March Goals – I’m Having Nightmares About Squirrels

tumblr_lv98xhjZEx1r6aoq4o1_500Hello everyone! Happy March. I hope all of you had a great weekend.

February was a great month, BUT…

We still have the squirrels. The gif to the left is how I feel whenever I’m laying in bed and I can hear them.

They are still living in our attic and they haven’t been interested in the pest company’s traps at all. Last week, we even saw a squirrel go all the way into the trap VERY SLOWLY and then he/she inched slowly back out.

It’s been over two weeks since they decided that they want to freeload off of us, and I’m really starting to get afraid that they will have babies in our attic since it’s almost that time for them.

Anyway, we had a lot of expenses come up in February, which kind of killed our budget. We had a lot of wedding expenses (I will have a whole post on our updated wedding expenses soon), I finally had my phone fixed (the screen cracked a few months ago, but my phone still worked so I wasn’t in a huge rush to get it fixed), we had to pay the pest company (even though I have no hope for their service now), and some other expenses came up. Was February a budget buster for you or were your expenses right on track?

Even though February was a bad month for our budget, February was a good month for business, and it seems to be flowing into March which is always good too.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for my monthly business/online income update. If you have any online income questions that you would like me to answer in tomorrow’s post, please leave a comment below and I will try to include it. Thanks!

I published my 2014 goals article earlier this year too. Read about them here if you are interested.


February Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget under $400.  FAIL. We didn’t do too well with this goal last month. We went out to eat a lot more than we usually do, but thankfully we went back to normal during the last week of February.
  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. PASS. February was a good month for my business. Lots of new things happened – I bought another website and added a few new clients.
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. FAIL. I didn’t even think about wedding invitations in February. I am still in the process of figuring out the timing for everything (such as when the ceremony will start, when the reception will start, etc.), but I NEED to finish figuring that out within the next week. Just because I am interested, if you have had a wedding please answer this question – How many people that you invited actually attended your wedding? Some say 90%, and others had only 75%.
  4. Find tuxes. PASS. We found tuxes. Originally I wanted to go the JCrew route, but the cost was just too high. Instead we went to Men’s Wearhouse since some of the guys are not from the same area as us, and we want everyone to match so Men’s Wearhouse seemed like the easiest route. We are renting Black Vera Wang tuxes and covered some of the cost of the tuxes for the groomsmen and W’s dad, and we also found a $40 coupon for each of them to use as well. I believe the tuxes are $160 for each of them after the coupon and our gift to them.
  5. Run 4 miles, 5 days a week. PASS. I have been doing really well with this so far. Last week wasn’t my greatest week, but the other 3 weeks of February went well. I have been doing T25, running and some lifting.


March Goals

  1. Keep track of how many times we eat out. This is something that we either do really well with or we don’t. I want to keep track of how many times I go out to eat this month and try to keep it under two times each week. This might not sound like a hard feat for some, but occasionally I like to go out to eat and I use the excuse that I’m home all the time (and I need to get out of the house) to make me feel better. However, I just need to stop being lazy and I just need to make a healthy meal at home. How many times do you eat out each week?
  2. Make $12,000 in business income this month. I feel like March will be a good month, I can just feel it!
  3. Finalize the wedding invitations. Our wedding invitations really need to be finalized in March so that they can go out in early April.
  4. Finalize other wedding stuff. We still need to finalize contracts for the caterer, find a bartender, make a wedding website, and so on.
  5. Run 3 miles (5 days a week), coupled with T25.  This is pretty much what I’m doing, I just want to keep it up.


How did you do in February? What is your main goal for March?

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?



  1. says

    My goals, which I’m posting on moneystepper tomorrow, are pretty similar to yours! I’ve also got to send out our wedding invitations but the printers are being extremely SLOW! Nice to see you stretching your business income goal from $10k to $12k. Even at such impressive figures, its important to keep pushing yourself. After all, a 5% increase when you are bringing in $10k a month is much more significant than a 5% increase when you are bringing in $100.

    Keep up the good progress!! :)
    moneystepper recently posted..What should I invest in? Shares, property or cash?My Profile

    • says

      We were thinking about going the poison route but I’m afraid of them crawling out of the attic, dying in the front yard and one of our dogs eating it. Did you just go up into your attic and collect them?

  2. Brian says

    It isn’t the most humane way to get rid of squirrels, but a bucket, some bird seed, a ramp and some water do work. I’m not a huge fan of this method, but it does have a really high success rate. Of course I’m not sure I would want to set this up in an attic.

    Do you have a lot of electrical wires in the attic? I would be worried that they would decide to start chewing on the wires, because well, squirrels are dumb.

    • says

      I just looked up that method and I don’t know if I could do it :( I really don’t want them to die!

      And that is the main reason why we are nervous. I’m afraid that they’re going to catch our house on fire!

  3. says

    February was my best month ever, mainly because I got a $1,000 check for an 8-month, 3 post campaign I’m doing with Rotary for their End Polio campaign. I would really like to take my side income to a new level, but I think it will require either purchasing or starting a second website. I have another niche website in development but have still spent most of my time on Y.A.M. as it’s bringing in $ right now.

