Sunday Meal Plan

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t made a Sunday Meal Plan post in what seems like forever. And not having a legitimate meal planning post has definitely hurt my wallet. I don’t think about the food I’m going to make as much as I would if I had a meal plan.

I pretty much just throw anything into the shopping cart, and call it good. Except, I never get anything that is good enough for a full meal!

I think the dining room plan that I have hopes for (click to view it from my old Sunday meal plan which has the picture) is finally going to be completed either this month or next.

My friend and I are driving to Ikea (WHY DON’T THEY HAVE ONE AROUND HERE?!) and plan on doing this soon. Hopefully this is sooner rather than later.

We are planning on eating in as much as we can for both December and January. Anyone want to join me on my challenge to eat at home as much as you can?

Also, since we will be on vacation from the 16th to the 19th, I am looking for a couple of guest posts. I would prefer the posts to revolve around money of course, but maybe about how you save on vacations, what side jobs you have, and/or what your long-term goals are. Is anyone interested?

So how is your food budget going? How much money do you think you’ll spend on food in December?

Here’s what I plan on making as our main course for each dinner:

What’s on your menu? Share any recipes :)


  1. says

    I'm doing well with my food budget this month – want to have more to spend holiday week.

    Look forward to seeing your completed dining room. I'm doing ours in similar colours in the New Year.
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  2. says

    I would join you on the challenge to eat in but I go to town for grocery shopping once a week and have a $3 fried chicken meal on the way back, can’t do any better (that shopping trip is exhausting buying construction materials and running errands so we are starving on the way back and too tired to cook).

  3. MoneyMasterMom says

    Our freezers are jammed full of freezer meals so we'll be eating those for the next 2-3 weeks. It's great, it feels like take out, without the cost :)
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  4. Heather @ The Life Unexpected says

    Hey girl! I’m definitely in with your eating in challenge :) also, if you’re still looking I would LOVE to write a guest post for you, email me at if you have a spot open :)

    Much love!


  5. says

    We are definitely trying to eat in this month, but we got pizza last night, so we'll have to double up on our efforts for the rest of the month. I would love to send you a guest post on saving on vacations if you'd like. I think I could get it done tomorrow. Shoot me an email if you want.

  6. worksavelive says

    I loved IKEA and I'm totally pumped that they're building one here in KC in a few years. I'm impatiently waiting…although it doesn't matter how quickly they build it as I don't have the money to buy anything. lol.
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  7. Jason Clayton says

    That creamy spring pasta looks pretty darn good. Yum!
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