iPad Mini and $100 Cash GIVEAWAY!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s finally time for my giveaway. There was no real reason for this giveaway, except for that I wanted to give back to my readers and also because I love arranging giveaways and I love announcing winners!

Anyways, I asked a bunch of bloggers to team together, which is just in time for the expensive holidays that we are approaching. We’re giving away a new iPad Mini 16GB (and $50 towards a case for your new iPad Mini) and $100 in cash!

The Total Value (including taxes) of this giveaway is approximately $510!

The First Place Winner will win the new iPad mini. I have not bought it yet, this is so that the winner can choose the color that they want. The winner will also get $50 in PayPal cash to use towards an iPad Mini case of their choosing.

Runner up prizes: There will be FOUR runner up prizes. Each of these winners will receive $25 in PayPal Cash!


  • Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter form below.
  • You don’t need to complete all of the options, but the more you complete, the higher your chance of winning!
  • Make sure to leave a valid email in the Rafflecopter’s email field so we can contact you if you win (or make sure that your Facebook is correct).
  • If you already follow/like one of the other blogs, these entries still count, so still sign up!
  • The giveaway ends on November 28 at 11:59 PM EST and will be chosen randomly

I wouldn’t be able to have the giveaway without the support of the many bloggers who were able to donate to the giveaway. Thanks again! These included (in no special order):


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  1. says

    i would love to win for the cash for sure (ipad an extra bonus) we have been short on cash here so i would love to use it for christmas gifts for my son and family!!!

  2. @RAVI_DAGA says

    I want to win iPad Mini mainly because it's light(0.68 lbs) and mini(7.2mm thick) so it is easier for me to carry around especially for tiny size people like me. iPad Mini will be very useful for my University education as I can use it to read powerpoint notes during the lecture instead of printing out powerpoint notes and not being eco-friendly. Besides, students need a lot of information for their course works or group discussions, therefore iPad Mini is an ideal source of information because it has better mobility(easy to carry) and accessibility(ultrafast wireless connection), it's like getting information at my fingertips. iPad Mini also comes with at least a large storing capacity 16GB, which means I can store my files in it and share it with my group mates during discussions or even share pictures or videos with my friends. In fact there are so many things I can do with this amazing gadget. When I enter business world, iPad Mini can definitely help me with lots of task such as checking emails, managing stock inventory, connecting with business partners and customers, doing business presentation or making online transactions. The key to succeed in today's business world is efficiency, iPad Mini will be an important key. iPad Mini can help me in many ways but it comes with a high price at the same time starting at $329. It would be great if I can win it.

  3. Vesta says

    Wow! What a lovely giveaway! Thank you! I would love to win — if it was the cash it would be put to snowflake and if it were the IPAD Mini — it would be a fantastic Christmas present — for me — either way I would love to win!

  4. Living Debt Free Rocks! says

    Great giveaway Michelle. Thanks for allowing LDFR! to participate!
    My recent post Time for a Giveaway!

  5. Kerry says

    This giveaway is great. I have wanted a Ipad since they first came out but can't justify the cost, but winning would be awesome.

  6. Ashlee says

    I'd love to win the iPad mini – I'd give it to my boyfriend because I'm always hogging the computer lol! Hey, the cash wouldn't be such a bad win either :)

  7. mycanuckbuck says

    Sweet..how can you go wrong with an Ipad mini? :)
    My recent post Tips for Cutting Back on Personal Spending Without Too Much Sacrificing

  8. Holly says

    This is a fabulous giveaway. Money is going to be extra tight this holiday season and no money left over for a gift for myself so I have to be honest I would keep this mini ipad all for me!!

  9. says

    I don't have an ipad (or iphone or itouch etc) and I heard they're really useful. My laptop is super old and a complete mess, so i feel having an ipad mini would be way more efficient. As for the cash, I'm saving up for a trip to France next summer and it would really help a lot! Hope I win :)

  10. says

    Oh I badly want a mini ipad. I would bring it with me every day everywhere I go. But I just won't bring myself to buy one! My husband got a regular size one for free from some work event. But he hoards it! And I don't have an iphone. I want to feel part of the cool crowd.
    My recent post Election Day!

  11. Madison says

    I would never buy myself an ipad and it's unlikely anyone could afford to buy me one, so that's exactly the reason I want to win one!
    My recent post Catching You Up On My Life

  12. petra says

    My husband has been wanting an ipad to help him with school work. I'd love to surprise him with an ipad mini for the holidays.

  13. says

    I would love to win the mini IPad because I have wanted an iPad for a really long time, but have not been able to afford it. We have 4 kids and the money always goes towards their needs first. I am really excited about the ipad mini, as I feel it is more wallet friendly price wise, so it may be something I could get one day, though I would love to win it!

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  14. says

    I want to win because my computer is completely pooped. I tried to apply for a best buy credit card or get a credit card limit that was larger but was denied because I stupidly didn't start building credit until January of this year. Therefore, I am stuck with no option and it's really hard to blog! The ipad would be perfect for me, and such a big help.
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  15. David says

    I'd love to win an iPad mini, because my kid has taken over my original generation iPad, and it's not in the budget to spend $329 on a luxury product — as awesome as it is! :)

  16. says

    Turnabout is fair play they say, and since my husband gifted me an iPad last year, I'd love to give him one this year. His excuse was a bit better than mine though, he had a real reason and I'd just like to give him a lovely gift. Thanks for hosting the giveaway in any case!
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  17. Ali says

    The money would be spent on the down payment for my apartment next semester. Money is tight for everyone and it would be a blessing!
    My recent post Happenings and Tidbits

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