How Much Money Do You Spend On Clothing?

How Much Money Do You Spend On ClothingSeveral years ago, I worked in retail management. When I worked there, I spent way too much money on clothing and I definitely had a clothing problem.

I won’t say the dollar amount (yes, I am embarrassed), but it was a ridiculous amount. With our work computers, we could check how much money each of the employees spent just at that one store alone, and one of the girl’s I worked with had a dollar amount of over $12,000 since she started working  there.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person in the U.S. spends around $1,700 on clothing each year. Even this amount sounds like a lot to me. I don’t know what the average clothing budget is, but I’m assuming that most people set their average clothing budget much lower than this $1.7K number.

Since I left that job, I have learned how to properly shop and budget for clothing. I don’t spend anywhere near the amount that I used to spend, and I don’t think I even spend $1,700 a year either.

Here is what you can do to lower your clothing spending expenses and buy clothes on a budget:


Wash your clothes correctly in order to lower your clothing costs.

Washing and taking care of your clothes helps keep them in good condition for longer. Those tags on the inside of your clothes aren’t just for decoration, you should actually read and listen to them!

Wash dark clothing with darks, whites with whites, dry clean items when needed and so on. It doesn’t take too much extra effort, so stop being lazy.


Buy quality clothes on a budget.

When I say “buy quality,” I don’t mean that you have to spend $100 on a T-shirt.

It mainly just means that you should shop smart. Look at the tags before you buy clothing and see if they are using quality material. A good quality item should last you multiple washes, not just one or two.


If you want something trendy, buy it cheap in order to shop for clothes on a budget.

If I know for a fact that I will only wear a clothing item once or twice, then I usually don’t spend a lot of money on it.

It’s just not worth it to me to spend $75, $100 or $200 on something worn once. If I want something trendy, I usually head to stores like Forever21.


Use coupons to shop for clothes on a budget.

Websites like RetailMeNot have saved me a lot of money. All I have to do is type in the company name plus “coupon” in an online search and usually several coupons will pop up. Takes about one minute and usually I save anywhere from $10 to $50.


Sell your old clothes.

If you have clothes that you no longer wear, sell them! You can then put this money towards future clothes so that it’s sort of like a revolving cycle.

A few weeks ago, I sold a bag of clothes for $75. It didn’t make me rich, but I put it back towards my clothing budget.


Only buy what you can afford when shopping for clothes on a budget.

If you can’t control your spending, then you probably shouldn’t bring a credit card with you. You might want to think about only bringing cash or a prepaid card with you.


Below are more details on the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard:

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  • Emerald Cash Rewards gives you instant cash rewards offers at your favorite stores. All you have to do is shop with your Emerald card. There are no coupons to find or cut.


Today, I have the pleasure to partner with H&R Block to give away a $200 H&R Block gift card to one of my readers.  This giveaway ends March 24th. H&R Block has asked me to help promote the Emerald Prepaid MasterCard. The prize was provided and will be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the U.S. only. No purchase necessary in order to win prize. Winner to be chosen at random via

Also, they have asked me to share clothing I’ve been loving lately – I don’t shop as much as I used to, but I still do a lot of online “window” shopping. My favorite online stores include LuLu’s, Spool72 and Modcloth. Below are some possible dresses I found that I LOVE (the below are all from Modcloth), and I also found some more outfits I like and I pinned them on my Pinterest board – to go along with the giveaway below :)

How Much Money Do You Spend On Clothing Each Year?

There are three possible ways to enter, and all you have to do is answer the questions below. You can do one, or all three.

  • How much money do you spend on clothing each year?
  • What’s your top clothing budget tip?
  • What do you think the average clothing budget is?


  1. Meghan says

    I bought a new work wardrobe last year and spent over $3000 (I wear suits to work every day and got shoes too). My frugal tip is to keep my nice work shoes at the office and wear street shoes for the walk to and from the subway. My shoes hardly look worn at all and the wear that does show is only because I had to wear them home once or twice (from work-related happy hours of course). If I won, I’d honestly to refresh my non-work summer wardrobe. I think I have 1-2 pairs of shorts that fit.

    • says

      Wow that’s a lot of money Meghan. I spent a lot of money on work clothes when I had my analyst job as well. Luckily, now my work wardrobe consists of lots of yoga pants :)

  2. Wong says

    I would probably buy something for the wife or take her out if I win the Emerald Card! She’s the best and deserves the best!

  3. Kim Henrichs says

    I probably spend about $300 a year on average. I really only shop when there are sales and I rarely buy on impulse. If I had that Emerald card I would probably invest in some new work clothes because this year i haven’t bought anything except shoes for work!

