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Happy weekend everyone! This past week at work seemed to fly by, mainly because I was extremely busy the whole time. So much to do! Oh yeah, those are my wonderful pups above.

This weekend I’m hoping to get a lot done. I really need to start scheduling and writing posts ahead of time. I haven’t done this in forever. How far ahead do you write your posts? I’m hoping to get maybe 5 posts done, but I doubt that will happen. I have a long list of things that I want to write about, but I would like to knock them out beforehand.

I’m going to a bridal show on Sunday for MY wedding! First bridal show that I’ll have gone to that is focused on me. WOOHOO! Bring on the free drinks and free food :) I hope to find a lot of good ideas and good vendors. Considering that I still need EVERYTHING for my wedding and nothing has really been planned, I know I will be going crazy at this thing. But that’s okay, because I love planning and just the thought of it makes me super happy!

This was a week full of whale posts. Sorry they were all so long! I obviously have a lot to say about everything. There will be some more whale posts for next week. I have at least one special post lined up for next week, a post all about how to become a virtual assistant. A lot of you have wondered what a VA does, and next week you will find out how to start and where to begin.

Also, I plan on publishing my How To Start a Blog post next week. Is there anything specific that you would like to know that I can answer in this post? I will try and include it and it’ll help me guide where the post will go. A lot of you e-mail me with your questions, but if you have any others, ask away in the comments below. I have a feeling that the How To Start a Blog will be a huge multi-post, so be on the look out!

Posts on my blog:

  1. What Does a Virtual Assistant Do? – This post details possible things you can do as a virtual assistant.
  2. Reconnecting With Family – An emotional post – I talk about about my dreams of having a normal family.
  3. Wedding Budget – Our Expected Costs – If you’re not tired of wedding talk yet, then you will be after reading this lengthy post! I’m having a lot of fun planning, so look forward to even more posts in the future.
  4. Time Management According to Strengths – This is a staff post by Jordann. All about time management!


Posts on my sister’s blog:

  1. Becoming a Personal Trainer – At first she wanted to go into nursing, but after working in healthcare for a couple of years, she has completely changed her mind. This is why it’s good to get a job on internship in the field you want to work in before you jump too far in! She now wants to be a personal trainer.
  2. Looking Cute When Working Out On A Budget – It can’t be only me and her who like to buy nice athletic clothes, right?
  3. Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Free Plan – My sister is too healthy for me… :)


Favorite posts of the week:

  1. Personal Finance Bloggers I Admire Evolving PF – SOMEONE ACTUALLY LIKES ME! :)
  2. Churning Credit Cards for Hotel and Travel Rewards on I Heart Budgets
  3. How Do You Define Success? Tackling Our Debt
  4. Benefits of a Crappy Job Eyes on the Dollar
  5. Are You Financially Ready For Kids? Prairie Eco Thrifter
  6. ….When You’re Talking in Your Sleep L Bee
  7. 5 Ways to Invest in Yourself on Young Adult Money
  8. The Sexiest Thing My Money Has Bought on Plunged In Debt
  9. Learn From Mexican Merchants – Avoid Being a Passive Blogger on Modest Money
  10. I Will Never Retire on Krant Cents


What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. jonrhodesuk says

    I never write anything in advance. I can't really see the point unless I was having to stop work for a while for some reason. I like to write a post over a couple of days then publish it. I can then promote the post with some enthusiasm whilst it is still fresh in my mind. I don't think I would be as enthusiastic if I wrote it a couple of weeks ago.

    My weekend plans? I think they include some whiskey at some point!
    My recent post Comment on How To Get A Guest Post Published by Jon Rhodes

  2. says

    Thanks so much Michelle. I want a dog so bad but I don't think we have the time to dedicate to one right now and my cat would totally dominate them…I'd adopt one for sure.

    I remember my first bridal show it was super exciting but found all the vendors to be WAY more than anything i'd spend money on. I got a lot of free loot though which is always fun. Have a great weekend.
    My recent post Weekly Reads 25.01.13

    • says

      I love my dogs, they are great! They definitely are a lot of time though. My dog (the one on the left) is forcing me to pet her right now. What a tough life she has… :)

      I'm pretty much just looking for ideas. I have a couple of friends who are working it and I'm supposed to meet up with them.
      My recent post Oh Saturday

  3. says

    I keep hearing people talk about scheduling and writing posts ahead of time but I just don't know how I feel about that…. Hmmm
    My recent post My life through the eyes of… Instagram

  4. studentdebtsurvivor says

    Not much on the agenda for this weekend. Going to meet up with a girlfriend of mine for lunch tomorrow. The place we're going has delicious stuffed french toast and lets you byob so we're gonna bring some champagne and catch up. Hope the bridal show is fun. I've never been but have many friends who say they are a lot of fun (and you get a lot of free samples which is cool)
    My recent post My Dog Has More Coats Than I Do

  5. says

    Have a fun time at the bridal show! I suggest you use a separate email for wedding things like this because once you sign up , you’ll usually start to get tons of emails! Enjoy tomorrow :)

  6. janesavers says

    I have a lot of post started that are just a title and a few germs of an idea. If a thought pops in to my head I use it to start a post. A lot of them get dumped in the WordPress trash pile and I wonder what was I thinking.

    I talk a lot, most people would say too much, but my posts are usually around 400 words. That usually gets my point across and sometimes I have room for several thoughts and ideas in the 400 words.

    Very new to all of this and lacking confidence in my writing but forging ahead.
    My recent post Freezing The Fat Out Of My Budget

  7. says

    I always wrote mine then immediately published them, so I never had a schedule but I certainly wouldn't post something I hadn't proofread! However, with the help of one of the editorial calendar plug-ins, I now stick to a schedule and have begun scheduling things way ahead of time as a reminder to finish it up before it posts (like a race!)

    I also do the writer's thing of always having a notebook/index cards/paper with me so I can jot down any idea that comes to my head. Then when I get home, I write down that idea in a draft post along with a few sentences. I set a scheduled day (like for next week) then go back to it throughout the week and keep adding/editing. Then every night, I check the calendar to see what will be posted and make sure it is all cleaned up before it's published.
    My recent post Sunday Listen: Good-Bye Booze by Charlie Poole

  8. says

    Hope you had a good time at the bridal show. Those can be quite fun. I have just been working on catching up and staying caught up this weekend. There just hasn't been enough hours lately.

  9. says

    Hope you had fun at the wedding show! I miss all the excitement and anticipation of wedding planning…
    As for blog posts – I tend to write them one day and post the next. However, if I'm going away on vacation or something, I'll write a handful of them so that I can set them up to post while I'm gone.


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