Finance Updates

Last updated: July 6, 2012

You can find my more detailed 2012 goals in this post and my most recent net worth update here.

My Goals

  • Paying down my student loan balance – Around $35,000 for my two undergrad degrees and also after I’m done with my MBA
  • Paying off my car loan DONE!
  • Having $15,000 in my emergency fund DONE!
  • Increasing my mortgage payments
  • Invest more


Finance Updates

Student Loan Debt:  $25,000
Car Loan: $0
Emergency Fund: $15,000
Mortgage: Working on lowering term

Working on:
Vacation Fund
Christmas Fund

Extra Income
Swagbucks so far: $200 for Amazon
Secret Shopping: $1,423.21 in checks
Surveys: $126 in checks
Mr. Rebates: $27.13 in checks
Yahoo Contributor: $19.95 PayPal

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