Why You Should Start Attending Conferences

Why You Should Starting Attending ConferencesA few weeks ago, I published the post My FinCon14 New Orleans Recap – Networking At Its Finest.

This was my second year at FinCon (it’s a financial bloggers conference), and it’s a conference I don’t think I will ever miss as long as I am in the freelance blogging world, which will hopefully be forever. :)

Also, I should mention that I’ve attended several other conferences in the past, but they were all related to my day job and overall they were just bad/horrible/boring conferences. If you’ve attended conferences in the past and didn’t enjoy it, it may have just been a badly managed conference.

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It’s Been One Year Since I Quit My Job For Self-Employment

It's Been One Year Since I Quit My Job For Self-Employment

Not a great picture, but it’s one of the only pictures I have from my trips in the past year that has me in it.

My official last day at my day job was October 11, 2013, but that’s a Saturday this year so I am posting my first annual self-employment update a few days early.

As a little refresher, I left my day job last year to pursue my online business full-time.

I honestly cannot believe it has been one year since I left my day job. My day job wasn’t a horrible one, but it also wasn’t the greatest. I didn’t look forward to working and I dreaded every Sunday because it meant I would have to go into a stressful job the next day.

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