Beginner RV Tips – Dreaming Of A Life On The Road?

RV Tips And Tricks - Dreaming Of A Life On The Road?We’ve been in our RV almost full-time since we bought it a little over one month ago (we went home for 3 days to get more things). I’m definitely no expert at RV living but I have learned many RV tips and tricks since we started traveling in it.

We do still have many other things to learn. However, I wanted to create this post because I know many of you are interested in possibly getting an RV as well.

Just as a refresher, we bought a Class C RV, the Winnebago Itasca Viva, back in July. We bought an RV because:

  • We have spent almost the entire year in our car on road trips
  • We were spending a lot of money on dingy hotels
  • We want to travel more comfortably
  • We want to travel at a more leisurely pace
  • We want to spend more time with friends and family now that we live far away
  • We enjoy traveling
  • We are location independent.

Here are my tips for beginner RVers. With the below RV tips and tricks in mind, you will hopefully start your RV trip the right way – having fun and enjoying your new lifestyle! [Read more…]

Should You Spend Money On Experiences or Things?

Should You Spend Money On Experiences or Things Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today, I have a short post, but it’s a topic that has come up several times in my life over the past few months. It’s another one of my “question” posts where I really just want to hear from you and see what your opinion is. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I would have bought those $500 pair of jeans 35 years ago!

Or “I wish I would have bought those shoes 15 years ago?

Or how about even “I hope I buy ____ before I die.

Most likely not. All of those examples sounded absolutely ridiculous, right?

You can probably easily see what I think about this topic – I’m all about spending money on experiences!

However, I do understand that everyone is different and some prefer to spend money on things over experiences. Others prefer to spend money on experiences and spend hardly any money on the “things” in their life.

Below are different things you may want to think about when debating whether or not experiences or things are better for you. [Read more…]

Make Money While Traveling – Yes, It’s Possible!

How To Make Money While Traveling - 7 Ways!Many of you said you were interested in becoming location independent and learning how to make money while traveling after reading my recent post Are You Interested In Traveling The World And Working At The Same Time?

Being location independent can be a great thing, but for most you do have to earn a living somehow so that you can support yourself. Many cannot just travel for months or years at a time without making any money.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of ways for anyone to make money while traveling.

Don’t let this factor that may seem big hold you back from living your dream.

Also, while some of you may think this is just a thing of dreams, I am here to tell you that it is real! I am location independent and I know many others who are as well.

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Below are several different ways to make money while traveling. If you want to learn how to make money while traveling then continue reading below!

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10 Daily Challenges To Improve Your Life

Daily Challenges To Improve Your Life - Daily Challenge List (1)Do you feel like your life isn’t going the way you want?

Maybe you had a different plan but things don’t seem to be going that way. Maybe you just want a change because anything is better than how things are currently going.

No matter how you’re feeling, I do believe that everyone is in charge of their own destiny.

If you feel things are not going the way you want them to be, then change it! You can improve your life and how you perceive it by possibly taking part in daily challenges.

I think challenges can change the way you think because they open you up to new ideas that you may not have experienced or realized before. By making yourself “uncomfortable” or putting yourself in a position that you are not used to, you will truly learn a lot about yourself.

Below are 10 daily challenges you may want to take to improve your life. [Read more…]

Are You Interested In Traveling The World And Working At The Same Time?

How To Become A Digital Nomad, Work Remotely & Location IndependentBefore I started running my online business full-time, I had a desk job where I received a couple of weeks of vacation a year. Before that, I worked in a position for over five years which gave me no vacation time whatsoever. 

While I realize that not everyone receives vacation time, I knew having limited traveling time was not good enough for me.

Even though I have to work while I’m traveling since I’m location independent, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being able to work remotely is a dream!

I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, and being able to work at the same time. Being a “digital nomad” isn’t perfect, but it is a lot of fun!

Just in 2015 I have traveled to the states of Nevada, California, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and, of course, the states of Colorado and Missouri. I have been on the road for the majority of the year and I don’t plan on that changing anytime soon.

In fact, I’m currently looking at the beautiful Jackson Lake and the mountains (in Grand Teton National Park) while typing this post.

Many of you seem to be interested in possibly living the location independent lifestyle as well. I know it’s a dream for many, but there are things to think about. Being location independent still means that you have to work and earn money!

Continue reading below if you are interested in learning how to become a digital nomad. [Read more…]

Life Update – Our House Finally Sold!

Life UpdateHello everyone!

Time for another life, goals, and food budget update. It’s been TWO months since I last did a life update.

The last two months have been pretty crazy and many things have changed.

Between buying an RV, moving the rest of our stuff from our house in St. Louis to Fruita, selling our house, traveling “home” to St. Louis several times, working, and more, you can trust me when I say that I am tired!

I won’t lie though – it’s been a fun few months too.

We’ve made many life changes this year and while there have been some stressful moments (mainly with the home sale), everything seems to be going as planned right now (knock on wood).

Continue reading below for my life update and August goals.


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