Home Security On a Budget: 4 Alternative Methods of Protection

When it comes to protecting your family and valuables, there are a couple of options you can take to improve your home security.  The best method out there is proven to be a home security system, but if you’re not fortunate enough to have one of these equipped in your home, here are some budget-friendly alternatives that will help you keep the good guys in and the bad ones out!

Criminals are out there to steal and make a profit off your valuables, even if it means breaking into your home.   Burglars have found tricks and methods to see if your home is even worth the effort.  The more effort it takes a thief to invade your home, the less chance he will strike.

4 Ways To Boost Your Home Security Without Breaking the Bank:

Home Security System Yard Sign – This is probably the cheapest option out there to reduce the chance of your home broken into reduced.

Home Security yard signs are like burglar repellents.   It’s been proven that homes without home security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into.  Why?  Because burglars would rather not take the risk. Give off the illusion that you have a burglar alarm in your home.  The best part about it is that it’s really cheap!  You can get one for $4-$7 from a home alarm company.

Security Landscaping This one is rarely mentioned, so I thought I should bring it up.  Burglars prefer lots of cover while working.  The last thing they need is to be spotted by your nosy neighbor.

Privacy fences are a good example of how burglars hide in plain sight.  If you have one, it’s recommended to bring it down.  Also, if you have any sort of high vegetation, like trees or shrubbery, keep them trimmed and maintained.  If there are any covering windows, this can provide a burglar with cover while attempting to smash a window.

Fortify Your Doors – This is a really affordable option and can be done on a spare Saturday morning.

Excluding sliding doors, all exterior doors should have a deadbolt lock in addition to the lock built into the door knob.  The deadbolt should be top quality and equipped with a throw bolt at least 1-inch long.

Since burglars love kicking or smashing their ways through doors like the Incredible Hulk, it’s highly suggested to reinforce the door frame.  Even if you have the strongest door in the world, a burglar can easily pry apart or break your door frame to gain access.  Best way to avoid this is by securing your door frame to the walls by installing several 3-inch screws along the frame and door stop.  It’s important to note that the screws should reach the wall stud.

Contract-Free Home Security System – There’s a common misconception out there that burglar alarms are pricey and full of hassles.   For the most part this is true, but there’s one home security system out there that’s breaking all the industry standards and putting the control of home security right into their customers’ hands.

The SimpliSafe Home Security System is one of the most affordable and most reliable burglar alarms out there.   Here are some points:
·         24/7 Alarm Monitoring for only $14.99
·         No Contracts – Cancel or reactivate at any time with no hidden fees
·         DIY Installation
·         Cellular Monitoring – No landline required
·         Complete Interactive Control – Arm/disarm and manage your home security system with any smartphone
·         It’s Portable – Take it with you when you move
·         Systems start at $199

It’s one of the most affordable alternatives out there when compared to the giants of home security.  Definitely worth checking out:  SimpliSafe.com

The following is a guest post from Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe & Infobia. Kevin covers issues related to home security, crime, safety, and consumer issues. Kevin is a dedicated writer and musician, spreading the word through music and blogging. SimpliSafe is a leader in the wireless home security field.


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    My main security system right now is a gun. I have been wanting to check into some actual security systems though. It would definitely make me feel a lot more safe.
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    We've had a few break in attempts but our landlords aren't willing to up the security. Since we are only renters, we bought a motion sensor for the first floor (that we can take when we move) so a bell goes off when someone walks through the living room, dining, or kitchen. Oh and the bell gets plugged in so it's not on all the time — that'd just be annoying lol

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      SimpliSafe is the best system for you. It's all wireless, meaning you don't have to worry about screwing any drill into the walls. It was originally designed for renters at first. The system is portable, meaning you can take it with you if you ever decide to move! Check them out: (http://www.simplisafe.com

  3. pingerika says

    These are great tips. Another good one is setting up a visible camera by the front door or garage even if it desn't actually work. If burglars scope out your house during the day and plan to come back at night the camera will put them off. Just don't tell anyone the camera doesn't work of course lol
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