How To Not Break Your Budget When Mattress Shopping

How To Not Break Your Budget When Mattress Shopping - How To Pick A MattressWhen we bought our home together a little over 5 years ago, we were on a strict budget. We bought our home when we were just 20 years old, so we didn’t exactly have a lot of money to spend on furnishing our home.

One thing we decided was to buy a new mattress and box spring. We ended up finding one and it was the cheapest mattress set we could find at the store. We made several mistakes with that purchase, and we ended up buying a mattress and box spring for around $400.

We thought that was expensive and that the purchase of a mattress wasn’t a big deal. So we went the cheap, basic mattress/box spring route and just chose the cheapest one we could find at the furniture store.

BOY was that a mistake. We often complained about our backs hurting, we never felt like we got a good night’s sleep, and occasionally we felt like the mattress was jabbing our sides. [Read more…]

5 Tasks We Need To Complete In Order To Sell Our Home Quickly

5 Tasks We Need To Complete In Order To Sell Our Home QuicklyWe are still debating on when we would like to sell our home, but we are thinking it will be sooner than what we originally thought.

This means I would like to start doing stuff to our home now so that we are not stressed and intimidated by it all later.

When the time does come for us to list our house, I do not want to rush to complete all of the tasks and I would like to relax a little more (if that’s at all possible when selling a home).

Some might think I’m crazy to start this early but it’s just who I am.

We want to improve our home so that it will be more presentable, it will hopefully sell quicker, and hopefully we can sell it for the price we are wanting to sell it for.

Below are some of the things we plan on doing in order to help our home sell better. There are other things we will be doing as well (such as removing personal belongings like picture frames) but those don’t need to be done until right before our house is actually on the market. [Read more…]

How Much Money Should I Save Up For A House?

How Much Money Should I Save Up For A House?Buying a home is one of the largest purchases a person will ever make. I can’t think of anything that would be more expensive.

Since buying a home is such a large part of a person’s life, no one wants to make a mistake. It would be a costly mistake if you did make one.

Recently, I received a reader request for a new post about buying a home. The reader asked:

I would love to see a post on the best way to save up to buy a house, i.e. what is a good percentage to put for the down payment, what other costs should be saved for such as homeowners insurance, inspection fees, etc.

I think this is a great question. I am not a home buying expert, but I have bought a home in the past and we are in the very, very beginning stages of buying our next.

With our first home, we got a great deal and bought a house that was much lower than what the bank approved us for. We researched like crazy and thought about all of the different little expenses that would come up when you own a home so that we would not be surprised. There were still a few surprises, but for the most part nothing was too shocking.

However, this is not how many people buy a home. Many people buy a home by only looking at the sticker price, and not really thinking about anything else. There are many expenses that go along with buying a home and all of these little expenses can really inflate the price.

Below are questions you may want to ask yourself before deciding on a home:

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Living In A 200 Square Foot Tiny House – Could You Do It?

Living In A 200 Square Foot Tiny House - Could You Do It?When we first moved out when we were 18, we moved into a very tiny house. Technically, it was not a “tiny home,” but to us it was.

It was extremely small home at around 400 square feet (less than that if you don’t count the basement), but it was cheap, had a backyard and was located very close to the college I was about to start attending.

Also, as a reminder, last year Jordann also posted about how she used to live in a 400 square foot house. I also recently published the interview I Live in a 175 Square Foot Tiny Home – Sailboat Living. I highly recommend that you read it!

I recently became interested in tiny homes again when I was watching a documentary on Netflix (we’re starting to find cable less and less worthwhile) called Tiny: A Story About Living Small. This documentary followed a man building his very own tiny home, and the documentary also showed others who lived in their own tiny homes.

I find tiny homes very interesting. They make great use of their space, they are usually very cute, and they are very affordable. Even with the positives below though, I don’t think it’s something I could do.

For me, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives. I think we could do something smaller than what we currently have, but a 200 square feet tiny home is just too extreme for me.

Below are the positives and negatives of living in a tiny house:

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What We’re Looking For When We Move

What We're Looking For When We MoveOkay, okay, I’ve talked about moving a lot in the past.

Last year, we were thinking about selling our current house and buying a new one in the St. Louis area again. But, then I left my day job for full-time freelancing and there were just too many things going on.

Good thing we put our home purchase on hold, because now we are thinking about leaving the St. Louis area and buying a home in a different state.

The two main states we are thinking about now are Colorado and Florida.

Yes, I know, these are two completely different states. Florida is hot and humid and doesn’t get any snow. Colorado experiences all four seasons and isn’t humid at all.

Below are some of the different things we are wanting and are thinking about when it comes to our potential move.

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