10 Ways To Squeeze Side Hustles Into Your Busy Schedule

10 Ways To Squeeze Side Hustles Into Your Busy Schedule Clock Picture

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what you do with them that truly matters.

I often receive questions from others about how I was able to fit side hustling, college, and work into my life all at one time. It was hard, but it was possible. Yes, sacrifices need to be made, but like I said, it IS possible to fit side hustles into your life.

It all depends on how badly you want it. [Read more…]

An Interview With A Lyft and Uber Driver – Side Hustle Idea

Become a Lyft Driver And An Uber Driver - Side Hustle Ideas

It’s been quite a while since I published my last post for my side hustle ideas series, but I have a fun one today for you. If you are interested in being a Lyft driver or an Uber driver, then you should continue reading!

My friend Harry is a driver for both and let me interview him the other day. Enjoy!

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9 Ways To Make Money While Traveling


Recently, I published the article 5 Tips For Managing a Job And Working On The Road. Today, we will be talking about the many different ways you can make money while traveling.

I love being able to travel and work. Being location independent is something that I never thought would be possible for me until just a few years ago. I can gladly say that it is just as great as I thought it would be.

If you are interested in earning a living while traveling, there are many ways to make this dream a reality.

Read more over at DiversifiedFinances.com.

10 Great Ways To Gain Control Of Your Finances and Reach Financial Freedom

10 Great Ways To Gain Control Of Your Finances and Reach Financial Freedom Family Picture With Dog

I’m sure many of you are wanting to achieve financial freedom in some form, and you probably have some money-related goals/resolutions for the future. I know I do!

If you want to get ahead, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and/or you want to gain control of your finances so that you can learn how to achieve financial freedom, I recommend you continue reading below.

I have packed some of my best money tips into this post, and I definitely think you can improve your finances by instilling at least some of the money advice below into your life. [Read more…]

Are You Considering Quitting Your Job To Freelance Full-Time?

Are You Considering Quitting Your Job To Freelance Full-TimeHello! Today I have a post from a freelancer friend. It’s a great post to get someone motivated and as prepared as possible to make the leap into freelancing. Enjoy!

I’ve got a plan in place to pull the trigger at the end of this year. It’s equally thrilling and scary.

See, I’m the breadwinner for our family of four – my husband is a SAHD and quit his job to stay at home in the summer of 2013 after our second child was born. That means earning income has been squarely on my shoulders and will for the most part still be going forward.

A Little Background

I only started looking into this crazy world of freelancing and webpreneurship in April of this year. In hindsight, that’s really not that long ago. Luckily, I’ve been able to make some decent progress in the last six months.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for the past eight plus years and after reevaluating my career path at the beginning of this year, I came to the conclusion that I was ready for a change. I just couldn’t see myself (happily) sitting at the same desk 10 or 20 years in the future. In fact, one of the questions that I kept coming back to was: [Read more…]