  4. says

    I’m not sure exactly how much I spend on clothing each year, but it’s not $1,700. The thing that gets me is dress clothes, since I have to wear them five days a week. While I do sometimes get some good deals, I typically have to pay more for them. I’m probably in the $500-$600 range per year.

  5. Kari says

    I would say I spend around $1000 per year? That really depends on the year and what I need. Plus I will get clothes are a gift sometimes.

  6. Kari says

    My top clothing budget tip is to look for sales, use coupons, and shop at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I can get great designer brands there and spend about half what I would at the mall.

  7. says

    I don’t spend too much on clothing. Maybe a few hundred over a couple of years.
    I buy season items once they go on clearance. Saves a ton of money.

    I would use this to buy classic pieces for my wardrobe that will always be in style (and that will flatter my post baby body)

  8. says

    I have no idea how much I spend on clothing in a year… I would guess $1000?

    I would use the gift card for daily expenses and use $200 from my checking account to make an extra payment to my student loans.

  9. says

    I used to be all about buying clothes, but realized that I was spending so much money on sales. It’s amazing how cheap clothes are now in days! It’s easy to go the mall/stores and get a whole new wardrobe in an afternoon. My main spending right now is on my uniform for work, so I’m always willing to spend a bit more on quality pieces that will last longer.
    Amanda @ Passionately Simple Life recently posted..Motivation MondayMy Profile

  10. says

    I used to have a clothing problem as well. Now, my annual budget for clothing is around $800 a year. To save money, I typically only shop at stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls. I have also added thrift shopping to my rotation. If I won a prepaid card, I would probably buy summer clothes for my son or a new bathing suit (I have needed one, but hate swimsuit shopping and swimsuit wearing in general). :-)

  11. says

    The green dress to the right is really cute! I don’t know how much I spend but not a lot. Just spent around $1,000 in a couple of weeks last month but I could last on that for over a year and that was not usual at all. I do try to go for quality and buy the best thing I can afford (without overpaying for a brand).
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  12. Jamie V says

    Last year, I made an effort to stop spending money on clothing, and I pretty much made it to October before I really truly needed something. I certainly saved a ton of money from it.
    1) Budget: I’d safely say about $200 per year. Last year was within this mark so I know it is do-able, too.
    2) Top tip: Do not go into the clothing section when you go to any store. This will help reduce temptation, because you can’t want what you don’t know they sell.
    3) If I won the Emerald card, I’d probably put it towards our upcoming vacation to Toronto. We are trying to eat very healthy and know that on vacation, it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet, cost being a part of that reason. But, perhaps part of it would go to a new dress, too…

  13. Dominique says

    I honestly don’t know how much I spend on clothes every year. Probably somewhere between $700-800? I am very lucky to have family that works in corporate retail who can often score me nice sample sale clothes. But I do love fashion and probably think more about what I buy than most people. When I buy something it’s because I feel like it’s very versatile and I’ll enjoy it for a long time.

    Lately I’ve been leaning more towards vintage styles. My tip is to always look online for deals, and see if anyone is selling the style you want on eBay! It doesn’t always work out but when it does you can save so much.

    I would use the gift card as discretionary money… I live on a very, very tight budget and it would be nice to have some cash I don’t feel guilty spending on a drink with friends on the weekend, or to get my nails done. The non-essentials!

  14. Raki A says

    I spend around $400 a year on clothing.

    My clothing tip is shop for clothes during Black Friday when most stores are having great sales.

    I will use the Emerald Card towards paying off the bills.


  15. says

    Last year, I made it a goal to keep my clothing budget low. I ended up only spending around $300 total for the year, including shoes. This year I’ll probably end up spending more, simply because I need to replace some things.
    Lauren recently posted..Weekly Wrap-Up #6My Profile

  16. Pam Gurganus says

    I very rarely buy myself new clothing because it seems there is always something else more important to spend money on. Not to mention I HATE clothes shopping! *LOL* But having said that, in the last year, I’ve probably spent less than $75. in new clothing for myself.

  17. Pam Gurganus says

    My top clothing budget tip is to shop thrift shops and watch for sales, coupons, promo codes, etc. I’ve saved a lot of money buying clothing for my family using these resources.

  18. says

    I gave in last year and purchased a few things at Target, the total was probably around $50. I didn’t have any summer dresses and they were on clearance, so I took advantage. Other than that, I don’t have room in my closet so I haven’t been buying anything. I don’t think I’ve ever spent over $1,000 on clothing in a year, mostly because I find shopping more annoying than therapeutic :).

