Are Tablets Worth It?

Are tablets worth it?I’ve wanted a tablet since the first one was presented to the world. The sleekness, the small size, the operating system!

I collectively gasped right along with the rest of North America. Ever the frugal girl, it would be years before I got to hold my very own in my hands, as a Christmas gift from my Dad.

I was in love, I got a Nexus 7, and I didn’t put it down for three straight days. It didn’t do anything my cell phone couldn’t do, but the seven inch screen was so much easier to navigate.

It wasn’t until I was sitting on my couch a few days later that the bubble burst. I had my lap top on my lap, my cell phone in one hand, and my tablet in another. My inner minimalist cringed. That’s just too much technology. I shrugged it off, I had a new tablet! Who cares if it didn’t actually add much functionality to my life, it was so pretty.

Then, on the way into bed, I picked up my phone and my tablet, and carried them over to my night stand. That cringe again. Two pieces of technology instead of the traditional one? Weird.

So, are tablets worth it?

The verdict?

It took a couple of weeks for me to totally get used to having an extra electronic device in my life. While my tablet is great and I really love it, it’s kinda unnecessary.

It’s great for reading my ebooks, but I’d read a few on my phone already. It’s great for social networking, checking up on my blog, and managing my calendar, but my lap top already performed those functions. As awesome as it is, it’s not doing anything new or novel in my life except taking up a little bit of extra space on my coffee table. On the minimalist front, it’s a fail.

I’m ok with that though. In the end, I’m happy I have it. I love the portability, I love that I can spare my lap top (it’s getting old after all) from a little bit of use. I’m also happy that I didn’t pay for it myself. I’m trying to get out of a lot of debt, and such a big investment while I’m sending so much of my take home pay towards debt wasn’t really in the cards.

Most of all, I’m going to be really happy I have it for my business trips this month. Who would’ve thought that a lap top could get so cumbersome? I won’t have to drag my briefcase through security anymore, I’ll just pop my tablet into my bag and away I’ll go.

So, even though it’s adding a bit of bulk to my life, I like my tablet, and I would consider it definitely worth it.

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Do you have a tablet? Are tablets worth it to you?


  1. John S @ Frugal Rules says

    We find ourselves in possibly the same spot. We just upgraded my wife to the iPhone 5 two weeks ago and she has a MacBook Pro. She now wants an iPad…are you noticing a trend here… ? 😉 I have a laptop as well and just see absolutely no need for an iPad. It's not really an affordability aspect, more so a do we REALLY need all of that? However, I think I have been outflanked on this and am probably on the losing end of this situation.

  2. moneybeagle says

    We bought a tablet last year and it never really worked all that great so it didn't get used that much. I finally realized that there was a hardware issue, and since I had purchased a SquareTrade warranty for it (good thing!) I sent it off and they replaced the digitizer. It works great now so I think we'll actually use it a lot more!
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  3. Brian says

    We got the iPad2 for christmas. It was so we could use facetime with her dad (he lives in Dubai/Abu Dhabi). We were using skype with my laptop but then the built in webcam went out. The iPad is much easier to use with the baby that the laptop was since there is no keyboard for him to just randomly hit. In the end it is basically just a mobile entertainment device and I can't really see it replacing my laptop for most everyday computing.

    • says

      Mine could almost replace my lap top, almost. It's ok to blog on, but not great, and it has a tough time dealer with spread sheets and stuff. For any thing more than browsing, I think a lap top is the way to go.
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  4. says

    LOVE my iPad and yes, it’s worth every single penny I spent on it! I do EVERYTHING on it! The only thing I don’t do on it, is edit large photo shoots as I need to burn a disc afterwards. But other than that… it never leaves my side. 😉 lol!!
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  5. LivingDFRocks! says

    I was telling my husband the other day that we have way too many devices! With three laptops, a tablet and three smartphones and the hubby saying that he potentially wants to purchase an iPad for work reasons…ugghhh! Our desk can't even contain all that equipment!
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  6. Sara (SWR) says

    I don't know that we will each need our own laptops once I finish school, so I think instead of upgrading mine (which, if it lasts will be four years old), I think we'll have L's laptop and a tablet for use at home, rather than individual laptops, like we have now.
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    • says

      That's what we did once my fiance's desk top died. He wasn't in school any more, so we went down to just the one lap top. That was a little tight, but now with the tablet as a second device, it works perfectly.
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  7. Jon says

