Why I Believe Being Positive Can Change Your Financial Situation And Your Life

How To Be More Positive & Positive Thinking ExercisesLately, I have been working towards thinking more positively and having a better outlook on life. Just doing this has already changed my world greatly.

My life isn’t perfect and I understand that no one else’s life is as well. Everyone has something that might make them sad, angry, scared, etc. and I understand that in some circumstances it can be quite difficult to see the positive.

However, no matter how bad life seems to be going for you, I believe that having a positive outlook on life and engaging in positive thinking exercises can change your life. Learning how to be positive can be a great thing as there are many benefits of positive thinking.

You’re probably wondering “How does being positive relate to Making Sense of Cents?”

This is a topic I am discussing on my blog because being negative can impact many areas in a person’s life. [Read more…]

My Decluttering Mission – I’m a Closet Slob

How To Declutter Your Closet - My Decluttering TipsMy closet is a disaster zone.

That is why one of my goals for January of 2015 is to declutter my closet.

It is a scary thing to see right now. Currently, I slam the door shut whenever Wes is about to walk past my closet, as I know he will be absolutely horrified if he were to take a look into my closet. In case you are wondering, my closet is not in our bedroom, it’s in the hallway as our house has a weird large closet in the middle of the house.

I want to declutter my closet for many reasons.

One, we plan on putting our home on the market in a couple of months, and no sane home buyer is going to walk into my closet and want to buy this house.

Two, when we eventually do move, I don’t want to deal with this mess and be forced to bring it all with us. Instead, I want to have the least amount of things possible in order to make the move a little easier.

Below are some of the things I plan on doing in order to successfully declutter my closet. If you are wanting to learn how to declutter your closet as well, I recommend you read the rest of this post and take part in my decluttering challenge! [Read more…]

10 Ways I Plan On Saving Money In 2015

10 Ways To Save Money - How You Can Save Money In 2015[This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over $240 million on tax preparation. How much can you save? To learn more about tips and strategies on saving, click here.]

We have decided that 2015 will finally be the year that we gain control of our spending problem. It’s not something that I’ve discussed much recently, as it’s not exactly something to be proud of.

Last year, our spending was completely out of control. Yes, we saved money in some areas, but in other areas we did not do so well. Increasing your income is no good if your spending is increasing as well.

As I always say, I believe that a person can save money and still lead a great life. Too many people think that saving money means that you are making hard sacrifices, but I disagree. The ways that we plan on saving money this year are all realistic, attainable, and they don’t hurt our quality of life. In fact, most of them improve our quality of life.

We are trying to do the things below so that can can head towards a more minimalism and eco-friendly lifestyle. We are not only wasting money, we are wasting other things as well that we shouldn’t be and that is something we would like to change.

Below are the 10 ways to save money that we plan on taking part in this year. [Read more…]

4 Life and Financial Hurdles To Tackle This Year

4 Financial and Life Goals To Tackle - 2015 GoalsWhile I realize we are already two weeks into the new year and that you may have already set your New Year’s resolutions, I don’t think that should stop anyone from evaluating their life goals and possibly setting new ones already.

I want this year to be the very best year of your life. No one is perfect, but I think with the goals below, everyone can feel happy, successful, and motivated in life.

Below are four financial and life goals you may want to think about tackling in 2015.


1. Tackle your money problem(s).

Whether your money problem is related to a lack of a budget, spending issues, debt, keeping up with the Joneses, or something else, you need to tackle your money problems NOW.

First, you need to figure out why you have a money problem. If you don’t figure out what the root of the problem is, then it’s probably just going to keep coming back and biting you.

After that, you need to come up with a plan to stop your money problem. You might need to avoid the mall, create a better budget, increase your income, pay off your debt, and so on.

Tackling your money problem now will help you lead a less stressful and most likely a more meaningful life. [Read more…]

How I Manage My Finances So I Can Save Time and Worry Less

How To Manage Your Finances Effectively And Save Time And StressBetween managing retirement, paying bills, handling credit cards, saving for things in life you want and more, managing your financial life can get difficult.

Due to this, I am often looking for ways to make managing my financial life easier since at times handling everything can seem so hectic and stressful.

Making everything simpler and easier means that I can have more time to spend on other areas of my life, and also worry less about what I may be forgetting.

This is why I am creating this article. I believe that if you can learn how to manage your finances effectively as well, you can save a ton of time, have less stress, and focus on the things you truly want to in life.

Managing your finances does not have to be hard, and I want to show everyone that. Too many people give up and let their finances get out of order, when it really does not have to be that hard.

Below is how I manage my finances easily so I can save time and worry less. [Read more…]

The Many Positives Of Using Airbnb Plus a Coupon Code For Your Next Vacation!

Airbnb Review Plus a Valuable Airbnb Coupon CodeWhenever we go on a trip, we almost always stay in a short-term rental.

We stayed in them around ten times in 2014, and plan on staying in them many more times this year as well.

I always look at Airbnb’s website (this is an affiliate link that will give you a $25 off Airbnb coupon code for your next stay) first when planning our trips.

Even though I use Airbnb often, there are still many people out there who have never heard of Airbnb before, so I thought it would be a great service to review.

With this Airbnb review, I hope to help you see why you should be using Airbnb as well. Below are some of the many positives of using this vacation rental website:

[Read more…]