  19. says

    I’m probably close to the national average for my husband and I combined, but when I worked at Target seasonally, I def increased my spending! Now a days, I’m really picky about clothing so I tend to only buy it if it fits perfectly and is made of high quality. Modcloth certainly hits those checks for me!
    Michelle @fitisthenewpoor recently posted..Your Future In FreelancingMy Profile

  20. Denise M says

    I typically spend a few hundred on clothes in a year, typically to refresh my work wardrobe when things start to wear out. My top tip is to look at deal websites throughout the year and shop the outlets- the real outlets, not just the clothes made for the outlets.
    i would use the gift card to buy clothes in a size up for my growing little girl, and also to buy myself a new pair of summer sandals

  21. Erin S. says

    I spent about $500 per year on clothes. I’ve had to spend a bit more this year because I’m pregnant with my first baby and needed maternity items.

  22. Erin S. says

    My best tip for clothing is to always shop sales and ask for gift cards to your favorite stores for Christmas/holidays. I find that this helps me actually buy new things because otherwise I’d try to use the money somewhere else.

  23. Erin S. says

    I would use the Emerald card to help pay down a credit card balance that I have. I’ve already paid off $4000 this year and I’m trying to get the remaining $1200 paid off before I have my daughter in June.

  24. Salome says

    My budget is not enough!! I probably spent about 200? on clothes last year. With paying down debts and trying to save, it was brushed aside. I would use the $200 to revamp my work clothing options, maybe some nice tops and shoes.


  25. says

    I currently do not have a set shopping budget for myself. Like you, I use to spend wayyyy too much on clothing. Thank God I don’t do that anymore. I would say last year I didn’t spend more than $500 for the entire year in clothing, which is very low considering I use to spend thousands. On my 2 kids I spend around $600 a year including back to school. They grow fast and stop fitting into their clothes rather fast.

    My top clothing budget tip is to shop your own closet when looking for something to wear for a particular occasion. Many times I went shopping for an outfit for a particular activity. At one point I realized, I had plenty of clothes and shoes in my closet I had not yet wore.

    If I win the Emerald card I will use it to buy my kids some spring/summer clothes because the ones they own do not fit them anymore.

  26. says

    I spend about $300 a year. I’ll buy some at retail if the sale is good enough, but most I buy from thrift shops. I live in a small town with no mall (the nearest is an hour away by car). so there’s not as much temptation. My tip would be to shop your wardrobe first if you’re tempted to make a big purchase. I’ve often found things I forgot I had. If I won, I’d put the card towards the purchase of an e-bike.

  27. says

    1.) I spent $0 dollars on clothing from April 1, 2013-April 1, 2014-but I was doing a No Shopping Challenge. From April 2, 2014-April 1, 2015 my budget will be $2300 as I will be replacing a number of items…and buying SHOES!
    2.) Look at what you currently have and pair it down. We have way to much stuff in our closets.
    3.) I would buy LEVI’s 501 jeans-made in the U.S.A. baby!

  28. says

    I looked at my numbers from last year and spent just under $1600 on clothes so just under the average but I went up a size so I had to buy new pants that I wouldn’t have otherwise, hopefully this year I can spend less than that!
    Morgaine recently posted..Weekly Spending: Mar 3-9My Profile

  29. says

    How much money do you spend on clothing each year? Last year was ridiculous. I can’t give an exact number but definitely in the thousands and to the point where I was really disgusted with myself. I had to break the habit and this year I’m doing much better.
    What’s your top clothing budget tip? Make it reasonable and don’t exceed it.
    How would you use the Emerald Card if you won? Towards the purchase of an airline ticket to Cancun. The trip is booked-we just have to get there!!
    CeCe @Pink Sunshine recently posted..My Husband is Not My BrotherMy Profile

  30. Sara says

    I budget 600 a year for clothes not including any gift cards. Typically that is plenty of money but this past year I needed a dressy dress and a new winter jacket which ate into my budget.

    If I won the giveaway I would buy a new bag and clothes.

  31. petra says

    I probably spend around $500 a year on clothing. My top clothing budget tip is to buy resale. I just found a barely-worn wool coat for $6! I would use the Emerald card for daily necessities like gas or groceries. Thank you for the giveaway!

  32. says

    my top tip is to just go straight to the sale racks! you can often find awesome items especially if you aren’t a “popular” size. I also make sure to bring any coupons with me as well. I rarely buy something full price unless I absolutely need it at that moment.

  33. Paige says

    Per Mint, I’ve spent $2930 over the past 12 months – though some of that has been for my upcoming wedding in October ($375 for my dress at a bridal consignment shop). I’m totally a sales queen. I’m short, so nothing fits off the rack, so if I know I’m going to have to hem something/have it taken in at the waist, I refuse to pay full price for it. I tend to hit up retail stores online – for instance when places have 40% off total purchase specials.

