Bad Money Mistakes Couples Should Avoid – They May Be Making You Poor and Stressed Out

Bad Money Mistakes Couples Should Avoid - They May Be Making You Poor and Stressed OutOne thing I’ve always been happy with is how me and Wes have always been very open about money.

No, we haven’t always done things the “normal way” (we combined finances YEARS ago and often receive flack for that), but in the end things worked out well for us. I think that’s because we make sure to be open about money.

I have witnessed many people around me make several money mistakes. I know people who have never once discussed a budget (even budgets that suck!) with their significant other, even though they are married. I also know others who have broken marriages/relationships because of secret debt, financial infidelity, and more.

No, life isn’t all about money, but money does play a big factor in a relationship.

I’m all for people doing their own thing in life, but, in general, the money behaviors below can lead to big mistakes when in a relationship. Money mistakes can lead to debt, delayed retirement, stress, heartache, and more.

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Our Wedding Dessert and Candy Buffet

For our wedding, we knew we wanted to have a wedding dessert table and a wedding candy buffet. Yes, we wanted TWO candy/dessert tables at our wedding, and we actually did it. Each table was six feet long, so you can only imagine the amount of sweets we had at our wedding.

We got our wedding candy buffet jars from Save On Crafts. This website was pretty much my go-to wedding website when I was looking for decorations for our wedding. [Read more…]

DIY Wedding Ideas – Worth It Or A Waste Of Money?

10394846_10202471455290055_7675235130182258011_nMore and more couples seem to be going the DIY wedding route when it comes to their special day.

Some want to save a little money, some want to be more involved in their wedding, or some have a certain plan they want to follow and DIY is the only way for them to do that.

There are many things you might want to think about before you decide to go the DIY route for your wedding.

You will want to think about why you want to DIY the project, how much money it will save or cost you, how much time it will take, whether you actually have the time to complete the project, and if you are even creative enough to do it.

The last part is what stopped me from DIYing too much for my wedding because I know I’m not creative enough.

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