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Making Sense of Cents has received several awards, such as:

  1. Bloglovin’s Top Blogs, and Up and Coming Blogs
  2. eCollegeFinder’s Top Finance Blogs
  3. Top College Blog
  4. One of WiseBread’s Top Personal Finance Blogs
  5. 10 Best Inspirational Blogs for Debtors by
  6. Blogger of the Month for the site Ready for Zero.
  7. Zillow’s Blog of the Week.
  8. Top Personal Finance Blog of 2012 Nominee (by One Smart Dollar and Ready for Zero)
  9. I have also been nominated by the Plutus Awards for: Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults, Best Blog Contributor/Freelance Writer and Blog of the Year.


My writing has been featured on The Consumerist (twice – one time was here), Lifehacker (here’s one mention), Yahoo! Finance, Get Rich Slowly, Lifehack (regular contributor), WiseBread, Ready for Zero, MSN Money and more.


Hire me

I offer various online services. Do you need a virtual assistant, writing services, want to grow your blog or something else? I have helped many of my clients grow their websites and grow their online income. Below are some of the services that I offer. I offer many more services, so please email me if you are interested in hearing further:


Website/Blog Management

I currently completely manage two blogs for other owners, as well as three of my own blogs. I can do various tasks for you, such as reply to comments, manage advertising, reply to emails, manage social media, write articles and so on. I can do it all, or I can do just one function of your blog. Entirely up to you and what will best fit your website!

I can also manage your blog for a short period of time as well. If you just need one week, one month, or some other time period off from your blog (such as for travel, to unplug, a vacation from your website, to start a family, to start a new job and so on), I can help with this as well.


Below are testimonials of my blog management service:

“I hired Michelle to manage my blog for one week while I went on vacation for my anniversary. I’d never been away from my blog in almost four years, so I wanted to see what it was like to not check on it constantly and enjoy my time away.

Michelle was great, and I had every confidence that she would ensure things ran smoothly while I was gone. Not only did she answer my e-mails and handle some advertising negotiation but she took the time to text me and let me know when my site was down due to a Blue Host issue, just so I wouldn’t worry if I checked it myself.

My experience with Michelle was so positive that I recommended her to another blogger who took a vacation, and she will be managing my site for a few weeks during my maternity leave. My blog is my business and my primary means of making an income, so I feel really blessed that I was able to find someone who I could trust to make sure it ran smoothly.”   - Cat at Budget Blonde



“I hired Michelle to manage my site, as well as email, for a week as I was going on vacation. I was a bit nervous leaving my site for a week, but Michelle helped allay that concern as she took great care of the site. She made sure that everything went smoothly, and as it should, while I was gone – which helped allow me to truly vacate. If you’re looking for someone to manage your site when you have to be away from it, I would highly recommend Michelle’s services.” - John at Frugal Rules



Staff Writing/Ghost Writing

Are you looking for a staff writer or a ghost writer?  I can help you with this! I can write for your website everyday, once a week, twice a month, or whatever will fit you best. I have written for many websites such as for travel blogs, finance blogs, lifestyle websites and so on. I also offer ghost writing services as well.


Social Media Management

Are you not the best with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on? These various social media sites are taking over the world, and you want to be included right? I can help you with your social media and grow your brand with social media interaction.



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7 Responses to Contact/Hire Me

  • Thank you for including me in your latest carnival. Also are you adding any names to your blog roll. If so I would like to apply. Thanks and happy blogging

  • Nice Michelle! I hope this helps grow your business.
    Nick @ recently posted..Millennial Speak – What is a Side Hustle?My Profile

  • Christina says:

    I need some blog help…I have the above blog, christina1952.
    I write about multiple myeloma( a cancer) and lots of other things , minimalism , decluttering, menus , you get the gist. I also read a website called the Myeloma Beacon. There are bloggers there who write mostly about their cancer. So here’s where I need help. Someone added my blog to this blogger list, and I saw my 2 posts there yesterday. Is there a way to stop this? I’m at a loss. No one asked they must’ve just copied and pasted my blog address where it says add a blog? What can I do? Anything?
    I’m asking you since you’re the one blog I read that you know a lot about website site. Thanks for any insight.

    • Michelle says:

      Here is what someone has told me (slightly edited so that it makes more sense). I hope it helps:

      “They’re not stealing her content, just linking to her: the page is just a feed of various blogs….: “The following are excerpts from the latest postings to blogs of myeloma patients, caregivers, and family members.” She’ll have to contact them directly if she wants to be removed. However, if I were her, I wouldn’t complain about the exposure :)”

  • Hi Michelle and Christine! I was looking over your website and low and behold found a blog on Multiple Myeloma from Christine! We’ve been looking for more up to date information about the disease and what to expect since my husband was just diagnosed in August of this year and goes into to stem cell transplant December 6th. Thanks so much for making it available. I’m thankful we found you. The other link was to the Myeloma Beacon. Great stuff from both Christine and there too. Thanks to you all for sharing your journey. it really helps. I’ve told John he should write too. How do we start?

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