    I totally agree with your assessment on tablets. My iPad2 was a gift from my brother-in-law. It is nice and it comes in handy sometimes, but it doesn't fill a need that either my iPhone or MacBook Pro doesn't already fill. The iPad is great for our older daughter on out of state road trips, gives her something to do for the long hours in the car. I also use it a lot in the kitchen with the Evernote Food app. I'll have it with me this weekend to run my Keynote presentation as I speak at a retreat. I also use it in sit down meetings as part of my standard presentation. I was asked this week by a peer in my industry if an iPad is worth buying. I honestly had to tell him that I would have a hard time justifying the expense. The people I see who are squeezing the most functionality out of tablets are teachers. My sister is a college professor and they are doing some amazing things in the classroom with their iPads. I also have friends who teach elementary and high school and they are also doing amazingly creative and educational things with the technology. Great post…and great conversation in the comments section.
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    • says

      I think you're right, the people who get the most out of their tablets are the ones who use it for work. I know a doctor who uses it constantly for reference purposes, and she absolutely loves hers.
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  8. says

    My iPad actually helped get rid of clutter. Now, instead of having remotes all over the place, my iPad and IS my remote for all of my devices. Plus, it's much more portable and convenient than any laptop I've ever used or owned. It completely blows away the experience on any smartphone as well (I don't even use my phone for more than email and social media when I'm not at home or in the office). I think the people who say that it isn't worth the money after buying one are the ones who don't have any real use for it in the first place or who aren't using it to the max potential. Heck, give me the ability to make calls on my iPad, and I'll get rid of my phone too!
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    • says

      A tablet is much better than a smart phone, that's for sure, and I've definitely been using my phone less now that I have the tablet. Maybe I just need to find more ways to use it, then it'll be more worth it.
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  9. says

    Our house has a home computer (that hubby uses really only to run large drafting software for work), 2 laptops (again one is hubby's work computer), 2 blackberries and an tablet. We also used to have a netbook which we sold. My hubby is a technology whore. He finds a use for all of it though and has spent little to no of our money to feed said habit so whatever floats his boat. I hardly use the tablet but he likes it.
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  10. Newlywedsonabudget says

    We recently got the iPad and I never saw the need for it, but now that we have one I absolutely love it! In fact, I am typing this comment from my iPad!

  11. Christina says

    I would LOVE a tablet.. I have wanted one for a long time, but its just that for us – a want, not a need so it waits for maybe someday lol. I mainly want one because my daughter has some medical issues so we spend a lot of time in doctors offices, clinic appointments and she's had her share of in hospital stays the past few years too. I don't have a smart phone or a laptop, so a tablet would be great for those instances and to try to occupy her too.

  12. SavvyFinancialLatina says

    I won an IPAD 2 at my company's raffle, and I have used it about an hour. I already have a Macbook Air, so the IPAD wasn't really needed. However, I have to admit that I totally checked it out before Christmas and told myself I wanted one because it was so pretty and shiny!
    My hubby actually loves the IPAD and uses it all the time.
    I think we get caught up in the marketing and the need to have the next shiny thing.
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  13. christineslittleblog says

    I'm a little late to the party but here's my two cents. :) I have and iPad and while I think it's super cool I really don't use it much. However, we use my husband's laptop as our "desktop" (hooked up to a keyboard and big monitor) and he uses the iPad ALL THE TIME. He's always watching YouTube videos learning how to do new projects around the house, etc. Of course, he plays games on it too but… ;). Currently he has it with him to study for a promotion test while out of town for work. We got lucky and ours was a present from my parents and even though he uses it all the time I'm still not sure if we would have bought one on our own had we not received it as a gift.
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  14. Canadianbudgetbinder says

    I don't own one nor do I own a cell phone. I do have a netbook and a PC but that's about it. I'm one of those guys that just stays away from new technology but I learn about it from reading up on them. I just have no desire to have so much around me when the netbook will do what I need or the PC. I guess it all boils down to individual desire. I won't deny it's a neat gadget though.
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  15. says

    I am in this boat right now. I am looking at the Nexus 10 because I do a lot of work on my laptop at night while sitting in bed, but it is warm, large, and just not as portable as I would want. I have been going back and forth for about 2 weeks and still haven't pulled the trigger. It is not the money aspect, it is the "worth it" aspect.
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  16. Sandy says

    I have a mac pro lap top and love it, I also have a ipad the very first one that came out I think , its a 3 g and is sooo slow Im thinking about going with the tablet I only use when traveling and sometimes at work and hubby uses for fantasy football do you think the tablet would be ok?

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