Do You Make Excuses For Why You’re Not Following Your Dream?

Are you done making excuses about why you're not following your dreams?We’ve all heard them – excuses.

Many people will make various excuses for why they cannot and why they will not be able to reach their dream. With 2014 very close, you are probably thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2014 and what your goals are for the future.

In October, I definitely reached my dream. Full-time freelancing was achieved in October of 2013 for me, and I feel in control of my life by having my own business and being able to do what I want to do.

When I do tell people about what I do, I often get a lot of “You are lucky,” “I never will be able to do what I want,” “That’s not possible” and so on.

That always makes me sad to hear. If you want something, then you most likely will have to work hard at it. A goal wouldn’t be a goal if it only took one second to achieve.

Here are some excuses as well as an action plan to make your dream more attainable.

I don’t have the skills.

I have heard many people say that they can’t work on their goals because they don’t have the skills. Maybe you need background knowledge, a degree, a certification, experience or something else. They use this as a reason for why they cannot go further.

Action plan: Work on the skills that you need! If you don’t have the skills, then get them. Go to school if you need to, apply for an entry-level position so that you can get your foot in the door, start with a volunteer position and so on.


I don’t have enough money.

Not having money can be a good excuse for why you have not started following your dream, but you should be working to overcome that. If you are spending money on things that you do not absolutely need and are using that as a reason for why you cannot go for your goal, then obviously something needs to change there.

You CAN save money!

Action plan: Make money on the side if you can’t make any more money during the day. There are many different ways for you to earn extra income.

If your goal is to eventually leave your day job to start your own business but you are afraid that you will never save enough money, you should still aim for smaller money goals to keep you motivated.


What if I fail?

Many people are afraid of failure. I think being at least a little afraid is only normal. Going for your dream may mean that you will have to make significant life changes, and of course that is scary.

Action plan: Try to think of ways to make you more “comfortable” with failure. Maybe create a backup plan just in case things don’t go as planned, increase your emergency fund so that you can still pay your bills if something were to happen with your income, and so on.


It’s too late for me to change.

You might think that you are too old, that you can’t do things because you are tied down (such as owning a home), because you have to be safe for your children and so on. However, none of those things will usually mean that it is too late for you to attempt your goals.

Action plan: Certain things may hold you back, but you probably just need a more realistic plan. Create a schedule of where you would like to be each month and strive for something better.


I have no time.

In some cases, you might actually not have any time. However, I’m going to guess that you have at least SOME! Even if it’s just an extra hour each day to work towards your goals, that still counts.

Action plan: Make time! If your dream/goal truly matters to you, you will find a way. I’m sure that there is some TV or something else that you can probably cut out.


What excuses have you caught yourself making? What are your goals for 2014?



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    For me, the fear of failure & pressure to stay the usual and safe course are my two biggest challenges. I agree that “not having the money” is typical hurdle for most of us – but besides becoming more financially savvy and fit, we do have the options of loans, crowdfunding, and attracting investors/partners. For 2014, I’d really like to see my husband’s business succeed – I also put a lot of hours, love, and effort into the store (mostly online) and so his success would really be our success.
    Jessica @AllFrugalLadies recently posted..Dealing With Financial Emergencies on HolidayMy Profile

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    Great points. I think the biggest challenge is for people to simply stick with it! Ambition is something that only you force yourself to have. And without it you’re not going to see any of your dreams through to completion.

    For anyone with the “I don’t have enough money” excuse, I say put a little work into it. Do some research, make some investments, and take on some side gigs. You’ll be surprised at how fast your financial situation will turn around really quickly.
    MMD recently posted..My ULTIMATE Plan for Becoming Financially Independent – December 2013 UpdateMy Profile

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    This post makes me want to facepalm, because you’re absolutely right! I just spend several days with one of my brothers who claims he is “stuck in his career” at age 21, and doesn’t have any options. Oh, how I wish I could make him understand how many opportunities there are out there, if he would just take some responsibility for himself.
    FI Pilgrim recently posted..Man Club: My New Favorite Christmas TraditionMy Profile

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    Well, I won’t share my goals for 2014 just yet because I’m sharing them on Tuesday and Wednesday : ) but I absolutely have been guilty of making excuses! I think the past year I’ve become a lot better at NOT making excuses and addressing issues. Like you said, if you think you don’t have time you need to better prioritize how you spend your time. If you lack skills or knowledge, you need to make a game plan for getting those skills and knowledge. It’s all about taking action.

