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We've been spending too much on eating out.

We’ve been spending too much on eating out.

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday, I went to the bridal show and it was a lot of fun.

W did tell me over the weekend that his parents said we can get married on his grandmother’s property! I am so happy! It’s way better than any of the outdoor venues that we’ve seen, and it also has meaning behind it. I don’t think I could be any more happier. It’s the perfect place for an outdoor wedding.

Now that we know we will be getting married there, I also have some adjusting to do to our Wedding Budget. I priced out tents yesterday at the bridal show, and I decided that instead of spending $4,000 on a clear tent that I like, I will instead just get a normal white one that is around $1,000. Woohooo!

We did also decide that even though we won’t be paying for a venue, we do want to donate/give some money to his grandmother and the trust that she made for the property (there is a trust for the family that she made for the property) in the amount of probably $1,000 or $2,000.

I also found a caterer who does BBQ (WHOOHOOO), tables and chairs for rental, made appointments at a couple of places to shop for dresses (a lot of places were offering 10% off yesterday if you made an appointment right on the spot), a fish eye camera photo booth that I’m in love with, and other things. It’s nice to see everything actually coming together. Planning everything has been a ton of fun and I know I’ll be sad when it’s over. At least I can have fun for the next year with this :)

Also, don’t forget to check out my sister’s blog, FITnancials. I’m helping run it, while she is the writer. This blog has been going pretty well and I’m still excited about it. My sister is a new writer but seems to be doing well. She’s still learning about the whole blogging thing but is starting to get the hang of it.

I wanted to say thanks again to everyone who commented and e-mailed me about my reconnecting with family post. I really appreciate everything that everyone has said.


We did spend a lot of money in the past week. We bought a treadmill in the beginning of the week. We ended up buying the ProForm 600c For $810 altogether. We bought it right from the manufacturer and saved a lot of money. No sales tax, free shipping, and 4 year warranty. The same treadmill was going for around $1,200 (if you included the warranty and sales tax) at the sporting stores around here.

The warranty is a good one too, they will come to our house and fix it, no need for us to mail it to them, which is what some warranties were. I can’t imagine having to undo the whole thing and mail it in, so I’m glad we won’t have to do that.

We also spend some money on clothes. Yes, I know I said that I didn’t want to buy anything, but I already went over my $100 a month clothing budget. I wanted/needed some work clothes and went to Banana Republic. You can all just guess how that went!

extra income

Extra Income (does not include salary from our jobs):

The $3,340 was for the past two weeks since I did not do an extra income update for last week. I did good again in the past two weeks. Still waiting on a couple of payments but I’m pretty positive that January will be better than December, which is great because December was awesome.

I do have some goals for the blog and some general ideas for how I will increase my income even further. Yes, of course  $5,000 a month is great, but I want to aim higher and see where I can get this!

One of my main goals is to start working more on affiliate income. I make a little bit in affiliate income every month, but I want to diversify more into this and have my extra income become more passive. I will be making a post on my affiliate income goals soon! For now, will you tell me if you do affiliate income and what I should know? Any tips, opinions, etc. would be awesome.


No meal plan YET again this week. We are doing pretty bad with this but we talked last night and really want to save as much money as we can. This entails us eating in! I plan on looking up some recipes and really putting my Pinterest skills to use (ha!).

Being healthy:

We finally bought a treadmill! I am so happy and cannot wait for when it arrives. I know a lot of people say that I will never use it, but I definitely think I will. We are pretty much complete with our home gym now. We will have a treadmill and bought the weights and everything else earlier this month. The total was a little less than $2,000 for everything. Definitely expensive, but with a 4 year warranty, it all seems well worth it.

I really want to lose some weight and get more healthy/toned. I hopped on the scale the other day and got pretty scared.  This is good motivation though. STOP EATING DEEP FRIED FOODS MICHELLE!

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?


