What If It Floods On Our Wedding Day? And Weekly Update

What If It Floods On Our Wedding Day? And Weekly Update

There’s a road under that river. Read the Wedding section below to hear more…

Hello! I hope all of you had a great week.

Our squirrels are gone! The final one was caught just a few days ago, and the loud noises in the attic have stopped also.

We are going to wait a few more days before we repair all the damage though just in case we have a straggler. We did notice that they tried chewing through the roof and they tried chewing on a metal pipe, so we may need to get those repaired as well.

Sadly, Wes’ grandma passed away last week, and she had a beautiful service. Many people came and it was a great way to celebrate her life.

Next Friday also marks 6 years since my dad passed away, and we’re trying to think of something new to do to celebrate his life. I bought introductory flight lessons awhile back and I’m starting to think that I need to schedule that because I know he would love it if I followed in his footsteps. I’m still a little terrified and intimidated though!



April hasn’t been the greatest for spending so far. We have car expenses (the Jeep needed an oil change, transmission flush and license plates renewed), I bought some clothes (for the warmer weather), and I have had a lot of wedding stuff that needed to be paid for.

We need to buy more dirt for our house as well. It’s been raining a lot here in St. Louis and we had a lot of ponds form in our front and backyard. We put down over 1,000 pounds of dirt last month and it doesn’t look like we even put down a handful!


Business Income

April has been a super busy month for me so far. I added a new staff writing client, and I’m trying to do as much work as I can right now so that I can enjoy May and June a little bit more. With the nicer weather, my sister moving, a few vacations, the wedding, and so on happening in those two months, I need to finish as much as I can now so that I have more time later for other work.

I know I have time, I just need to get back on schedule and work on time management.

If anyone needs any help, check out my Hire Me page and let me know what services you are interested in.


Being healthy

Working on being more healthy hasn’t exactly been going very well. I’m eating better than ever, but I haven’t worked out in forever. Lets hope that all changes soon!


Wedding Planning

The wedding is less than 2 months away. AHHH! Who else wants to scream with me?

We finally received our wedding invitations in the mail the other day. I know, I know. Our wedding is in less than 2 months and I don’t even have these out yet. Everyone keeps asking me if theirs was lost in the mail.

Nope, I’m just that lazy.

Luckily, I did send out Save The Dates back in 2013, so everyone already knows what day the wedding is on. My goal is to get the actual invitations done sometime over the weekend. I have horrible handwriting though, so addressing the envelopes will take me awhile to do.

We also need to think of a backup plan for the wedding too, just in case it rains. Our ceremony and reception are entirely outdoors, and if it rains then the road will flood to the property and we will be screwed. Other events have been canceled at the property because of flooding, so I’m not just overreacting…

Watch this video from my Instagram that shows the flooding problem (that water is over a foot deep – the road dips in the middle right where the water is).

I’ve tried contacting many other wedding venues, but for some reason a lot of them have been pretty snarky about the whole situation. They either get mad that they weren’t our first choice (I guess they really don’t like the work “backup”), they accuse me of wanting to bring the flood to them (LOL, seriously, that actually happened), and so on. Finding a backup wedding location must not be the norm for St. Louis… But, I guess the snarkiness that I experienced is just how a lot of the wedding industry acts, so I’m not super surprised.

If you were an outdoor bride, did you have a backup plan for your wedding? Please tell me what you did.

Main things that we still need to do include:

  • Find a bartender. I tried looking this week and this is actually a lot harder to do than I thought it would be.
  • Signage. We want multiple signs for the wedding. We want some for the bar area, directions for the actual property (such as bathrooms, dancing, ceremony, reception, etc.) and then signs so that people can find the location of the property.


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Have you been doing well with your income, spending and being healthy?


March Goals – I’m Having Nightmares About Squirrels

tumblr_lv98xhjZEx1r6aoq4o1_500Hello everyone! Happy March. I hope all of you had a great weekend.

February was a great month, BUT…

We still have the squirrels. The gif to the left is how I feel whenever I’m laying in bed and I can hear them.

They are still living in our attic and they haven’t been interested in the pest company’s traps at all. Last week, we even saw a squirrel go all the way into the trap VERY SLOWLY and then he/she inched slowly back out.

It’s been over two weeks since they decided that they want to freeload off of us, and I’m really starting to get afraid that they will have babies in our attic since it’s almost that time for them.

Anyway, we had a lot of expenses come up in February, which kind of killed our budget. We had a lot of wedding expenses (I will have a whole post on our updated wedding expenses soon), I finally had my phone fixed (the screen cracked a few months ago, but my phone still worked so I wasn’t in a huge rush to get it fixed), we had to pay the pest company (even though I have no hope for their service now), and some other expenses came up. Was February a budget buster for you or were your expenses right on track?

Even though February was a bad month for our budget, February was a good month for business, and it seems to be flowing into March which is always good too.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my monthly business/online income update. If you have any online income questions that you would like me to answer in tomorrow’s post, please leave a comment below and I will try to include it. Thanks!

I published my 2014 goals article earlier this year too. Read about them here if you are interested.


February Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget under $400.  FAIL. We didn’t do too well with this goal last month. We went out to eat a lot more than we usually do, but thankfully we went back to normal during the last week of February.
  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. PASS. February was a good month for my business. Lots of new things happened – I bought another website and added a few new clients.
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. FAIL. I didn’t even think about wedding invitations in February. I am still in the process of figuring out the timing for everything (such as when the ceremony will start, when the reception will start, etc.), but I NEED to finish figuring that out within the next week. Just because I am interested, if you have had a wedding please answer this question – How many people that you invited actually attended your wedding? Some say 90%, and others had only 75%.
  4. Find tuxes. PASS. We found tuxes. Originally I wanted to go the JCrew route, but the cost was just too high. Instead we went to Men’s Wearhouse since some of the guys are not from the same area as us, and we want everyone to match so Men’s Wearhouse seemed like the easiest route. We are renting Black Vera Wang tuxes and covered some of the cost of the tuxes for the groomsmen and W’s dad, and we also found a $40 coupon for each of them to use as well. I believe the tuxes are $160 for each of them after the coupon and our gift to them.
  5. Run 4 miles, 5 days a week. PASS. I have been doing really well with this so far. Last week wasn’t my greatest week, but the other 3 weeks of February went well. I have been doing T25, running and some lifting.


March Goals

  1. Keep track of how many times we eat out. This is something that we either do really well with or we don’t. I want to keep track of how many times I go out to eat this month and try to keep it under two times each week. This might not sound like a hard feat for some, but occasionally I like to go out to eat and I use the excuse that I’m home all the time (and I need to get out of the house) to make me feel better. However, I just need to stop being lazy and I just need to make a healthy meal at home. How many times do you eat out each week?
  2. Make $12,000 in business income this month. I feel like March will be a good month, I can just feel it!
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. Our wedding invitations really need to be finalized in March so that they can go out in early April.
  4. Finalize other wedding stuff. We still need to finalize contracts for the caterer, find a bartender, make a wedding website, and so on.
  5. Run 3 miles (5 days a week), coupled with T25.  This is pretty much what I’m doing, I just want to keep it up.


How did you do in February? What is your main goal for March?

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?


February Goals – Making and Keeping Them



Hey everyone! I found the picture to the left the other day in a photo album.

My dad LOVED taking photos and I still remember when we would go to the store all the time to buy a new photo album for all of the pictures that he would get developed.

I didn’t really think about it when I was younger, but I’m so glad that he took the time to leave me all of these photo albums (our guest bedroom and living room are filled with albums – there are probably around 100 or more).

I found this picture of us on an airplane (flying planes was his other love) and I can’t stop looking at it. Love you and miss you always Dad!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun weekend. No, I did not watch the Super Bowl. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t but I never watch it so that’s nothing new :) Today is also W’s birthday! Happy Birthday!

January was another great month. It started off slow business-wise, but the last two weeks were definitely good.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my monthly income update. I published my 2014 goals post last month. Read about them here.

Now that it’s February, some of you might have already forgotten about your 2014 goals. Many people drop their goals within the first month. However, don’t be one of those people!

Here are my tips to keep your goals.

  • Don’t push your goal off. It’s so easy to say “Oh, I’ll take today off.” However, whenever I do that, that almost always leads to me pushing it off the next day and the next day.
  • Keep track of your goals. Keeping track of your goals can be a great motivator. Keep a journal, start a blog, have a friend help out or find another way.
  • Don’t make too many goals. I’ve met many people who make so many goals that I don’t even know how it’s possible to remember all of them. If you have so many goals to accomplish within the next year, then they must not be very hard (how else are you going to reach your 1,000 goals for 2014, unless they are super easy?) or you are just hoping for an extremely successful year. There is nothing wrong with that, but I do feel that focusing on just a few large goals is usually best for most people.
  • Your goals should be realistic. Are your goals even attainable? If your goal isn’t attainable, then you may completely give up midway through.


January Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. PASS. We have been doing great with this. In the past 8 days, we only went out to eat one time. That’s not a big deal for some, but for us it is. We have been eating at home more, eating tastier meals, and have been eating more healthy.
  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. PASS. It wasn’t one of my best months, but it was a good one.
  3. Book the caterer and wedding rentals. PASS. We haven’t finalized the contract with the caterer, but we do know who we are using. We also paid for our wedding rental deposit as well. Read my crazy wedding rant from the other day if you haven’t yet.
  4. Run 3 miles, 5 days a week. PASS. I did great with this!
  5. Get completely organized for personal/business taxes. FAIL. I definitely did not get completely organized for my taxes. I plan on doing that this month though. I did gather everything together and throw it all in a pile though :) Better than nothing, right?


February Goals

  1. Keep our food budget under $400. This will always be on my monthly goals so that we don’t forget. We have been doing really well with this the past few months.
  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. I’m hoping that February is a good month. I have many plans!
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. This is something that I haven’t really started yet. I need to make the invitations and have them ready to go. I will probably send them out in early April. Does that sound like a good time for an early June wedding? I already sent out Save the Dates so everyone already knows when the date is.
  4. Find tuxes. We plan on finding our tuxes this month. We plan on renting sleek black tuxes, but I also don’t want to break the groomsmen’s budgets.
  5. Run 4 miles, 5 days a week. I increased this a little bit. I also plan on partnering this with T-25 again and some lifting. I love having a full gym in our basement! The high cost in the beginning of buying everything for our home gym has definitely paid off.


How did you do in January? What is your main goal for February?

What tips do you have to keep your goals?


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