March Update and April Goals

March Update and April Goals

Our first green smoothie ever… YUM!

Hello everyone! I know it’s still March, but it’s the last day so I figured it was fine for me to post an update on my March goals. I don’t see much changing on the very last day of the month.

March was another great month. It wasn’t my greatest month for business income, but I do think that I was a little bit more relaxed with work than I usually am.

The weather finally got nicer, which meant I started to spend a lot more time outside. More time outside equals less time for work.

I will say one thing – it was NOT a good month for clothing spending.

We went a little crazy and we both bought a lot of warmer clothing and a lot of workout clothing, as well as shoes and so on. I’m hoping that our clothing spending is for the most part done with for awhile.

Oh yeah and we still have one more squirrel. One was caught, but the other hasn’t been caught yet. I’ve been hearing him munch on something in the attic now so we are really hoping he isn’t touching any of the electrical wires…

Make sure to come back on Wednesday for my monthly business/online income update. If you have any online income questions that you would like me to answer in that post, please leave a comment below and I will try to include it. Thanks!

I published my 2014 goals article earlier this year too. Read about them here if you are interested.


Here are some of my more popular posts in March:


March Goals Update

  1. Keep track of how many times we eat out. FAIL. I did not keep track, but I believe we went out to eat around 4 times each week. It sounds like a lot, but they were all at fairly cheap places.
  2. Make $12,000 in business income this month. PASS. I just barely made this one. Not a bad month, but I was hoping for a little bit more, mainly just because we have so many wedding expenses coming up soon.
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. FAIL. These aren’t done yet, but they will be done within the next few days. Then I need to work on putting all the addresses on the envelopes which will not be fun at all.
  4. Finalize other wedding stuff. PASS sort of. We really need to find a bartender and finalize where everything will go (such as the tent, ceremony, etc.).
  5. Run 3 miles (5 days a week), coupled with T25.  PASS. I’ve been doing really well with this!


April Goals

  1. Make $12,000 in business income. I’m hoping for a strong April. I am still adding more clients and more services, which should help.
  2. Finalize the wedding invitations. I really need to work on this since these need to go out by April 15th.
  3. Finalize other wedding stuff. We still need to find a bartender, make a wedding website, decide on the location for where everything will go on the property and more.
  4. Decide on our honeymoon. We are thinking about Europe. Where did you go for yours?
  5. Run 3 miles (4 days a week), with T25. I need to keep this up!


How did you do in March? What is your main goal for April?



  1. says

    Europe is a great place for a honeymoon. We went to Italy for our honeymoon and it was fantastic. We spent two weeks traveling around Italy by train. We started in Rome, then Positano (small town on the Amalifi coast), then Florence. We finished our trip with a few days in Venice. It was very romantic, lots of red wine, good food and delicious gelato.

  2. says

    You should definitely enroll your fiance with addressing those envelopes. Victoria had a very DIY-approach to the invites so they took forever even with a few of us working on them at once (btw forever to a guy is a Sunday afternoon lol). It did feel good to get them sent out tho.

  3. says

    We’ve had nicer weather as well – it hit 75 yesterday. But, they’re calling for freaking snow again by the end of the week! :( We had a good March and things are looking better for April, which is nice. I’d vote for Europe for the honeymoon. We went to London and Ireland for ours and it was a blast.

  4. says

    I need to really make exercise more of priority but time is so limited! Good for you. March was a terrible month for me. I think my worst month ever actually in terms of blogging/freelance :( Also there were two deaths that sort of rocked my boat. I’m ready for April!

    We went to Europe. Flew into Frankfurt Germany and took the train to Munich where we spent a week (LOVEDDDD it and feel free to email me any questions, look up romantic road in Germany to start) then took the train to Paris for a few days (and where we flew out of) I hope Pauline doesn’t kill me for this but I didn’t like Paris that much…it has STUNNING architecture and I’m glad I saw some of the things I did but I really didn’t like it for a few diff reasons. I’d love to visit France again but diff locations.
    catherine recently posted..Are Your Financial Goals Preventing You From Reaching Other Goals?My Profile

  5. says

    Addressing wedding invitations sucks big time! Which is why we just printed the addresses and return address on nice clear labels and called it a day. I know that’s not “traditional,” but I’ve received some wedding invitations that were pretty sloppy because I know someone’s hand was basically dead by the time they got to mine.