  1. says

    Affiliate income is something I need to look at more. I don't make much from it, but also haven't spent a ton of time looking into it. $5k/month extra income is AWESOME and I would love to reach that level eventually. I've been spending a ton of time getting our rental unit ready as our renter moves in end of this week. That will be a nice consistent monthly income, though I imagine it will require some reinvestment over time.
    My recent post Why Email is Better than Talking on the Phone

  2. John S @ Frugal Rules says

    That's awesome you can have the ceremony on W's grandmothers land! I am sure it'll make it more personal, plus giving some money to the Trust is a great idea as well.

  3. Judy says

    That’s great I know so many ppl whose children are spending tens of thousands on weddings and they aren’t enjoyable! We went to a uber fancy one that the brides mom was sick over because her daughter and sil lived in a tiny apartment but spent 40,000 on the wedding

    Yours sounds wonderful

    • says

      I know someone whose parents said "I'll give you $25,000 – you can spend it on your wedding or a down payment for a house." They spent ALL of it on a wedding. Sad thing is that they have a kid and live in a really small apartment and are on welfare.

  4. Anne_UGifter says

    I'd love some affiliate income. The more passive, the better.
    You're doing extremely well organizing the wedding! That's also fantastic news about the property, especially as you wanted it to be there.
    My favourite part of this whole post: "Pinterest skills."

  5. says

    Awesome planning! I think that 5000 goal is totally attainable for you and if you couple all the savings from stuff like that treadmill it's almost like an extra $5k :) For me meal planning has been such a huge cost saver. It's a challenge to be creative and stick within the budget but I haven't impulse shopped at a grocery store in weeks and my meals out have gone way down! I've even been coerced into trying some couponing tactics, which has been interesting to say the least lol.
    My recent post Be A Better Leader!

  6. Rachel says

    I'm a member of a few affiliate programs, but I make minimal per month. Most programs make you wait until you've reached 50-100 dollars and 120 days after the sale to get any money, too, so you should take that into account. Your audience and readership is obviously larger than mine so I think you'd make a good amount!

    I've started looking for staff writing positions to make extra income with the help of your post! So far, one bite, but it's something! I could an extra couple hundred a month (let alone the 3,000 you made) :)
    My recent post What Not to Get a Girl for Valentine’s Day

  7. iheartbudgets says

    Lol, you already read my post for today, haha, relevant. And hey, I would use a treadmill for sure! My mother-in-law said when she had one she used it everyday. I mean, it's just so darned convenient, and a GREAT was to lose pounds and build up stamina…. Man, I want a treadmill now…

  8. Amber says

    Wow you are so awesome! Every time I read one of your posts, I'm motivated at first, but then I think how the heck does anyone but her do that awesome?? There's no way! Ha ha. That's awesome about the family land. We're in the first steps of planning a wedding…as in, we've talked about how we'd like to do it and when, but that's about it. We need to get on the ball. I was doing great with meal planning until last week. I didn't make one, thought I could do okay, and I blew the budget by about $65 and every night I go through all the cabinets thinking "what am I going to cook?? where did I spend all that money? I suck at this. no more going to the grocery store without a list!" Because I blew the budget last week, I didn't go this week because that's what you're supposed to do right? (insert eye roll here!)
    My recent post Monday

  9. LivingDFRocks! says

    BBQ!!! Oh that will be good! It's wonderful that you and your fiance will have your wedding on grounds meaningful to your family. As usual, you're rocking the extra income digits :)

  10. Budget & the Beach says

    As always, congratulations on the extra income. That figure is just about what I made in my regular income freelancing and my side jobs put together…and I live in expensive LA…so thats perspective huh? :) Glad things are rolling along well with the wedding too…you've gotten a lot done in a short amount of time!
    My recent post The Financial Pros and Cons of Getting Older

  11. says

    Sounds like a beautiful wedding, Michelle, and I think it's great that you're working so hard at doing it frugally. And great tip about buying the treadmill from the MFG – I didn't know you could do that!
    My recent post Fire!

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