing, as well as shoes and so on. I’m hoping that our clothing spending is for the most part done with for awhile.

Oh yeah and we still have one more squirrel. One was caught, but the other hasn’t been caught yet. I’ve been hearing him munch on something in the attic now so we are really hoping he isn’t touching any of the electrical wires…

Make sure to come back on Wednesday for my monthly business/online income update. If you have any online income questions that you would like me to answer in that post, please leave a comment below and I will try to include it. Thanks!

I published my 2014 goals article earlier this year too. Read about them here if you are interested.


Here are some of my more popular posts in March:


March Goals Update

  1. Keep track of how many times we eat out. FAIL. I did not keep track, but I believe we went out to eat around 4 times each week. It sounds like a lot, but they were all at fairly cheap places.
  2. Make $12,000 in business income this month. PASS. I just barely made this one. Not a bad month, but I was hoping for a little bit more, mainly just because we have so many wedding expenses coming up soon.
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. FAIL. These aren’t done yet, but they will be done within the next few days. Then I need to work on putting all the addresses on the envelopes which will not be fun at all.
  4. Finalize other wedding stuff. PASS sort of. We really need to find a bartender and finalize where everything will go (such as the tent, ceremony, etc.).
  5. Run 3 miles (5 days a week), coupled with T25.  PASS. I’ve been doing really well with this!


April Goals

  1. Make $12,000 in business income. I’m hoping for a strong April. I am still adding more clients and more services, which should help.
  2. Finalize the wedding invitations. I really need to work on this since these need to go out by April 15th.
  3. Finalize other wedding stuff. We still need to find a bartender, make a wedding website, decide on the location for where everything will go on the property and more.
  4. Decide on our honeymoon. We are thinking about Europe. Where did you go for yours?
  5. Run 3 miles (4 days a week), with T25. I need to keep this up!


How did you do in March? What is your main goal for April?


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