    Europe sounds like fun! My husband and I love cruising so we took a 7-night, Western Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon.

    • says

      We have the return address on all of the envelopes, but we plan on handwriting the guest’s addresses. I plan on inviting my bridesmaids over so I’m hoping they don’t kill me! :)

  6. says

    Congrats on another great month – enjoy the rest of wedding planning. It feels so much better when it’s over.

    “I’ve been hearing him munch on something in the attic now so we are really hoping he isn’t touching any of the electrical wires…”
    Honestly, this wouldnt be the worst thing – if the little thing busts through, it’d probably kill him (and someone would just have to find it and dispose of it), and he’s probably not, or a light/outlet wouldnt be working right now if he was.

    • says

      I’ve heard that many house fires each year are actually caused by squirrels eating wires in the attic. Are you sure that what you said is true? I would love for what you just said to be true! :)

      And there could be a chance of a light or outlet not working. We have four bedrooms and only use one, so we don’t use anywhere near all of the outlets.

  7. says

    Awesome job with your monthly income (wow!) and your running!! Are you doing a race? Good luck with the wedding planning, especially finding your bartender service!

  8. says

    You did great with your goals! My main goal for April is to save 25% of my income, make $1,000 in additional income ( eep!) and spring clean. I figured with all that extra time I’ll be spending at home this month, I can get my closet organized. :)

  9. says

    I missed a big March HELOC payment goal because I miscalculated how many pay cheques I would be receiving this month. I only got 2 cheques when I thought there would be 3. Not beating myself up about it because I will catch up in the next few months.

    I spent too much money eating junk food when there is lots of good food in my house. I will work hard fixing that in April.

    I finally joined Twitter, which was a blogging goal, and now I just have to figure out how best to use it. Brevity is not my strong suit.

  10. Kristin says

    My boyfriend and I aren’t engaged or planning a wedding yet but we discussed going to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. We both somewhere hot and relaxing with a bit of activity. We have both already done the most romantic places in Europe (Italy, France, Greece) before we met each other and I’m going again with my sister this May. I think we want to explore the rest of the world before going back but we do want to see Croatia in the next couple of years! Italy would be a wonderful place to go. I’ve only been to some of the main cities but my favorite was Florence!

  11. says

    Great job on the goals, Michelle! Can’t believe you are still dealing with the squirrels!! Those rodent problems are a huge pain in the tail, aren’t they? We keep hearing something running down our non-functioning, blocked up chimney. When the new roof goes in, those chimneys are coming down. I don’t care how “cute” they look! :-)

  12. says

    March was an average month income-wise with our online business (around $7000), but I’m also growing a pet sitting side hustle. That’s keeping me busy and out of the house, which I need at this point. Altogether with rental income and side hustles, we are bringing in about $10k a month on average, so I worry less about money and more about staying mentally active and healthy.
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  13. Nikki says

    I had to chime in on the honeymoon question. :) By the time our wedding rolled around, I was stressed out, burnt out, and just wanted to spend time reading non-wedding related things and to sleep in, be lazy, and hang out with my with no agenda. We didn’t want to waste an exceptional vacation on the time right after the wedding (plus, my husband is a pilot and wanted nothing that involved an airport). So, we picked a place for a mini-moon that we could drive to, ride our bikes around, and have sunshine and hot tub time. We read (I finished three books in as many days), we stuffed our faces, and just puttered around. It was amazing because we didn’t feel bad for not going and seeing all the amazing things to see in an amazing and expensive destination.

    Later, we went to Cabo for our official honeymoon somewhat by default since we won a 7-night stay there. That’s where we had fancy romantic dinners, kayaked, snorkled, walked all over the place, and vacationed so hard we were exhausted at the end.

    Really a big part of it is what you think you will enjoy when the day after rolls around. Even if you’re doing a relatively low-key wedding, there’s still a good amount of stress wrapped into actually getting married, family stuff, etc. Will you both be excited to be on an airplane for 8-10 hours, removed from the internet and world, or does the sound of a long flight make you cringe?

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