    As for what I’d spend the card on…I own my house and am saving up for bedroom remodel, so it would probably go to that.

  34. says

    I’m not sure how much I used to spend because I was too scared to track it. Right now I’m on a budget of $300 a month, so in total I spend about $3,600 a year. Hopefully I can rein it in even further!

  35. Candice says

    I am definitely a coupon and bargain shopper. Rarely do I ever pay full price. I also buy clothes at the end of the season and save them to save.

  36. says

    $12,000 is crazy! Let’s just hope that she had worked there for several years and let her friends/family use her discount to get to that amount.

    I would guess that I spend about $300/year on clothes. My employer allows jeans everyday, so that’s definitely helped lower that amount! I also keep clothes FOREVER (I have a pair of jeans from my freshman year of college, in 2004, that I still wear on a regular basis).

    I did some research on the card, and it looks like a great deal! I would probably use the $200 to pay for a ‘get ready for summer’ day (mani/pedi, haircut, facial, etc).
    Niki recently posted..2014 Goals and UpdateMy Profile

  37. Missy says

    I am trying to not spend any money on clothing for myself this year – we are on a “money diet” for 2014. Maybe some new flip-flops for summertime.

    I would spend the money on new shoes and clothing for the kids, and maybe some type of family fun activity.

  38. Sara says

    I spend less than $1000/yr for sure. My friends and I have clothing swaps about twice a year too. You can try some new styles risk (and cost)-free. It’s a great way to give your clothes a new home, refresh your wardrobe, and still feel like you went shopping without spending any money.

  39. livivua says

    i don’t have a clothing budget only set limits of what I will pay for for a certain items such as shoes. I will not go above $60 dollars for a pair of sneakers or $30 dollars for other such as casual or sandals.

  40. livivua says

    For back to school purchases that will be coming up in 5 months in my favorite stores that also have a rewards program and coupons.

  41. sharon says

    I would say about 500 a year. My best tip is to shop yard sales (early) and thrift shops. I’ve gotten some wonderful deals and pieces this way. If I won, I would spend the giftcard on bills. :)

  42. says

    How much money do you spend on clothing each year?
    Sadly, I have no idea how much I spend per year. It’s not a lot — maybe a few hundred dollars at the maximum? My husband and I are just starting to track spending, but we’re already fairly frugal.

    What’s your top clothing budget tip?
    Thrift stores for jeans — if you can find a good store, you’re set. Jeans are something that are in every single store, so it’s mostly a matter of knowing your size/brand preference. I have such a hard time spending $70 for a pair of jeans when I know I can get a pair I like for $10 or so at a thrift store.

    How would you use the Emerald Card if you won?
    We’re expecting a baby this summer, so I would definitely use this on baby items! A lot of friends have given me hand-me-downs (and I’m not trying to go too fancy), but there are some big items we do have to purchase.

  43. says

    When I lived in Dublin, I spent about €200 a month on clothes because I worked right in the center of the city and was surrounded by Topshop, Zara and the like. Now, I probably only spend on average about €25 a month, I’ve got a pretty good stockpile of clothes and I make sure to take care of them.
    If I was lucky enough to win, I would spend the money on some new homewares, I just moved back to the States from France and I need all new everything! :)

  44. says

    I’m not much of a shopper – my wife buys most of my clothes
    She does amazing stuff on ebay for our toddler. Recently bought a bundle of 50 items of quality used clothing for $20
    Our baby will never know, our friends will never notice, it means we can put more money in his college account
    He will appreciate it when he’s older

  45. Martha says

    Great article! I love love love shopping but when my boyfriend turned husband moved in with me, I was embarrassed at the amount of clothes I had. Also, trying to resell or sell at a garage sale is shocking because I thought my clothes were amazing and close to “priceless.” Well, I was wrong… and now I have adjusted my thinking about clothes, shoes, etc. I do still spend about $500 a year on clothing, which I’m working on! I completely advocate buying better quality stuff. It doesn’t matter if they are $20 shoes if you have to buy a new pair every 2 months and I bought $80 ones that last a year. My fashion tip is to purchase a few scarves, belts, trendy statement jewelry. These things are always on sale and are cheaper than clothing. They can completely change a simple black dress!

  46. says

    I spend about $1000 a year on clothes. My tip is to buy good quality jeans so they last a long time and look fabulous. I would use the money toward our new deck that we’re planning.

  47. says

    Last year I probably spent around $500 in clothing, maybe. I did try to upgrade my wardrobe with new things. I buy for quality and I take good care of my clothing. Once it’s no longer wanted, I’ll sell it (if it’s in good shape), donate what doesn’t and take clothing that’s really worn out to a recycling center to be recycled for something else. I love clothes and shopping, but it’s not a priority right now. Pinterest gives the evidence for my love of clothes though!

