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This website was started in August of 2011 and since then has grown to have many active readers. I believe that my readers are very loyal to my blog and truly are engaged with my posts.


Making Sense of Cents has received several awards and/or mentions including:

  1. Blogger of the Month for the site Ready for Zero.
  2. Zillow’s Blog of the Week.
  3. Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs to Watch in 2015 by
  4. Top Personal Finance Blog of 2012 Nominee (by One Smart Dollar and Ready for Zero)
  5. I have been nominated by the Plutus Awards in both 2013 and 2014 for: Best Personal Finance Blog for Young Adults, Best Blog Contributor/Freelance Writer and Blog of the Year.
  6. Top College Blog
  7. Bloglovin’s Top Blogs, and Up and Coming Blogs
  8. Top 50 Money Saving Resources by Scratch Wireless
  9. Favorite Personal Finance Blogs for Millennials by XY Planning Network
  10. Top 27 Stories of ‘Life After Debt’ by ClearPoint
  11. 14 GREAT bloggers that will boost your income in 2015 on Money Tuts
  12. Voted Top Finance Blog by Broadview Networks
  13. One of WiseBread’s Top Personal Finance Blogs
  14. eCollegeFinder’s Top Finance Blogs
  15. 10 Best Inspirational Blogs for Debtors by


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Statistics and Numbers

In the past couple of months, my average amount of unique visitors amount to over 100,000 per month, with monthly page views being over 200,000. I also have 2,000 e-mail subscribers, 9,600 Twitter followers, 3,300 Bloglovin followers, and 4,600 Facebook likes.

If you are interested in advertising, Making Sense of Cents has a (last updated on March 19, 2015):

  • mozRank of 5.48
  • Domain Authority of 49
  • Page Authority of 57
  • Alexa score of 75,784


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