    Oh, and nice job on the running goal! Definitely inspiring me to run more…

  4. says

    Sounds like you had a good month overall Michelle! I had a fairly good month as well and know exactly what you mean about using the excuse of being home all the time to go out to eat. We’ve gotten pretty good about not doing it, but it still happens from time to time. Sorry about the squirrels – walking in and out of the trap is crazy. 😉
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..MyRA: Should the Government Force Us to Save for Retirement?My Profile

  5. says

    I love my pets, but I hate all varmin that get in our houses. We had a rat die under our house and it smelt so bad for weeks. We had to crawl under the house to find it and get it out.

    We spent way too much in Feb too. Hopefully we can and will do better in March!
    Allison recently posted..Friday ConfessionsMy Profile

  6. says

    The squirrel situation is totally freaky to me. I had a friend with a rodent issue in her attic and she lost sleep for months listening to them above her head. Hopefully those traps will start to work better. Congrats on your goals. Yes, eating out is a big budget drain. We have decided to make my hubby’s side income money our eating out money, so if he doesn’t tutor at all for the week, then we eat home all week.

    • says

      Yes, I can’t ever go back to sleep once they wake me up. I think they’re now hanging out in the back of the house though so now I can’t hear them as much.

  7. says

    I know you don’t always pass all of your goals, but you sure do seem to knock most of them out over the long run especially the ones that seem more important. It’s encouraging to see. I need to held myself more accountable and mull over the idea of making any goals public to hold myself to them more.
    Mr. Utopia recently posted..Reduce Your Taxes Through Mental Power!My Profile

  8. says

    When I see squirrels I think “oh, just look at them, they’re soooo cuteeee”. But seriously, I know it is not funny at all so I keep my fingers crossed that you will get rid of them quickly. Goals for March? Yes, moving in to the new house 😉 I like this idea about keeping track of eating out, I think it would be very eye-opening for me to see that in the end of the month. Good luck with your goals! :)
    Shovellicious recently posted..Shovel for MarchMy Profile

    • says

      I used to think they were super cute, but never again! They are just rats with tails and they are trying to ruin my life. LOL I am dramatic.

      Congrats on the new house!

  9. says

    Well done on your February successes!
    For the first time in a long time I’m still on track with the New Year’s Resolutions although March is going to be tough. I’ve set myself a goal of writing and sending out 31 queries in March for print and online markets. Fingers crossed that I actually get it done, but then again the only obstacle in my way is me :)

  10. KK @ Student Debt Survivor says

    Oh boy, sorry to hear the squirrels are still with you. My March goals include cooking at home more (I just signed up for emeals), eating out less, and doing a few home improvement projects (recaulking the tub and fixing a curtain rod that hangs crooked that’s been making me nuts for the last month).

  11. Lauren says

    We invited 200 to my wedding and 115 came. My wedding was in my hometown (I don’t live there anymore), so it was an out-of-town wedding for everyone but my side of the family. Our close friends and husband’s family all had to travel.

  12. says

    Good luck with all your March goals and especially wedding planning, Michelle! We had about an 80% attendance rate (and way higher kids that we thought).

  13. says

    My February was pretty “blah,” too. I try to keep going out to eat to a minimum of three times a month, or once a week. I get a little stir crazy if I’m in the house for too long, so I don’t blame you. I wish it would get warmer out already! My coworker is planning her wedding and I believe she heard it’s around 80% that attend. I hope March goes well for you, and that those pesky squirrels get in the traps!
    E.M. recently posted..February Budget ReviewMy Profile

  14. says

    I feel like February is no fair because you don’t have as many days to get what you want done! Plus for me? It’s my birthday month so I’m super lazy anyway.

    One main goal in March is to keep up with blogging. I created my March editorial calendar at the end of Feb and have all my posts planned out for all three of my blogs. I’m hoping this will keep me on track since I won’t have to do much brainstorming (that’s where I get stuck and end up giving up) and will just be able to post away. So far so good! 10 posts a week, here I come :)

    p.s. I think maybe 80-90% attended our wedding. I honestly don’t remember, I have a terrible memory.

  15. says

    Sadly, it is difficult to deal with critters in the inside of your house. At the office, we wanted to avoid poison mostly because we knew there were at least 3 squirrels, and they were very close to the vents. We didn’t think we’d be able to get them, and didn’t want a dead animal up there! Not sure what the weather is like up there, but hopefully the warmer weather moves them out. Ours were stuck and there was nothing we can do except break the wall (which the squirrels did for us). Your income is outstanding! Many congrats on meeting and EXCEEDING your goals! Way to go!
    Tanner recently posted..Marines Graduation TripMy Profile

    • says

      I have heard from many people that once a squirrel has a nest (which they have made MULTIPLE nests in our home) that they never leave and will come back for years :( So the only thing we can do is remove them.

  16. says

    February is a tough month because I always forget there are only 28 days. But things got busy at work and hopefully balanced out the big spending at the end of the month! My goals for March are to continue making headway on my yearly goals!


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