  48. Kelly D says

    I spend about $400 a year on clothing. My budget tip is to shop at the end of the season to find clearance deals. I would use the Emerald card to get cash rewards at my favorite stores.

  49. Jessie C. says

    I don’t keep track on my spending on clothing. I only and always shop on sale and clearance, or discount stores like TJmaxx. Come to think of it, I buy more for kids than myself all these years.

  50. Katelyn @ Diaries of a Wandering Lobster says

    I got a new job in September that required business causal attire and thus had to buy a whole new wardrobe since I could no longer wear jeans to work. I don’t usually buy a ton of clothes so it was a nice reason to buy new clothes! I shop the outlet stores and buy on sale items. I recently learned to read labels because dry cleaning is expensive!

  51. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

    I would use it for vacation with the kids!

    We budget $50/month for each family member (4 of us). Hubby and I keep ours separate, the girls’ is probably spent a little unevenly, since the little gets some hand me downs and the oldest is kind of rough on her stuff. I’m actually glad she’s into bigger sizes so now I can find darker colors for her to wear…she loves digging in the dirt!

    I try to stick to items that can be paired in different ways to create different looks. Keeping with classic styles and colors…I generally don’t buy anything trendy at all!

  52. says

    -I’d say I spend about $300 a year on clothes and shoes. It is sad. I am looking to increase it eventually… (last year, it was $315)
    -Don’t ignore second hand clothings… many still have tags! I’ve found some great quality shirts in 2nd hand stores and consigment shops.
    -I’ve been telling myself that I need to go shopping; my winter clothes have been overrotated (cant avoid it when I only have 7-9 tops for the whole season and 2 pairs of work pants). I’d love to get some spring clothes to add variety to the upcoming seasons. Or at least some work shoes. My last ones are yet to be replaced!
    Tanner recently posted..Health routine/goalMy Profile

  53. callie b. says

    oh goodness…this is a tough one. I wish I was better, but I always feel so much better in something new and with the changing seasons I feel like it is hard to not spend money. I try to buy basic pieces that can be paired with a number of items…great pair of jeans, tailored black skirt/dress, some statement jewelry…with a husband in medical school I try to budget and save as much as possible and take advantage of deals throughout the year!

  54. Calli says

    I’m not sure how much I spend on clothing each year, but I always try to get good deals.

    I also shop for my fiance, so at stores like Express I usually use their coupons, like for each $75, get $25 off. I also love TJ Maxx and Marshalls for clothing (quality in women’s and designer section, trendy in junior’s section).

    I would use the card for our trip to hawaii I am saving up for :)

  55. says

    For myself, I honestly couldn’t say 100% for sure how much I’ve spent on clothes in a year…I’d think less than $100- I do a lot of thrift shopping (my favorite thrift store has 99 cent mondays- everything with the color of the weeks tag is 99 cents- nice namebrand clothing- loft, american eagle, j crew, etc…I try to do a lot of shopping on these days!), as well as clearance, etc…because I tend to get such good deals, I can usually get back much of what I spent on clothes too…which I use to fund new clothes!!
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  56. says

    My best tip for budgeting is also my tip for organizing/decluttering- when I buy new clothes (anything more than 3 pieces or so), I’ll go back through my closet and see if there is anything I do not wear anymore and put it in a pile to sell or donate. Whatever I sell, I put back into a clothing fund so I spend less out of pocket. I do this for my kiddos too! :)
    Randi S recently posted..First Foods for the Breastfed Baby with 16 Minute Club {A Mix It Up Giveaway}My Profile

  57. Danielle says

    It really depends on the year and my needs/events as far as how much I spend but in the last year I probably spent less than $2000 – I shop a lot of sales and use coupons to get great deals which keeps my costs down.

  58. Danielle says

    My top clothing budget tip is to wait for sales and combine them with coupons for some amazing deals. Always shop the sale racks – you can find some amazing find especially if an item is placed there only because it’s the last one in the store which happens often.

  59. Danielle says

    If I won – I’d use the money to get a new pair of boots which I really need. They are out of season now (spring/summer stuff is being heavily promoted) so you can get some great deals.

  60. says

    I definitely don’t spend $1700 a year on clothing! In the spring, I like to take a trip to the Goodwill and pick up some tops/dresses (on 50% off day) and in the winter, I save my clothing purchases for Christmas gifts. My closet is so full of clothes anyways, it’s not like I need any, but I’m a girl so I get that occassional want!

  61. Linda says

    To buy clothing on a budget look shop the sales and use coupons. You can find some amazing coupons online as well as in the newspaper.

