What To Do If You’re A Victim Of Identity Theft

What To Do If You’re A Victim Of Identity Theft (1)

Recently, I went to the state license office. When I was called up to the worker’s desk, I was asked to say my address, along with my name, age, and social security number. They wanted me to say ALL OF THIS out loud in a crowded room.

If someone was paying attention, they could have taken down my information and done serious damage. I asked if I could write my information and show it to him instead, and while they were not too happy with that, he agreed (he gave me the paper back, so I was able to shred it). The person that my husband had didn’t ask him to say his information out loud and he was given a form to fill, so I’m not sure why I wasn’t given that as my first choice as well.

If I wasn’t careful, this could have led to me becoming a victim of identity theft. Little mistakes or even something that is no fault of your own may lead to you becoming a victim of identity theft as well.

Sadly, identity theft impacts over 16 million people each year and that number is expected to keep growing.

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The Worst Money Advice I’ve Ever Heard Part 2

Bad Financial Advice - Bad Advice I've Actually HeardLast summer, I published the post The Worst Money Advice I’ve Ever Heard. In that post I talked about some crazy bad advice I’ve heard. Since then, I have heard even more bits of bad financial advice that I knew I had to share.

As a personal finance blogger, I get asked many personal finance questions.

Before I respond, I usually ask the person what they believe they should do.

One of the first things I usually hear is advice that they were given by another person. Sometimes the advice is great, but other times I can’t help but cringe and then I have to try my best not to let my jaw hit the ground.

I really wish I made up the bad advice below, but sadly they are all true. Some I overheard, some I heard from others asking me if the advice was something they should follow, and some I actually heard from financial “experts” giving to a large audience on TV (AHHH!).

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What If Our Home Doesn’t Sell? Should We Turn It Into A Rental?

My House Hasn't Sold Yet. What Should I Do Rent It (1)When I originally wrote this article, we had no offers on our home and we were feeling somewhat negative about it. However, last week we accepted an offer on our home and it’s scheduled to (hopefully) close in July. 

It’s been nearly four months and our house hasn’t sold yet.

We’ve had exactly 30 showings and great reviews, yet no offers.

Not even a single lowball offer.

Our home is priced quite competitively and below comparables, so we are afraid to lower the price any further.

We are already going to lose money with what our home is priced at now so we are currently wondering about other possible options. I knew selling a home would be stressful, but I didn’t realize that it would be this stressful. Many ideas have been going through my mind but it’s hard to decide what the best decision is.

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Reaching Financial Independence IS Possible And Here’s How You Can Do It

Financial Independence - How To Become Financially Independent (3)One of my top goals in life is to reach financial independence. I technically want to be financially independent as well as an early retiree, but to make this post simple we will mainly talk about becoming financially independent.

Financial independence is when you earn enough income passively (such as through rental real estate or dividend income) to cover your expenses.

This way you can leave a job you dislike and pursue other passions in life such as spending more time with family, traveling, seeking a job you love, and more.

I want to reach financial independence so that my investments are working for me and earning me money. This way my future costs are covered and I’m still bringing in an income in case anything happens in the future.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love life and my online business. However, I would rather be safe because you never know what may happen later in life. As you know, I’m a worrier and I would much rather be safe than sorry. Something medically may occur, the industry may change, I may change, and so on.

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Identity Theft Impacts Millions Each Year, Could You Be Next?

My Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Identity TheftAccording to identity theft statistics I found from the Bureau of Justice, over 16 million people were victims of identity theft just in the year of 2012.

Identity theft is becoming such a common occurrence in recent years and it is something far too many people have personal experience with.

No one wants to deal with identity theft. Identity theft can lead to headaches, a drop in your credit score, loss of money, and more. While some situations can be fixed in just a day, some identity theft situations can linger on for years and years.

Even I have been the victim of identity theft numerous times, mainly due to someone stealing my personal information when I was just a child.

Nothing has happened recently though, even though I have multiple accounts, many credit cards (all used for rewards points), and more, and I believe a lot of that has to do with the fact that I always make sure to be very careful with my personal information.

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Stop Using These 6 Ridiculous Excuses For Not Saving Money

Stop Using These Common Excuses For Not Saving Money (2)The other day I was reading a personal finance article on a major website. I enjoyed the article but I made the mistake of scrolling down to the comments to see what people had to say.

After blogging about personal finance for almost four years, I wasn’t very shocked. 90% of the comments were very negative.

People were saying that anyone who saves money must hate their life, they must lead a boring life, and so on.

This is always sad to read, as many people do not save anywhere near the amount they should be saving. To quickly summarize my post Money Statistics That May Scare You:

  • 68% live paycheck to paycheck;
  • 26% have no emergency savings;
  • The median amount saved for retirement is less than $60,000;
  • The average household has $7,283 in credit card debt;
  • The average student loan debt is $32,264.

Due to these crazy money statistics, I believe that more people should think positively about saving money. Saving money can help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, it can help you pay off your debt, it can help you prepare for retirement, and so on.

The first step to saving more money is to figure out why you are unable to save money.

For many people, it’s because they often tell themselves excuses for why saving money isn’t something they can or even need to do.

If you do this, I want you to realize that you can change your ways and that it is possible to save money. I used to always give myself excuses as well but then realized that I was just lying to myself.

If you are interested in saving money, please read How To Live On One Income and 75+ Ways To Make Extra Money.

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