  5. says

    I’ll be sharing my goals in a week or so, so I won’t share them now. :) However, I’ve totally been guilty of making excuses and your last one was spot on for me. I’ve often been guilty of thinking I have no time to do something, especially over this past year, and so much of it just goes back to me being wiser with my use of time. There is a lot I can’t put off, but I know I’m losing out on things because I’m not being completely efficient with my time.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..What is Your New Year’s Resolution Costing You?My Profile

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    LOVE this Michelle! I’ve definitely fallen victim to several of these excuses, and still do honestly. But letting them takes over makes us defeat ourselves before we even have a chance to start. I think your action plans are spot on and I really think this is a must read for anyone struggling with getting started.

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    It is so easy to find excuses but most of them just show either laziness or a fear of failure. I’m guilty of making excuses for why I’m not further along towards my goals than I am (finding time is the key one) but that’s part of my New Year’s resolutions. I need to get more organized and schedule time to do my online stuff so I can get work done without interfering with family time.
    Mike Collins recently posted..Do You Lie to Yourself About Your Finances?My Profile

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    Great post! I agree that people will come up with excuses for everything…which in my mind means you don’t really want to do it. I think sometimes necessity is the mother of invention, meaning people don’t get a move on unless something gets really bad, like their job, weight, finances, etc. I’ve done really well in some areas of my life (health, personal goals) and was bad in the area of finance until things got bad.

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    It’s truly amazing what people can do when they stop making excuses and just go for it. It’s super easy to make excuses and I think most people make them because they are afraid they won’t meet their goals. But it’s much better to push the excuses away and make it half way to your goals rather than not try at all!

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    great tips! I would love to get some side gigs going to make extra money and know that I just need to stop making excuses. hopefully 2014 will be the year that I can make extra and save more money!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

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    I just remind myself to keep focused on the prize. Every now and then I throw a very short pity party for myself and think, I can’t do this, but then I remember I can do anything with enough focused motivation, hard work, and commitment. My mantra is Keep Going!
    Little House recently posted..Retire Before 65?My Profile

  12. kim says

    i work from home and have debt and goals. I have been working for years to get out of debt, but the best advice I can give or take is WORK. Work seems to be the answer, spend less, work harder.

  13. says

    I’m living my dream of teaching, but I have another dream too. I want to travel and see the world. Sadly, having student loans is preventing this, but I have connections who are willing to help me do this and pay off my student loans. It’s a hard decision.

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    My excuses usually involve time in some way or another. Until recently I was using “I don’t have enough time” as an excuse not to work out. Then I found a 25 minute workout DVD set and now I’m making time to do it. It’s more of a personal goal than a professional one. But I think feeling better and being healthier will help me in my career and in my life overall. Great post.

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    I’m often guilty of the “I don’t have enough money” excuse but with such massive debt hanging over my shoulders it’s kinda challenging not to be but I still always work hard to save enough money for things I really want to do like local weekend getaways. :) Great post Michelle!

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    My day job is not my dream job but I am really thankful that I have it because it helps support my family. My dream job is to become a blogger and in 2013 I created the blog! I am working n early everyday on networking and blogging. It’s a lot of work on top of a full-time job, but I love it. I find it so gratifying. I have a lot to learn in 2014 so my main goal is to develop my writing and blogging skills.

    Have a wonderful new year!

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    Right now I’m trying not to let any excuses hold me back. I can feel them hanging out in the back of my mind but I won’t let them win! I think 2014 is really going to be my year to succeed and I can’t wait to see it all become a reality.

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    I’ve used the “I have no time” excuse and really it comes down to prioritizing. Sure, I’m on a bit of a time crunch with the blog, a FT job and side hustles — but I also don’t need to watch a TV show and could spend that time on achieving my goals.

    These were all great tips, Michelle. I hope 2014 treats you well!
    Broke Millennial recently posted..To MBA or Not to MBA? That is the QuestionMy Profile

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    I spent 2013 making all the excuses you’ve mentioned which is why half my goals weren’t achieved. 2014 is going to be different. It’s time to practice what I preach and work on achieving my dreams one step at a time regardless of how far out of reach they may seem today. Tomorrow they could be much closer to become reality.

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    For me, the time excuse is the biggest one, even though I know I have plenty of time and waste it in a variety of ways. 2014 is the year of no excuses for me!

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    There are always going to be reasons NOT to do something, but I think you just have to find the reason to actually do it. Change is always hard, new things can be scary, success isn’t guaranteed, but really nothing in life is. So, I’ve always reminded myself to just go for it, because I’m likely going to regret not trying more than I would regret trying and failing. But not enough money is the one I have to get over the most, as it always seems to be a reason not to do something.

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    I really see excuses when it comes to cutting down on expenses and paying down bills. They use the same excuses, afraid of change. Nothing like hearing a friend claim she’s broke but is unable to work a 2nd job out of laziness and not out of a true lack of time/ability.
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted..New Year, New GoalsMy Profile


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