  62. Megan says

    My husband and I probably slept about $700 last year on clothes – and that is including a maternity wardrobe. If I won this card, I would use it for new clothes; I have a new body after having our firstborn. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  63. says

    Okay, I guess I’m the oddball. I maybe spend $200 on myself per year on clothing. I hate clothes shopping and just live and work in jeans and t-shirts! I’d add in another $150 for my toddler. And probably $300 for the husband. We keep our wardrobes small and simple! Even when I was pregnant I spent $50 total on maternity jeans and just wore my t-shirts and my husbands when I was huge. 😉

  64. says

    My top clothing budget tips would be to a) simply your wardrobe, find pieces that can mix and match and b) shop in the ‘off’ season. For example, our local stores are already clearancing out winter clothing, so I was able to snag some hoodies and jeans for my kid at $2/ea. Plus we shop at thrift stores and consignment sales.

  65. says

    I don’t spend a lot on clothing at all — just a holdover from living in Grenada! My tips is like your – quality over quantity. I’m trying to par down my closet right now. I’d use my card to do some traveling! 😀

  66. Mary says

    So far this year I have spent nothing on clothes :) and that’s the way my budget it staying…..mostly because I am in the last weeks of paying off all my student loan debt and don’t need anything. My top clothing tip would be to shop your friend’s closet and shop your own. My friends and I exchange clothing every couple of months when we get sick of a piece. The other thing I do is once every six months I grab clothes out of my closet and try new combinations.

  67. says

    I know I can’t enter the competition with being in the UK and all but just thought I’d share that in the last year, I’ve spent £70 on clothes (that must be around $100 I think). That’s because I’ve made some huge sacrifices to my budget! I’ve not exactly been the height of fashion lately but I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my bank balance!

    Love that mint green dress on the right hand side by the way. :)
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted..The Emotional Stages of Debt: HappinessMy Profile

  68. alexis says

    I definitely spend way less than $1700 on clothing each year. I buy expensive, quality named brands at Goodwill in a “snooty” area where stuff is donated either with tags or with hardly any wear. I might wear jeans that would be $80-100+ in the store originally but if I pay less than $13 for them then it feels like such a better deal than hitting an $18 sale on jeans at Old Navy.

  69. Elisabeth says

    I probably spend about $200 a year on clothes. I work from home so I don’t have to worry about buying work clothes! :)

  70. Elisabeth says

    My top budget clothing tip is too buy only things you love, don’t feel like you need to buy something just because it’s on sale.

  71. Elisabeth says

    If I won I would use it towards a pair of rain boots. My husband and I are going to London in April and they sure would come in handy! :)

  72. says

    I’ve definitely started to buy more quality stuff as I’ve gotten older, and I just steer clear of trendy clothing period. Most of the time I can’t pull it off, and I’d rather not waste my money on a fad anyways.

  73. Claudia says

    My budget tip on buying clothes,is to shop online thru ebates, shop at home to get cash back on your purchases and also browse the clearance items to save even more money, Thank you!

  74. says

    My biggest clothing budget tip is to sleep on it, I’ve saved so much just by stopping my impulse buys! If you still want it the next day, it’s probably worth it :)

  75. Michelle C says

    I’m not sure how much I spend annually, but I like to shop at outlets and buy quality items that will last. If I won, I would love to pick up some new items for spring. I’m tired of winter clothes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. says

    I try to buy quality items when it is something that I will wear a lot (shoes, jeans). and don’t mind paying a little more for them. But even with that.. I would think I came in well under that $1700 mark. That sounds like a ton!

  77. says

    I don’t spend nearly as much as I used to – I live on a sailboat and space is limited, which is extremely helpful because gone are the days where I would go shopping and come home with a bunch of items I bought on impulse.
    I did splurge recently and got an amazing maxi skirt that was more than I would normally spend on a skirt, but it is pretty amazing.

    My top clothing budget tip is: If I’m out and I see something I want, I don’t buy it. I wait a week and if I still want it, I go buy it (as long as it’s within my means). What I have found is that 99% of the time, I either forget completely about it, or decide that I really don’t want or need it anymore. It really works!

    How would I use the Emerald Card if you won? I would probably treat my guy to a night in a plush hotel room! Being on a sailboat is awesome, but being together constantly in 115 square feet of space, and sleeping in a bed that is barely wider than a twin at it’s widest point, with the foot of the bed in a V shape, it means our feet constantly touch, and it would be REALLY nice to splurge and get a hotel with a king size bed to stretch out on. Or better yet, to get 2 queens, and I could have my own whole bed to myself! ha

  78. DESIREE H says

    I spend about $200 per month on my kids and maybe $25 per month for my husband and I.
    That is about $2700 per year. I try to save money :)

  79. DESIREE H says

    My top clothing budget tip is to only buy clothes that you need and only buy clothes from stores that you have coupons to.
    Thanks for the chance!

