Common Myths About Working From Home

Common Myths About Working From HomeI’ve been working from home for a few months now, and because of that I have heard several myths about what it’s like to work from home.

Whether you work for yourself and your office is in your home, or if you telecommute and work for someone else, I’m sure you’ve heard some of the myths below as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working from home, and I wouldn’t change a thing. However, some people have said certain things to me that really make me laugh. Working from home is still work.

I understand that not everyone works from home (although, I did read a statistic in an article the other day that said 30% of workers actually work from home) and the thought itself can seem unattainable, but it is possible for you if you want it. Also, I’m not mad at anyone for anything that is said to me, because I know that I used to think some of the same things.

Here are common myths about working from home.

You’ll have time to work out all the time.

This is something I thought would be true for myself. I thought that I would especially have time since we have a full gym in our basement. Yes, I have been doing better when it comes to working out, but it took a long time for me to get to this point – and I’m still not perfect.

I don’t like to work out until I get the majority of my work done for the day, and I think that’s my problem. I use work as my excuse. There will always be work, and I just need to have a set schedule for when I workout so that I can stop making excuses.


Aren’t all work from home jobs scams?

When I tell people what I do, they usually don’t believe it. Many people think that most home businesses are scams. I can see why some people would think this, considering I see so many home scams all the time.

Not all work at home jobs are scams. I have a legitimate business! Just like anyone else who has a business, mine is a business as well.


It’s easy to just stop working.

When you have your own business, it can be very difficult to completely stop working. Whenever we go on a trip, I almost always continue working the same amount that I do when I am at home. When you are a business owner, I feel that (especially in the beginning) you want to bust your butt off to make your business successful. It can be hard to separate work and life.


You’re not actually working.

For some reason, many people associate working from home with not doing any work at all. Boy, are they wrong! I have even had people not believe me and then ask for a full schedule of what I do each day to prove myself.

I’ve had several people ask me what I do all day long. Umm hello, I WORK! And, I’m working harder than ever before.


You will spend all of your time on social media.

This is something that I thought would happen to me. However, I’ve noticed that I’m on websites like Twitter and Facebook much less than when I had my day job. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m probably still on it too much!


You won’t have a social life.

I’m often asked if I get lonely working from home. Considering before I switched to self-employment I worked independently in an office and hardly ever had human contact, I can honestly say that the answer is no. I talk to people all day long, it’s just not face to face.


You will spend all of your time in pajamas. 

This one is TRUE, especially for me. Ah, I wear pajamas so much that I call myself disgusting all the time. Don’t worry, I still do my hair and makeup every day. Now, yoga pants are just a part of my daily outfit.

What myths have you heard? Anyone else experience the same thing?



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    Hi Michelle. I’ve been working from home for the past few years. The problem I have found is trying not to do too much work – or more specifically not taking enough breaks. I find that I sometimes start meandering around the internet, not really achieving much, probably because I just need a short break. When I take more breaks, I get more quality work done.

    I also workout regularly. I try and look at it as part of my work. I have set days and times to train, and stick to that. I try to remind myself that in the long run it is contributing to my work. This helps keep it important in my week.

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    As someone who unfortunately has to bring work home all the time, I can definitely agree that working from home can be just as hard or accomplishing as doing work at work. In fact there are some days where I’ve had to stay at home while one of my kids is sick, and I’ve gotten more production than if I had been at my desk! I think the major difference is interruptions. At work you are constantly having to help other people, answer phones, go to meetings, etc. All distractions from the real task at hand!

    #3 is my big worry if I were to ever start my own business. Knowing that all the revenue contributes to my own bottom line, I’m sure I’d find myself working 24/7 to max that out each and every month (until I eventually burn out).
    MMD @ My Money Design recently posted..You’re Going to Need A LOT More Emergency Cash – Bad Things Will Happen!My Profile

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    I’ve been working from home a lot recently and it’s definitely not the case that you all of a sudden have tons of time for everything. At least it doesn’t feel that way. I’ve heard it plenty of times from other places but it’s definitely true that it becomes hard to separate work life from home life. That’s something I need to get much better at.

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    I hear this one from time to time:

    “Aren’t all work from home jobs scams?”

    I don’t think people realize that I have a real job that pays real money that just *happens* to be from home. Maybe if I rented an office and went there every day it would seem more legit =)
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..Save by Being SelectiveMy Profile

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    I only work from home about once or twice a month, but I think I would be able to find time to work out much easier if I worked from home. The reason? With no commute I would be able to shift that time to working out. I hear you though about there always being more work to do.

