Should You Spend Money On Experiences or Things?

Should You Spend Money On Experiences or Things Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today, I have a short post, but it’s a topic that has come up several times in my life over the past few months. It’s another one of my “question” posts where I really just want to hear from you and see what your opinion is. Enjoy!

Have you ever heard someone say “I wish I would have bought those $500 pair of jeans 35 years ago!

Or “I wish I would have bought those shoes 15 years ago?

Or how about even “I hope I buy ____ before I die.

Most likely not. All of those examples sounded absolutely ridiculous, right?

You can probably easily see what I think about this topic – I’m all about spending money on experiences!

However, I do understand that everyone is different and some prefer to spend money on things over experiences. Others prefer to spend money on experiences and spend hardly any money on the “things” in their life.

Below are different things you may want to think about when debating whether or not experiences or things are better for you. [Read more…]

Lower Your Bills Easily Today!

Lower Cable Bills and BillFixer Review (1)Every few months or up to a year, I call up the various companies I do business with to see if there is anything I can do to save money.


If you have internet, a cell phone, cable or satellite, a home phone, satellite radio, insurance, or something else, you may want to see if there is anything you can negotiate on.

In many cases, you can negotiate!

If you don’t like negotiating with others, you’re no good at it, or if you just don’t have the time, you may want to look into BillFixers.

BillFixers is a relatively new company I recently came across. BillFixers has been around for around one year and already has helped negotiate over $125,000 in savings for consumers, which comes out to an average of around $300 per person.

Some of the companies that BillFixers will try to negotiate a lower monthly payment for include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, DISH, Verizon, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Optimum, CenturyLink, Cox, SiriusXM, Charter, Geico, and USAA. [Read more…]

Why Would A Person Choose To Live A Frugal Life?

Why Would A Person Be Interested in Frugal Living?For some reason, there is a myth about there that living a frugal life means you are living a boring life. Some even believe that if you are frugal then you are a bad parent, a bad person, and a bad friend.

If you don’t believe that, I recommend you read the comments on the next frugal living-related article on a major website such as Forbes, YahooFinance, or something similar. One thing that will be in common with most of the comments is the negativeness from many of the commenters.

I’ve even overheard conversations myself where people think I’m missing out on life because they assume that all frugal people just sit at home all day and do nothing with their lives.

That is FAR from the truth. I know many who are taking part in frugal living and I think they are some of the best :)

Sadly, many aren’t interested in frugal living because they believe the myth above.

There are many reasons to live a frugal life, though. Continue reading below to see the reasons for why many choose to take part in frugal living. [Read more…]

Frugal Things I’ve Done Recently

Frugal Things I've Done Recently - Living Frugally TipsAs you may have read recently in my post You May Be Wasting Thousands Of Dollars On These 7 Things, we are watching our spending, living frugally, and always trying to find new ways to be smarter with our money.

No matter what your income is, I always think it’s a good idea to eliminate any ways you may be being wasteful.

There’s really no need to be wasting money if you don’t even value it. Why spend money just to spend?

Below are several things I’ve done recently so that I can continue living frugally. They are all fairly small, but they all count!

I may turn this into a monthly series. I think jotting down ways to live frugally can be a great way to look back and remember past actions, plus I enjoy reading comments about how others are currently saving money! [Read more…]

The 6 Steps To Take To Invest Your First Dollar – Yes, It’s Really This Easy!

How To Start Investing - 6 Investing TipsI always say the first thing you need to do if you want to start investing is to just jump in. However, what if you don’t really even know how to start investing?

If you are like many out there, you may not know how to start investing your money.

Investing your money can be a scary, stressful, and overwhelming topic to tackle. With today’s post, I hope to make it easier than ever with my beginner investing tips so that you can start investing your money and building a retirement fund as soon as possible.

Just as a refresher, you want to invest so that you can:

  • Retire one day;
  • You never know what may happen in the future, so preparing now is important;
  • Allow your money to grow over time.

Investing is important because it means you are making your money work for you. If you weren’t investing, your money would just be sitting there and not earning a thing.

This is important to note because $100 today will not be worth $100 in the future if you just let it sit under a mattress or in a checking account. However, if you invest, then you can actually turn your $100 into something more. When you invest, your money is working for you and hopefully earning you income.

For example: If you put $1,000 into a retirement account that has an annual 8% return, 40 years later that would turn into $21,724. If you started with that same $1,000 and put an extra $1,000 in it for the next 40 years at an annual 8% return, that would then turn into $301,505. If you started with $10,000 and put an extra $10,000 in it for the next 40 years at an annual 8% return, that would then turn into $3,015,055.

Below are the steps you should take so that you can learn how to start investing your money. [Read more…]

What I Learned Having Roommates

What I Learned Having RoommatesHello! Enjoy this blog post from a blog friend of mine. As you know, I’m all about having roommates in order to lower your expenses. Here’s what Adam has learned from having roommates.

I’ve always had roommates.

Since the day I got to college, I’ve been splitting rooms, apartments and houses with a long parade of strangers (college just puts you with somebody), friends, fraternity brothers, and acquaintances. Some of them have worked out great. They were phenomenal roommates and have become lifelong friends. Others were complete disasters, even if they were nice people.

Personalities can clash, ideas about cleanliness can vary significantly, and other issues that never occurred to you can pop up.

When I graduated college and started my career, I really didn’t have to have a roommate. I was living in a low cost part of the country, making a solid salary, and could have easily afforded a 1 bedroom apartment or even a house with a bit of savings. 

Instead, I just kept the streak alive. My first apartment was a 2-bedroom, 1 bath, in an older complex. It wasn’t fancy, but it was 5 minutes from work, in a decent neighborhood, and only cost $600 a month (that is not a typo). I didn’t know anyone in my new city, so I started out living solo, but as I made friends, I found another guy looking for a place to live. Once we hit it off, he moved in and my bills instantly dropped by half. For the next year, I spent $300 on rent and maybe another $150 on utilities and internet.  [Read more…]