  80. DESIREE H says

    I would use my Emerald Green Card on my twins first birthday party in 3 weeks. It is costing a lot for their presents, decorations, food and cakes. This would help A LOT!!
    Thank you so much for the chance!

  81. Wild Orchid says

    Total for my whole family, we spend about $1000/yr on clothing. We do a lot of clearance and thrift shopping.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  82. Wild Orchid says

    My top clothing budget tip is to buy from thrift shops or second hand stores. You would be amazed at some of the clothing you can find that still has the tags!

  83. Wild Orchid says

    If I won, I would love to put this toward our vacation fund. We don’t have hardly any room in our budget for travel, so when extras come up like this I love to try and put them towards a family trip!

  84. anna pry says

    my tip is to make a list of the clothes items you’re looking for and check a thrift store first before heading to a clothing store, you may find what you need for just a few bucks, thrift stores in wealthy areas will have better stuff than those in lower income areas

  85. Lisa Brown says

    How much money do you spend on clothing each year? A: I think I spend $300 on clothing a year.

  86. Lisa Brown says

    What’s your top clothing budget tip? A: buy from sales and discount racks.

  87. Lisa Brown says

    How would you use the Emerald Card if you won? A: I would use it for car repairs.

  88. Susan says

    I think I would splurge. Normally I am very frugal bc I already own everything I need, but it wou,d be fun to let loose!

  89. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My top clothing budget tip is to get versatile pieces so you can mix and match. Shop online discount stores.

  90. Amy Laws says

    Each year I probably spend about $1000 on clothes and a couple hundred on shoes. Maybe even a little less.

  91. Amy Laws says

    My budget for my shopping trips vary. Sometimes I plan ahead and start saving up for a shopping trip early on so that I have more money to take. If it’s a short notice trip then the most I prefer to spend is $50. It also depends on what kind of sales are going on and if I need something in particular.

  92. Diana Devlin says

    How much money do you spend on clothing each year? – I’ve been out of work for quite a few years due to 2 separate cancers. So I’ve not purchased hardly any new clothing in quite some time. But this past Fall, my boyfriend went on a spending spree for me and let me restock my wardrobe because I got a part time job. We spent quite a bit over a 4 month period – probably close to $2500. But I got SO much at such great prices from Kohl’s. Between their sales and Kohl’s cash, we saved so much money. Now that I’ve got a good bit of clothing, I am guessing I will probably spend between $300 to $500 for Spring clothing.

    How would you use the Emerald Card if you won? – I would definitely use it to buy clothing, shoes and accessories for the Spring!

  93. says

    I used to be a clothes horse and spend a lot on clothes but since I’m older and don’t work outside of the home my clothes budget is embarrassingly small – like under $300 a year. I do love to shop and would have a ball if I won!! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  94. laurie says

    I’m disabled so I enter giveaways so I can win things that I cant afford to buy, because my money is so limited I have to do this to have the things I like

  95. rachel says

    We budget about $50 a month for clothing but rarely spend anywhere close to that. In general, I hit up clearance racks and use gift cards if I want something!

  96. Debbie Jackson says

    My tip is by quality. Bargain clothes don’t last more than a few washes. Also, take care of them.

  97. Lauren E. says

    My clothing budget has been SO limited these last couple years since we got a house. I would use that card to pick up some new jeans

  98. Chloe N says

    I probably spend anywhere from $50 – $100 a month on clothing, so anywhere between $600 – $1200 would be a rough estimate

  99. Chloe N says

    I love shopping at stores like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, or Marshalls. You can get quality clothing and things you want to buy anyway for a lot less money

  100. Chloe N says

    If I won I would use the card to buy some more basics for my closet. I just recently did a huge spring cleaning and sold/donated a lot of clothing and my wardrobe is looking a little sparse!

  101. DESIREE H says

    MY side job is trying to enter giveaways. MY husband was demoted, so I have been doing this to help pay for my kids formula (expensive soy based), their clothes by winning clothing gift cards, restaurant gift cards so we can go out on a date once a month together, and anything else my twins may need. It has helped us out a lot. Thanks

  102. Terry says

    Have a limit on what you can spend each time you go out shopping. For me, as a guy, I could care less, so i just spend about 50 each time I shop.

  103. Terry says

    I would use the Emerald Card to buy my wife and I some much needed new clothes. We started dieting, so we could use some more “skinnier” clothes.

