Why I’m Happy I Made The Decision To Leave My High Paying And Secure Job For Blogging

Blogging As A Career After Starting Your Own BlogStarting your own blog can lead to many positives in life, including possibly blogging as a career.

That’s exactly what happened to me. Almost two years ago, I left my high paying and secure job so that I could blog full-time.

However, let’s rewind a little bit. Before I started full-time blogging and running my online business, I worked as a financial analyst at a small investment/valuation firm.

It wasn’t the greatest job on earth, but it was stable, the income was good, the bonuses were great, and there were benefits. Plus, my employer told me from the very beginning that it would be a “lifer” job, so I knew as long as I kept on improving that I would have a job for a very long time and that one day I would be running the company.

However, that just wasn’t for me.

My job was very stressful yet still extremely boring at the same time (further described below).

Now, most of the above probably makes it sound like I had a great career and that I’m just a complainer. Due to this, I am often asked why I left my “good” job to become a full-time blogger and online business owner.

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Do You Have An Emergency List For Your Family?

Financial Emergency List For An Emergency Response PlanIn our household, I manage most of the bills, financial accounts, and more. I know I’m not alone either – in most families, one person usually handles all of these things.

I’ve been in charge of our important information for years, mainly because it’s just something I know I can do and we’ve fallen into a routine now after doing this for so long.

Recently though, we realized that this could turn into a financial emergency disaster. I manage everything just from my memory, so nothing is actually written down and most of our bills are either auto-pay or paperless, so there is no paper record in our house of anything either.

This could be a financial emergency disaster because if something were to happen to me, I honestly do not know what Wes would do. It would make everything much more difficult for him when he would already be having a hard time, and that is not something anyone wants to deal with. Having some sort of financial emergency response plan is something we need to create.

While to some this situation may be no big deal, I know there are many, many families out there who would be very lost if something were to happen to the person who usually manages their financial situation. Accounts could get lost, bills may be forgotten about, and more.

It’s best to keep a financial emergency response plan of everything just in case something were to happen, even if it’s something no one ever wants to think about. Having one just makes life so much easier.

Below are three easy steps to creating a financial emergency response plan for your family. [Read more…]

Living Life To The Fullest Is Something Everyone Should Start Doing

How To Live Life To The FullestToday would have been my dad’s 63rd birthday. Last week, Wes’s grandfather passed away and my good friend found out some terribly sad news about her father. Due to these events, I wanted to dedicate today’s post to these three and talk about how to live life to the fullest.

No matter who a person is, what they are currently doing, how much money they have in the bank, and so on, everyone can start living life to the fullest.

You just never know what may happen in the future, so taking advantage of the time you have now is very important. No one ever wants their life to flash before their eyes and wonder whether their life was meaningful or not, whether they had a good time, or whether they regret past decisions.

There are many ways to live your life to the fullest while also being a responsible person (as you will read below).

The many ways below will hopefully allow you to love life and teach you how to live life to the fullest. [Read more…]

We’re Now Saving Over $7,000 A Year By Becoming A One Car Family Plus Monthly Life Update

May Goals Update 1 7Hello everyone! Time for another life, goals, and food budget update. The month isn’t over yet, but I’m typing this on the 28th and I think it’s close enough.

May was another great month for us. It was my birthday month and I did a good amount of traveling. I went to Utah, Nevada, California, St. Louis, and Gulf Shores in May and had a great time on these trips.

Colorado is still treating us very well. We are enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Colorado offers and everything else around here.

The only negative I can think of from this past month is that our house is still for sale. Let’s hope June is the month for us!

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Utah, Nevada, and California Road Trip Recap

Utah, Nevada, California Road Trip Recap 13In May, Wes and I took an eight day road trip to Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Joshua Tree National Park, and San Diego.

On this road trip, we did some sight seeing, climbed a little, and went on several fun hikes.

We were able to enjoy all of the national parks and national recreation areas for free due to our national park pass. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get one. The U.S. is full of amazing places to visit!

The total cost for our road trip was around $1,200.

We were able to have an adventurous, fun, relaxing, and luxurious vacation on this amount, which I am very happy about. We could have saved more money but we decided to splurge a little in some areas.

Below is a recap of our road trip:
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April Goals Update, New May Goals And A Food Budget Update

April Goals Update, New May Goals And A Food Budget UpdateHello everyone! Time for another life, goals, and food budget update.

April was another great month for us.

It was a record income month for us but it was also an expensive one.

May won’t be any cheaper as well since I’ll be gone for almost 20 days due to two separate trips, but it’s all budgeted for so I am still happy.

Colorado is still treating us well. We are enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Colorado offers and everything else around here.

Our house is still for sale in Missouri and that’s pretty much the only thing bogging us down. We keep going back and forth about what we want to do with it, and we have pretty much decided that lowering the price anymore is just crazy talk as it’s already priced much lower than all of the comparables near us. If it doesn’t sell though, we have plans and will remain positive about it regardless.

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