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    You’re so right about all of these!
    The ‘You’re not actually working’ is a big one and also means that people think you’re available at the drop of a hat if they want to call round, ask for help, invite you out etc.
    In fact it’s been such a theme for me that the tagline of my new website ( is “Just because I work at home doesn’t mean it’s not a proper job!’ 😀
    Jo recently posted..Gorgeous Home StudiosMy Profile

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    I’d have issues with the PJs one for sure. I tend to stay in my pjs on the weekend until I actually have to leave my apartment. I find it amusing when people think you wouldn’t be working hard. If your income is all in your control because you run your own business then obviously you’re working your ass off! I’m not surprised your driven to work harder, especially because it seems you enjoy this work more so you probably have energy for longer periods of time.
    Broke Millennial recently posted..How Bad Moves on Social Media Could Damage Your Credit ScoreMy Profile

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    I agree with the working out myth because it combines with the ability to stop working myth. I always feel that any time out of my home (working out included) detracts from progress I can make on work and more often then not, work wins over working out.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted..Weekly Round UpMy Profile

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    Yes I find myself working round the clock, however the perks in the middl of the day help, like being able to go to the laundromat on off peak times and working out when I want. You’re right in that there will always be work to do so you have to make that a priority. I do it in the morning so I can get it out of the way and not worry about it later. I really haven’t had anyone direct myths my way. Most people know I work my butt off.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted..How Do You Challenge Yourself?My Profile

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    I find one of the most common myths is that people think I’m just “messing around” on the computer and can be interrupted at any time. I don’t think “non bloggers” realize how much time and effort it can take to research, write, edit, format, publish and promote a decent blog post. Furthermore, once you’re “in the zone” when it comes to writing, there’s nothing more annoying that being interrupted as it can take AGES to get back into it :-)
    Richard recently posted..What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?My Profile

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    Most of the time I am unproductive when working from home. It’s too comfortable to work when I can sit on the couch with my laptop and watch TV while I work. Plus, with a toddler at home, work will not get done.

    Plus, my “home office” doesn’t feel like an office at all. Perhaps if I had a legitimate home office with a comfortable chair and table (not an Ikea dining table), I might be more productive. I think the proper environment for a home office is a must if you work from home a lot.

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    Hi Michelle
    While I don’t work from home, I do try to do so at weekends on the part time business I want to develop. I’ve found that getting a bit of exercise before breakfast and going into the home office means no excuses not to do any later on.
    The Internet can be a huge time waster. I find that once I start looking at social media and different blogs I can’t stop. So now, before I do anything else I make sure to complete at least three tasks of the to do list, that way at least I’ve been somewhat productive.

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    I think the hardest part for me would be stopping working. I’d have to set up much better work/life boundaries than I have right now. I don’t interact with people a lot at work but I like having officemates. I think if I were working from home I’d go out in the community to work just to be around people for part of the day.
    Emily @ evolvingPF recently posted..A Peek at Graduate Student Loan DebtMy Profile

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    I haven’t really worked from home with my current job. When I have it’s because I’m sick and I decided to stay in instead of going into the office. But I don’t think that’s a good representation of working from home. I think I would enjoy it if I had the freedom to work home every once in a while.

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    The problem for me would be the “always more work to do” part. I would be determined that if I just kept working and working that I could break through.. The fact that I have a day job that “pays the bills” keeps me grounded a bit.

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    Great post Michelle. Thank you for going over the myths. I have worked from home most of my life. Actually, I coach others who work from home. I have been through many obstacles that working from home provides all at different stages of my life . Having clear goals and a daily action plan helps you get more done!

    Doreen Dilger, The Home Based Business Coach

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    As someone who works better with structure, I can see the need for scheduling myself would hamper additional goals while working. As far as your workout goals are, it might be best to try working out first before you do work. As you say, there’ll always be work to do but at least if you get that out of the way, it would enable you to continue working and feel less guilty about doing so.

    And I don’t have work today due to a snow day and I’m still in my PJs, lol. :)
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted..Yay for Snow DaysMy Profile

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      Thank you Tara! Lately, I have been trying to work out in the middle of the day. And, luckily it seems to be working! It’s nice to have a little break in between work.

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    Having been self-employed and working from home for almost 5 years now, I can totally relate to most of this post. And yes, I’ve pretty much lived in my pajamas the entire time 😀

    I think one of the best things about being able to work from home is not having to drive to work when it snows (like today/yesterday)! I hear my neighbors scraping ice of their car windows and feel super thankful that I don’t have to leave the house.

  19. Rebecca says

    I work from home myself and find that not dressing to go to the office everyday was pretty fun at first, but I have started again, I find that ‘dressing’ for work helps me get in the right frame of mind for the day. That and I also cheat a little :) I use the services of Virtual Assistance’s. Make’s getting things done so much easier :) if any one is interested I find that are well worth considering.


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