Life Update – Our House Finally Sold!

Life UpdateHello everyone!

Time for another life, goals, and food budget update. It’s been TWO months since I last did a life update.

The last two months have been pretty crazy and many things have changed.

Between buying an RV, moving the rest of our stuff from our house in St. Louis to Fruita, selling our house, traveling “home” to St. Louis several times, working, and more, you can trust me when I say that I am tired!

I won’t lie though – it’s been a fun few months too.

We’ve made many life changes this year and while there have been some stressful moments (mainly with the home sale), everything seems to be going as planned right now (knock on wood).

Continue reading below for my life update and August goals.


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We Bought An RV!

We Bought A Class C RV - The Winnebago Itasca Viva!Well, we weren’t a one vehicle family for very long. We bought a Class C RV, the Winnebago Itasca Viva, the other day.

You read that correctly.


Now, this wasn’t just a random, spur of the moment decision. We have been thinking about buying an RV for over a year now.

We have done an insane amount of research, we have watched and read countless RV videos and websites, and more. We’ve thought about maintenance expenses, fuel costs, emergency repairs, RV parking, RV campgrounds, laundry, wifi, and so on.

We ended up buying a Winnebago Itasca Viva, which is a Class C RV. We thought about getting a Class B RV but decided on a Class C RV so that we could have a little more space.

Some of the reasons for why we decided on the Winnebago Itasca Viva include:

  • It’s not a huge motorhome, but it’s enough space for us at 24 feet long. We will be traveling with our dogs and there is plenty of space for the four of us.
  • It’s not hard to drive and it doesn’t get absolutely horrible gas mileage (it’s very similar to the Wrangler we used to own).
  • There’s a full bathroom with an actual shower, toilet, and sink.
  • There’s a bed. There’s actually enough room to sleep 6 in our RV. Who wants to join us?
  • There’s a kitchen with a big fridge, freezer, sink, stove, and microwave.
  • It has a dining table with plenty of space for me to work.

As you can see, the RV we chose is pretty amazing! We really love it and have already taken some day trips to test everything out.

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I’m Giving Up Everything to Travel the World. Am I Crazy?

How To Travel The World And Leave Everything BehindHello! Here is a post from a blog friend of mine. I always love reading posts about how to travel the world, so I knew I had to say yes to her post idea. Enjoy!

The quick answer to title of this post is: YES! At least that is what some people would say.

But just think about it for a second: If you had the opportunity to travel the world for a longer period of time, wouldn’t you go for it as well?

Every day when I go on Facebook, I see people talking about how their careers are really talking off, they graduated with this and that degree, they just got a mortgage for their house, what they had for dinner and so on.

And the feeling I get whenever I read all of the above, is the feeling of being unable to breathe. Well, sort of at least.

Why do I get that feeling? Because it is so far from what I want with my life and from who I am as a person.

Now is there anything wrong with a house, a car, three kids and a dog? No, not at all. It’s just not what is written in my cards. At least not at the moment.

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Living Life To The Fullest Is Something Everyone Should Start Doing

How To Live Life To The FullestToday would have been my dad’s 63rd birthday. Last week, Wes’s grandfather passed away and my good friend found out some terribly sad news about her father. Due to these events, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to these three and talk about how to live life to the fullest.

No matter who a person is, what they are currently doing, how much money they have in the bank, and so on, everyone can start living life to the fullest.

You just never know what may happen in the future, so taking advantage of the time you have now is very important. No one ever wants their life to flash before their eyes and wonder whether their life was meaningful or not, whether they had a good time, or whether they regret past decisions.

There are many ways to live your life to the fullest while also being a responsible person (as you will read below).

The many ways below will hopefully allow you to love life and teach you how to live life to the fullest. [Read more…]

Are You Turning Your Dreams into Reality? Or Are You Just Dreaming?

Are You Turning Your Dreams into Reality? Or Are You Just Dreaming?

Hello! Today, I have a post from my friend Kathleen. She recently started a Kickstarter campaign for something I truly believe in. I recommend you check it out!

If you’re anything like me, you come to this site for some serious inspiration.

You look at Michelle’s income posts and wonder how exactly she can do all that. Sure, she breaks her income down into categories, but still you hesitate.

Maybe you believe you can start blogging your way into the kind of success she’s seen.

Maybe you don’t.

Maybe you think there’s something special about Michelle that makes it possible for her to do things you never imagined you could do.

Well, I’m here to tell you you’re right.

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We’re Now Saving Over $7,000 A Year By Becoming A One Car Family Plus Monthly Life Update

May Goals Update 1 7Hello everyone! Time for another life, goals, and food budget update. The month isn’t over yet, but I’m typing this on the 28th and I think it’s close enough.

May was another great month for us. It was my birthday month and I did a good amount of traveling. I went to Utah, Nevada, California, St. Louis, and Gulf Shores in May and had a great time on these trips.

Colorado is still treating us very well. We are enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Colorado offers and everything else around here.

The only negative I can think of from this past month is that our house is still for sale. Let’s hope June is the month for us!

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