Working Out and Being Healthy

I really need to start working out. I’m still doing really bad with this. I can honestly count the number of times I have worked out on one hand (since last year). What a waste of money that I’m spending at the gym!

As I said the other day, my friends have been doing great. I’m extremely jealous. However, being jealous and thinking about working out burns ZERO calories of course, so I just need to get off my butt and do something about it.

They’ve been doing numerous things which make me jealous:

  1. Swimming laps at the gym.  They went the other day after we all got a big dinner and drinks during Happy Hour. They went so that they could get in their swimsuits and feel more determined after they ate. I thought this was a great idea. I need motivation.
  2. Working out numerous times a week
  3. Zumba. They go every week and they say it’s fun. I’ve never done zumba so I’m afraid I might faint, have to sit on the ground, fall asleep, etc haha
  4. Yoga. I have never done yoga either. I lead a sad life.
  5. Running on the best treadmills at the gym. I run with my dog every now and then, but not a whole ton.

What I’ve been doing to get in shape? Hmm NOTHING. That’s where I’m going wrong. My other friends and I keep telling them to stop working out (we’re joking, kind of), but in actuality, we just need to stop being lazy of course.

I’m definitely going to start working out once classes are over. I plan on going after work. I can’t right now because I feel like I have no time since I go to class for 4 hours right after I’m done at the office.

But, I am tired of saying “Oh I’ll start tomorrow.” I want to make a promise to myself to work out the day after my last final in May. I have one month until classes start back up (and I’m going 4 days a week) so that will again greatly limit my being able to work out since I have a full-time job as well. So that one month will have to be a major butt-kick.

I also want to start eating healthy. I honestly never eat healthy. I eat A LOT. I have a super fast metabolism and eat junk food pretty much all day long so that I don’t get a migraine. No I am not lucky so no one say that. Having hunger migraines pretty much ruin my day.

I want to avoid snack and junk foods as much as I can. I most likely will not entirely cut it out, but I know of places where I can start.

I’ve stopped buying gushers (these are honestly my weakness). Also, no more ice cream for me at the house. Currently we have two boxes and I’ll eat ice cream everyday, however, I will not eat ice cream without a cone (I am weird like that). I don’t want the boyfriend to have to partake in my diet, so all I have to do is not buy ice cream cones. VOILA that problem is solved.

Cutting meat out of some of our meals is also another goal. This will save money and will force me to be more creative with our food choices. Do any of you have any awesome vegetarian meals that you’d like to share with me?

What have you been doing to get in shape? Going to the gym, working out at home, going for a run? How’s your diet going? Let me know!

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