Monday Meal Plan

We ate out A LOT last week while on vacation. We didn’t have a stove or anything (just a small mini fridge) so we ate out for every meal. Definitely added up quickly. Eating out tastes good, but I’ve been hungry for some home made food.

Here’s what I plan on making as our main course for each dinner:

Here’s the new drink that I’m going to make this week:

How’s meal planning going for you?


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    those chicken skewers look amazing. i didn't do so well with meal planning since i'll definitely have to go back to the store on thursday. oh well. i'm not very good at limiting my grocery trips!

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    YUM! Your meal plan sounds amazing!Tonight we are having white chicken chili (it is freazing cold today, and snowed yesterday! Yuck!)Tomorrow is taco salad.Wed and Thur I work out of town so we eat left overs.Friday I'm making a creamy tomato soup with cheese tortellini (it's supposed to be cold again!Out of town Saturday and steak on Sunday! I am so proud of how little we've been eating out! Pinterest makes meal planning so much funner/easier!

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    This is brilliant! I need to start listing out my menu options for the week too…sometimes you're just too zonked to think about it!Thanks for visiting and leaving such awesome comments, hope to see you back soon!xo-JuliePeace. Love. LOL!Haute

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