  104. Terry says

    My side job is making my wife and children happy. I try to help do dishes, laundry, and give my wife a break from the children. I know she works hard to run the home, and I work hard at work, too.

  105. Cristina I says

    For a family of five we spend aroubd $1500. I shop clearence and trift stores. Never buy retail. I would use the card for our upcoming vaction.

  106. Carolsue says

    I don’t spend that much and don’t really have a budget as such. I probably spend $200/year on clothes maybe.

  107. Carolsue says

    One tip is to check out thrift stores and consignment stores. You wouldn’t believe some of the great things I have found in Thrift Stores!

  108. Ashley C says

    I would use the Emerald Card towards a lawn mower which we really need to buy this summer


  109. Elizabeth Elliot says

    I usually spend $300-$500 and if I won I’d probably buy my kids some clothes – they grow out of them so fast. =) I also love to invest in good shoes…I save up and shop at DSW to get really nice shoes for cheaper my favorite are some Rockports Knee Boots I got for a steal. my side job is volunteering for a local non-profit, fun work and rewarding too.

  110. Tabathia B says

    Well I usually don’t shop for myself, I shop for my kids. On myself I would say I average to about $100 a year

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  111. Jennie says

    My biggest tip is that you don’t need as much variety as you think – just buy a few things you love, and wear them often. Replace them when they’re dead.

  112. Tabathia B says

    My tip is to wait for a sale and shop then and take advantage of stores that offer rewards when you shop and combine that with sales and I also have a coupon book that offers discounts for certain clothing stores that I use with sales for additional savings

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  113. C. says

    I try to spend no more than a $2000 a year on clothing for myself but it really depends on what comes up like an event or something with work.

  114. C. says

    My top budgeting tip it to decide how much you are willing to spend BEFORE going to the store and stick with it. Don’t let impulse finds allow you to blow your budget. And also shop the sales.

  115. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Since I am retired I don’t need as many clothes , so I spend much less money – I guess a few hundred

  116. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    My top clothing budgeting tip is first shop the thrift shops, then if you can’tfind it buy something that you can dress up or dress down.

  117. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    If I won the Emerald card I might buy shoes because I have a wide foot and It is not easy to find the right fit.

  118. jc says

    Last year I spent $2200 on basically a new wardrobe of high-quality items that still look brand new. This year I have only spent $100 and have no need to buy anything right now so this year I’ll probably only spend a few hundred.

  119. jc says

    If I won, I would use the card to buy coffee out, it’s one of my few guilty pleasures. I went for a whole year without paying for a coffee with my own money last year (I used gift cards), and I’d like to do it again!

  120. meredith says

    I wear a uniform so I dont spend that much money on clothes annually – maybe about 300 maybe more when I have lots of events like weddings

  121. Susan Christy says

    I would use the card to buy some spring/summer clothes. I lost some weight since last year and everything is too big.

  122. Bert says

    I’m not sure how much we spend in clothes but one thing is for sure … we Never pay retail, we either take advantage of promotions, sales, clearance offers or buy off season.

  123. Melissa L. says

    My top clothing budget tip is to only get what you love. Don’t buy something because you think you can find something to make it work later, or just because it’s on sale. Only decide to get it if you really love it, and you have the budget for it.

  124. ellen casper says

    How would you use the Emerald Card if you won? I’d buy something I usually wouldn’t purchase for myself

  125. Diane says

    I spend about $200 a year on clothes. I don’t wear things out as quickly as I’ve gotten older so I have clothes I still wear from the last century!

  126. Diane says

    My daughter is a champion thrift store shopper — you can get great things for a fraction of the cost. We even have thrift by the pound stores that make things very inexpensive.

  127. Diane says

    I am the Financial Secretary for my church as my side job. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s a service to my church family.

  128. JULU B says

    I spend about $50 per year on myself for clothing. I wish I had more money to spend on clothing, but I just have other bills that have to be paid first!

  129. JULU B says

    I would say to always use app’s that have coupons. There are many different websites that have app’s you can download on your phone and instantly search for a coupon for a clothing store. It helps me to save money when I do get the chance to buy some new clothes!

  130. JULU B says

    I would use half on myself for some clothes. I would use the other half on my grandchildren for their upcoming birthday’s! I would buy them some cute clothes! That makes me happier than spending it on myself.

  131. JULU B says

    My side job is cleaning once a month for a friend’s shop. I help to clean, organize, etc. It is how I make extra money. It helps especially for slow time at my current job. I also posted this on the Ways to Make Extra Money Post.

  132. melina r says

    My budget tip for shopping for clothes is to buy clearanced, sales, outlets, and thrift stores. I don’t buy name brand clothing.


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