Working Smarter, Not Harder

Working Smarter, Not HarderHey everyone! I am currently in Las Vegas for my BACHELORETTE PARTY :) I’m soaking up the sun and probably laying by the pool :) I have an amazing post on Diversified Finances that I would like you all to read. Here is a little snippet:

How many hours do you work each day? How about each week? Or each month?

I used to spend an extremely long amount of hours each week working, but I have really cut back. I no longer have 100 hour long work weeks where I get such a small amount of sleep that I want to cry.

Has my income taken a hit? Nope.

Instead, I am trying to be smarter about the way I work.

It does help that I completely eliminated the day job I used to have (left that in October of 2013), but I have also learned how to work smarter, instead of working harder. Yes, I still work hard, but I am more smart with the time that I do have.

Read further over on Diversified Finances.




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