Tips To Manage Your E-mail Better

2236649349_4985cc57d9_nTo some, managing your e-mail may seem very easy. A post on the subject may seem repetitive. However, to others an e-mail inbox may be the source of a lot of stress. I receive many, many e-mails each day and I’m sure many of you receive even more than I do.

Some days I want to just close my laptop and run away. Don’t worry, I actually love to receive e-mails, but sometimes receiving so many e-mails each day can be overwhelming.

Usually, I wake up to a few hundred e-mails each morning, and that doesn’t even include the hundreds of e-mails that automatically are sent to my Junk folder. The weekends are a little lighter, but there are still a lot.

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    I have the same exact problem. I have used a couple of methods to organize my gmail but I could always use more help. One tool that has helped tremendously is “”

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    I had a wedding e-mail folder, too… it’s a great folder category and so easy to archive later.

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe from mailings and setting rules so that coupons go straight to a coupon folder etc. but my challenge right now is figuring out what new labels I want to apply to my Gmail inbox. I’m finding the ones that I created in college pretty archaic and non-functional now that I’ve been in the real world for years now.

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    I used to have that same problem with an old email. I created a new one (personal) and made sure not to give the address out when unnecessary. And then I also have a separate email address for work. I registered both in my mobile so checking mails has become less of a hassle for me, especially with the “All Inboxes” option.
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