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Hey everyone! Today’s post was written by Jordann. This is also her very last staff post here on Making Sense of Cents, and I am very sad to see her go. She has taken on a full-time writing position, and I wish her all the best! :)

Inspired by Michelle’s recent post about the American dream, I thought I’d share with you all, my dream.

If you’d asked me this question three years ago, the answer would’ve been completely different. It would have involved a sprawling house, two new cars, and all of the fancy, shiny, expensive clothing, furniture and gadgets I could afford.

I’d have 2 kids probably, a great job, and a golden retriever.

Oh young Jordann, how naive you were. My dream has changed drastically in the past three years. The dream I used to have for my future might as well have plucked from the pages of a catalogue. It was very materialistic, very one-dimensional, and very boring.

Yes, having lots of stuff is nice, having a giant house is nice (for some people) and having brand new cars, of course, must be nice (not that I would know). But are these items the most important thing in life?

Apparently I used to think so.


How I feel about material possessions.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last two years living in a 400 sq. ft. house, but material possessions have really dropped on the “important scale” to me recently. They’re just not that big of a deal.

Sure, I like to be comfortable, but I’m just as comfortable on my free couch as I would be in a leather one. I have just as much fun watching Netflix on my four-year old TV as I would on a bigger, newer one. These things aren’t worth the money to me anymore.

What’s important to me is experiences, consuming less, and relationships that I’m proud of and want to actively contribute to. I want to be excited to see my husband at the end of the day, and I want to look forward to engaging with my coworkers. I want to always put my best effort into my job.


So what does my dream life look like?

Well, there’s a house in it, but it isn’t very big. In fact, a two bedroom house with a backyard for my dog would suit me just fine. There’s also a car in my dream, but only one, and it’s used. It’s also electric, because spending my hard-earned money on gas would be wasteful.

My husband is in my future, and so is my cat and my dog. There might be a baby there too, but we’ll see how things turn out.

My job would continue to allow me to work remotely, and it would be just as engaging and challenging as my current job is. I’d be paid well, but not exorbitantly, I don’t need that.

Financially speaking, my dream is modest. I save for retirement, I travel once a year to a new place, and I have enough money to spoil friends and family members. I have enough disposable income to not feel guilty about going to yoga a few times per month. I eat well, and am willing to drop some cash on organic, local groceries.

This life I’m describing, it’s not out of reach.

In fact, it’s totally achievable in my life time. I’m half way there already. I have a lot of things on this list already, and the ones I’m missing, are mostly material in nature. Those are things that a little time and hard work can take care of. Thanks to me understanding what is really important in life, I’m already on my way to my dream life. Are you?

What does your dream look like? Is it achievable in your life time?



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    Well, I definitely want a house that is more than two bedrooms, mainly because I want a few kids and would rather they not have to share bedrooms, but I can definitely see how two bedrooms is enough for some people. I’m not sure exactly what my dream is, but mainly I just want to be financially independent. I sure hope that’s achievable!

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    My dream is to be able to successfully work from home, doing what I love in a nice house that we love. At the moment, we are doing everything to clear our debts and save money for a house and our wedding but it doesn’t come easily.

    Sorry to see you go Jordann, good luck in your new writing position :)

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    What a great topic to write about!
    I think my dream would include working a “traditional” job (that I love) on a part time basis to provide stability and hopefully health insurance (and other benefits), and supplement this with being self-employed part time. I’m not really sure what that looks like exactly at this point, but I don’t think I’d be very good at being full self-employed at this point in my life.
    Debt free, obviously.
    I’d like to own a small house with a big yard, preferably on the edge of the city so that it’s a short commute, but I’m not on top of the neighbors. And so that the 10 dogs I’m going to have have some space too. 😛
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    My dream is a bit flashier. I’d love a big home on a lot of land, preferably a plantation home in the South. I’d want to take a few big trips a year. The car isn’t terribly important to me, so that isn’t something I really “dream” about.

    I live modestly now to save for a future where I’m comfortable and can spend money on the things I value. I’m probably also one of the least minimalist PF bloggers. But, nice to add some variety!
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    I’d say my dream is achievable in my lifetime, but my dream life may change and evolve over time.

    At this point I see a house, a husband, children and a healthy, active lifestyle for all of us. I’d love to live somewhere warmer year-round and spend more time traveling and exploring new things.

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    Congratulations on your new job, Jordann! Your dream sounds wonderful and absolutely achievable. I believe I am pretty much already living my dream. I have a husband that I love, two wonderful daughters, a great home and career that fulfills me. I guess it would be nice to travel more frequently. It’s a family passion that we are thankfully share and we all agree that it’s worth going to places we want, even if it means we have to wait to 2 years while we save for it.

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    Sounds like a great dream, Canadian or American :) Really, many of the “bling” type things get less important with each passing year, at least from my experience. Peace of mind and increased freedom are better. Best of luck with the new opportunity!

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    Sounds like a great dream, Canadian or American :) Really, many of the “bling” type things get less important with each passing year, at least from my experience. Peace of mind and increased freedom are better. Best of luck with the new opportunity!

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    Congratulations on the new job!

    I’d hate to think it would take me more than one lifetime to reach my dreams. Mine is pretty simple and almost none of it is related to salary or wealth. I couldn’t care less about owning property and as far as money is concerned, I only want enough of it that money *isn’t* a concern when I decide what I spend my days doing, where I live, and what I care about.

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    Fun post. Congrats on the job! My dream is to be able to quit my job and focus on following my passions. As for material things, as long as I have a roof over my head and don’t have to worry about money (not having enough, not having food/shelter and basic necessities) I’ll be happy. Oh and a little extra money for giving to others and a trip here and there.

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    My dream consists of being debt-free, traveling, and having new experiences regularly and NOT worrying about money….ever. Having a nice nest egg to feel comfortable in retirement. I am going to make my dream happen or die trying! Luckily I really don’t want that much. No kids, no house….but maybe a baby kitten!

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    Congratulations on the new job, Jordann! Your goals sound definitely achievable; good luck with them. My own Canadian dream is to move aboard, live in a quaint little farmhouse, and cook and paint all day; I’m working on this dream and I hope I achieve it in my lifetime!

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    Completely agree.

    The opportunity to work for myself and provide for my family with the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur is my end goal.

    I know this isn’t for everybody, but for me, it’s ideal.

    The reason so few see this as ideal, in my opinion, is that they don’t evaluate their life throughly enough. I have friends and family who enjoy “comfortable” and don’t see working their tails off for themselves for a few years worth sacrificing that comfort. Obviously, this isn’t the case for everyone not pursuing this opportunity of working for themselves, but it is something I come across quite frequently.

    The Warrior


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